Stratum Zero Killers “Death by GMT” – Book 11 Chapter 21

Napolitano DHS/DMORT/HSEEP Gaffes Leave Obama Riding The COTTON PONY
Alexander Haig’s Sloppy Starnet Gives Field McConnell TICKET TO RIDE
Napolitano’s Hasty Exit Precedes Obama’s Last Kill

Finally, Some Paperwork on Barry Soetoro

Panetta, Hillary, Napolitano, co-defendants Dwindle in Benghazi-Boston-Sandy Hook

Barry Soetoro Hides Hillary’s Cotton Pony

Dogged AD Forces Doggie Face Exit to California

Pea Brain Lesbo RON BROWNS Gay Obama

No More Bush, Obama, Kerry, Clinton Drug Money

google: mccain + MCCONNELL + treason + pawlenty

Something Fishy About Abel Danger Policy, Home Of The Whopper

Agent NOTSO and Octopus Killer, Troubled Guy Lake

Agent Atomic Betty, Agent Bean, Agent Ginger Cookie, PLUM PLUNGE Security

Alex Meigs Haig’s Octpussy Smoked By Chips 
Marcy, Gorelick, Jolie, Peacock, Paulson, Comey, 2 Clinton Beards Cower

DHS Director Bails On Soetoro, Becomes Male

Obama’s Going Away Party Being Planned

Octopi Limpus Flaccidus Exposed By Mike Litorus, DHS 

Way back in Chapter 20 Scatman, Bean, Atomic Betty and Chips focused on the AQWB27DD as the Wooden Indian Squaw responded to an Abel Danger Knocker at the door of the gift shop just before a second train was to start an 18 mile downhill run north of the Canadian border, this time not Lac-Megantic but out in the Canadian Rockies just west of [ redacted until 22 July, 2013 ] The Wooden Squaw dropped her vinyl wrap and Chips, Scatman and the Dangerettes saw the Serco Spider that all Dangerettes were to wear during Operation Peking Peacock and concurrent Operation PLUM PLUNGE and they also heard three muffled explosions as yellow-green gas seeped under two doors and one airconditioning vent in the Van Zandt County Veterans Memorial Gift Shop in Canton Texas where Field McConnell’s F4D 64-0965 is the main attraction. The squaw, no longer wrapped in wood gave Agent Chips a view to a Pastel Sienna target area, giving him wood, and as lightning was set to strike the Bungler’s of Benghazi with a knockout blow after the abandonment of the Squatter by Panhead, Thunder Thighs and Doggie Face, Agent Chips decided to put an arrow in her quiver but was taken off task by a Routine Clipper that would trigger embarrassment for California’s KVTU and David Tochen’s NTSB who are both richly deserving of criticism after biting of Abel Danger Chaff, capeche?


KVTU and NTSB had received the names of the Asiana 214 pilots when Chapter 20 went up Thursday ( 11 July, 2013 ) night with the admonition “please don’t publish without my Post #1602” but both KVTU and NTSB shit canned that admonition, tsk tsk. KVTU had asked what each pilot’s duties were aboard ASA214 and we provided the answers: 

Captain under Instruction: Sum Ting Wong, head chef cooking Mo Pa Tofu Training Captain: Wi Tu Lo, assistant head chef cooking Sweet and Sour Peacock First Officer: Ho Lee Fuk, Noodle tester, Dim Sum Spring Rolls 
Relief First Officer: Bang Ding Ow, Gong Bao Chicken cornstarch applicator

Cockpit of ASA214 

Chapter 21 

Scripture of the day: Ephesians 3:14-21

14 For this reason I bow my knees to the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,[a]
15 from whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named,
16 that He would grant you, according to the riches of His glory, to be strengthened with might through His Spirit in the inner man,
17 that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith; that you, being rooted and grounded in love,
18 may be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the width and length and depth and height— 
19 to know the love of Christ which passes knowledge; that you may be filled with all the fullness of God. 
20 Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us,
21 to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen. 

Gospel Song of day: Standing On Holy Ground


Secular Song of day: Obama’s Going Away Party


GOOGLEBAIT of day: maurice baril + henry shelton + 20 august, 1999 + Field McConnell 

Again, the Abel Danger inspired news:


Then, the rest of the story:


Agent Marquis d’Cartier had administered a pan-antidote that saved the Abel Danger Agents from the affects of the YELLOW CROSS gas that had been mixed at a meth lab just outside Ft. Chaffee, Arkansas, near Barling where in 1958 Elvis Presley was inducted into the U S Army and given a hair described by Mawn as a ‘peeled onion’ but do you find it statistically improbable that Ft. Chaffee would be opened on 7 December, 1941.

Perhaps they had FUTURE VISION just like Agent Chips who sees FALSE FLAG potention at Assumption Parish, Louisiana, Bechtel Jamboree, West Virginia, Goodyear, Arizona, Yellowstone, Montana and please note I did not suggest Portland, Oregon of the home of the Blatchford-Obama-Cameron-Zuma-Pelinda pickes, Chicago. Marquis, Scatman and Chips all knew full well that during World War I the krauts had marked their artillery rounds yellow for mustard gas and green for chlorine and phosgene just as Hillary Clinton marks her gas filter in brown due to elevating angst regarding the Bungled Bhenghazi False Flag that Morsi and Barry Soetoro had engineered to allow the Blind Sheik to be traded for Ambassador Stevens which would make Barry Soetoro, Punahou ’79 look less like a CHOOM GANG LOSER and perhaps event more white.

The old kraut gas was called YELLOW CROSS and the Obama-Hillary Benghazi brown gas is known as DOUBLE CROSS in that Obama doubled crossed Hillary by being absent boning Reggie Love’s corn hole while Hillary was left holding Obama’s Douche Bag as Benghazi’s Bungler-in-Chief after Abel Danger first, then World Net Daily second published the story out of Libya linking Morsi patsies to Obama’s prisoner exchanged pipe dream which was compromised when Obama piped Reggie Love, capeche?

Scatman’s Clipper device received a FLASH FESTUS from Hammer MacCheese regarding contingent plan 44D. Marquis d’Cartier and Scatman checked their Operation Peking Peacock Briefing Guide and saw that plan 44D was an immediate helo-extraction of Chips and the Dangerettes with a motorcycle transfer of Marquis d’Cartier to the fishing pier of the Mill Creek Ranch Resort where the helo would pick him up after he had a chance to get the case of liquor and 4 cases of beer for the upcoming transfer to Los Angeles relating to the exposure of Janet Napolitano to members of both camps in California who are not interest in having any Pea-brain related to this GOOGLEBAIT misguiding the college students while Hillary continues to ride the cotton pony regarding Weiner’s withdrawal and Benghazi Bungle caused by Reggie’s cornhole, capeche?

Chips recalled that when Ron Brown threatened to expose Clintons, party of two beards, he was suicided on an Air Force T43 so Agent Chips wrote himself a mental note to put out a NOTAM regarding west bound T43 flights from KDAW to KPSP where Frank Sinatra’s mother and Dean Martin’s son had had their FINAL FLIGHTS. As Agent Bean Spiller gave him a shot of Pastel Sienna, from behind him a pair of small hands cupped his bits and pieces in a manner to the effect of Agent Hamish’s recently invented String Weinie Bikini, currently the rave at White Rock BC where on 4 August, 1961 a douche bag named Barry Soetoro, Punahou ’79, was issued by a douche bag named Stanley who once did a spread with the Gash Gourmet who never claimed his progeny, capeche?

Chips was being aroused by a pair of little hands and a snapshot of Pastel Sienna when he heard the ‘iconic’ whop-whop of a Bell Jet Ranger. Agent Bean, finding a TI of only 93%, slipped Chips a tin of Nigger Head Oysters as Bean Spiller realized he could probably use some Rodney Balldinger NDSU Extend-o-peters so she gave him a two tab gelcap and Chips detected a faint hint of clover. Scatman entered 5134# on his Smartphone whereupon an emergency escape hatch in the ceiling opened and a rope ladder fell into the giftshop to expedite the transfer of Bean, Bean Spiller and Agent Chips, always affable and never flappable who followed the girls up the ladder keeping a close eye on the IOCs in Pastel Sienna and Pastel Jade Green both equipped with units too mature to be riding the cotton pony like Hillary upset by Obama’s Benghazi Cornhole or RCMP Dick Bent’s relationship, if any, to Cory Monteith, David Pearce, bcIMC and Tracy McVicar. Chips settled into the Bell Jet Ranger and considered that if Obama were to do a runner he has been afforded the opportunity to do prior to 1911 October 2nd, 2013, Hillary Clinton would remain ALONE to answer for the Bungled Benghazi mission to set up a hostage exchange between the Blind Sheik and Christopher Stevens.


GOOGLEBAIT: Dick Bent + David Pearce + Cory Monteith + Tracy McVicar + bcIMC 

My guess is that until 1911/15Jul13 there will be no ‘hits’ 48 hours later will be ‘good fishing’ I reckon, good enough so Agents Bean, Vani, Bean Spiller, Atomic Betty and Ginger Cookie could help him hold up a 51 inch, 34 pound Musky, considered too small to keep at Wisconsin’s fishing secret, Troubled Guy Lake.

Agent Bean took note of the BDHI in front of the pilot in the right seat noting that they were on a course, steady, of 071 and in the lower right corner of the ‘box’ was KTYR 1811. Glancing at her watch, she saw that they should be landing in 11 minutes so there would be no time for an enduro with one of her favorite mega-hits which youTube colored in Plum, not to suggest that the Plunger of Plum could control recordings going back to 1977. Engaging Chips’ hazel and bloodshot bedroom eyes, she saw the SMOKE from a distant fire that she would try to re-ignite on the hood of a 1966 Imperial Crown convertible or in the back of a Royal Plum Metallic stretch Fleetwood not to be confused with a Pastel Rosewood Metallic stretch Fleetwood which may, or may not, be revealed before the 1800 reservation at Vino in the Valley where 20 of the world’s most lethal cyber-sleuths will celebrate Victory, on Thursday, 18 July, 2013, assuming Janet Napolitano remembered to shut down the DHS-FEMA-DMORT V-HSEEP-CRISIS ACTOR event scheduled for 17 July in (redacted) Wisconsin, now hobbled by the ouster of the Gogebic Bullet Proof stooges from the Taconite mine in Ashland, Wisconsin, courtesy of Chips who deployed 7 Dangerettes and 76 Abel Bodies to Ashland to give Abel Danger’s Wisconsin militia a 3 to 1 advantage body on body and and 8 to 1 advantage in potency as our Dangerettes were disguised as Mafia enforcers and our Abel Bodies disguised as Ironwood trees, not to hark back to the Turkish sniper disguised as a shrub in WWII, capeche?



Chips, Bean and Bean Spiller felt the chopper reduce power in anticipation of an on time arrival at Pounds Field in Tyler, Texas and both Dangerettes were hoping they’d soon be able to pound Field, oops, I mean Agent Chips, U S Marine 0116513, as the jet waiting for them at KTYR was filed for destination KPSP where Regents of the California University System were hoping to exchange some CALPERS retirement transactions in exchange for Agent Chips’ assistance in leaking information regarding Janet Napolitano’s sloppy performance as Aurora, Cudahy, Sandy Hook and Boston Marathon before losing her nerve prior to the Peachtree Pelindaba hit scheduled for 4 July, 2013 in Atlanta which had not been burned to the ground since 9-11-64 as in 1864 when Sherman enforced Standard Charter and HSBC ‘scorched earth’ policies seen later in Great Chicago Fire and Kenya Genocide linking clearly with Blatchford, Cameron and Obama the ‘three Ps in the pod’ of Pelindaba Peril that will be exposed as those in UK protest the coverup of Dr. David Kelly suicide for benefit of Thatcher’s Hump to include Jacob Zuma. As the Chopper settled on to the grass, Agent Chips mentally googled a pair of GOOGLEBAITs that might end a few careers but save thousands of innocent lives. 
GOOGLEBAIT: DHS + Aurora + Cudahy + Sandy Hook + Boston + McConnell 

GOOGLEBAIT: Pelindaba + Blatchford + Cameron + Zuma + Obama + McConnell
Chips was recalling his Operation ISTANBUL THRUST as Agent Bean tapped on his zipper as if to remind him ‘rodeo time Chips, gotta get it on down the road’ just as Steve McQueen had said to Barbara Leigh at the end of Jr. Bonner. As the chopper’s sliding door slid aft and Bean, Bean Spiller and Chips were led to the forward boarding stairs of N007HT, Chips thought back to Barbara’s ‘universal attractant’ that had allowed the poor young girl from Ringgold, Georgia to entertain the King, McQueen and Agent Chips while keeping the gate handle close to the center of attention, capeche? Whereas Prince Philip had dreamed of being a tampon, Agent Chips was dreaming of become a ‘gate keeper’s steel hard handle”, in a manner of speaking that would go over the heads of Al Haig’s Octopus of perverts and please note for the record I didn’t mention Haig, Patterson, Peacock, Clinton, Marcy, Jolie, Gorelick or the flat, fat Clinton who is Fat and Furious as she is missing her toothy Weiner, capeche? Chips was mentally unmasking the divine Abel Danger knocker agent when Agent Stone slipped a salmon colored 4 x 6 index card, and a 32 ounce CSM in front of him as Bean and Bean Spiller did rock, paper scissors to determine, fairly, who would be the recipient of a BDE after their IOC was draped on the door knob. Gee, knocker and knob in one paragraph, I’m getting turgid.


The ladies went best 2 out of three and as Agent Bean Spiller won, fair and square, a Harley motorcycle with a side car attached roared up to the Falcon 7x just as Agent Hoss finished starting number three with both 2 and 3 online and running a pair of generators and galley power so that Agent Chips’ Absolut vodka would not be warmer than 35 degrees, Fahrenheit, just as Bean Spiller’s IT went to 99.6 % anticipating knight action as an Abel Arch was ready to draw back his arrow and aim for her quiver. The Harley driven by Scatman departed the jet as Marquis d’Cartier and Atomic Betty came up the stairs. Marquis gave Hoss a ‘thumb’s up’ and Hoss directed Stone to taxi on 2 engines while Hoss completed the engine start on number one after Marquis d’Cartier advised Hoss that the cabin was ready as were the cabin rabbits and the world’s most famous PTRC also known by many as the world’s most accomplished refueling probe, pictured here, in a manner of speaking.


Chips was seated between Agent Bean and Atomic Betty directly across from Bean Spiller who gave him a triple flutter blast of Pastel Sienna to keep his mind on her mission. The jet became airborne after a very short roll so Agent Bean, whose father had been a pilot in the Air Force with Field McConnell’s, oops, I mean Agent Chips, commented in Chip’s bad ear “ that was a short roll, guess we are not fueled for Palm Springs non-stop, what gives?” 
“Hopefully you, my daintly and dew laden damsel emitting a moderate hint of clover, perhaps you can find a song that might remind me of the pleasure of saddling up with girl from the state in which Jr. Bonner was filmed by Sam Peckinpah in 1972?” 
“If I guess correctly would you oblige me with a ‘peck and paw’ event once you give Bean Spiller a squirt in the whiskers, but before you answer I will be my thong that this song will trigger the desired response from the world’s most potent fighter pilot who just added Janet Napolitano’s on your main gun with the lengthy barrel, here, sample my holster.” 
Bean placed his right hand on her right location as she selected F4 on her Clipper Medical bag filled only with Smoked Oyster, Rodney Baldingner NDSU Extend-o-peters and a Jonas Implant pump.


Chips was rather aroused due to a harmonic developing between the numbers 1 and 3 engines and the fact his trembling hand was exploring previously forbidden places, at least in 1964 at Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico they were forbidden but strangley attractive as seen through the Pastel Jade Green nighty she generally wore if she knew Agent Chips was coming to collect for his San Juan Star and Miami Herald Paper route. She always tried to position the sun at her back to project the right image. Chips felt that flaps retract and he knew that meant that in a minute or so Marquis d’Cartier would take Chips and Bean Spiller back to the aft CRF for an in depth security probe, in the interest of national security, exposing Prince Harry’s Task Force 32 for killing three Afghan sheperds, but mostly to satisfy their raging libidos. To keep things light, but not loose, with Agent Bean, he mentally review the history of Mustaga Kemal Ataturk who commanded the Ottoman forces at Gallipoli during 1915 when he handed the Australian and New Zealand forces, ANZAC, their first significant casualties in the Standard Charter and HSBC World War 1, the war to inspire all future wars intending to fill the coffers of turds like Geddes, Cameron and Haig. And for the record, that was not Kurds. 
Agent Bean asked Chips a simple question as Marquis approach to escort him back to the aft CRF where Agent Bean Spiller had already repaired to in order to be mission ready and ensure her quiver was ready to receive the Big Chief as she like to refer to his refueling probe. 
“Chips, if you had to choose between Bean Spiller in the aft CRF or me in that kick ass RV at Mill Creek Ranch Resort when I was disguised as a 26 year old Barbara Leigh, which would you choose?” 
Before he could answer visible evidence of his extreme TI gave Agent Bean the answer she hoped to hear just as Marquis d’Cartier took her potential thrust-mate back to perform rigorous duty with Bean Spiller who at age 63 was sporting a lot more feathers on her beaded band, none of them pastel. 
Chips harked back to their first night together, he and his Cherokee maiden who was cured of that titled much to his pleasure in May of 1967 when they exchanged precious bodily fluids in a Jersey milk barn in the Show Me state where she had shown hers to Agent Chips and qualified for her first ‘battle feather’ not to be compared to his full head dress. After qualifying in the Jersey Milking barn they had jumped a freight heading to Nob Noster during which she enjoyed her first enduro after a torrid session of side-oiler, pile driver.


As Chips let himself into the darkened aft CRF he saw a Pastel Sienna IOC dangling from the bedside lamp, drying. He need to get the image of Bean in the RV out of his mind so he didn’t accidently blurt our Bean when he should be blurting ‘huka huka’ to his little white dove.


Chips started caressing his little Squaw when he felt a slight abrasion on his recently shaved face. He felt her face and noticed she was wearing a black mask. He presumed it was because she knew that whenever Chips looked at Barbara Leigh’s picture with the steel door know and a black mask his TI elevated to 117%. He asked her if she was trying to emulate Barbara as he was posturing to irrigate the masked Bean Spiller. 
“No Chips, that isn’t it, did you get a chance to read the 4 by 6 salmon card that Stone gave you with your first CRM?” 
“No I did not Bean Spiller, is there something discouraging in the message on the salmon card?” 
“From my perspective, yes, there is. A member of the Punahou Class of 1979 has a contract out on you with a ‘hit’ date of 17 July during a FEMA Exercise in Wisconsin. Whereas we thought we were to go to Palm Springs to brief the regents of the University of California on their newly acquired traveling Lesbo, we are now filed to Red Wing Airport where the Tug Boat Twins are standing by near the bridge under construction between Prescott, Wisconsin and Cottage Grove, Minnesota. I may only have the pleasure of your company for two more days and that would sadden me beyond words. What would it take for you to give me a thrashing like I haven’t had since we hopped the freight to Nob Noster my gentle Knob Master?”


“Just ask me”. As disappeared under the sheets, the opening strains of Elvis’s 1964 monster hit began as an incoming Immediate JASPAR arrived from Hammer Rooster Cogburn.
A straight arrow was occupying a warm quiver and as Bean Spiller closed her eyes and imagined their first time in the Jersey milk barn. Chips, every the alert and turgid super sleuth saw the Immediate Jaspar displayed on the flat screen where the Thales moving map had been overwritten. He saw the message was from Umbrellaman, sent via Rooster Cogburn. 
Global Hammer ROOSTER COGBURN Immediate JASPAR to Agent Chips, MacCheese, Tillman, NOTSO, Atomic Betty, Ginger Cookie, and Bean, copy Hamish, Marquis d’Cartier and the Plum City contingent scheduled for PLUM PLUNGE 2013: Chips et. al., change of plans. When Thunder Thigh’s RJO ( replacement jerk off) read this paragraph in the last chapter he suffered his first BAD HAIR DAY since when his wife dissed him at Brave New Books in Austin, before Chips spoke there 27 September, 2010 exposing the Twisted Sisters of the City of London. [The Ouster of the Anti-Muslim Sisterhood accelerated aboard Kerry’s June 30 yacht hideout as ongoing exposure of ONE DEAD PRICK exposes 1996 Clinton-Peacock-Rudd Operation PEKING DUCK which supported Oct 22, 1996 Gore Hammering of three radical Lesbians in U S Department of Justice GREAT HALL OF SHAME which occurred two days after Maurice Baril and Henry Shelton signed the 9/11 agreement in AMALGAM VIRGO 01]. I have sent the 4R photo and surely you remember the blonde bombshell from Waterford who had the black schnauzer, #3 from left with glasses. She will be joining you in the aft CRF to brief Operation PLUM PLUNGE. The ‘fearsome foursome’ are in position at Red Wing airport and the NEVER FORGET Harley Patriot Guard is deployed there also with Diehard, Dwarf and Sluggo in case the FEMA Exercise of 17 July goes south on us. Umbrellaman suggests NO MORE CHAPTERS until after Plum Plunge and will be asking you to redeploy the Ashland Wisconsin militia force to protect WISC, Wisconsin Industrial Sand Company archives until FADEOUT of July, 22, 2013. Agent Bean has told me she needs you to lift her poodle after noting position of the Poodle’s tale. She tells me that Barry Soetoro, Punahou ’79 feels threatened by your exposing of ONE DEAD PRICK and therefore the July 17th FEMA Exercise is intended to …………….”

[One dead prick]
Chips was thinking back to nights in Waterford, Nova Scotia and Agent Bean’s poodle when he noticed the message stop just as the lights flickered three times, then faded, the bedside table his Clipper Squirt Gun flashed 3 orange LEDs indicating an incoming Immediate from Hammer MacCheese but Chips missed the message as Bean Spiller called ‘switch, doggie style, jack hammer’ to which are affable and athletic sexagenarian disconnected, reconnected and continued pleasuring his favored squaw while in China, France and Russia international aviation attorneys were preparing suits for Field McConnell to join regarding Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) how the FRAUD UPON THE COURT perpetrated by ALPA attorneys Plunkett, Kalfus and Johnson caused the Strangler’s Suite of illegal modification to Airbus and Boeing airplanes to remain implanted in the world’s airliners without the knowledge of the captains and the crews operating those flights including Air France 447, Sukhoi Superjet 100 and Asiana 214 which was not Captained by SUM TING WONG and WI TOO LO.
Chips could tell Bean Spiller wanted to ‘slow it down’ as she selected C6 and C240 and as Chips listened to the haunting strains of EXPECTING TO FLY he realized his expectations curtailed by an ALPA FRAUD, pardon the redundancy, paled in comparison to the three dead Chinese Christians who were, in fact, victims of malfeasance perpetrated by the Air Line Pilots Association and a Woo Poo named Peter Janhunen. He felt like he was operating on the edge of a feather, just as the ASA 214 crew just prior to the feather being destroyed by the sea wall on the approach end of Runway 28L at KSFO.

As Chips keep pumping and pulling, he looked forward to his Presidential Limo’s second trip to Vino in the Valley, assuming Janet Napolitano’s plans for Wisconsin of July 17th were aborted as was the Peachtree Pelindaba. Bean Spiller was enjoying a juicy pork chop, of sorts, and wished she had been able to attend the Plum Plunge but as Abel Danger’s representative to the Hotel Grosvenor gathering with the CEO of Asiana, she realized someone had to be in Burlingame, California, even if her heart and quiver would both we with Chips in the Rush River Valley. Chips knew that she didn’t want to do it, but he would not let it break his heart, or hers.

Plum City – ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linked the New York’s Salomon Building (WTC 7) Puppet Masters for an Alternate Reality Game launched at the Pickton Family pig farm in B.C. in 1996, to his sister Kristine “Con Air” Marcy’s apparent use of the Serco cesium clock timing signals to disrupt blue-team communications on 9/11 and allow her red team – apparently flown into New York on her U.S. Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportations System a.k.a. Con Air – to vaporize evidence of a Starnet up-down body-count betting shop on the 18th Floor of WTC#7.

McConnell is celebrating Abel Danger’s expose of the roles allegedly played by his Con Air sister – see bio – and her Salomon Building Puppet Masters in the 1999 raid on Starnet in Carrall Street, Vancouver and the transfer of Starnet/Serco timing systems to WTC#7 before 9/11, with a Victory Party on 18-21 July in Plum City, Wisconsin; a key event being a Celebration Dinner at Vino in the Valley with transportation arranged by Plum City Limos PLLC, a transportation ally of Abel Danger Global Private Intelligence Agency.

See Marcy bio at 1:
Abel Danger Mischief Makers – Mistress of the Revels – ‘Man-In-The-Middle’ Attacks (Revised)

Prequel 1:
#1604: Marine Links MGM Haig’s Starnet Hackers Key to Salomon Building Bombs, Body Count BBC

BBCs JANE STANDLEY BREAKS HER SILENCE [1:33 ‘Satellite feed had an electronic timer which cut out a quarter past five exactly’ = Starnet hack of Serco clock]

SERCO Owns the World, | Big Brother Watch

The One Game Opening Titles
Alternate reality game (ARG)

Frozen Synapse: Arg. Puppet!

 GIA Video – Haig’s Starnet Octopus · Patents, Hacking, Snuff, Coverups & Alibis

Media Coverage of Starnet Raid – August 20, 1999

ENHANCED VERSION: News Reports WTC7 Fell Before It Happens!

I, Puppetmaster
June 6, 2004 · By Line in Opinion
In a perfect ARG universe nobody would ever know who the puppetmasters of games were. Not before the game started, not during the game and quite possibly not after the game. The PMs would fade into oblivion with only their logs from chat, archives from forums and a deep sense of satisfaction for a game-well-played to gratify them.

In a not-so-perfect ARG universe PMs are often challenged to keep their identities secret but are seduced by the interaction with players to reveal themselves. It’s not difficult to seduce PMs, especially if they don’t have a corporate shield to hide behind and don’t have a lot of experience being published and appreciated for their creativity.

Corporate shield PMs, creators of such games as AI (Microsoft), Alias (Touchstone), PUSH (Live Planet) and :K: (ad company for BMW) appear to have more incentive to stay hidden. Perhaps by mandate, perhaps by achieving a collective discipline, these PMs managed to succeed in maintaining the integrity of the alternate reality they create.

Lockjaw and Metacortechs went a long way toward preserving the concept of anonymous PMs. Granted, there were isolated players who knew the identities of some or all the makers of these games, but for the most part, they both succeeded admirably in keeping alive the belief that players can create games that achieve the high standards set by the Corporate shield PMs.

What sets the anonymous PMs apart from the PMs who can’t resist identifying themselves and interacting directly with players? Why are the anonymous PMs able to retain their discipline and professionalism while others succumb to socializing with players and taking their bows (in some cases) before the game has even begun? Having wondered this many times and having some experience with first-time writers, I’m inclined to believe that inexperience, intense need for recognition and possibly loneliness might be considerable contributors to this lax in discipline. Dare I say, even an over-inflated sense of the value and quality of one’s work plays a significant part in the failure to fortify the boundaries around an alternate reality.
Maybe the fault lies with the ARG community at large for not cultivating a greater sense of the importance of anonymity to the overall quality of the genre. I hope the real issue isn’t that players simply don’t care anymore if PMs invade our playing space and force us to interact and contend with their egos. I know I’m not alone in my desire to find a way to enforce these boundaries. We need to speak up often and deliberately and without letting up if we’re to succeed in pushing PMs back behind the curtain, once and for all.”

Happy Googling

PresidentialField Mandate

Abel Danger Blog

Yours sincerely,

Field McConnell, United States Naval Academy, 1971; Forensic Economist; 30 year airline and 22 year military pilot; 23,000 hours of safety; Tel: 715 307 8222

David Hawkins Tel: 604 542-0891 Forensic Economist; former leader of oil-well blow-out teams; now sponsors Grand Juries in CSI Crime and Safety Investigation

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