Stratum Zero Killers “Death by GMT” – Book 11 Chapter 4

Eternal Damnation For Jesuits In PFT and Williams DNA
ODOR of TAINT Exposes Hillary in AD Operation MUFF
Contingent Operation PHUKET TIGER
Black Smoke at Half White House, Hillary’s TAINT?

Agent Bean, Project Kazakh Extract, June 2009


Menwith Dicks, Buckley Balls, Pine Gap TAINTs; Abel Danger ROCKS

AD’s Guccifer Penetrates DoJ PRIDE, NIST GLOBE, Serco TAINT

Atomic Betty’s Doppelganger Operation Phuket Tiger

Agent Guccifer’s Super-Trick, Piss-Wicked BREAST Limo, Pine Gap

Hey Obama, Is You Is Or Is You Ain’t Barry Soetoro, Punahou ‘79

Biggest Open Bidet in Australia

Agent Atomic Betty, Operation PHUKET TIGER

Thomas J. Smolich SJ Treads On American Women

“You Made The Wine Now Drink A Cup”( Evil Woman, ELO)
Crew Chief of the F4 64-0965 at Canton, Texas (1939-2013)

Way back in Chapter 3 of Book 11 Telstar, Sluggo and Skymaster had been patrolling the backlot of the Embassey Suites Hotel on Paradise Road, Phoenix while overhead an E4B with call sign Sword 31 was sauntering to conserve fuel anticipating an order from Umbrellaman to defense any possible attempt on the lives of Agents Chips or his associates. Dwarf and Tim White had detected a flight of two, or four, British jet interceptors crossing inside the 200 mile defensive perimeter of Sword 31and for students of aviation history we suggest you google Sword 31 + Venus 77 + Vivi 36 + Trout 99 and swallow hard. Tim White got simultaneous messages from Menwith Hill and Buckley alerting them to an incoming C17 from Trenton which was making an emergency approach into Luke AFB or Goodyear Airport, status unknown.

The 40 Studebaker Tillman’s Ghost and Purple Limo were both alerted to the BRB311# warning and accelerated eastbound on E Cactus Rd until the intersection of N Paradise Village Parkway W. The two black SUVs joined them there to escort them to a safe house in the lower level of the Paradise Valley Mall. Tim White and Dwarf worked with ARM West to ID the apparent flight of four and in their focus on the mission Sword 31, the agents in both the Purple Limo and Tillman’s Ghost all missed a routine Clipper from Agent Hamish C. Watson, sending from the ladies room at 1950 Old Gallows Road in Vienna, Virginia wherein Agent Hamish had mentioned a TAINTed executive who was about ready to be crowned in Operation HILLARY’S TAINT.

Chapter 4 

Scripture of the Day: Revelation 4

Gospel Song of the Day:

Secular Song of the Day:

Whose heart is broken one might ask. “Although it makes Him sad to see the way we live” and therein the answer: He, Him, God. Remember the song in Chapter 3?

Queen’s Pussy Agent Hamish Routine Clipper to Agent Chips, Agent Tillman, Hoss, Bean and Hammers MacCheese and Rooster Cogburn, copy Umbrellaman: Our leaker at 1950 Old Gallows Road has reported that a tainted executive, note TAINTed executive, Lester Crown and his concubine Bernardine Dohrn began working with Serco in 1984 in a treasonous plot to develop a GPS time-spliced assassination kit which twenty years later resulted in the theft of Bowman SA 80 Bull-pup rifles and accessories that we believe were used by the two-man British sniper team that assassinated Pat Tillman on 22 April, 2004 after engineering a mechanical failure the infallible Humvee and an ambush causing a friendly fire exchange between Serial 1 and Serial 2 intended to provide noise and confusion to allow three shots from a British sniper to go undetected until the “23 star coverup” of Tillman’s ambush were put on notice. Our ‘blabbermouth’ recalls a Chicago Tribune story of 1 March, 1985 regarding Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger’s dilemma in the investigation of General Dynamic’s failure to alert the Pentagon of criminal activities by Chicago Cabal’s Lester Crown. Coded message to Chips: Black Smoke rises from Half White House, Operation TRIPLE CROWN to be on Saturday, April 6, 2013 involving (1) elegant night at the races (2) Ave Maria (3) Molly’s On Main which will expose Tillman’s ‘authorizer’ and, hopefully, forestall the Cabal’s Plans for 26 May, 2013 in the post-Hillary’s TAINT era. Hamish

Agent Chips had just finished reading the Clipper from Hamish when he was brought back into the here and now as Defensive Phantom Phixir Tim White’s voice declared “Umbrellaman has invokes HILLARY’S TAINT, Execute Option F4, execute”.


A pair of doppelgangers appearing to be Agent Chips and Atomic Betty ran from the shadows and got in the party pit of the Purple Limo painted in 1997 Ford Royal Plum Metallic as the real Atomic Betty ran from the super trick, piss wicked Purple Limo to join Agents Tillman and Chips in Tillman’s Ghost sporting the fake plates that will be on display in the Pat Tillman Run of 20 April, 2013 in Tempe. Agent Tillman started the 413 Mopar 1940 Studebaker Commander Coupe as another matching ‘tribute’ Tillman’s Ghost joined behind the Purple Limo to draw the attention of any ‘donut eaters’ lurking in vicinity of Paradise Valley Mall not to evoke thoughts of J Paul Vance, Sr., Chief donut eater of the Connecticut State Police. The two high visibility cars exited the mall on North Paradise Parkway West heading south. Tillman started an ‘egg timer’ to trigger a 10 minute delay in departure knowing that any units searching for Chips and Tillman would be suckered off to the Purple Limo and ‘tribute

Studebaker’ with the real Wisconsin license plate TGHOST.

Agent Chips – Atomic Betty – Agent Tillman 

 To pass the time, Tillman selected 790 on the a m dial as a classic from 1965 reminded Chips of a medical technician at Baylor Medical School with whom he had delightful week on the beach when young Agent 80W had accompanied the Goldstines on a vacation to Aquadilla, Puerto Rico where, from March 19 through March 24 the Ramey Air Force Base Historical Association [ ] had been providing a ‘cover event’ for a team of AD cyber sleuths who were watching both ‘Survival Beach’ and FO3 Cliff Road visually while electronically monitoring 12 Garden Drive at MacDill AFB, Florida. As Tillman’s mind was on the music, Chips felt the touch of a little hand on his twig n berries which reminded all the more of his time on the beach with a Texas Tornado who was 26 when she first caught the eye of 15 year old Agent Chips, a fledgling member of the 72nd C4ISR Wing, an auxiliary unit supporting the 72nd Bomb Wing who at one time had a vice wing commander named Porterfield prior to an unfortunate mishap on takeoff in a B52G on the night of 1 February, 1960 and while the cause was reportedly an incorrect trim setting, the real cause was accidental deployment of co-pilots flotation device which forced the control yoke forward, capeche?

PorterFIELD Headstone, Arlington NC

While Atomic Betty had been handling the PTRC, Agent Chips had provided a BDE to the FSD seated between himself and Agent Tillman. However, the short course in comparative anatomy was ended as the real Tillman’s Ghost was placed in motion enroute to a rendezvous with Ralph G, Mensa Max and another Puerto Rico friendly Agent named Juan, but not Juan Tanamara who was immortalized in the 1966 killer hit that played next on Agent Tillman’s a m radio tuned to 790.

Chips was enjoying the music from Cuba which caused him to think back to Los Tres Cubanos which included Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Abel Danger Agent (redacted) who had served in the United States Navy at Guantanamo and had been in lust with a raven haired ‘woman from Guantanamo’ or in Spanish Guantanamera. As his PTRC was testing the tensile strength of his Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster, the voice of Agent Dwarf displaced the mega hit from 1966.

“BREVITY, BREVITY, Dwarf on pan-guard, Umbrellaman has just invoked both Abel Danger Operation MUFF and concurrent Civil Operation PHUKET TIGER. Agent Tillman, Chips and Atomic Betty, depart Sweetwater immediately and join with Agent Ralph G, Mensa Max and Juan Elgaupo at intersection of East Cactus Road and North 42nd Street, they will escort you to Chandler. Juan Elgaupo will brief you on the time and location of the changing of the name Barry Soetoro ( Indonesian Muslim ) to Barak Obama ( British Crown Agent Queer ). Chips, I have attached your find from Punahou School Library as an attachment to the brief advisory. The Trenton C17 has committed to Luke AFB and your doppelgangers, and crew, will be departing Luke in 90 minutes for Seven Mile Aerodrome airport in Australia. Hoss and Stone are waiting in N007HT, Godspeed. Rooster Cogburn and Agent Vani are boots on the ground at the aviation museum where they pretend to be writing a history of CONNAIR, the Australian airline that began operating at YBAS in 1939. Dwarf



Agent Tillman joined the escort vehicles where briefed and Ralph G in an Arizona Trooper car, Juan Elguapo in a white and blue Federal Police pursuit unit and Mensa Max on his super trick, piss wicked Ural Cycle, with two wheel drive, full tactical sidecar and a chain smoking Beagle bitch named Dyke riding in the bullet proof side car with protective eye goggles to prevent PETA from issuing a ticket to Agent Mensa Max. If chain smoking Beagle bitch sounds familiar, hark back to three years ago when our affable but never flappable laconic Agent Chips had been involved in a deep security probe described here:

Agent Chips hammered away as the S-4 minisub was ‘docked’ under the PT, Royal Crown Agent Bean FLASH SHAFTR to Chips, Hamish, …. and a chain smoking Bitch Beagle, clearly a daughter of Dyke, flipped a butt …which was the dog’s way of warning Agent Chips of an UNKNOWN RIDER.

Worshipful Hackney Drivers and MI-6 Murdereaux 
Crown Sister Eliza’s Men in the Middle Rooms at the Vauxhall Tavern

Bitch Janet, Phoenix 2013 
Bitch Dyke, Pentagon, 2001 

Agents Ralph G and Juan Elguapo led the way while their cyber ePass technology ensured no mere policemen attempt to slow them in their convoy towards Chandler where at what was once Williams AFB, Hoss, Stone and a fully stocked bar aboard N007HT were ready for the nonstop flight to YBAS where in 1939 CONNAIR operated commercial flights. Feigning fatigue, Atomic Betty rested her head under Agent Chip’s 1974 sage green flying jacket while Agent Chips took a priority JASPAR on his Clipper Squirt Gun as below the sage another gun was preparing to ‘fire’.

Menwith Dicks, Buckley Balls, Pine Gap TAINTs; Abel Danger ROCKS

Menwith Private Investigators: Dirty Driveway, Brendan B. Hand, Good Copper
Buckley Balls: Biometric Assymetric Lesbian Liaison Scrutiny
Pine Gap TAINTs: Tactical Aggressive Investigation (Naval) Treason
Abel Danger: Reconnaissance Operatives Crowne-Kristine-Soetoro

Hillary’s TAINT Agent Hamish Priority JASPAR to Pat Tillman Package and Agents in AD Phuket Tiger, copy Hammers MacCheese, Otto Pilot and Rooster Cogburn: They are taking the bait regarding Syria and ignoring the Pat Tillman obtuse offensive regarding 23 star suppression. Further, Queen’s Pussy Obama is unaware that United States Marine Field McConnell has linked former General Dynamics boss Lester Crown to man-in-the-middle attacks on RAF Menwith Hill network time protocols and the contract hit of Pat Tillman, allegedly killed by Menwith defence-contractor protégés, mentored over the U.S. Federal Bridge Certification Authority by then Illinois State Senator, Barack Obama (1997-2004) who was known as Barry Soetoro, Indonesia Muslim, until it became useful to the British Crown to present him as Barak Obama, British Queer. McConnell notes that Crown and Obama have over seventy years of collective experience in mentoring man-in-the-middle attacks on America and its allies and, by 2004, they had procured Serco Common Access Cards and Bowman satellite radios needed by protégé hit teams in the Illinois Terrorism Task Force and Menwith Hill MOD Police for CSI time-splicing and target acquisition associated with the Tillman assassination which they, Crown, Soetoro, Clintons, (redacted) and Smolich thought was necessary due to Tillman’s Pledge to “Tell Americans that our troops are in Afghanistan to ensure the flow of revenue from poppies that British Banks turn into heroin to addict and impoverish America”. Tillman’s words will now come out of McConnell’s mouth in Arizona on 19 April, 2013, in Canton, Texas on 26 May, 2013 and at Barry Soetoro’s going away celebration at Vino in the Valley on 18 July, 2013. McConnell is enroute to YBAS in minutes while his doppelganger will be in the C17 from Trenton when it leaves KLUF in 84 minutes, destination YBAS. Time is now 1505 mountain and Umbrellaman is aloft so he has asked Hammer MacCheese and Hammer Rooster Cogburn to brief developments in [ Menwith Dicks, Buckley Balls, Pine Gap TAINTS and Abel Danger ROCKS ], Best Regards, Hamish, Vienna 

The 1940 Studebaker Commander with the Mopar 413 and fake license plates slowed to merge off the highway towards the service gate of KCHD airport. Ralph G led the way while Juan Elguapo and Mensa Max created a secure service gate and had weapons trained ‘inside’ the security fence to defense against any British Crown contract killers who might wish to silence Tillman’s voice from it new vocal chords in Field McConnell’s throat. Whether it was a Blue Mountain or SAS sniper duo is immaterial, Pat Tillman was ambushed and when confusion was ‘created’ by British Crown players three rounds from an SA 80 Bullpup on full automatic silenced Pat Tillman VOICE OF TRUTH. If Pat Tillman were alive today he may well have used his celebrity status to make three statements:

1. 9/11 was not done by al Qaeda
2. United States has no military mission in Afghanistan and never did
3. Barry Soetoro is a CUKC passported servant of the Goose Stepping Geriatric

Sadly, Pat is no longer amongst the living, so other patriots will COMPLETE HIS MISSION.

Ralph G. saw that both engines on N007HT were exhausting vapory plumes and he saw three green flashes from the co-pilots window so Ralph turned on his bar lights and returned to the service gate to ensure it was secure. As Agent Tillman parked Tillman’s Ghost alongside the forward left one third of the Falcon 7x, Courtly Stonewall emerged from the jet to take Tillman’s Ghost back to the Embassey Suites on Paradise Road. Agent Chips stowed his bits and pieces and handed Atomic Betty a breath mint, wintergreen for those with inquiring minds in US or enquiring minds in UK, capeche? Atomic Betty was first up the steps followed by Agents Tillman and Chips. Marquis d’Cartier handed them each 4 packets and took their drink orders as Agent Hoss released the parking brake and taxied no faster than a man could trot assuming that man was Jesse Owens not to be confused with Louis Zamperini, also a runner in the 1936 Olympics not to conjure up thoughts of Agent Chips’ 36 Stud with the Chevy 427 rat-motor and ghost flames in pink set off by House of Color Brandywine metallic.


Coming around the corner from the ramp to runway 22R Agent Hoss cobbed the power and once TOGA power was stable, he said ‘your jet Stone, show me what you got’ as he reached from a Grape Nehi from his Idaho State Athletic bag. After a fairly long takeoff roll, Agent Stone rotated towards the end of the runway that appeared considerably shorter than when his grandfather had flown a SKOSHI TIGER from Williams to Ben Hoi during 3 days in October, 1965. In the forward conference table Marquis set out 6 coasters and placed 6 briefing guide addendums at seats marked Atomic Betty, Bean, 80W, Chips, Tillman and Barry M. Hall. Next he placed a Barrelita Rum Cuba Libra, a Ramey Rimshot, a Shiner Bock, a CSM with two stuffed queens, a Bloody Mary with celery stalk and kosher dill pickle wedge and a double Jack Black and diet coke out for the ‘six pack’ heading for Australia. Chips looked at his $10 walmart and notice there was still 6 minutes to go before the MacCheese Omni-Globe brieifing. As Agent Stone leveled the Falcon at FL320 for the crossing he turned off Agent Hoss’s “hot mic” so his snoring would not cause any of the SIXPACK to be concerned with their safe overwater trip to YBAS or PHNL pending fuel considerations and Umbrellaman’s directions.

Agent 80W slid a printed message to Agent Chips underneath which was a tin of Chicken of the Sea Smoked Oysters. The message read: United States Marine Field McConnell has linked HSBC – the Cameron Family’s dirty Fast & Furious Serco banker – to front-running frauds on depositors of the Cyprus Popular Bank which major shareholder HSBC Holdings exited in 2006. “David Cameron and Vladimir Putin Hold Talks Over Cyprus Crisis” Prime minister David Cameron discussed the financial crisis in Cyprus with Russian President Vladimir Putin in a phone call on Friday morning. The call came as authorities on the Mediterranean island sought to convince international lenders to provide the money Cyprus needs to avoid bankruptcy within days. HRC

Agent Chips saw the brief was signed by Hammer Rooster Cogburn who had penciled in hand written comment “They are making a mess of Syria and is getting very, very nasty. So far, I’ve been “straightening out the mess on video channels spread across the internet” and Goose-ifer, and I tell you, there are a lot of brain dead Americans who think their government (private corporations) can do no wrong not realizing the American colony has been governed by British Crown Agents since 1871 when Blatchford and Geddes families engineered the great Chicago fire. One hundred and thirty years later Blatchford is at Sidley and a Geddes has greased the skids for HSBC’s raping of Afghan poppies and US soldiers and Marines blood. RTP

Agent Chips looked as his Walmart and saw he had time for several more brief reports and accepted on from Agent Bean, Den Mother to the Phoenix branch of the Tillman’s Ghosts who will be giving PAT TILLMAN Trophies to cars in the American Legion Post #365 Car Parade Saturday night at 1900 in Plum City, (redacted) 54761. As he lifted the paper up to read Agent Bean’s message he saw a 3 tab bubble wrap of Rodney Baldinger NDSU Extend-o-peters so he took a loading dose of his CSM to wash down the first two. Bean’s brief comments were prefaced with “image on page 2 for the eyes of believers only, unbelievers will not get it, scripturally”. Before reading the briefing comments Chips look ahead to page two and saw an image that would confuse many not aware of the words written in Isaiah 59.



“Agent Bean, please share with Agent Chips if he is in your company. Abel Danger needs to defuse SYRIA and prosecute the BUNGLERS OF BENGHAZI before they destroy another sovereign nations on the Global Banker ‘hit list’. If God wishes to ‘move’ in Syria he does not need the help of Cameron’s HSBC or Putin’s (redacted) nor the participation of the Queen’s Queers at #24 and #1600. We have no business in Syria just as we had no business in the Benghazi Bungle, the Afghan poppy fields, Iraq in Desert One and Desert Two, or VietNam, or Korea, or WWII or WWI which the ‘fucking bankers’ advertised as the WAR TO END ALL WARS. Bullshit! Bring all our troops home from all foreign nations and they can be deployed in 47 of the 48 contiguous states to fend off the agenda of the National Socialist Democracy corporation/federal government which are just colonial plantation managers for the Goose Stepping Geriatric bearded to Prince Phartingham. We have no business defending the Israeli and corporate interests with our dearest blood in foreign lands that have not attacked us.

Hero’s do not work for corporate greed – they work for our Liberty and when the Prince of Peace, peace that surpasses all human understanding comes, don’t expect him to look like a gentle shepherd. The United States Armed Forces work for the citizens of the United States of America, the Republic, not the corporation who IRS is in Puerto Rico and evil plantation mistress is the Nazi witch bearded to the former patron of GAPAN.

The Armed forces work for us and the ones that don’t will be dealt with by the ones that do.

Tiberius Franklin

Western Commander ARM (American Revolutionary Militia)
cc/General Field McConnell
Eastern Commander ARM

Agent Chips was taking it all in regarding God’s reaction to injustice in His world, the world He created for all nations, not all banks. The only time Jesus because aggressive in the Bible history was when he overturned the tables of the money changers. Jesus Christ, our Lord, my Lord sees the injustice being played out in Syria and I believe his is displeased. Agent Chips compared the image of Jesus in disguise and realized it was consistent with Isaiah 59, specifically 59:15-21 and ESPECIALLY 59:17 where it is written that he put on garments of venegeance and was clad with zeal, AS A CLOAK.

Then the Lord saw it, and it displeased Him 
That there was no justice. 

16 He saw that there was no man, 
And wondered that there was no intercessor; 
Therefore His own arm brought salvation for Him; 
And His own righteousness, it sustained Him. 

17 For He put on righteousness as a breastplate, 
And a helmet of salvation on His head; 
He put on the garments of vengeance for clothing, 
And was clad with zeal as a cloak

18 According to their deeds, accordingly He will repay, 
Fury to His adversaries, 
Recompense to His enemies; 
The coastlands He will fully repay. 

19 So shall they fear 
The name of the Lord from the west,
And His glory from the rising of the sun; 
When the enemy comes in like a flood, 
The Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him. 

20 “The Redeemer will come to Zion, 
And to those who turn from transgression in Jacob,” 
Says the Lord. 

21 “As for Me,” says the Lord, “this is My covenant with them: My Spirit who is upon you, and My words which I have put in your mouth, shall not depart from your mouth, nor from the mouth of your descendants, nor from the mouth of your descendants’ descendants,” says the Lord, “from this time and forevermore.” 

Agent Chips felt a warm hand on his right thigh as he was passed the third of three pre Omni Globe briefing points to bone up on prior to the MacCheese briefing. He saw Atomic Betty push three sheets of paper towards him with the top page being number 274A, apparently from a lengthy volume not to be confused with a lengthy portion. The page number 274A simply had a picture of her, Atomic Betty, taking during a mission to Thailand in August, 2008 while Chips was appearing to be a contract pilot for Air Astana, the national airline of the Muslim nation of Kazakhstan where Chips flew ‘non Boeing’ airliners


Agent Atomic Betty, Operation PHUKET TIGER

His mind raced back to Phuket Tiger, 08-2008, as he thought back to her favored position, Saucy Spoons. Being ever the professional and aware that he had a deadline for MacCheese’s Omni-Globe Brief he scanned pages 2 and 3, marked 275A and 279A noting that there were apparently three pages removed just as on the morning of 9/11 there had been three frames of the FBI video of the Raytheon A 3 Sky Warrior striking Wedge One at 0937 removed on the video TIME STAMPED 12 September, 2001 as the download of video had been performed at Pine Gap which is one the other side of the International Date Line which is not a phone service for Dangerette hopefuls to call Agent Chips and lament their aching loins, capeche? Chips could see the 3 minutes BIT check on the Omni-Globe start its 180 second warm up so he sped read the two additional pages. While Chips read, Marquis d’Cartier poured refreshments and Agent 80W distracted Chips with a ‘free shot’ of an IOC in Pastel Turquoise but not the same shade of turquoise as the fake plates on the real Tillman’s Ghost. Agent Bean was getting fairly frisky on her third Ramey Rimshot so she looked at the cartoon of Hillary Clinton’s Foul TAINT which was a complex Naval Intel payback for the Tyrone Woods and Glen Dougherty ‘disrespect’ by the flat chested hag dumped by Huma Weiner for someone young and less ‘wide bodied’, capeche?

“Agent Chips, your Phuket Tiger wishes the pleasure of your company during an endure once Agents Bean and 80W succumb to what Marquis d’Cartier laced their drinks with. While I wait for my chance to do the horizontal boogie with the world’s most turgid septuagenarian consider these observations from a Canadian female: John Adams perhaps understated the truth in his quote here: “My history of the Jesuits is not eloquently written, but it is supported by unquestionable authorities, [and] is very particular and very horrible. Their [the Jesuit Order’s] restoration [in 1814 by Pope Pius VII] is indeed a step toward darkness, cruelty, despotism, [and] death. … I do not like the appearance of the Jesuits. If ever there was a body of men who merited eternal damnation on earth and in hell, it is this Society of [Ignatius de] Loyola.” 

John Adams (1735-1826; 2nd President of the United States)

“Second, I notice Chapter 2’s title: Serco’s Killer Woo Poos ( Woo Poos is a derogatory term for ‘West Pointer’, is it not?). Did you ever communicate with those in Poland regarding Polish AF 1 which you helped land at Astana in April, 2009 before they, the same crew and same TU-154M were ‘hit’ in Smolensk/Katyn on the 70th anniversary of the Katyn Massacre? I think a Caesar Kommisar invited you to a Christian mission trip in August, 2013. If you get to Poland please relay to the Poles your story regarding the approach and missed approach shot by Polish AF 1 around 0500 in the morning during April, 2009 when you were following the Tupelov as Air Astana Flight 872 from Moscow to Astana. I believe you told me that after the Polish flight missed the approach and heard that Air Astana had landed, the crew of Polish AF 1 requesting a “pilot report” regarding the observed weather by the crew of Air Astana F872. If I recall your story correctly your Airbus A320 did a Cat II autoland and the weather was overcast at about 160 feet but you reported 260 feet to make it legal for the Polish crew to follow you in. Across the language and national borders, trust was established and the Polish Crew in a Russian Jet landing in Kazakhstan based on inaccurate weather reported by an American Captain monitoring a Russian co-pilot in a Kazakh airliner registered in Aruba and built in France demonstrated to all with ears and eyes that we are all, as you were there on that snowy morning in Astana, Brothers in Arms, and eventually, Brothers in Christ.”

Twisted Sisters In Evil Collusion , Brothers In Arms In HSBC Drug War In Harm’s Way

“Chips, at our first opportunity I’d like to debrief you regarding some very obvious parallels in the PFT ambush to the JFK assassination: massive head wound (?), apparent use of a corpse-double (?), spoliation of evidence – with Parkland Hospital as the first setting and a mobile army surgical hospital as, allegedly, the second. Guccifer and Halifax Trinity both agree that the huge part of the motive – and means – in both cases: psychological warfare (at the intersection of Jesuit and London, with a revolutionary duplication methodology). Oh, and one more set of initials: GHWB.

I understand that you may have a lady at the swim up bar in Pine Gap just like you had Agent Bean at the swim up bar in Phoenix, however, if you’d take the time to explain to me again the post written eight days ago, [ Plum City – ( – March 16, 2013. United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Michelle Obama’s General Dynamics mentor, Lester Crown, to the theft of Bowman radio accessories for the SA80 bull-pup rifle and the Serco Stratum Zero GPS network with which Crown’s protégées built a time-spliced Wag the Dog story to camouflage the ambush and murder of Pat Tillman on 22nd April 2004 in Afghanistan. ] I think I understand the Bowman-Crown-Soetoro-Jarrett thread but this is something of international importance and I think we need to get something straight between us, capeche? Agents 80W and Bean have both fallen asleep so if you wish to slip away to the CRF I assureyou that I can love you like Nobody can, only better. Atomic Betty, FSD and MR.

Agent Bean, Operation KNUCKLEHEAD, Paradise Road, Phoenix, Ramey Rimshot 

Agent Chips felt a strange harmonic in the three engines of the Falcon 7x and was about to go to the cock, I say again COCKpit to check on Hoss and Stone when his Clipper Squirt Gun went to vibrate. Checking the LED he saw a FLASH IM from Hammer Rooster Cogburn posing as a history buff studying CONNAIR and 1939 in the Aviation Museum on the old airport rendered redundant when YBAS came into service.

Hillary’s TAINT Aussie Hammer Rooster Cogburn FLASH FESTUS to Agent Chips, FYEO: Chips, I see that Hotel Tango is crossing the ETP with insufficient fuel to one leg to YBAS. Unfortunately, the Trenton C17 is 41 minutes behind you but just reported sufficient FOB to fly non stop to YBAS. Further, there is a young lady hanging around the pool of the hotel you are going to be lodged at claiming she is Agent Bean and has provided a file photo from Operation Kazakh Uranium Swindle, confirm Agent Bean is aboard Hotel Tango, stat. If I do not get an affirmative within the next 60 seconds, Umbrellaman has asked me to invoke…….”



Agent Bean, Project Kazakh Extract, June 2009 

Agent Chips lost his Clipper connection as the number two engine of the N007HT Falcon was secured using both the engine master and the fuel master. Chips felt the aircraft begin a shallow descent so knowing they were beyond the ETP with insufficient fuel to complete the crossing he started to get up and head to the cock, I say again, COCK pit when Atomic Betty put her right index finger to her lips, at least the two on her face, and pointed at her Clipper Pastel Palette. She held a salmon colored briefing index card with page 276A written in the upper left hand corner, written in red.

“p.276A If aircraft arrives at ETP with insufficient fuel to complete the crossing, at the discretion of the captain a two engine LRC can be used to stretch fuel and continue on non stop portion. If this option is exercised by PIC, 300 pounds of ballast, fuel, passengers or stores, must be moved to aft most location for CG considerations unless long range trim tanks and transfer pumps are installed.”

Chips understood the situation and was ‘game’ for the aftward movement of 300 pounds of Abel Body and Dangerette, however as the movement to the aft CRF was undertaken by Atomic Betty and Chips, it sounded like both remaining engines had been shut down and the cabin went dark and quiet.

Agent 80W who had been pretending to be asleep held up a pink card with IIF written in Red. Chips checked his Clipper Squirt Gun and saw an MIS by the Bill Gaither Gospel Group indicating the battle was over, and there would be no more war. Chips thought that only one entity could defeat Serco and the Queen’s Pussies.


Menwith Dicks, Buckley Balls, Pine Gap TAINTs; Abel Danger ROCKS

AD’s Guccifer Penetrates DoJ PRIDE, NIST GLOBE, Serco TAINT 

 Chips and the others in the Falcon felt the cabin pressure reestablished and so they knew that at least one engine was operating. As the cabin lighting blinked once they realized a second engine had been restored. Chips looked at Agent 80W and was regaled with a free shot of pastel turquoise. Turning to look at Atomic Betty, he was surprised to see her now sleeping next to Agent Bean. Agent 80W pointed to the moving map on the wall and pointed out destination YBAS and time remaining 6+04. As 80W led her charge to the aft CRF Agent Chips felt his TI elevating at the prospect of 4 hours of quality time with the former medical lab worker from Baylor University School of Medicene who had friends name Goldstine. As the mature Dangerette closed the CRF door behind them, she selected F4 and C240 on her Clipper Cattle Dehorner as the music began.

As they reclined, an incoming FLASH FESTUS from Hammer MacCheese brought them back into the here and now as the sound of a pair of lightning bolts caused them both to be blinded by the light and temporarily deaf. Chips whispered to 80W a question “I thought that someone spiked your drinks, how is it that you are alert?”

“Chips, live by the sword, die by the sword. I saw Atomic Betty drop the capsules in my beer and Bean’s Ramey Rimshot so I returned the favor but didn’t drink the beer. You may remember both in the Bible and in ELO’s Evil Woman verbiage regarding “you made the wine, now drink a cup”. Enough idle chatter, do you like maraschino cherries?”

Agent Chips was not given a chance to answer before ELOs monster hit from 1976 was playing on the Clipper Cattle Dehorner as Agent 80W disappeared below the sheets.

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  • Whoever thought ground zero would be Cyprus? 60,000 Brits are being evacuated and Russia just threatened Germany with levies.

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    The Anglo-American sphere has run out of runway.