Stratum Zero Killers “Death by GMT” – Book 11 Chapter 8

Johnston- Jarrett STREET THREATER Bombs in Boston
Glamourboy Harper and Barry “Choom Gang” Soetoro Now Victims 4,5?
Obama’s Sidley Austin’s Racketeering Hybristophiliacs with a Cisco SNAP Gap Key


Hybohistiphiliacs Send Amputee Army Captain to Fool Boston Cops


Barry Soetoro Punahou ’79, You And Dianne Can Just KMA, capeche?

4 Army Cooks Suggest Recipes For Obama’s Soup, Cream of Sum Yung Gui

Ghost of JbR Fingers Klobuchar, Franken and Feinstein; Tillman Event Nears

NYC Mayor Bloomers Special Counsel On ARMED FELLATIO

Pussy Bloomberg Inaction Renders CT-NY-MA Unsafe Travel Zones 
Blew States Condone Fellatio At Gunpoint And Queer (mis)Leadership

Dianne Finestein Before Makeup, Liposuction, and Lobotomy 
Dianne Feinstein on 30th Birthday Before ‘Coming Out’?

Blackwater = XE = Academi = Chertoff’s Team BOSTON? Me Thinks

Part Cherokee Marine, Funny and Driven

Debrah Furlong

Abel Danger Agent Mona Bleu Ensnares Stephen Harper
Chapter 8

Ghosts of Spafford, Tillman, Gareth, Stevens, Tyrone Haunt Chicago Cabal

Scripture of the Day: Romans 12:18

If it is possible, as much as depends on you, live peaceably with all men. 

Gospel Song of Day: It Is Well With My Soul


Secular Song of Day:


Ode to Obama ( who is Barry Soetoro, Punahou ’79 ) and Pussy Bloomberg:


Recall that in last week’s gripping human drama suggesting a bloody attack in April on the East Coast we had included the hint BIG DIG to indicate Boston ( Big Dig is a tunnel ) was the ‘alternate site’ for a frantic Soetoro Street Theater as the Queen of England was about ready to retire three pussies: Stephen Harper ( Glamourboy ), Michael Bloomberg ( Bloomer pudding ) and Barry Soetoro, Punahou ’79. Bean Spiller had handed Chips the ‘long list’ and as they heard the distinctive sound of an approaching UH1N then Chips put the list in his robe pocket for later review after photographing it with the Peni Cam provided by Agent Marquis d’Cartier. He knew that Hillary Notso’s world was about to turned upside down following the untimely passing of the German and Rand Paul’s synergetic investigation fueled by Abel Danger Intel.. Chips, Bean Spiller and Mona Bleu had assembled by the open bathroom window just as a rope ladder was dangled by the window. “Ladies first, Bean Spiller help me stabilize the ladder for Mona.” As a frightened Mona climbed out the window and onto the rope ladder, Chips gave a ‘thumbs up’ to Agent Hoss whereupon Hoss pushed cyclic forward, pulling the collective up while advancing to full, non-FADEC power as Mona Bleu was dangling alone enroute to an uncertain future to give Bean Spiller and Chips the opportunity to determine her loyalties. As Bean Spiller dropped the habit she read aloud the list that had been recently updated by Agent Barry M. Hall of the Tillman Methodist Church in Atlanta, Georgia.

1.   Strangler’s Suite NPR airliners downed ( Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC))
2.   Pickton Pig Farm
3.   Pat Tillman
4.   USS Cole
5.   Sandy Hook
6.   Aurora, Colorado – Batman shooting
7.   Al-Hilli (?)
8.   Gareth Williams
9.   JonBenet Ramsey
10. 911
11. Benghazi
12. Haiti
13. Hurricane Katrina
14. Waco
15. Murrah Building
16. Cudahy Wisconsin Shooting
17. Polish President Smolensk Katyn
18. Fukushima
19. EQ in VA near nuke plant during Irene Huricane
20. Iceland Volcano hoax no fly zone
21. Ft Hood and Pelosi’s ADT/Air Patrol
22. Petraeus scandal involving Fleck of Bismarck
23. Bin Laden murder on Mayday
24. Sachtleben
25. Ivens
26. (redacted) until after 22Apr13 pending results
27. Sandusky
28. Super Bowl power outage
29. Seal Team 6 Chinook 30 people
30. Franklin Cover up
31. TARP
32. Missing Nukes Barksdale and Minot 19 April, 2013,
33. Masonic False Flag
34. Whistleblower linking GHWB, Prince Philip and Lord Timothy Garden 

Chips finished scanning it and was checking his Clipper Squirt Gun for updates from MacCheese while Bean Spiller, now wearing nothing but a broad smile, commented “Incidentally Chips, the meeting recently in DC was all about the British military brass telling their American counterparts what weapons systems they would be allowed to buy and use over the next 20 years and the British Admiral accidentally revealing the direct link between Bloomer Pudding and The Geriatric Goosestepper. Remember the UK MoD has the FBCA root key! Over a dinner and an all-day conference, the uniformed leadership from both nations discussed strategic priorities and how each country could sustain the level of interoperability U.S. and British forces have achieved over the past 12 years of close coordination through two British Bankers wars and numerous bull shit training events. Officials from both countries called the end of combat operations in Afghanistan an “inflection point” and they are scared shitless of Ted Nugent, the ARM, Operation Pocono and your actions of both 18 April and 27 May before their 20 year anniversary of Waco and the last desperate act of Barry Soetoro’s handler, Thomas J. Smolich. One of the 23 star fraggers of Tillman is ready to screw the Crown to save his ass if Abel Danger will protect him. Fragger Dempsey is quoted as saying “We charted a course to ensure that they remain our strongest partner,” as those military leaders discussed the British plan to “further integrate into Europe”; the U.S. military strategy to emphasize engagement in the Asia-Pacific region; and the economic challenges facing each nation. It is almost as if they still do not understand who had created the HFN VFM confusion of 1994 when the Vinncennes downed the Iranian Airbus. Shall I tell you more about the emasculated seamen Chips?”

USS Vincennes first U S military asset to be ‘manipulated’ with MDA-Cisco KVM 

After viewing her habit—less physique and her favored position, Rabbit Ears, Agent Chips remounted to finish her off in right, proper Abel Danger fashion and to keep his mind from an early exploculation her wondered to himself if the 23 April, 2013 JACK STOCKWELL Show would discuss either the DISASSIOTIVE DISORDER or the Fraud Trial Pending in Indiana where one of the THREE PELINDABA PICKLES was known to have been in the summer of 2010. Chips knew that in Michelle Sasquatch’s Chicago Abortion Hospitals often doctors would be in shock after violating their hypocratic oath and murdering a disfigured, full term baby; on camera. Somehow his mind wandered back to a bull serving a heifer as both Clipper devices went off almost causing Agent Chips to do also.

Agent Bean Spiller’s Piss Wicked, Super Trick 36 Studebaker Disguised as ’67 442 

Agent Chips continued dishing out what the defrocked non-Nun so fervently needed as he reached for his Clipper Squirt Gun seeing an Immediate JASPAR from Rooster Cogburn, Global Hammer who was set up in the trunk of Bean Spiller’s Piss Wicked, Super Trick 67 442 looking Studebaker.

Operation TRANQUIL TEMPE Hammer Rooster Cogburn IMMEDIATE JASPAR to Umbrellaman, MacCheese, Otto Pilot, Agent Chips and Dangerettes aField and aBroad in Operation QUEEN’S PUSSY; copy Hamish, Marquis d’Cartier and Ginger Cookie: The doltist lesbian sworn in as PM on 24 June, 2010 did not recognize Agent Mona Bleu so Mona was released back to Agent Hoss. However, before being released from Julia’s office Mona saw evidence that Laureen Harper, Frogface Trudeau, Kristine Marcy, Julia Gillard and a Spanish wench had suggested moving the operation from Connecticut School to a Big Dig venue. Julia’s chink-lover dropped a napkin from an LGBT bar with notes regarding Montreal-Joker-Boston-Vogt. We are working on that, expect Mona Bleu back at the Chively Hotel in 17 minutes. We had to leave the chopper at the ADIZ 200 mile ring around Pine Gap however we have Diehard’s super trick, piss wicked ’73 TA and so we will be their soon. TA is TransAm not T & A if Ginger Cookie get decimaled by her dewey. We will have a ‘swim up’ briefing at the pool bar at 1811, time now 1654. Umbrellaman will discuss timing of the release of the info linking Furlong CTV Cold Squad Cisco keys to both the Montreal Train and the Boston Marathon Pain. We anticipate language to be based on this sketch: United States Marine Field McConnell has linked the late Deborah Furlong, an expert user of Cisco Entrust PKI* keys in her work as CTV’s former Cold Squad post-production coordinator, to plots to derail a New York-Toronto train and bomb the Boston Marathon. McConnell claims that Furlong – a recent victim of ‘Death by GPS’ – and her Cold Squad crews began using Signal Systems/Cisco Entrust PKI* keys to hack RCMP/FBI counter-intelligence in 1998, and he notes that in 2009, Furlong helped transfer custody of Canada’s national key to Obama’s Thoma Bravo and Sidley Austin associate Lee Mitchell, allegedly so Cold Squad plots could be staged out of Chicago where Pumpkin was a girl Friday for H. Wayne Carver of Skokie, Illinois also know as the Chipper Shredder Medical Examiner. It is Umbrellaman’s opinion that any reference to Pumpkin, the long time lover of Carver, will be deleted if Post #1493 goes out after Carver caves. Rooster Cogburn.


Agent Diehard’s ST, PW 1973 Trans Am


Chips had finished scanning the incoming JASPAR and noticed that Bean Spiller had selected C6 on her Pastel Siena CAVE HELMUT initially causing Chips to think she wanted his helmet in her cavern. On second thought, he realized Rouge was French for red so she was alerting him to an unseen threat. The sun to the west caused some dancing shadows on the mirror above the bed which was reflected back and forth with the full wall mirror over the Jacuzzi. Chips felt Bean Spiller draw her Model 1911 .45 ACP and as she squeezed her cervix twice he got her message, continue. She whispered a single word in his good ear “roll”.

Chips rolled her onto her tummy so she could set her elbows for the proper moment. To ensure any enemy agent thought they were still hard at it, he saddled up from the rear but executed only the slow groove that made Conway Twitty a big star in the pre-Cougar era Cougar Clubs of Houston, Dallas and Corsicana, Texas.


Agent Bean Spiller’s eyes were looking at the louvered window to the west and saw what she wanted to see: the full cranial presentation offered by the shooter confused by the mirrors and Agent’s Chips slow service technique seldom scene.

Bean Spiller squeezed off a single round almost causing Chips to do likewise as the recoil from the stainless steel Model 1911 recoiled her back onto Chips’ purple tipped red champion, and Chips liked that. Hearing the distant sound of an approaching 455 big block with cutouts open, Bean Spiller grabbed her Margaret Houlihan riding crop and spurred her mount to a full gallop encouraging him towards the finish line with “quickie authorized, finish me off with a rim shot at the buzzer”. As Chips did as she desired, he thought off the bacon wrapped chicken breast with raspberries and sour cream that an Agent in Phoenix promised in exchange for a CEMAW encounter in Chapter 9. As the Pontiac big block was accelerated then shutdown, Agent Chips responded to Bean Spiller’s signature triple with a loading dose of Smoked Oysters before taking a Marine Corps shower, donning foo-foo juice and handing the habit-less non-Nun a plethora of NAPAWASHES not to be confused with the gay replacement for the hobbled Harper whose alleged half sister is the lesbian FROGFACE who was Vice President of NAPAWASH before Lyn Sherlock and Kristine Marcy left NSAWW at 1950 Old Gallows Road in Vienna, Virginia knowing that Hillary’s Bungling of Benghazi would not longer go unresolved now that the 23 Star Fraggers of Pat Tillman had sent Chips their short list.

Agent Bean Spiller had performed Abel Danger standard post boinking protocols just as the ‘clunk’ of an 18’ ladder was heard from below the bathroom window. Chips went to the Jacuzzi which had been filled earlier to set the impression that Bean Spiller was napping while Chips was soaking his sore knee for Operation TRANQUIL TEMPE if Umbrellaman would signal it as a GO. As Mona Bleu’s tossled hair was seen before her impish face, Chips lit a candle on a cupcake with VD as the only letters. Mona crawled into the bathroom, looked into the bedroom at a seemingly asleep Bean Spiller and removed all but her hairband as she slipped into the Jacuzzi beside Agent Chips.


Agent Mona Bleu, AD Asset Assigned RAF Menwith Hill On Remote PINE GAP

“Chips, how kind to remind me of my birthday. I think back to 1998 when your DC10 layover at Brighton’s Metropole Hotel coincided with my 14th Birthday. My mother said it was one of her favorite memories of Brighton and I am so happy I am no longer 14, capeche?” Chips observed the semi submerged globes and thought that the water level had come up another inch and a half after the two fun bags slipped below the surface, where they appeared even bigger due to refraction not to be confused with soon to be indicted Barry Soetoro who failed at sequestration as the FAA and ALPA are fed up with the airline delays. He was about ready to size them up when a FLASH FESTUS broke through the ‘boinking filter’ on his Clipper Squirt Gun. Chips saw it was from Agent Nano al-Umina, Commander ARM West.


MGen B. Guano, CommARMWest, Operation TRANQUIL TEMPE 13 

“Nano, I am beginning a security debrief and am probing a new asset so please be brief.”

“Holy Jihad Batman! Our Dangerette Du Jour Mona Bleu sent me a message that indicates in 1991 National Security Directive 63 ordering the agencies of government to recognize security clearances across agencies was set in motion by your sister with help from Eric Holder and Barry Soetoro, Punahou ’79. Now in today’s inbox comes news that Fox News chief Roger Ailes doesn’t mince words in a new biography saying President Obama is “lazy” and Vice President Joe Biden is “dumb as an ashtray.” I think that is very disrespectful towards ash trays whose only job is to secure hot butts. I will call back in 30 minutes after you have reviewed this link that is now scrolling across the MIS window of your Clipper Squirt Gun. We have an ‘all hands’ meeting at 1811, see you at the SUB. Nano”.

Reciprocity: A Progress Report – April 2004 (PDF FILE)

“Mona, you look divine in your birthday suit, in addition to your VD cupcake, is their anything else I can do to make your 29th more memorable?”

In response, Mona Bleu blew out the candle and licked the cupcake while selecting F4 and C0+30 on her waterproof Clipper Underwater Camera.


The birthday girl assumed a position that had the target area out of the water, in clear view of the laconic, affable and never flappable Agent Chips. As she rotated her feet to the west, Agent Chips realized that she was wearing ‘garnet colored’ contact lenses. Suddenly the message in song made sense to Chips, he felt certain that she was letting him know that they’d sing in the sunshine, and then they’d be on their way. As Chips was breaking her in easy, an Immediate JASPAR came in from Agent Ginger Cookie, Chorale Director of the Abel Danger Singers and ‘plank owner’ of the 18-21 July Victory Party at Vino in the Valley where Abel Danger would celebrate the Victory over Barry Soetoro’s plans to cancel the 2nd Amendment and update the Constitution as suggested by Bloomer Pudding, the queer jew from New York that is Pussy #3 in the Queen’s Pussy Posse. Agent Mona Bleu was enjoyed the deep security probe and she was not going to give up any secrets, so she pushed C6 and C240 on her Clipper Underwater Camera in hopes that Agent Chips would provide an enduro on their first night together. Chips held up his end of the bargain while he checked the incoming from Ginger Cookie.

Operation TRANQUIL TEMPE Agent Ginger Cookie Immediate JASPAR to Agents Chips, Bean Spiller, Atomic Betty and 80W, copy Hammers, Umbrellaman, Tillman, Marquis d’Cartier and Hamish: Chips and all Dangerettes aField and aBroad, just a hint, during the 1811 Umbrellaman brief expect to see Agent Mona Bleu in the mix and also on the jet that will be leaving after the briefing for a civilian airport near Steve Stockwood’s District in Texas and near Senator Ted Cruz’s FIELD office. Hoss and Stone will be the pilots and all parties need to understand that Mona Bleu is bi-lingual so if she uses the French spelling assume the francophonies from Vatican and Georgetown have a wire on her. If she spells it Mona Blue she is not wired to the frogs. I will yield the floor to Atomic Betty from Gatineau but for all parties make mental note that MATCHBOX is her switch word, that is, if she needs to act sympathetic to frogs like the Queer Trudeaus, Bruce McConnell, Kristine Marcy or Mary Elizabeth Harriman she will play MATCHBOX and conversely if Umbrellaman wants her to STIFF THE FROGS he will IM one of our people to play MATCHBOX; think Gladio, Gladio B or Operations Northwood. Regardless her ‘role’ she will always use PPUC Pastel Caribbean Blue. According to a message just received from Mona Blue she has accessed the Cabal who owns Barry Soetoro and opines “they speak convergence but their goal is contradictory, delusional, unattainable and generally evil. This is so very true and following the events in places like Aurora, Cudahy and Sandy Hook the CRUNT CABAL is selling the idea that security is a computer system and that we can have open boarders and the free movement of goods and people and their BRUCE MCCONNELL SIMPLE computer programs will protect us. It is cartoonish, sophomoric and would be laughable if the consequences of their self delusions were not so horrendous. As in Sandy Hook and Gabrielle Giffords’ events the Cabal with David Johnston pulling Barry Soetoro’s strings is an open invitation for any misfit cretin-foreign or domestic- to kill at will and when they do, ka ching! More money in the bank for them and more burdensome security inconveniences that don’t work at all. How many billions of dollars did Chertoff and Jay M. Cohen’s DHS/TSA cost and is that not excessive for a system that cannot stop a hijacker? Watch for Atomic Betty or Umbrellaman announce some NO FLY STATES as air travel grinds to a slow death between 22 April and 28 May, 2013. The Falcon 7x is ready, fueled and catered with front end crew and party of six to be announced by Umbrellaman. Ginger Cookie, aft CRF. 

Mona Bleu saw that it was 1737 so in the interest of ‘finishing up’ in time for the 1811 ‘all hands meeting’ at the Swim Up Bar she selected D8 and C0+30 to give Agent Chips more cardio pulmonary exercise as she positioned for ‘doggy style, pile driver’. Chips had just buried the bone when a FLASH FESTUS from Atomic Betty came into his Clipper Squirt Gun resting on the side of the Jacuzzi next to the shoe horn and Astro Glide only one of which had been necessary. Mona Bleu’s CEMAW song had JUST BEGUN when Agent Chips saw the image that preceded Atomic Betty’s FLASH FESTUS and understood she was suggesting that “Before the rising sun we fly” and that apparently the destination was not known as in “So many roads to choose” but the significance of “We start our walking And learn to run” was typical of Atomic Betty who always enjoyed a four hour enduro highlighted with a ‘run for the roses’ to finish up with a rimshot at the buzzer.


LA Nuke Facebook Page Taken Down After Abel Danger Refuses to Block Trigger 

Operation TRANQUIL TEMPE Agent Atomic Betty FLASH FESTUS to Hammer Rooster Cogburn, Agent Hoss, Chips copy Hamish Marquis d’Cartier, Tillman, Barry M. Hall and all FSDs who are MR for the Plum Plunge in July, 2013: Troubling news regarding Minot’s Missing Nuke and the 3 Pelindaba Pickles sent to Chicago with name Blatchford on the shipping container. The Bloomer Pudding-Glamourboy-Barry Soetoro Trio has failed to gain 2nd Amendment curtailment so now it appears that Thomas J. Smolich and David Johnston have their lack-of-nuts in a vice. We are checking to see which office sent the bogus threat to FACEBOOK regarding an LA bomb set for 28 April but we know FOR CERTAIN the date is one month, to the day, off. If Hamish and Hammer MacCheese cannot identify the source with Jarrett-Bloomer Pudding and Dianne Feinstein 3 of the top 7, Hamish is set to publish the ‘COLUMBUS PIECE’ written by Agent Chips and named for it’s number. Here is the draft at present at 1751 23 April, 2013 here in Pine Gap: #1492 Marine links Obama overseer to Cold Squad Cisco router key for CGG SNAP Gap Boston bombs…Plum City – ( – April 22, 2013. United States Marine Field McConnell has linked David Johnston, Obama’s former overseer at the Harvard Law School, to Cold Squad Cisco router Entrust keys allegedly used by Johnston – the hybristophiliac Russell Williams’ uniform-burning Governor General of Canada – to authorize the SNAP* Gap hack attack by a Cold Squad crew which appears to have triggered the Boston Marathon bombs. Keep in mind that SNAP is SIPRNet/NIPRNet Access Point, a terminal and that today, 23 April in Pine Gap we signaled BATF and FBI in Phoenix that Abel Danger is “hands off KLAX” and still adjusting the time of Indianapolis, Assumption Parish and the South Side of Chicago. We think LA is a bluff by the same clowns that did Boston and Sandy Hook. Within 3 days this google will be ‘hot’ [ Vogt + Dunning + John Simmons + Barry Soetoro + Rincon ]. One more thing, if I do not make the cut for the Falcon, Tillman and I plan to be in the baggage compartment. Atomic Betty. 

Chips saw the time was getting tight, as was Mona Bleu so he failed to notice and incoming Immediate from Hamish who was now in position at the arrival point for any upcoming departure that Umbrellam, MacCheese or Rooster Cogburn might initiate. Mona was making her ‘end game’ moves and Agent Chips, always an Able Swordsman did not wish to deny the svelte lass her pleasure, being her birthday and all. As they crossed the finish line, as it were, they both heard the sound of an alarm clock and noticed it was 1801. Needing to be at the SUB in 10 minutes or less, they hurriedly performed PBPs and donned their swim suits, Chips in Royal Blue and Mona in Caribbean Bleu, indicating ‘frogs’ would be monitoring. Chips sent out an update to all AD players indicating Mona would be ‘feeding the frogs’ and not to take her literally. They left the bathroom to join Bean Spiller who was wearing a modest one piece in Pastel Siena, not modest in style but modest in total cloth used. Probably less than two square feet but enough to cover lefty, righty and the sweet spot. When they opened the door to room 93 Agent Barry M. Hall blocked their exit, placed his index finger to his lips, and pushed them back in the room.

“No time to talk, watch the doppelgangers go to the pool and once they are at the swim up bar we move out. Let’s chill for about 4 minutes until we observe the event in the pool. Anyone have a beer for this ol’ boy. Bean Spiller grabbed him a Shiner Bock and while she was in the fridge see got a CSM for Chips, an Orange Nehi for herself and two inches of Crown Royal for Mona Bleu. As they drank Barry M. Hall held the shades open enough to see the doppelgangers enter the pool and swim towards another lady in blue, Caribbean Blue. They noticed a pair of Aboriginal Aussies vacuuming the pool with a 220V power suck machine, see also Larry Sinclair, Donald Young, Nate Spencer, Larry Bland and Alex Okrent. As the woman in the blue one piece placed and Omni-Globe on the swim up bar and all seven doppelgangers were watching intently, the two Aboriginals pushed the 220V motor into the pool as Barry M. Hall opened the door and led them running to an armored personnel carrier waiting at the curb.


Blackwater = XE = Academi = Cohen-Chertoff’s Team BOSTON? Me Thinks 

The Team got into the APC which then drove cross country from the Chively hotel to the Pine Gap Airport. Enroute they were all given headsets to listen to a song which would serve as the ‘prebrief’ with the full briefing to be given once safely airborne.


Barry M. Hall placed a single sheet of paper in front of Bean Spiller, Chips and Mona Blue. “We the people do not believe Barry Soetoro’s lies anymore. There is a movie or TV show coming up soon that features a chopper from HMX-1 exploding in mid air. We know that Kristine Marcy’s Park Police had that facility available over 5 years ago. During Operation TRANQUIL TEMPE we expect representatives of 37 states to sign on to open carry and or concealed carry improvements if the Pat Tillman Run which was set on 20 April could be kept safe unlike the Boston Marathon. Umbrellaman will be speaking to us once airborne and will announce a ‘no fly zone’ for discretionary travelers. Full briefing as the jet passes 10,000 feet if the jet is not being trailed.”

Chips had been looking over Bean Spiller’s shoulder but couldn’t see the page due to her 44D’s that had won her the advertising job for Nando’s in South Africa.

Chips was thinking of a double breasted burger when he felt the touch of a little hand on his twig n’berries. Mona Blue whispered in his good ear, “CRF immediately following Umbrellaman Brief” punctuating her suggestion with three short tugs on the tiller bar and a former captain thought of a lovely new tennile, capeche?

The Armored Personnel carrier stopped downwind from N700HT so as not to have dust being sucked into the ACM cooling the Falcon. As they left the APC Barry M. Hall led Chips, Mona Blue and Marquis d’Cartier, who’d driven the APC, to the forward boarding stairs and allowing Marquis, Chips and Mona Blue to board, while taking Bean Spiller and Tillman to the baggage compartment. Chips had noticed three heat plumes from the FADEC engines and thought of the words of Matthew 6:31-33 as the forward boarding door was closed.

31 “Therefore do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’
32 For after all these things the Gentiles seek. For your heavenly Father knows that you need all these things.
33 But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you. 

Chips and Mona Blue sat in seats 1 and 3 behind the galley. Even with the engine noise as the jet taxied for takeoff Chips was certain he heard a familiar voice singing in French and then he realized the sound was coming from Mona’s Clipper device.

Venez et chantez une chanson simple de liberté
Chantez-la comme vous n’avez jamais chanté auparavant
Laissez-la remplir l’air
Dites aux gens partout
Nous, les gens d’ici, ne voulons pas de guerre

Hé là, monsieur Black Man pouvez-vous m’entendre ?
Je ne veux pas de vos diamants ou de votre jeu
Je veux vraiment être reconnu (par vous) pour qui je suis
et je parierai ma vie que vous voulez la même chose

Venez et chantez une chanson simple de liberté
Chantez-la comme vous n’avez jamais chanté auparavant
Laissez-la remplir l’air
Dites aux gens partout
Nous, les gens d’ici, ne voulons pas de guerre

Sept cent millions sont recrutés
La plupart de ce que vous lisez, la plupart de ce que vous lisez, est fait de mensonges
Mais qu’en on parle en tête à tête,
le soleil n’est-il pas fait pour qu’on puisse tous
Le trouver au matin quand on se lève ?

Venez et chantez une chanson simple de liberté
Chantez-la comme vous n’avez jamais chanté auparavant
Laissez-la remplir l’air
Dites aux gens partout
Nous, les gens d’ ici, ne voulons pas de guerre

Chips recognized the voice as the lady from Waterford, Nova Scotia who had hoped to be aboard, rather than a broad, but apparently had not made the short list. He recalled that when they last debrief she had suggested the MSM in both Canada and the US were signaling the upcoming removal of Harper as at the same time that MSM is showing unflattering pictures of Harper, Justin Trudeau is being lauded for embracing ‘hope’ and his ‘sensitive side’ re the Boston bombing FALSE FLAG suggesting Chips google [ Vogt + Dunning + John Simmons + Rincon + Barry Soetoro ]. The ‘feather duster’ fairy from north of the 49th paralled was asked how he would respond to an attack at a marathon that might kill three people and injure 170. His canned answer was reportedly ‘there is no question that this happened because there is someone who feels completely excluded. Completely at war with innocents. At war with a society and if Canadians elect me as the second queer in a row my approach will be “where do these tensions come from”? Of course Frogface’s alleged half-brother had his fingers crossed knowing full well the results of the google [ dhs + dmort V + HSEEP + Crisis Actors + Vision Box + Jarrett ] 


The three engines of the Falcon 7x were set to 1.33 epr, the brakes released and then all three power levers were pushed full forward by Stone as Agent Hoss grabbed another frosty Grape Nehi from his Idaho State Broncos bag. During the short takeoff run Agent Chips recalled that “While Harper is past his best-before-date , Trudeau is eloquently exhibiting his thespian training and skill. One imagines his old man, propelled by pride, jumping out of the grave and performing his trademark Masonic pirouettes a study in confusion as both the French and British Free Masons have been fighting for America, see Scarlet and the Beast ( John Daniel ), for some 400 + years. Pierre would suggest to his possible progeny that to keep up with American government goose-stepping “mirandize- this” policies, Harper’s government is pushing for stronger anti-terrorsism measures in Bill S-7 the so called Combating Terrorism Act while totally oblivious to the ‘spolation of evidence’ in the burning of Pat Tillman and Russell Williams uniforms to slow the revelation of the 23 Star Fraggers of Tillman and the true enemy combatants who attacked America on the morning of 9/11.. Originally brought in under the Chretien, see also cretin, regime after 9/11 , the effort will revive the harsher sunset clauses that expired in 2007 if Harper is not removed “for cause” by the Queen who is very frustrated at the lack of progress in her three pussies: Glamourboy, Bloomer Pudding and Barry Soetoro. The rush to legislate comes in the wake of the arrests of 2 suspects for trying to de-rail a VIA train. The 2 suspects are allegedly connected to al-Qaeda elements in Iran. Iran? Really? Perhaps Barry Soetoro will add to the drama by killing Osama Bin Laden a fourth time or taking out another Chinook load of SEALS before a single FADEC signal takes out the chopper in the upcoming movie.



Chips, Mona Blue and Marquis d’Cartier heard the two chimes indicating they had passed 10,000 and were expecting the Umbrellaman brief when they heard, instead, the strong voice of Agent Hoss as they felt the jet ‘unload’ to zero G and accelerate towards the terrain northeast of Alice Springs.

“Seat belts ladies and gentleman, we are being trailed and the unknown riders as at sox o’clock, closing fast according to Dwarf and Tim White aboard MOTHERSHIP. As Marquis turned to check his seat belt, Mona Blue pulled Agent Chips to the aft CRF, locking the door and preparing for knight action. As she half mastered the Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster FCT in Pastel Manly Mocha, a bright blue flash illuminated the CRF before the cabin became quiet and cold.

She pulled the comforter down and spread out the 4 big pillows while whispering his Chips’ good ear “It’s my birthday again as soon as we cross the international date line so do me now, then do me yesterday later. She set her Clipper to F4 and C2+40 indicating an enduro was desired.


Chips accommodated the birthday girl as another two blue flashes added excitement to his deep probe of this new asset. In their collective passion, they failed to see a Priority Clipper coming in from Hamish at Tyler, Texas.

Operation TRANQUIL TEMPE Agent Hamish Priority Clipper to Agent Chips: Chips, I seem to have lost track of you. If you do not respond my 2359 on 23 April, 2013 I will republish the GLSEN post based on this draft copy: Plum City – ( – April 21, 2013. United States Marine Field McConnell has linked his sister Kristine Marcy’s apparent deployment of hybristophiliacs through the United States Small Business Administration, to the Cisco RV180W Multifunction VPN Router allegedly used by a Cisco GLSEN* team to trigger the Boston Marathon bombs. Hybristophiliac: Someone sexually aroused by their partner’s violent sexual behavior. 

GLSEN* = Cisco’s Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network, headed up by Canadian Rick Moran. Chips, I believe Agent Tillman has created a ‘bundle’ and if I can find it I will attach here:

4-21-2013 #1491 Marine Links Kristine Marcy Small Business Hybristophiliacs to Cisco RV180W Boston Bombs 

If I cannot find it suffice it to say that the Queen’s three pussies have been thrown under the bus, train, plane and automobile by these items forwarded from Mary Elizabeth Harriman and Jennifer McKinnon, see also Julian Fantino and David Johnston: Hardware (Cisco RV180W Multifunction VPN Router), Methodology of Attack Coordination (SNAP Gap), SBA Funding (Kristine Marcy’s DOJ Asset Forfeiture Fund) = Marie Collins Johns, GLSEN (entrapment modality) + hybristophiliacs = Rick Moran, JABS actors to crime scene (pre and/or post) Also, in the event you do not surface by 28 April I will have Vogel Law in Fargo serve the complaint in Civil Case 3:13-cv-69. I don’t know if you have ever been to Tyler, Texas but believe you me, Mineral Water is expensive in this locale. Agent Hamish.


Agent Mona Bleu, AD Asset Assigned RAF Menwith Hill On Remote PINE GAP


As Chips was giving Agent Mona Blue her birthday gift, he was smitten with her beauty and the memory of how she looked at 14. To keep his mind from creating an early exploculation he reconsidered the last briefing he had received from Rooster Cogburn and hoped that this roll in the hay with Mona Blue would not be his LAST DATE.

Rooster had opined, laconically, that Debka Files is Israeli intelligence re: spin. There stories are bullshit. They were sheep dipped by the U.S. Intelligence for events happening in Chechnya and Dagestan. Tsarnaev is a creation for legends to fuel geo-political strategies and has been vetted out of Chechnya five years ago by the CIA and the U.S. State Department; probably Isreal involvement as well.  Syria is going to be militarily attacked by the west; it’s in motion with forces building up in Jordan. The ONLY thing holding off Israel, the UK and the US is Russia which went on the defensive right after the bombings in Boston, and Agent Chips’ close relationship to Sukhoi regarding Buffett and the Indonesian hit last May 12th. A story by Reuters just released contains information “Israel’s top military intelligence analyst” confirmed that an “Israeli spy in Syria confirmed the Syrian government used chemical weapons in Homs.” A fabrication to build a pretext to attack Syria. Sort of like Tony B. Liar and the Shrub’s proxy Big Dick Cheney citing Weapons of Mass Deception, excuse me, Destruction in run up to second Iraq was by a Bush, party of two.

Chips felt the re engagement of three IDGs and as the lights flickered and the cabin repressurized he thought they should return to the cabin for the Umbrellaman briefing. However, the birthday girl barked out “Switch, side oiler, jack hammer” to which our affable and never flappable Agent Chips respected the lady’s desires. As he complied with her command, he wondered if Civil Case 3:07-cv-69 could cause Barry Soetoro to be destabilized thus ending the threat of a BBA Banker’s war to trash Syria. He thought he remembered some distant drums as he shared his drumstick with a lovely snare.


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