Stratum Zero Killers “Death by GMT” – Book 11 Chapter 5

Phuket MUFF Exposes Serco’s Achilles Heal in Hillary’s TAINT 
23 Star SERCO Fraggers of Pat Tillman Begin to Squirm


Mensa Max and Bitch Janet Staking Out Eli’s in Mesa

A Ranger Q Ball and a Marine Q Ball Don Tropical Camo Operation MUFF

Black Hats and Criminal Cabal Calling It A Day Prior to 20 April, 2013?


Pat Tillman Bridge Between Patriot Service and Serco Servitude – Cody-Abizaid-Petraeus-Dempsey-McChrystal-Kensinger-Farrisee 23 Star Fraggers

Atomic Betty’s Doppelganger in Operation MUFF/PHUKET TIGER


Atomic Betty Invokes G-Force As TransAtlantic Coup Is Finalized U-SUK

As they reclined, an incoming FLASH FESTUS from Hammer MacCheese brought them back into the here and now as the sound of a pair of lightning bolts caused them both to be blinded by the light and temporarily deaf. Chips whispered to 80W a question “I thought that someone spiked your drinks, how is it that you are alert?” 
“Chips, live by the sword, die by the sword. I saw Atomic Betty drop the capsules in my beer and Bean’s Ramey Rimshot so I returned the favor but didn’t drink the beer. You may remember both in the Bible and in ELO’s Evil Woman verbiage regarding “you made the wine, now drink a cup”. Enough idle chatter, do you like maraschino cherries?” 
Agent Chips was not given a chance to answer before ELOs monster hit from 1976 was playing on the Clipper Cattle Dehorner as Agent 80W disappeared below the sheets ostensibly to do some data mining as Agent Chips thought of the MIND GAMES being played between the BRICs, the BRACs and Abel Danger. Advantage? Vladimir and Chips; Losers? Queens Pussies USUK military ( U SUK)


[ ** Fair warning, listen to those lyrics a second time regarding millions of mind guerrillas ]


Agent Guccifer’s Super-Trick, Piss-Wicked BREAST Limo, Pine Gap

C2CSI-Broadcast and Transcript-March 25, 2013

Chapter 5 
Scripture of the Day: Malachi 4:5-6 

5 Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet 
Before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord.

6 And he will turn 
The hearts of the fathers to the children, 
And the hearts of the children to their fathers, 
Lest I come and strike the earth with a curse.” 
Gospel Song of the Day:

Secular Song of the Day:

While Agent Chips was busy in the aft CRF sticking his nose in 80W’s business, he was not aware that on the same day, 25 March 2013, that the justifiably worried U-SUK BRACs were trying to stop the exposure of the 23 Star Fraggers of Pat Tillman, Vladimir 
Putin was meeting with the BRICs to consider the suggestion that both the Sukhoi Superjet hit of May, 2012 and the downing of Air France 447 in June, 2009 were done to benefit Bombardier [ see Warren Buffett, WWII FBI draft dodger old codger ] and prop up the non-BRIC banks as their empire shatters all around with Bank of America getting greased in North Carolina and Warren Buffett’s Wells Fargo being outted for the RICO operation in British Columbia where Ryan Thomas and MacDonald Dettwiler built the MERS Mindbox that Abel Danger has exposed to FBI in San Francisco, Clay County Minnesota Attorney, and others with ears to hear and eyes to see which may well rule out the 23 STAR FRAGGERS OF TILLMAN (*) 
The Army at first reported that Tillman had been killed by enemy fire(**), and then Lieutenant General Stanley A. McChrystal approved the award of a Silver Star. The actual cause of Tillman’s death was ruled by The Pentagon as friendly fire. 
(*) 23 Star Fraggers Of Tillman, notice I did not mention Cody, Petraeus, Abizaid, Dempsey, McChrystal, Kensinger of Gina Farrisse who set a record in awarding Pat Tillman the Silver Star [ 5 hours from dead to be-medaled ] dare I say ‘bewitched’, see her photo and make your own judgement. 
(**) Would Blue Mountain or SAS snipers be considered ‘enemy firers”? 
Perhaps the 23 star fraggers and British Bankers are not familiar with Daniel 2:21,22. For their education, Agent 80W, who is hotter than a peppersprout, suggests a review: 
21 And He changes the times and the seasons; 
He removes kings and raises up kings; 
He gives wisdom to the wise 
And knowledge to thosewho have understanding. 

22 He reveals deep and secret things; ( Gina Farrisee, can you feel me? ) 
He knows what is in the darkness, 
And light dwells with Him  
As a courtesy to the three pussied Queen ( Obama-Harper-Cameron, sick pussies ) our Abel Danger ‘chorale group’ offers this musical hint as to ‘light’ of Daniel 2, capeche?


Agent 80W had just called ‘switch, pile driving jackhammer sidewinder’ when a FLASH FESTUS was received in the cockpit of the Falcon 7x, N007HT, being flown by technology monitored by Agent Stone Kohl who was enjoying a profusion of Grolsch widebodies not to evoke thoughts of either Sasquatch Soetoro or Thunder Thighs Jefferson whose haggard TAINT was missing Huma’s Weiner which was the fat assed, small breasted one’s favorite color while Huma preferred on that matched Abel Danger’s 1995 Limo that once served as the personal transport of a tall woman from Moravia who was tracking Barry Soetoro like any hetero male canine tracks a bitch in heat, capeche?


 “Anthony “        “Vince Webster”


Hammer Rooster Cogburn FLASH FESTUS to Agents aField and aBroad in Queen’s Pussy, Hillary’s TAINT and PHUKET MUFF, copy Umbrellaman: They have now committed a fatal error as the Trenton C17 has passed the second ETP and so now we have option A or B to consider. Umbrellaman favors the FADEC Fadeout option and MacCheese suggests Rooster and Chips would be safer with the ‘lawn dart’ option. In any case as Canada’s DAMAGE CONTROL Hamfists have passed the point of no return to Hickam in Hawaii, they are putty in our hands. This comes as Operation BRIC-BRAC is having the intended results as in Washington today what is believed to be the first time since the1940s, the entire British defense staff will be in Washington discussing with General Martin Dempsey how to ensure the British sniper team that silenced Tillman is not exposed in Phoenix on 20 April and Canton on 27 May, both in the year of OUR LORD 2013 AD not to be confused with 2013 BC ( before Chips?). While the story line fed to Fox and Piers Fagmorten is the trip is intended to discuss long-range strategy and the impact of budget cuts with their U.S. co-conspirators ,according Abel Danger moles at Buckley-Menwith-Pine Gap; and these moles are neither Brits nor Yanks but rather informed former allies who are pissed that the Aussies, Kiwis and Canuks had no place at the table. The meeting is reminiscent of the Combined Chiefs of Staff, when British and American military leaders joined Forces during World War II. Both nations are undergoing significant budgetary reductions and will continue to rely each other to defense the revelation that Pat Tillman was correct in recognizing that US troops were only in Afghanistan to protect the flow of Heroin that in each year netted 400% the budget of the entire United States Department of Defense. We see the 23 Star Fraggers of Tillman have a huge problem as the TILLMAN’S GHOST riders will perpetuate Pat’s message that the Afghan War is illegal and the British Banker’s who once stated “ who are the fucking Americans to tell British Bankers what to do” are to be held accountable for the illegal war and the HSBC led narcotics trade attached at the hip to LIBOR frauds especially those involving BoA and Wells Fargo mortgage units. The Silver Bullet and the Red and Cream pickup await N007HT, safe journey, Rooster.
Google this, if you dare: [ who are the fucking Americans to tell British Bankers what to do ]. Why is it all intel roads lead to Abel Danger just as all war roads lead through the British Banks to the Vatican. Oh, the Goose Stepping Geriatric is about to step down. 


Trenton C17 “Stallion 82” over PHNL-YBAS ETP, 25 March, 2013 

Chips had monitored the incoming message but Agent 80W still hadn’t fired her signature triple ripple so he keep hammering home the message while reviewing the lyrics of Jackson by June and Johnny and he was pretty certain he knew where the line HOTTER THAN A PEPPER SPROUT came from as his continued pleasuring the Lone Star love machine who had visited Ramey AFB in 1965 with the Goldstine, party of two. Agent 80W had just called ‘switch, saucy spoons’ when an Immediate JASPAR came in from Agent Hamish. 
PHUKET MUFF Agent Hamish Immediate JASPAR to Hammers MacCheese and Rooster Cogburn and Agents aField and aBroad in Hillary’s TAINT, copy Umbrellaman, Tugboat Twins, Crusher and Telstar: Vladimir sends regards regarding the 25 March exposure by United States Marine Field McConnell of Serco’s joint-venture development of a Toynbee Hall pedophile access card service with the former U.K. Minister for War, Jack Profumo, to the apparent assassination of Boris Berezovsky, allegedly killed by one of Serco’s Stratum Zero hit teams on the authority of
Profumo’s fellow Bullingdon Club alumni, who now are left holding the bag as Profumo went to Hell in 2006. Vladimir’s regards are co-incidental to the possible resignation of Elizabeth Windsor as Queen of England, and numerous groups in Canada, the United States, England, Ireland and Italy banished the Roman Catholic, Church of England and other churches from their communities as part of an escalating campaign to stop criminal institutions, and arrest their leaders perhaps most notably Pope Ratslinger and the Goose Stepping Geriatric beard to the flaccid and flatulent Prince Phartingham. 
The groups staged protests, church occupations and infiltrations of Catholic and Protestant church services. They plan to mobilize even greater numbers for next Easter Sunday. The Cree protesters expect a boost from Pima Indians in the Pat Tillman event and Cherokee Indians driving CHEROKEE AUTO GROUP LIMOS to Canton for the big event of 27 May, 2013 assuming that Obama’s MAYDAY surprise is blocked by Abel Danger. “The groundswell is finally building because the truth is irrefutable” remarked ITCCS FIELD, I saw again, FIELD Secretary Kevin Annett, who along with Cree activists read and posted the Common Law Court Banishment Order at the main Catholic cathedral in Vancouver, Canada less than three beers from the Foggy Dew Pub in Richmond BC where Agents Hamish and Chips first met on New Year’s Eve, 2000. 
“Our campaign is now even forcing the Queen of England to step down because, like the former Pope Benedict, she is personally implicated in crimes against children, and she knows it”. There is not an RCH of a chance the Goose Stepper and her three stooges will escape justice as the MoD and DoD have met to discuss the transition of power from the FUCKIN BRIT BANKERS and the PEDOPHILE QUEER VATICAN WANKERS to ‘we the people’. Hamish, Vienna Virginia

British Queen urged to relinquish power because of ill health

Agent 80W called ‘switch, tight squeeze, jack hammer’ so Agent Chips, always the doting gentleman, disengaged, rolled her over as Donald Young may have done to Barry Soetoro in the “Larry Bland-Donald Young-Nate Spencer-Barry Soetoro” passion pit in the back of Larry Sinclair’s Limo in front of a video camera operated by a Sidley Austin Neanderthal with family history, like Cameron’s Geddes, to the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 and the Pelindaba Pickles, capeche? Chips saddled up and was performing a deep security probe in concert with both New York’s Guccifer and Wisconsin’s Goose-ifier, when another burdensome FLASH FESTUS came in from Trooper Campbell on assignment to Tucson, Arizona. 
Operation Hillary’s TAINT Agent Trooper Campbell FLASH FESTUS to Agent Chips or his Dangerette du jour, FYEO: Agent Chips, I am on assignment at Davis Monthan AFB relating to F4D 66-7478 and my scanner just picked up a message allegedly sent by you or your designee to Diamondback Police in Tucson. It this message really from you and if so has it been altered in anyway by the Frontrunning, Timestamping, and Gunrunning Banker Wankers from HSBC, BoA and Wells Fargo or the extremely jumpy Ministry of Defense and DoD participants in the suppression of truth in 23 Star Fraggers of Pat Tillman. Please respond, I can be at Dback in 13 minutes if helpful. Message I scanned was at 1211/26Mar13 DM time. [Good Afternoon Dback: I read with great delight today that the owner of Diamondback has cancelled the sale of the Sig Sauer AR15 to Mark Kelly. I just called and talked to two gentlemen regarding the gun and am very impressed that it was donated to law enforcement in Arizona with the cash value going to the NRA. I am a member of a private intelligence network and our work has revealed to those with eyes and ears that what is reported to be ‘gun violence by a crazed lone gunman’ is more often then not something else. Case in point: Newtown Sandy Hook, 14 December, 2013. While this (mis)administration labels it the act of Adam Lanza, the truth is found here: google [ dhs + dmort V + HSEEP + Crisis Actors + Vision Box ]. Second case in point: Aurora Dark Knight Holmes, 20 July, 2012: google [ jennifer gallagher + agent chips + pastel + iowa + lake ] Two other items we have exposed relating to Arizona are Fast and Furious and Pat Tillman. Several members of our intelligence agency will be participating in the Pat’s Run next month. If anyone from “Dback Police” is in the event please let me know and I will give a license plate to your store to display as you may see fit. The license plates are in this youtube which I did not make. However, I did buy the car to honor Pat Tillman and help 23 stars of Army generals to ‘do the right thing’ regarding Tillman’s death.

At the end of this 2 minute video is a wheel standing 413 built in Wisconsin. On behalf of real Americans thank you so very much for cancelling the sale of the Sig Sauer to MK. I have an assortment of firearms beginning with a 1969 Ruger Black Hawk, a Sig Sauer P226 9mm and a few others. Field McConnell, , N3572 CR S, Plum City WI 54761 715 307 8222 ] Agent Chips, please ensure the message is as you intended it and that it actually came from Global HQ in Plum City where the Victory Party is scheduled for 18 Jul 13 at Vino in the Valley. Trooper Campbell, with USMS-FBI-BATF in Tucson re Hillary’s TAINT.


Chips didn’t have time to put his reading glasses on and Agent 80W was nearing end game according to the contraction of her (redacted) not far from the Skene’s Gang, Chips was doing every thing he could to prevent an embarrassing early exploculation when Agent 80W barked out “Switch, Myasis Dragon, finish me off with a rimshot at the buzzer”. As the affable and never flappable WMPFP felt her quiver’s triple ripple he dutifully responded in kind as his straight arrow finished her off just as an Immediate JASPAR came in from Atomic Betty. 
Phuket Tiger Agent Atomic Betty IMMEDIATE JASPAR to Agent Chips, FYEO: Chips, I am so embarrassed, I have never passed out on just two Barrelita Cuba Libra’s with signature lime slices before, can you forgive me. Just got an update from Les Sauve aboard Stallion 82. Les reports that CSIS and Halifax Trinity have their panties in a bunch regarding Guccifers exposure of Colin Powell. I have embedded it here: [ ‘Attending the elusive Bohemian Grove retreat should be a priority for former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, News Corp executive Andrew Knight allegedly writes in an email to US Gen. Colin Powell obtained by RT/AD. The mysterious computer hacker known only as Guccifer has once again supplied RT with a trove of presumed personal emails in which the private correspondence between some of the world’s most influential men is put under the looking glass. The hacker’s target is once again former Secretary of State Colin Powell, and this time the discourse dives into a topic rarely discussed: the annual summer retreat at California’s Bohemian Grove.’ ] I have shared this only with you but strangely I got an incoming from Ralph G and Juan Elguapo regarding TRES CUBANOS and their full monty on Chicken Little. Look at the photo Juan Elguapo sent me. By the way, we begin our descent into Oz in 31 minutes, can you find 30 minutes to allow me to earn your forgiveness. Think of the MoD-DoD group known as U-SUK and you will get my (Skene’s) drift, if I know you. Atomic Betty.


Barry Soetoro Punahou ’79, Son of GHWB, Chicken Little fear TRES CUBANOS

Guccifer Emails Link Tony Blair to Top-Secret Bohemian Grove Gathering 

In the aft CRF Agent 80W was just getting an incoming from the Waxahachie Watchmen, a Christian Patriot Group that meets every Tuesday evening at 2111 in the former Mason building in Bardswell, Texas. “Be on the lookout for a ‘sign from above’ Chips as the Waxahachie Watchmen advise that U.S. Supreme Court has ruled 5-4 in Florida v. Jardines so it looks like the Holder-Smolich-Marcy-Clinton-Finedickcheese house of cards is set to fall. Our folks at Judicial Watch are now working with groups that may include Abel Danger Canada and Rutherford in exposing the Asset Forfeiture Fraud involving Kristine Marcy, Eric Holder, Barry Soetoro Punahou ’79, and his BIGFOOT BEARD and please notice I did not say Sasquatch. I had to leave you, Chips, but I need a Shiner Bock and ‘housekeeping’ is knocking on the door. Save me an enduro at the Chiffley Hotel Intel Probe Site ( CHIPS) HQ number 93. Please put my IOC’s under your pillow so the chambermaid doesn’t understand what has just occurred, I am very shy and generally am not considered to have round heels, capeche.”
Notice the Legs at MINT GREEN, capeche?


Native American Abel Danger Agent Tracks Queen’s Pussy Mulatto

Agent 80W spit a wad of Redman into an empty Smoked Oysters tin as she passed the ‘chambermaid’ at the door way to the aft CRF and barely noticed the chambermaid as she was wondering if there was a product called Mulatto Head Smoked Oysters. The willowy chambermaid with the hour glass figure reminded Chips of the comment made at CPAC by Sarah Palin about a rifle and a rack. As the chambermaid removed her black and white disguise Agent Chips’ rifle was about to go to full automatic as his Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster in Pastel Manly Mocha was half masted by a blonde bombshell as she went to her knees for the purpose of (redacted). Chips, ever the doting caregiver took her four snap over the shoulder boulder holder and released the stuffed queens as an incoming FLASH FESTUS came in from Hammer MacCheese now underground at Buckley. 
Hillary’s TAINT Hammer MacCheese FLASH FESTUS to Umbrellaman, Hammer Rooster Cogburn, and Chips, copy Hamish, Tillman and Mensa Max: Our Menwith DICKS agree with the BUCKLEY BALLS that Stallion 82 is now being ‘caused’ to land short of Pine Gap. It appears that neither Australia nor Canada were invited to the Transatlantic Coup meeting of 24-27 March due to the queer nature of the heads of state of Oz and the Great Frozen north. Dwarf and Tim White have engineered a two stage plan to force Stallion 82 to land short. When 178 miles out of RAAF Base Tindal ( YPTN ) ‘MAJIK control’ will fail FADEC #3 on Stallion 82. If Stallion doesn’t file to YPTN by 119 miles from Katherine, Northern Territory, the #4 FADEC will be ‘Bews-ed’ like the CF18 was Bews-ed at Lethbridge in July, 2010 exactly as a Navy F18 was ‘Bews-ed’ at Oceana Naval Air Station, Virginia, on 6 April, 2012 four years to the day after Field McConnell filed Treason charges on CHICKEN LITTLE. The base is currently home to No. 75 Squadron and a number of non-flying units, and also hosts the Katherine Tindal Civilian Airport so if the dolt flying Stallion 82 doesn’t request direct to YPTN a pair of RAAF F18s will be scrambled to force him down while Rooster Cogburn readies a LAWN DART attack for YBAS three minutes after N007HT is clear of the runway at Pine Gap. The Menwith DICKS and BUCKLEY BALLS agree that the deadline set by ARM of 18 April, 2013 stands if a peaceful transition is preferred. Both ARM West and ARM East are ready to act if the MoD and DoD cannot execute the TransAtlantic coup to remove the Queen’s two foul pussies. Expect an immediate ‘addendum’ from ARM West, code name Tiberius. MacCheese.

Scott Bews departs FADEC FADEOUT CF18, Lethbridge, July, 2010 

Atomic Betty was doing a fantabulous job of coaxing the golf ball through the garden house as Agent Chips an Immediate FESTUS from Tiberius, ARM West currently on assignment Texas in Ted Cruz Stephen Stockman territory, see also LOS TRES CUBANOS, capeche? 
Operation MUFF Agent Tiberius Immediate JASPAR to Hammers MacCheese and Rooster Cogburn, Umbrellaman, QB26 and Chips, copy Hamish and Tillman: To clarify the April 18 deadline that is for benefit only of DoD 4 stars who either were not parties to the 5 hour Silver Star of ‘Corporal Tillman’ who both got promoted and a Silver Star in 5 hours. The leniency is not extended to 2nd Amenment enemies or to McChrystal or Farrisee. Kensinger has already been given a kitchen pass from AD but Courts Martial may behave differently. Bottom line, the April 18 deadline is only related to the Pat Fucking Tillman Ambush. The dead line for DoD white hats to execute the transatlantic arrests of two of the Queen’s Pussies is 26 May or ANY TIME EARLIER if QE2 pulls a Ratslinger and cowers and caves early. Because the Crown Agents have run a RICO known as the Corporation of the United States of America, the Congressmen from Minnesota and Texas are in agreement that the Letters of Marque and Reprisal carrier by Chips, Tiberius and Tillman should be a trebling of the odious debt RACKED up by Barry Soetoro, Punahou 79 and you know Chips’ track record with RACKS. Our petition to the 23 Star Fraggers still stands until the Pat Tillman Run of 20 April, 2013. After that let the CHIPS fall where they may for Cody-Abizaid-Dempsey-Petraeus-McChrystal-Kensinger-Farrisee. If the Tontine they appear to be parties to is discovered to be in Grand Cayman with participation of Mrs. Ryan or HSBC the protective codicils are revoked, just as today Diamondback Police dot com revoked Gabrielle Gifford’s beard’s Sig Sauer M400 AR-15. Tiberius, Waxahachie Watchmen


Chips had been lost in the message and had failed to see that Atomic Betty was finished prepping the arrow for her quiver and she climbed aboard the PTRC she handed Chips a hastily written message in Plum colored ink: Chips, let’s do ON THE EDGE, this is one position that is sure to send me over the edge because I control both the depth of PTRC penetration and the intensity of clitoral stimulation. You’ll love it because it gives you a chance to reach around and let your hands wander-please use the pads of your fingers to tickle my butt, back, and thighs. Plus, you are in prime position to caress my buttocks and to stroke and kiss my massive race, face, and neck. If you can promise to at least 15 minutes I will read you the story regarding Abel Danger’s success if sticking it to the Standard Charter “who are the fucking Americans” bankers and the BoA and WF wankers. If you are game give me three deep plunges, capeche?” 
Ever the doting highly libidoed spewer of Smoked Oysters Chips gave her three taps on the vocal chords from the south azimuth as she began reading the story from the Plum City Urinal, America’s source for accurate news.
If Wells Fargo, BoA, Standard Charter or HSBC wish to discuss this prior to a claim for $1.845B being filed in North Dakota District Court they need to contact Agent Chips at 715 307 8222 before (redacted) or it will be TICK TOCK, game locked, capeche?


Atomic Betty reached around and selected F4 and C0+15 to set the pace for whatever time they had left as both Chips the mount and Atomic Betty the mountee, but not a Royal Canadian Mountie or worse yet any of the Fantino-Johnston-Johns-Crowley-Pellerin OPPS Project HatFIELD perverts covering for Russell Williams and Mary Elizabeth Harriman ( regarding Judge Alban Garon ), as they realized that with the nose down and the airspeed up Falcon 7x N007HT was doing a HIGH PENETRATION into Pine Gap’s YBAS airport. As the two sensitive people were getting it on in perfect time to Marvin Gaye, who wasn’t, a FLASH FESTUS from Hammer Rooster Cogburn got a quick scan from Agent Chips and nary a glimpse from Atomic Betty who was doing Chips but picturing Leonard Cohen. 
Operation PHUKET TIGER Hammer Rooster Cogburn FLASH FESTUS to Agents Hoss, Stone, Chips and Tillman, copy Dangerettes assigned PHUKET TIGER, MUFF and QUEEN’S PUSSY: Don’t expect this to be easy, but consider these random items found by Bruce McConnell in a Philadelpia phone book: [Nortel] JOINTAUTOMATED BOOKING SYSTEM(JABS), The U.S. Department of Justice’s (DOJ) law enforcement agencies need to book criminal offenders. A single arrest may involve as many as three agencies, during which the arresting agency, then the detaining agency, then the incarcerating agency may, for the same offender, photograph, fingerprint and record biographical data such a length, girth, and turgidity of any cranks. Prior to JABS, booking data were captured on paper and insystems accessibleby only one agency, making it difficult to share information among federal law enforcement components. In USDOJ Components without a datasystem for recording bookings, storing, managing, and retrieving such information was inefficient. For example, information sent to the Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) for identification purposes was sent by mail onhard-copy forms, and the response from the FBI could take several weeks.  
A client-server version of JABS was implemented and initially deployed in 1999. The success of JABS resulted in over 800 deployed sites across the country by 2004. However, the technical architecture ……………(missing data as Falcon 7x generators tripped)…..EXECUTIVE BRANCH, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) includes George Bush, Bill Clinton, all modern CIA Directors, most modern Joint Chiefs of Staff, most modern Cabinet and top Executive Branch appointed office holders, etc. 
Trilateral Commission (redacted), David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, John D. Rockefeller, Alan Greenspan, Zbignew Brzezinski, Anthony Lake, John Glenn, David Packard, David Gherkin, Diane Finedickcheese, Jimmy Carter, Adm. William Crowe, and three normal people. Bilderberg Group Prince Hans-Adam of Liechtenstein, Prince Bernhard of Netherlands, Bill Clinton, Lloyd Bentsen, etc……..”

As the lights flickered three times then went dark and the cabin of the Falcon 7x became quiet, Atomic Betty shouted “Switch, G-force, push it good and finish me off with a rimshot at the buzzer”. 
A fully compliant drone bee did as the queen had requested as an incoming routine Clipper from Hamish went into queue as Hoss and Stone had shut down all three engines to conserve fuel in the descent. Hoss had suggested Stone should start at least #2 if the LPA approach to YBAS did not look very, very good passing 10,000 feet. As Atomic Betty fired a signature multiple, the high speed buffett provide extra pleasure for both the kickstand and the donut, in a manner of speaking.

Plum City – ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Dr. Arthur Porter, former Canadian / Sierra Leonine (?) spy watchdog and Stephen Harper Man-in-the-Middle appointee, to Serco’s alleged use of SIRC de SIPRNET *in the deployment of Stratum Zero parolees through SNC Lavalin’s racketeering associates for the January 2013 attack and mass murders at an Algerian gas plant.
Serco SIRC de SIPRNET *= Serco Canada’s oxymoronic Security Intelligence Review Committee de (of!) Francophones who since 1995, have allegedly deployed Stratum Zero contract killers over the Secret Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNET) to conceal Man in the Middle attacks on America and its allies.
Algerian PM Says A Canadian Coordinated The Al Qaeda Attack On Gas Plant 



SSL Man in the MIddle Attack using SSL Strip – Part 2

SIRC de SIPRNET before 9/11! Identities of Canadians killed in Algeria attack kept secret by RCMP 
The RCMP has dropped a cloak of secrecy over the identity of two Canadian terror suspects killed in January’s Algerian gas plant attack. 
By: Tonda MacCharles Ottawa Bureau reporter, Published on Mon Mar 25 2013  
OTTAWA—The RCMP has dropped a cloak of secrecy over the identity of two Canadian terror suspects killed in January’s Algerian gas plant attack as Canadian security officials scramble to determine the extent of their terrorism ties. 
Ordinarily, the identity of Canadians killed at a crime scene would be made public after notification of next of kin. 
But the RCMP are extremely tight-lipped in this case, citing only “operational reasons” even to highly placed government officials, a source told the Star. 
The national police force confirmed on the weekend what Algerian Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal first revealed two months ago in the wake of Algeria’s counter-attack that ended the hostage-taking: that two Canadians were among the militants killed. 
RCMP spokesman Greg Cox said Saturday “a second Canadian has been identified from human remains of alleged terrorists in the attack at the gas plant.” Prior to that, the force had confirmed one death, but declined to say whether the individual was among the militants or victims. 
On Monday, the RCMP would say only that its investigation is continuing, and would offer no more details, nor explain why it is not releasing the names of the dead. 
A Malian news organization, citing an Algerian source, said the two were of Arab origin and held Canadian citizenship. Hostages who survived the attack had previously told media of a blond-haired man who spoke English with a North American accent. 
Immigration Minister Jason Kenney cited the Algerian case and a recent Bulgarian terror attack involving a dual Canadian-Lebanese suspect at a parliamentary committee last Thursday in support of a legislative change that would strip Canadian citizenship from dual nationals found to have committed acts of terrorism abroad.” 
Porter a federal Tory donor while chair of spy watchdog 
Former Harper appointee now wanted on fraud charges by Quebec’s anti-corruption squad 
The Canadian Press 
Posted: Mar 5, 2013 8:09 AM ET 
Last Updated: Mar 5, 2013 8:08 AM ET 
Arthur Porter was a donor to the federal Conservatives during his time at Canada’s spy watchdog, public records show. 
But his contributions appear to have run afoul of guidelines that all members of the Security Intelligence Review Committee must abide by. 
Elections Canada records show Porter gave the Tories the maximum donation allowed by law over a period spanning the weeks leading up to his appointment to SIRC through to his rise as chair.
The former head of SIRC now faces allegations of fraud in one of the country’s most expensive infrastructure projects. 
The Canadian government is trying to extradite Porter from the Bahamas, where he runs a medical clinic and is apparently cancer-stricken. He has said he is too ill to travel, and he denies the allegations against him. 
Sought by anti-corruption probe Porter is among the five people named in arrest warrants issued by Quebec’s anti-corruption squad, in the case of the $1.3-billion construction of a Montreal mega-hospital.  
The others are: former SNC Lavalin senior executives Pierre Duhaime and Riadh Ben Aissa, Yanai Elbaz and Jeremy Morris, the administrator of a Bahamas-based investment company. 
The warrants say the men are wanted on numerous charges — including fraud, breach of trust and document forgery. They say Porter and Elbaz are suspected of having accepted bribes from some of the others. 
In addition to being head of SIRC, Porter was also the director general of the McGill University Hospital Centre when the alleged fraud occurred.” 
“Current Committee 
Arthur T. Porter, P.C., M.D. 
Arthur T. Porter was appointed on June 24, 2010, as Chair of the Security Intelligence Review Committee (SIRC), an agency which provides Parliament and the Canadian public with an external review of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS). SIRCalso investigates complaints by individuals concerning CSIS and examines reports by Ministers relating to the national security of Canada.
Dr. Arthur T. Porter brings a unique blend of medical practice, finance and business experience to healthcare leadership. 
After attending the University of Sierra Leone, he transferred to Cambridge University in England, where he received his bachelor of arts in anatomy, master of arts in natural sciences and his medical degree. 
Later, Dr. Porter earned his master of business administration from the University of Tennessee and certificates in Medical Management from Harvard University and the University of Toronto. He received his Diplomate Status and Fellowship in Health Care Administration from the American Academy of Medical Administrators. 
Following his training in Medical and Radiation Oncology, Dr. Porter assumed several senior positions in Canada, including that of Senior Specialist at the University of Alberta, Chief of Radiation Oncology at the London Regional Cancer Centre and Chairman of Oncology at Victoria Hospital in Ontario. 
Dr. Porter’s extensive international background includes medical practice, business and academic leadership positions in Canada, Europe, Africa and the United States. He has also served as a Consultant to the World Health Organization, and has worked to establish international research and treatment programs in Turkey, Yemen, Bahamas, Brazil, Liberia and throughout Europe. 
In 2005, Dr. Porter was appointed President of the Quebec provincial government’s new Réseau Universitaire Intégré de Santé (RUIS). The plan divides the province of Québec into four geographic regions – to be served by McGill and the Universities of Montréal, Sherbrooke and Laval – with tertiary services, education and research coordinated by each university’s faculty of medicine and its associated teaching hospital. 
In February 2004, Dr. Porter was appointed Director General and CEO of the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) in Montréal. With six teaching hospitals affiliated with McGill University, the MUHC is one of the most comprehensive academic health centres in North America with over 1,300 clinicians and some 14,000 healthcare professionals, researchers and other other personnel.
Dr. Porter also continues to teach at the University of Tennessee, McGill University, and University of West Indies.” 
Montreal | June 16, 2009 
SNC-Lavalin is pleased to announce that it has been awarded an engineering procurement and construction contract by Sonatrach, Algeria’s national oil company to design and build natural gas process facilities in the Sahara desert approximately 1200 km to the south east of Algiers.
The 785.5 million € lump sum contract (approximately CAN$1.2 billion) calls for SNC-Lavalin to build a gas treatment complex, including infrastructure to collect raw gas at four different gaz fields, a natural gas processing facility and a facility to process and reinject carbon dioxide into gas fields. Once in operation, the facilities will start to produce and process 3.5 billion cubic metres of natural gas per year.  
“The signing of this contract follows many months of technical studies and review by Sonatrach,” said Riadh Ben Aissa, Executive Vice-President, SNC-Lavalin Group Inc. in charge of worldwide infrastructure operations. “This contract reflects our proven ability to take on mega projects such as this one, and I am extremely pleased that Sonatrach has entrusted us with carrying out the project.” 
Continued Ben Aissa, “We are also proud of SNC-Lavalin’s long history of contributing to the economic development of Algeria, so while we look forward to working again with Sonatrach, we are also very happy with this new opportunity to put our expertise in oil and gas to work for the benefit of all Algerians.” 
Work will begin immediately at the Rhourde Nouss Central, Rhourde Nouss South/East, Rhourde Adra and Rhourde Adra South oil fields. The facilities are expected to be completed in 36 months.
SNC-Lavalin (TSX: SNC) is one of the leading engineering and construction groups in the world and a major player in the ownership of infrastructure, and in the provision of operations and maintenance services. SNC-Lavalin has offices across Canada and in over 35 other countries around the world, and is currently working in some 100 countries. 
Media Contact
Gillian MacCormack 
Vice-President, Global Public Relations 
SNC-Lavalin Group Inc. 
514-393-8000 x7354 
Denis Jasmin 
Vice-President, Investor Relations 
SNC-Lavalin Group Inc.  
SNC-Lavalin Inc. 
514-390-8000 x7553” 
PROJECT ADMINISTRATOR I NC50540410 – 50540410 
Serco Inc. is a leading provider of professional, technology and management services focused on the federal government. We advise, design, integrate and deliver solutions that transform how clients achieve their missions. Our customer-first approach, robust portfolio of services and global experience enable us to respond with solutions that achieve outcomes with value. Headquartered in Reston, VA, Serco Inc. has approximately 9,000 employees with an annual revenue of $1.5 billion and is part of a $6.6 billion global business that helps transform government and public services around the world. Serco recognizes that our employees are our most valuable asset. Our successes directly relate to our employees. At Serco, we listen, respect and support our employees and through continuous training, development and information-sharing, we advance talent internally, enhancing career growth and progression which enables not only our employees to excel but enables our customers to excel as well. Our employees personally can make a difference. It is not just a job at Serco; at Serco, we offer career opportunities. We invite you to become part of our dynamic team. Serco is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer committed to diversifying its workforce (M/F/D/V). 
Functional Area: 
Logistics Systems 
The Logistics Business Unit has over 1000 employees and supports all branches of the Department of Defense. We provide our customers a wide range of services including logistics planning, acquisition management and support, third-party logistics, and logistics IT applications. Our services are provided at customer sites and company sites throughout the United States as well as Southeast and Southwest Asia and we help our clients acquire new weapon systems and information technology capabilities to improve and sustain our nation’s defense. 
Job Description: 
Perform the duties of a Military Coordinator. Responsible for direct liaison with the Program Administrator, Navy reserve units, and Navy Operating Support Centers (NOSC) in matters of scheduling of training, processing of military orders for pay, manpower requirements, obtaining readiness data and other related areas in providing mission essential training, recording of records of training, and assistance with mobilizations, etc. Experience in accessing the Secret Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNET) to screen SECRET naval message traffic in order to provide operational support a must. Develops, plans, coordinates, implements and maintains projects and/or programs for client by performing the following duties. Coordinates project logistics such as meetings, travel, supplies and equipment,etc. 
Required Skills and Experience: 
High School diploma or equivalent with five years experience either as military or civilian in the area of Navy Reservist’s support for training and mobilizations. Knowledge of data bases such as Navy Reserve Readiness Module (NRRM), Corporate Enterprise Training Activity Resource Systems (CETARS), Reserve Unit Assignment Document (RUAD), Transaction Online Processing System (TOPS), etc. is required. Requires a Secret security clearance

xxxxxEmployment Type: Full time 

Career Level: Entry Level” 
“The Non-classified Internet Protocol (IP) Router Network (abbreviated as “NIPRNet,” but commonly written “NIPRNET”), but prevalently referred to as the “Non-classified IP Router Network,” is used to exchange sensitive but unclassified information between “internal” users as well as providing users access to the Internet. NIPRNet is composed of Internet Protocol routers owned by the United States Department of Defense (DOD). It was created in the 1980s and managed by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) to supersede the earlier MILNET.[1] NIPRNET is the largest private network in the world.[citation needed] Over the last decades it has grown faster than the U.S. Department of Defense can monitor, which is why DoD is spending $10 million to map out the current state of the NIPRNET, in an effort to analyze its expansion, and identify unauthorized users, who are suspected to have quietly joined the network.[1] The NIPRNET survey will also look for weakness in security. The Department of Defense has made a major effort over the last few years, to improve network security. The Pentagon announced it was requesting $2.3 billion in the 2012 budget to bolster network security within the Defense Department and to strengthen ties with its counterparts at the Homeland Security Department. SIPRNet and NIPRNet are referred to colloquially as sipper-net and nipper-net (or simply sipper and nipper), respectively.” 
“Secret Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNET) 
SIPRNET replaces the DDN DSNET1 as the SECRET portion of DISN. Its complete architecture will be achieved by constructing a new worldwide backbone router system. The primary method for secret-level network connectivity is via Base secret-level networks which in turn provide Base Router connectivity to SIPRNET. Various DOD router services and systems will migrate onto the SIPRNET backbone router network to serve the long-haul data transmission needs of the users. Transmission services will use smart multiplexer and 512 kilobits per second (kbps) channels. Other transmission services will be acquired or leased as needed. Future expansion will progress to the T1 circuit data rate of 1.544 Megabits (Mbps) and potentially to the T3 data rate of 45 Mbps. High speed packet switched service will be provided through the use of IP routers. This SECRET router layer of the DISN is intended to support national defense C3I requirements, to include the issuing of COMSEC keys used with the STU-III to make secure dial-up SIPRNET comm server connections. 
The Secret Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNET) has matured to be the core of our warfighting command and control capability. Many expeditionary commanders ask for SIPRNET ahead of secure voice when deploying their forces. SIPRNET is fast becoming the defacto standard of preferred data services, even over NIPRNET. The SIPRNET is the new, worldwide router-based network replacing the older X.25-based packet switched network (the Defense Secure Network One (DSNET1) of the Defense Data Network (DDN)). The initial SIPRNET backbone router network went online 3 March 1994. Subscribers started coming on line shortly thereafter. The SIPRNET WAN (as of 31 May 1995) consisted of a collection of 31 backbone routers interconnected by high-speed serial links to serve the long-haul data transport needs of secret-level DoD subscribers. Additional SIPRNET backbone routers are being planned to meet increased customer requirements. SIPRNET supports the DoD standard Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) protocol service. Subscribers within the DoD and other Government Agencies are able to use the SIPRNET for passing datagrams at the Secret-Not Releasable to Foreign Nationals (SECRET-NOFORN) classification level.”
More to follow.

Yours sincerely,
 Field McConnell, United States Naval Academy, 1971; Forensic Economist; 30 year airline and 22 year military pilot; 23,000 hours of safety; Tel: 715 307 8222
David Hawkins Tel: 604 542-0891 Forensic Economist; former leader of oil-well blow-out teams; now sponsors Grand Juries in CSI Crime and Safety Investigation
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