Stratum Zero Killers “Death by GMT” – Book 11 Chapter 3

Queen’s Servant ‘the Canadian Stallion’ Puts Woo Poos ‘on deck’
SERCO’S KILLER WOO POOS Tremble As Truth Draws Near

Chips, Palin, Attract Conservatives/Christians/Cannon Cockers CPAC 2013

Agent Chips’ Security Debriefing Station, 20 April, 2013

Way back 24 hours ago in Chapter 2, all assigned to Operation BED WETTING were alarmed to hear 3 longs and a short, followed by the OMNI-Globe turning red and flashing. In the cockpit Agent Hoss awakened as the Falcon 7x was experiencing ‘transonic rumble’ as Agent Stone Kohl was making a run for the ( Mexican) border as the Duluth F16s had been replaced by Ellington F16s and Dwarf and Tango called it 50-50 to get into Mexican Airspace where they would be safe as Brian Terry’s killers wish to keep the Abel Danger Truth coming in both Fast and Furious and Pat Fucking Tillman just it is with the Truth about The Canadian Stallion, Darryl Foulkes, Jayne Pellerin and a rape victim hanging in a tree near Cary Street in Tweed is set to cause a bee in the Crown’s Tiara, capeche? See also Prince Phartingham’s matronly Goose Stepping Geriatric in Canada. Just as the Omni-Globe showed the face of Umbrellaman, a bright blue flash was seen and felt by all aboard the Falcon as the cabin lights went out and the sound of silence caused all to pause while at DMORT Region V Carver’s Pumpkin scattered his skittles in a premature exploculation. Bridge Boinking Brunette Agent 80W had suggested to Agent Chips that a little more Afternoon Delight might be just what the doctor ordered. Chips whispered back that it might be wise to remain calm until they were safely in Mexican airspace where the Marcy-Holder-Soetoro traitorous triune held no sway. Agent 80W knew that without ‘ship’s power’ there would be no lights nor music for a while so she got her Clipper Cattle Dehorner, selected ‘battery power’ and pressed F4 and noticed Bean and Atomic Betty were set to listen in to her message in song which strangely would be prayed by all three after the bright blue (rapture) flash.

Chapter 3


As the quartet listened to each and every truthful word from Wisconsin’s own Bobby HatFIELD of Beaver Dam, Wisconsin they saw Agent Chips writing some names on a 4 x 6 index card in salmon.

[ Cody Woo Poo ’72, Abizaid Woo Poo ’73, Demsey Woo Poo ’74, Petraeus Woo Poo ’74, McChrystal Woo Poo ’76, Kensinger Woo Poo ’70 and Farrisee U Richmond ’78 ] 

They harked back to a previous chapter when Agent Chips had written six names on a smaller, 3 by 5 index card in pastel lemon chiffon:

[ Darryl Foulkes, Christina Reive, Andrew ‘Ben’ Beatty, Vern Crowley, Jayne Pellerin, Julian Fantino ] which brought up:

Detail Man’s Cressida Dick Whistle in Rebekah Intel Sweep 
Luca Magnotta yellow kitty-porn Burmese python eats the Sun’s snuff-film script


Piers Morgan Assigned T-3 In 2nd Amendment Blowback 

Agent Chips then underlined Woo Poo ’76 and U Richmond ’78, and selected C6 on 80W’s battery powered transistorized clipper device to send a message in song to Stanley and Gina, two potential perverters of Justice in Pat Fucking Tillman to be briefed 18 April, 2013 on Paradise Road. Somewhere a Woo Poo and an easily satisfied woman in treasonous award of a Silver Star swallowed hard, as did Atomic Betty who had gone undercover while her fellow Canadian, though blind, saw right thru the Woo Poo’s 23

Star Suppression of Truth in Pat Tillman, or to quote his last words spoken on 22 April, 2004 Pat FUCKING Tillman .

Scripture of the Day:

9 Therefore God also has highly exalted Him and given Him the name which is above every name,
10 that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those in heaven, and of those on earth, and of those under the earth,
11 and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father. 

[ Note, you scum (**) read your favorite number 11, eleven, verse 11. You disgraced Solomon’s temple. Solomon was worldly wise, but not very smart to be led astray
like yourselves with the Canaanites and their insatiable lusts. Memorize verse 11, eleven. This is what you will be doing for Eternity. Solomon’s temple columns, 11.
will be seen by you forever, like bars in your fiery jail. (**) Soetoro, Feinstein, McCain, Holder, Napolitano…oops, strike that, I mean SPOT. ] 

Gospel Song of the Day:

Secular Song of the Day:

In previous chapter Hoss and Stone Kohl had been told to fly directly to (redacted) offshore rig south and west of Destin, FL and then to fly directly to Matamoros, Mexico at .92 mach or faster and as close to sea level as Hoss and Stone dare go. Hoss shared some sage wisdom with the young Stone by reminding him the record for low flying can only be tied, but never broken. Tango and Dwarf assured MacCheese that if the Falcon 7x could get low and fast they would be able to defeat the pursuing Duluth F16s who would soon run low on fuel causing them to scramble interceptors from the Ellington ANGB which like Fargo had participated in William Tell competitions in 1978, 1986 or both and when at Tyndall the Phantom crews had a pickup truck whose 8 foot box was filled with ice and beer. Agent Chips had felt sorry for the rear springs so he had consumed as much beer as possible in deference to the cold, steel springs who had more feeling than SPOT, Soetoro, Holder, Glamourboy or the Goose Stepping Geriatric appear to have combined, capeche?



 The F16s scrambling off Ellington were delayed by a ground stop generated by (redacted), similar in effect to Colonel Robert Marr delaying of NoRAD defenses on morning of 9/11 when Senior Executive Service meddling in the scramble of 3 F16s from Langley had been exacerbated by GIANTKILLER CONTROL not allowing them into the DROPBOX W386A, which caused them to be 7 minutes late in getting airborne. There was a four minute window where Duluth had RTBed (returned to base) prior to Ellington being ‘in the area’ and during that time Agent Hoss had deployed a very small Israeli drone with a transponder squawking the code assigned N007HT. Hoss instructed Stone to strangle the parrot as he selected TOGA power and started an aggressive climb to FL350 where he had been briefed that a pair of F5 Freedom Fighters would intercept the Falcon as directed by the Brazilian AEW aircraft built by Embraer.


 In the back of Sword 31 Tango and Dwarf smiled at each other as the Ellington F16s began a low slow shadow of the air launched Israeli drone, actually a former Italian modification of an AQM37 Jay Hawk later modified in Israel to simulate different classes of threats, such as sea-skimming antiship missiles (Sunburn, YJ-7, Qader ), as the two F5s did a cross turn level and joined on Falcon N007HT in combat spread. Crossing feet dry at Matamoros the Aerea Fuerza F5s escorted the Falcon along a line off set 20 miles to south west of the Mexico-US border as the Embraer returned to base.


 Agent Hoss signaled ‘all well’ by turning off the seat belt sign and ringing two chimes. Hoss reached for a Grape Nehi and pointed at the #2 autopilot and told Stone “your jet Stone, max endurance airspeed please and hopefully we can limp into Chandler. Good night if “Amash, Paul and Cruz are young wackos” McCain is not lurking around Phoenix hiding evidence of the Keating event which was shortly after Cindy Hensley’s whisky dad had bought ‘hot head forrestfire’ an Anheuser Busch distributorship in exchange for ‘bearding’ Cindy. Apparently the young wackos, Congressman Justin Amash and Senators Rand Paul and Ted Cruz had found a nugget in a comment made by Michael Medved which may well rekindle interest in the google search terms listed here:
[ McCain + Pawlenty + Treason + McConnell ],which is the catalyst that caused ‘hot head’ to replace Little Timmy with a Nice Rack in April, 2008 when Barry Soetoro’s ‘murder for hire’ victims Larry Bland, Nate Spencer and Donald Young had not yet cooled down to ambient room temperature, capeche?

McCain calls Paul, Cruz, Amash ‘wacko birds’ 

Stone Kohl saw Hoss pull his Idaho State ball cap over his eyes as he settled in for a power nap leaving Stone to mind the store. Once Hoss was in REM slumber, Stone grabbed a Grolsch frosty and summonsed Marquis d’Cartier to the cock, I say again COCK, pit. Marquis brought up another 4 frosty Grolsch widebodies up for Stone Kohl and a snifter of Riesling wine, a Jim Barry Wine 2012 vintage from South Australia’s Clare Valley just north of where Agent Diehard hangs his cowboy hat, for himself. Stone thought that Marquis looked very happy and knowing that the alleged librarian from the Vancouver Police Department’s Legal Library seldom drank, Stone asked what the occasion was.

“Stone, it is unrelated to current mission but I just got a message from Rico Gambolino that the Crown has a huge problem regarding the coverup flubbed by the OPP in regards to the DNA evidence of Russell Williams’ semen extracted from the vagina of Jessica Lloyd while she was hanging from a tree which she was placed in with the assistance of a payloader tractor from Kevin Trudeau’s trailer park which may have been operated by Sean Trudeau but in any case the sound of the machine around 0200 operating on Cary Road was recorded by Agent Supersport from her position at N44-28:58.19 and W77-18:58.82 at an elevation of 506 feel MSL. We are mulling names such as Robson, Foulkes and Crystal Moore as a fissure has developed in the Project HatFIELD den of thieves. As you will recall Jessica Lloyd’s body was placed in the tree so that predators would not disfigure the corpse prior to Russell’s returning with his Purple Pillow case filled to the brim with the quim liners of some of his 82 fetish breakin victims. I will brief you and your dad when Hoss wakes up but watch for both this book and a Hollywood feature regarding THE TRUTH, a subject dear to your father and all of Abel Danger and you may, or may not, recall that your father was Pilot ID 6186A at Astana Airlines when on 11 September, 2008 he met Richard Dreyfuss at the Presidents Hotel in Astana, Kazakhstan during the 2008 Eurasian Film Festival where he was given three copies of CAPTAIN SHERLOCK SOLVES 9/11.” Marquis was interrupted by a comment from “Frijole Uno” the flight lead of the F5 Freedom fighters which arrived via the ACARS.

* * * * * *
(for new viewers/readers please view this important video)


* * * * * *

“Tenemos un mensaje para los chips de agente. Informes MacCheese encontraron el abogado francés que trabaja 447 de Air France en la playa. A QF4 de Holloman está en nuestra nariz, a 20 millas, marcando alto. Háganos saber si usted tiene un visual para que pueda acompañar resto del viaje a Chandler.”

Marquis was intrigued that the French attorney had died as Stone responded in TexMex sufficient for understanding.

“Hotel Tango tiene visual con el Phantom, atado, el vuelo de dos Frijol está despejado, Vaya con Dios mis hermanos de armas, Hotel Tango”

Stone kicked off the autopilot and seeing the QF4D converting from very high to level he selected direct KCHD and note that there was marginally sufficient fuel on board to complete the journey. Marquis saw that Agent Hoss was waking so he popped open a frosty grape Nehi as Stone said “Hoss, Marquis and I need 5 minutes with my dad regarding an evolving situation in Canada and France. A QF4D out of Holloman is in combat spread, port side and is listening on 311.0 UHF and he is squawking, we are talking. Questions?”

“None” replied Agent Hoss as he saw 305 distance to go and fuel state 1.2 EFOA. Marquis and Stone repaired to the conference table behind the forward galley where Chips, 80W, Bean and Atomic Betty were seated, all wearing Studebaker lounging coats and, hopefully, their IOCs in appropriate Abel Danger Prove Up Code pastel colors. As Stone sat down his father pushed a hard bound book towards Marquis d’Cartier.”



“Stone and Marquis, Atomic Betty just got off the phone in a conference with Hammer MacCheese and Hamish in Chantilly, Virginia. On arrival in Tempe we will go to the hotel on Paradise Road for further face to face briefings in Fast and Furious and PAT FUCKING TILLMAN. However, it seems the British Crown is trying to eliminate some loose ends as Olivier Metzner was found dead about 9 a.m. on the coast of his private island, Boedic, and recall that he was involved in the defense of Continental Airlines in the Concorde crash of 2000 but was believed to have been in contact with Abel Danger in regards to Air France 447 in a way similar to the relationship of Sukhoi/GRU and Abel Danger in the crash of the Sukhoi Superjet of May, 2012. Atomic Betty, your comments regarding the phone call please.”

“Marquis, I will defer on the French attorney Metzner as Rooster Cogburn is in queue via Omni-Globe but I have spoken with Agent Margarita regarding the British Crown and the DNA problem for OPP, Project HatFIELD and David Johnston as his pet dog Fantino. I am reading my own scribbled notes in French so bear with me. Further, Judge Jennifer McKinnon gets her boxer shorts in a bunch if we use real names so from this point forward consider these name sets: Bugs Bunny = Darryl Foulkes, Daffy Duck = Christina Reive, Pluto = Andew Ben Beatty, Donald Duck = Vern Crowley, Olive Oil = Jayne Pellerin and Porky Pig = Julian Fantino.”

“We expect Mr. Brummell’s book THE TRUTH to be published by April 15th and in the unlikely event that Mr. Brummell suffers a “Metzner Moment” it is set to be published by Field McConnell, Plaintiff in Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) which Metzner was studying at time of his final swim. On his desk was a copy of this letter from June, 2009 and it may be that Metzner was taking the June 9, 2009 opinions under advisement. Here is a printed copy of the letter found on the Attorney’s desk, but not the one on Boedic Island:”

Belief Sidley Austin for Bombardier sold AeroSat / Certicom backdoor key into Honeywell ACARS to disengage AF 447 autopilot, collect debt from AXA / USAA P&C insurance claim.


Captain Carlos Limon, President International Federation of Airline Pilots’ Association,
Email: Interpilot House,
Gogmore Lane, Chertsey, Surrey, KT16 9AP
UK Tel: +44 1932 571711 Fax: +44 1932 570920

Field McConnell and David Hawkins,
Forensic Economics, Cybersecurity and Counterintelligence at Hawks’ CAFE
Barbara Hollingsworth Examiner Columnist
Sidley Women celebrating Monday, June 15, 6-8 pm at Sidley offices for JDC automated debt recovery Axa Gallery 787 Seventh Avenue New York
Sidley debt recovery experts for
Bombardier scoad@sidley.comjbonac[email protected]
David Emerson, Senior Consultant, CAI Group
Premier of British Columbia, Gordon Campbell
Canadian Prime Minister, The Right Honourable Stephen Harper

bcc: 2500+

June 9, 2009

Dear Captain Limon:

Bombardier debt recovery on Air France 447

Hawks CAFE believes that Sidley Austin associates acting for Bombardier Inc., sold an AeroSat/Certicom backdoor key into the Honeywell ACARS system which was allegedly used to disengage the Air France 447 autopilot, destroy the plane and collect debt from a Groupe AXA / USAA Property and Casualty insurance claim to be filed after the crash.

Our Abel Danger investigators have evidence that Certicom keys to AF 447 were bought by investors in a JDC (Judgments, Deficiencies and Charge-off) automated debt recovery insurance program set up by Sidley Austin in New York and former Sidley Chicago associates, Bernardine Dohrn, Michelle LaVaughan Robinson (1988-1991) and Barack Obama (1991).

“[Big Red One] USAA P&C Insurance Companies’ .. meet members’ growing needs .. adding numerous online capabilities through, such as auto, renters, homeowners, and valuable personal property insurance quotes, claim filing and online bill pay .. have also leveraged to make insurance policy information available on members’ mobile devices [allegedly including users of Blackberry / Honeywell ACARS on AF 447]”

Our Abel Danger agents have decoded AF 447 emergency messages on the Honeywell ACARS system which showed that multiple computer failures happened simultaneously, starting at 02:10 GMT, when a series of 14 warnings and failures emerged at once.

“The ACARS is the aircraft’s communications addressing and reporting system, which sends short pieces of data to other aircraft and satellites. You can see the ACARS for Flight 447 here. PDF. First, the auto pilot system disengaged. Then came a basic auto flight message warning. Next, something within the flight control computer failed. Then, warning flags appeared on the personal flight displays of the captain and co-pilot. Then the rudder exceeds the limits of normal flight. The last message received is a cryptic “213100206ADVISORY” warning at 02:14 GMT. It indicates loss of cabin pressure.”

We allege that the secure AeroSat Ku-band communication system needed to backdoor the AF447 ACARS system and support automated debt recovery by crashing the plane, was developed in the `90s by Bombardier’s Beaudouin family, David Emerson then the president of Vancouver International Airport Authority and Kristine Marcy, then senior counsel for the Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation System (`JPATS’ or ConAir).

We note that you have been active in IFALPA work since 1996 initially in the Accident Analysis & Prevention Committee and that you fly A320 family aircraft for Mexicana Airlines while remaining certified as an IFALPA Accredited Accident Investigator.

We have cc’d per above, David Emerson of CAI and likely attendees of an automated debt recovery celebration by Sidley Women in the AXA Gallery in New York on June 15 for their comment. 

Please alert IFALPA members as you see fit.

Yours sincerely,

Field McConnell USNA 1971, USAA#1005316 Forensic Economist or Kazakhstan. 30 year airline and 22 year military pilot 23,000 hours of safety Tel: +7 (777) 952 9767

David Hawkins Tel: 604 542-0891 Former oil industry operating engineer. Blow-out specialist, safety officer, trouble shooting. 15 years experience explosives, incendiaries, radioactive materials and 12-D virtual prototyping.

Civil Case 3:07-cv-49 ‘Hawks CAFE v. Global Guardians’
Clerk’s Office, Federal District Court of North Dakota
655 1st Ave. North, Suite 130, Fargo ND 5810


Last victim of Tweed Creeper found in a tree? 

“Now, as regards Russell Williams, the Queen of England and the three raped and murdered ladies victimized by the Crown, OPP and the Canadian Stallion, we have found that Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Pluto, Donald Duck, Olive Oil and Porky Pig were all colluding to wrest promotions following their revelation that they had been watching Jessica Lloyd’s house from as early as 20 January, 2010 and in fact had seen Russell Williams silver Nissan Pathfinder with Toyo XT off road tires on the night she was snatched, terrorized, snatched again and hidden by Colonel Russell THE CANADIAN STALLION Williams, poster boy of the Canadian Forces. Darryl Foulkes and a lady cop from Belleville should have known whose silver Pathfinder was parked on Jessica’s property before she returned home at 2236 on that cold evening in Tweed when the creep came creeping just like Tim the Ostler in the Highwayman not to be confused with Nicholas Ostler (born 1952), British linguist or Agent Chips (born 1949), American cunning linguist and all around good guy. On the evening where the lady cop inspected Williams car, a farm truck hauling ( redacted ) went by and both the driver and the fellow riding shotgun saw a silver car glistening like a diamond in the snow on a night so bright headlights were not necessary in Tweed, or the environs. How is it that the inept and promotion hungry OPP had decided to lay in wait rather than move on the evidence they already had that it was Russell Williams which included his vehicle ID, plates and Toyo XT off road tire castings? How indeed?”



Colonel Russell Williams black rubber used in Lloyd rape and murder
Did OPP Pellerin, oh, excuse me, OLIVE OIL note his short stem? 

“Certainly they had changed strategies when her body was found and suddenly Mothership 1 and Mothership 2, both $375,000 crime scene investigation units were parked in Jessica’s driving on the same day that Chief Inspector Pierre Closeau, or excuse me, Darryl Foulkes was seen chatting with (redacted ) here who is not Michael Kehoe of the Sandy Hook crime scene spoliation team of 13 December, 2012.”

Darryl Foulkes went to car wash before photo ops BEFORE Motherships arrive.

Hours later Mothership 1 and 2 behind Sean Trudeau, undercover in Tweed?

Atomic Betty was set to continue the brief but with two dings and no dong she was interrupted by a PA from Agent Hoss in the left seat of the cock, I say again COCK, pit.

“Twenty minutes from landing destination changed to KLUF due FORESTFIRE FRIENDS proliferating at Chandler according to Mensa, Ralph G and Juan on remote at Eli’s Pub. Stone Kohl to the cockpit please. I will be back to the conference table to brief the crew on updates in PAT FUCKING TILLMAN.”



Stone went forward as Marquis d’Cartier placed a Grape Nehi at the head of the table and for the record and the meticulous investigators in OPP please note that Nehi was the second name after Chero-Cola and the third name became Royal Crown, or RC, with the Nehi lineup becoming RCQ after CEO Claude Hatcher died suddenly on New Year’s Eve of 1933, not to be confused with Claude Balz who died at the hands of a Bengal tiger with a penchant for fresh Rocky Mountain oysters, it would appear. Agent Hoss sat at the table with several pages printed from the ACARS-Thales printer in the cock, I saw for the third time, COCKpit of the Falcon 7x. Marquis d’Cartier placed a 32 ounce CSM in front of Chips, a Ramey Rimshot in front of Agent Bean, a 4-pack of Shiner Bock in front of Agent 80W and a Cuba Libre, with two lime slices, in front of Atomic Betty who was known in French circles as Nice Rack not to be confused with Sarah Palin who has more knowledge of rifled bores than SPOT, Thunder Thighs, Kristine Marcy and Courtney Banks combined with a side order of Sasquatch.

Marquis removed a Crimson silk covering from the Omni Globe which has the image of Rooster Cogburn paused and volume set on 7. Agent Hoss pushed play and addressed Rooster Cogburn on remote at the Yuma Proving Grounds where in the summer of 1973 a C130 dropped a vehicle on a palate from about 7,000 feet and it would most likely have been an accurate drop had the main chute have not streamered. Why was young Agent Chips, then a Marine 1st Lt and a 6 year veteran of OATH 1 doing aboard an Air Force Hercules at an Army base when he was a Marine from the Naval Academy? Oh, that’s right, Oath #1 of 14 February, 1967. “Rooster, Hoss here aboard Hotel Tango, inbound to Luke, we are recording speak as quickly as you can we are low on fuel, over to you Rooster”.



 “Thank you Hoss, in a nutshell we are posed to publish a post as soon as Hotel Tango is safely on the ground at Luke where in August of 1973 Agent Chips was flying F4Cs with the 426th TFTS while a member of the 178th FIS. The post will include these statements unless Agent Chips, Umbrellaman or Hamish object and will go to the cloud when parking break of N007HT is set: United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Serco’s CEO, Chris Hyman, to a time-spliced Wag the Dog story of the murder of Pat Tillman on 22nd April 2004 in Afghanistan when a Serco hit team allegedly used stolen Bowman radios with the Putin-sponsored GLONASS satellite navigation system, to ambush Tillman and disrupt GPS Internet communications between ‘friendlies’ at the crime scene and the U.S. Senior Executive Service (SES). [ Bowman radios, Valerie Jarrett? ] McConnell claims his sister, SES founder Kristine Marcy, and her protégé Robert Hanssen – a convicted spy for Putin’s former colleagues in the KGB – arranged for the GLONASS/GPS time-splicing codes to be stolen from the late Commerce Secretary Ron Brown’s office after his murder in 2006 and transferred to the US Small Business Administration for alleged use by SES insurrectionists in the Serco Wag the Dog story of 9/11. McConnell notes that the time-spliced image (see below) for the 9:37 (EDT = UTC – 4 hours = Serco’s GMT – 4 hours) bombing of the Pentagon on 9/11, shows 17:37:19 and points out that the 8 hours difference is consistent with the use of a Putin-sponsored GLONASS telemetry/tracking station in Saint Petersburg (MSD = Moscow Daylight Time = UTC + 4 hours = Serco’s GMT + 4 hours) for a Serco Stratum Zero attack on 9/11. While Hamish is currently out of the loop due to Mineral Water saturation, again, we also are posting McConnell’s linking of Michelle Obama’s General Dynamics mentor, Lester Crown, to the theft of Bowman radio accessories for the SA80 bull-pup rifle and the Serco Stratum Zero GPS network with which Crown’s protégées built a time-spliced Wag the Dog story to camouflage the ambush and murder of Pat Tillman on 22nd April 2004 in Afghanistan. Two final items before you folks land at Luke Air Force Base, in the recent CPAC meeting Sarah Palin gave Abel Danger a nod when she quipped “last year I gave my husband Todd a Christmas gift and while he got the rifle, I got the rack” a very “Chips-esque” comment from the VP running mate to Forrestfire’s hot-head who should have gotten the hint when on 6 April, 2008 treason charges were filed in Minnesota and North Dakota against the liar who claimed he was the last man in class standing of the Annapolis class of 1958 when, in fact, he was #894 out of 900 in the class of 1958 when he graduated on 4 June after 307 of his classmates were eliminated. To see the Treason charges that ended Pawlenty’s VP run in 2008 and his flaccid attempt at POTUS in 2012 google [ McCain + treason + Pawlenty + McConnell ].


Chips, Palin, Attract Conservatives/Christians/Cannon Cockers

Mrs. Palin also stuck it up Mayor Bloomerpudding’s vast nostrils when she sipped from a BIG GULP often during her speech which ridiculed Bloomer’s large soft drink [ LSD?] ban as Michelle O’Trauma had scuttled Hostess Twinkies which appears not to have allowed her to become normal sized. I see from our monitor that you are 10 miles from touchdown so consider this last point. In 1986 Major David Petraeus penned “Lessons of History and Lessons of Vietnam” where he wrote: “Vietnam planted doubts in many military minds about the ability of US forces to conduct successful large-scale counterinsurgencies. These misgivings do not in all cases spring from doubts about the capabilities of American troops and units per se; even in Vietnam, military leaders recall US units never lost a battle.” Despite this dismal scholarship, Petraeus became a four-star General, partly due to marriage to the daughter of four-star Army General William Knowlton. General Petraeus was in charge of counterinsurgency operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, and since he failed to learn from the Vietnam war, he failed in those conflicts because of persistent myths of U.S. military invincibility which for him ended on 9 November, 2012 when he acknowledged that Paula Nick Rack had demonstrated poor judgement in letting him play Russell Williams to her role as Jessica Lloyd although to Petraeus’s credit at least he didn’t hang her dead body in a tree and then drive off in search of his purple bag of female undergarments, capeche. Your group will be at the Paradise Road Hotel in 35 minutes so freshen up, have a sociable on Agent Chips’ deck of his Presidential Suite and be ready for the Umbrellaman brief at 1911 local, Phoenix time now1652. Rooster.”


Intel Probe Post Debriefing Relaxation and Observation Point 

All in the cabin felt the landing gear go down as Agent Chips felt a little hand on his bits and pieces. As his TI became somewhat elevated Agent Bean gave Chips a free shot of Pastel Jade Green while crossing her legs with her Studebaker robe hiked at the same time Agent 80W passed Chips 3 Rodney Baldinger NDSU Extend-o-peters as the three heavily knockered Abel Danger Agent appeared to be planning for Knight Action.

Suddenly the aircraft went silent and dark as a pair of FADECs were assaulted. Chips knew from Atomic Betty’s death grip on his purple tipped red champion that she was concerned for their collective safety. He gave her a BDE while assuring all three of the FSDs that there was no need to worry, that this wasn’t Hoss or Stone’s first rodeo, and reminding them with any luck the 3 of them would be enjoyed sudsy fun at the Presidential Suite debriefing facility.

Agent Chips’ Security Debriefing Station, 20 April, 2013 

Agent Chips heard the ignitors cycling in override and he felt the trailing edge flaps retract as the nose was dropped to keep airspeed up and he continued to provide digital pleasure to Atomic Betty whose MI was now splendid. Agent 80W read from her New Testament to encourage all in the cabin.

“Remember, according to Philippians 4:6 we should 6 Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God;”

Up front Agent Hoss managed the energy sufficiently to where their landing on 03R was assured so he said “Gotta learn sometime Stone, your jet, milk her on” as he opened his new testament from his left breast pocket and read quietly to Stone the words of Philippians 4:13 “ 13 I can do all things through Christ[a] who strengthens me” reminding Stone that the words applied to Stone as well as Hoss.

Knowing he had the landing assured, Stone replied “the Philippians 4:13 quote reminds me that Dad said Tillman’s Ghost was available for the April 20th Pat’s Run if anyone wished to pay to have it hauled down there”. As the Falcon 7x was ‘rolled onto’ 03R Agent Hoss closed his eyes to say thanks as he recalled the video of Tillman’s Ghost and realized it must be fun to be Agent Chips.

At the conference table Marquis d’Cartier passed out three 3 by 5 index cards in salmon and kept one for himself. Agents 80W, Bean and Atomic Betty

On the face of each card they were all identical:

[ Brennan + Harding + Baginski + Serco + MTC Technologies + British Crown ]

Agents Chips, Bean, Atomic Betty and 80W understood the significance; that since Putin, Cameron and Obama were all given marching orders by the British Crown it would be imperative that an incoming Congress must keep the British constrained

intelligence community and its partners in the intelligence contracting industry under the closest scrutiny possible; see also ODNI, NSA,, SI International, Serco and MTC Technologies. Chips would continue to monitor BAE whose Tracor had operated F4D 65-0965 as a drone to drone air refueler receiver aircraft prior to Chips ensuring it went to the Van Zant County Memorial for Veterans where today it is aloft ensuring America’s intelligence community, though privatized and assigned to the ARM units in each state excepting Connecticut, Delaware and Illinois, on top of the British Crown Agents who may have usurped the Monarch’s authority. As Intelligence contractors now consume 70% of the intelligence budget that Barry Soetoro is aware of one must wonder who it is that has drawn a parallel between Baginski and Kristine Marcy. Abel Danger could tell you but it is part of the four current investigations on the flip side of the four cards.


Bean’s card: [ Cody + Abizaid + Petraeus + McChrystal + Farrisee + Pat Tillman ]

Atomic Betty: [ Foulkes + Crowley + Pellerin + Fantino + Reive + Williams ] 

Agent Chips: [ BUAP + QRS11 + SMACSONIC + KU BAND + FADEC + FBCA ] 

Agent Hoss set the parking brake and handed the checklist and a pair of Grolsh widebodies to Agent Stone saying “your jet Stone, put her to bed and ensure that the Arizona ANG refuels us, not some contractor in cahoots with Serco-jerks, see also Bruce McConnell, Kristine Marcy, Jay M. Cohen, Courtney Banks and Deb Brown. Tell your dad that Agent Tillman has the 40 Stud with the MoPAR 413 ready. Agent Bean is to go with Tillman and Chips and the rest of us will go in the Purple Limo that your dad used in National Tea Party Convention at Nashville in February, 2010 where Sarah Palin and Orly Taitz both met him.


Telstar, Sluggo and Skymaster patrol backlot of Embassey Suites, Paradise Road

Overhead the greater Phoenix metropolitan area Sword 31 had slowed to saunter after taking 200,000# of fuel from a trio of KC135 tankers at the CAP. The front end crew of Sword 31 declined a fourth tanker as it was from the Arizona Air National Guard which has recently suffered from gender prejudice within the FIELD grade officer ranks, a problem never experienced before 1979 attack of the killer lesbos. As Dwarf and Tim White peered into their AOB search radar they saw a pair of ‘unknown riders’ with strangled parrots and engine harmonics indicating a flight of four jets each with two Eurojet EJ200 engines. Dwarf opened his tech order and Tim White pressed the BRB; big red button three times and entered 311# on the emergency FESTUS keyboard.


The 40 Studebaker Tillman’s Ghost and Purple Limo were both alerted to the BRB311# warning and accelerated eastbound on E Cactus Rd until the intersection of N Paradise Village Parkway W. The two black SUVs joined them there to escort them to a safe house in the lower level of the Paradise Valley Mall. Tim White and Dwarf worked with ARM West to ID the apparent flight of four and in their focus on the mission Sword 31, the Purple Limo and Tillman’s Ghost all missed a routine Clipper from Agent Hamish C. Watson, sending from the ladies room at 1950 Old Gallows Road in Vienna, Virginia.

QUEEN’S PUSSY Agent Hamish Priority Clipper to all players in Queen’s Pussy and PAT FUCKING TILLMAN, copy Corazon Dulce: The GLONASS date of September 12 2001 may have come from Pine Gap/Alice Spring as Agent Chips suggested in 2008. 

Operations started in 1970 when about 400 American families moved to Central Australia.[5] In 1999, with the Australian Government refusing to give details to an Australian Senate committee on treaties, Intelligence expert Professor Des Ball from the Australian National University was called to give an outline of Pine Gap. According to Professor Ball, since 9 December 1966 when the Australian and United States governments signed the Pine Gap treaty, Pine Gap had grown from the original two antennas to about eighteen in 1999. The number of staff had increased from around 400 in the early 1980s to 600 in the early 1990s and then to an expected 1,000. The biggest expansion occurred after the end of the Cold War. Ball described the facility as the ground control and processing station for geosynchronous satellites engaged in signals intelligence collection, outlining four categories of signals collected: telemetry from advanced weapons development, such as ballistic missiles, used for arms control verification; signals from anti-missile and anti-aircraft radars; transmissions intended for communications satellites; and microwave emissions, such as long-distance telephone calls. Ball described the operational area as containing three sections: Satellite Station Keeping Section, Signals Processing Station and the Signals Analysis Section, from which Australians were barred until 1980. Australians are now officially barred only from the National Cryptographic Room (similarly, Americans are barred from the Australian Cryptographic Room). Each morning the Joint Reconnaissance Schedule Committee meets to determine what the satellites will monitor over the next 24 hours. With the closing of the Nurrungar base in 1999, an area in Pine Gap was set aside for the United States Air Force’s control station for Defence Support Program satellites that monitor heat emissions from missiles, giving first warning of ballistic missile launches. In 2004, the base began operating a new satellite system known as the Space-Based Infrared System, which is a vital element of US missile defense.[2] 

Since the end of the Cold War, the station has mainly been employed with intercepting and recording weapons and communications signals from countries in Asia, such as China and North Korea. The station was active in supporting the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq after the September 11 attacks. According to Dr. Nano al-Umina ARM has boots on the ground. Hamish

As Tillman’s Ghost idled next to the purple limo and flanked by the two ARM SUVs from ARM-West, Agent Chips selected F4 and P1 on his Clipper Squirt gun and preceded the song with a brief tribute to Corporal Pat FUCKING Tillman.

“This was Pat’s dream, to come home to an Arizona morning and stay. And he wanted all United States troops to come home to join him.

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