Stratum Zero Killers “Death by GMT” – Book 11 Chapter 23

August 7th, 2013 Operation BLACKJACK Exposed in Abel Danger Operation

google: Haig’s Octopus + Sasquatch + Whale Vagina + Twisted Sisters, City of London

note: At The Behest of Dangerettes Globally We Begin ‘g-spot’ google items

example: G-SPOT above ( Haig’s Octopus……) leads to our last chapter

Obama, Cameron, Harper..Don’t Let The Doors Hit You In Your Candy-asses, GO NOW

Moody Blues Suggest It’s Time For BARRY SOETORO To GO NOW
G: hillary’s achilles vagina + OBAMA + Field McConnell + benghazi  

Navajo Christmas ’43 Foment Cherokee Victory ‘13
G: Winney + Toney + Gishi + Taraha + Solomon

Johnson Shaft and 36 Stud Expose Obama’s SILVER SHOVEL
G: teresa carlson + fbi investigator + ray kelly + sikh + field mcconnell

Barry Soetoro, Punahou ’79, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave?
G: Barry Soetoro + 120051658 + 10/15/2012 + voter + elections

Dangerette Recruiting Station, RAF Feltwell, 22 October, 1962
G: defcon 2 + looking glass + Field McConnell + thor + felt well

Operation TURBAN SHIELD Exposes Urban Shield
G: Napolitano + redtree + vogt + Margie + dunning + urban shield + field mcconnell


Dangerette Finalists At Full Moon B&B Rudge
G: Pelindaba + Frome + Field McConnell + Gibraltar + Cameron + bluebird

Calling All Cars, Including Canton Flying Squadron
G: veteran fighter + canton + FIELD MCCONNELL

Egypt’s Dr. Morsi’s Crisis Actors Exposes Obama-Hillary Treason
G: Benghazi + Morsi + obama + hillary + FIELD MCCONNELL + trainwreck

Abel Danger Protected AF 1 On 9/11?
G: angel is next + barksdale + FIELD MCCONNELL + kfgo + offutt

Muslim Sisterhood Hillary Humper Rejects Weiner’s Twig n Berries
G: Huma + hillary furious + FIELD MCCONNELL + lesbian + get weiner + sasquatch
(Egyptian Department of Homeland Security)

Alternative Lifestyle White Flag Uniform 2016
G: choomer + barry soetoro punahou’79 + FIELD MCCONNELL + treason

Smug MF, Pug MF, Thug MF
G: dhs + dmort V + hseep + FIELD MCCONNELL + crisis actors + napolitano

RCMP “E” Where PIG KISSER Was Created From Barry Soetoro, Punahou ‘79

G: Pelosi’s AIR PATROL + Gareth + FIELD MCCONNELL + Chapman + KGB + FRS

G: buap + QRS 11 + FIELD MCCONNELL + k u band + FBCA + FADEC + crash

Which Retired Delta Pilot Got The Word Through?
G: Northwest 188 + Northwest 253 + FIELD MCCONNELL + AA 77 + UA 93 

( Happy 52nd Barak Mounir Ubayd, Punahou ’79 )

As a four hour enduro commenced on the trunk of the Cream Convertible, an incoming Clipper from Natalya Antonov in Taldykorgan went to queue as she had sent it as a Routine Clipper and Chips and Atomic Betty both had their FESTUS FILTERS in the boink mode as a penetrating debriefing took place in the interests of national security.

Agent Natalya Antonov at Taldykorgan Routine Clipper to Agent Chips: I am embedded with two brave Russian journalists from ANNA in Syria. This proxy war that has killed 53 and terribly injured more than 200 Syrians near the Russian Embassy in Damascus is not being covered by CNN, BBC, Fox, MSNBC and other Murderoch shills. There can be no comparison between ANNA and any western media journalist working in Syria if any western journalist is even allowed in the country. With the exception of the BBC which somehow always manages to have a crew available to make another pretentious BBC “documentary” of the carnage this time in Syria according to British geo-political interests. We in the Taldykorgan-Tokyo pipeline exposed a FOX News faked interview in Turkey on the border with Syria with an alleged “high level defector” to the Free Syrian Army who turned out to be nothing more then a degenerate liar ( see also Tony Blair, Barry Soetoro ) with a grudge against the Syrian government. FOX news dressed him in a suit and marched him in front of the cameras gaffing him off as some important opposition military leader. Ziad tells me our efforts worked. Everyone caught onto FOX News making shit up while in Turkey safe in their hotel rooms while Russian journalists, the two Russian journalists I am embedded with, are getting shot at riding in BMPs with the SAA. ANNA are on the ground telling it like it is with complete objectivity without all the political story telling and faked news vectoring hatred against Syria. The one Russian journalist has a direct link to Vladimir Putin being interviewed on RT with his reporting on Syria. President Assad has taken Agent Chips’ advice not to criticize America during the Soetoro-McConnell transition and in fact credits Abel Danger for improving his image globally. Agent Natalya, missing my Chips.


G: pelindaba + Cameron + thatcher + obama + kelly + robin cook + shale + zuma + chips

Somewhere in South Africa, a mulatto was upset that the Abel Danger Agent who created this GOOGLEBAIT was alive and well, and knocking off a hunk of ass at TGL.

Chapter 23 

Scripture of Day: Romans 8:28-30

28 And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.
29 For whom He foreknew, He also predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son, that He might be the firstborn among many brethren.
30 Moreover whom He predestined, these He also called; whom He called, these He also justified; and whom He justified, these He also glorified.

Gospel Song of Day: He Is Able


Secular Song of Day: Kissing a Fool


Agents Chips and Atomic Betty were completing Abel Danger PBPs ( post boinking protocols) when an Immediate JASPAR came into Chips’ Clipper Squirt Gun as the pile of used NAPAwashes stood as testimony to a recent copious offload of DNA rich fluid such as Stanley Anne Dunham was injected with by the Gash Gourmet on 4 November, 1960. Apparently Stanley had justifiable low self esteem if Frank Marshall Davis who is the only one willing to debrief her. Chips, ever the doting gentleman, turned away as Atomic Betty stuffed her ample assets into IOCs of Pastel Mint Green as his very visible elevated TI ( turgidity index) assured the svelte PWA and the thrill was not gone, and she liked that. Chips detected a faint hint of clover as he referenced the incoming message.

Goldenspike Agent Waggy Tail Immediate JASPAR to Agents Hamish, Chips, Tillman and Rooster Cogburn, copy all Dangerettes aField: Congrats on the successful GOOGLEBAIT on Napolitano. I remember when she was first appointed she had a meeting with the Governors of all 50 states and prior to her arrival they all agreed that as she entered the room they would all shout in unison “HELLO JANET!”, which they did. Too bad that show of solidarity and disrespect didn’t run her off sooner but by combining [ Napolitano + dhs + dmort V + FIELD MCCONNELL + hseep + crisis actors + vision box ] ABEL DANGER has proven itself to be a better source of intel than any of the MSM monkeys who dance to the tune of organ grinders at the half-White House Orifice of Women and Girls. Agent Waggy Tail, Frome, England PS, I have included the video of Jimmy Savile molesting me, please insert somewhere APART from this JASPAR

Chips harked back to 13 July and the stiff, I say again, stiff competition by the final four of those Dangerette hopefuls who had spent a weekend at the Full Moon B & B in Rudge so that by day Chips could interview workers from the Frome nuclear storage area and by night Nell Mathison could discuss British White Cattle with three of the finalists while Agent Chips would be debriefing the fourth while sipping from a fifth. As Chips harked back his TI elevated causing Atomic Betty to determine that the thrill was not gone even though an octogenarian on Beale Street in Memphis from whence Agent Clips performed his final takeoff in a DC10-30 as Northwest flight 58 on 8 October, 2006 sang about the loss of his libido perhaps due to his paramour gaining weight as the pugnacious princess of Princeton had done while blaming Hostess Twinkies for her fat ass and horseshit attitude, see also Chicago Waterworks. Thinking of the porcine Princeton porker, his turgidity was at risk of falling below 93% for the first time since October 9th, 2006 so the Dangerette du Jour commenced restorative procedures while Agent Chips took an incoming FLASH FESTUS from Agent Bean Spiller whose quiver enjoyed straight arrows not to be confused with the Army National Guard unit in North Dakota.

Operation GOLDENSPIKE Agent Bean Spiller FLASH FESTUS to Agent Chips, copy Hammer MacCheese and Hamish: Chips, et. al., I have just sent a pan-AD message regarding a recording that has just surfaced that contains Monica’s advances on he who has Peronie’s, capeche. I suggest that you consider Agent Bean’s suggestion that you add a G-spot to each image in the chapters in Books 11 through 20. If you elect to follow my suggestion in hopes that your straight arrow might enter my quiver, a good G-spot for Chapter 23 might be this whopper combo, G: [ Clinton + zinc throat + betty currie + Lewinsky + gingko blowjoba ] On another related note, Hillary is still furious that her Weiner withdrew. The news regarding Monica’s ‘blue dress’ was released on the same day as the story regarding Barry Soetoro’s voter registration so it appears the 60 foot petition signed by the SPECIAL OPS FOLKS is intended to take down both Bunglers of Benghazi, that is Reggie Love’s tailgunner and “what difference do 4 American lives make’. Bean Spiller, Jersey Milking Barn 

Secret Sex Tape: Monica Lewinsky Caught On Explicit Recording Telling Bill Clinton, ‘I Could Take My Clothes Off…’

Atomic Betty had restored the PTRC to a robust 112% TI and asked Chips if he’d like another session on the hood of the 1966 Imperial Crown convertible and, looking at his watch, he realized they had more than 30 minutes before the much anticipated OmniGlobe briefing so he pointed to a car covered so it could not be seen but Atomic Betty could tell it had a very long hood or as the Egyptians like Huma Weiner Muslim Brotherhood vermin might suggest, it was configured like the Egyptian God of woodies, a man named Min

Chips detected a faint hint of clover as he removed the car cover from his super trick, piss wicked 1937 Studebaker President with the world reknown ‘straight 8’ not to be confused with a cucumber of the same name. Atomic Betty realized the pristine nature of the hood so as a courtesy to Chips and his straight 8 she suggested the back seat might suffice for a mini-enduro as another pesky Clipper came into Chips’ Clipper Squirt gun, this one from Hammer Rooster Cogburn in the bank safe at 401 Main Street, Plum City WI 54761. She selected F4 on her Clipper Pastel Easel, removed her IOC and assumed her favored posture for ‘side oiler, slow hand’ as Agent Chips saddled up from the rear he eyed the Clipper with his two face mounted eyes as his one eyed trouser trout served his amply endowed consensual CEMAX heterosexual co-agent. He thought back to Waterford, Nova Scotia and the night where, after the 8 o’clock whistle, he first knocked on heaven’s back door, capeche? As their synergy began, Agent Chips pictured Sheila Jackson to preclude an early exploculation as the knocking, as it were, continued.


Operation GOLDENSPIKE Hammer Rooster Cogburn to all players in Plum Plunge or those penciled in for 5 Car Stud, which may be announced by Umbrellaman at the 0300 OmniGlobe brief: It appears that random surnamed women like Sotomayor, Kagan, Clinton, Gorelick and Marcy had a terminal case of testicle envy. According to a spokesqueer in ‘sloppy seconds’ office, The Belizean Grove has been an elite, invitation-only American Lesbian club found by an SS and a Weiner. Recall that in October, 1983 when Agent Chips was offered $1M to fly a Howard 500 from Belize to Jacksonville, FL no one had ever heard of Lurita Doan or Ann E. Dunwoody or Agent Crackenrack of Romania who penetrated Colin Powell and vice versa. Supreme Court Justice ‘sloppy seconds’ was a member until June 19th, 2009. Umbrellaman has created a G-spot for this thread [ Belizean + edie weiner + dunwoody + sotomayor + bohemian ] We have our photo interpretation folks checking the imbalanced areola mammae of this muslim volunteer to TSA nude scans of Huma and Valerie to she what gives, other than the obvious answer, they both do. The photo was from the Belizean event of 2008. The information about Colin Powell and Crackenrack came from your aviatrix friend from Plumari Ouzo (Skinny dipper ) from Craiova. Rooster Cogburn, Plum City State Bank, the Plum.

Egyptian Department of Homeland Security

Agent Chips had held up his end of the bargain and saw that a second Clipper message had just arrived from Agent Hamish in the Vancouver area office. Atomic Betty barked out “switch, pile driver, bone crusher” to which our man Chips, ever the affable and unflappable master swordsman accomplished the switch without missing a stroke or suffering the ever embarrassing ‘airburst’.

Queen’s Pussy Agent Hamish Routine Clipper to Agent Chips, copy Tillman, Bean, Waggy Tail and NOTSO: Chips, the authorities in the US are now set to ask RCMP’s office where Dick Bent works several questions regarding Starnet. It appears FBI as well as the suddenly nervous White House Office of Women and Girls wish to determine where the property taken into custody from 425 Karrel Street went after RCMP snatched it, I say again snatched. We believe Sheila Jackson Lee arranged the transfer of custody of the Entrust PKI patent pool from Ottawa to Serco and Thoma Bravo in UK and Chicago, respectively, enabling the man-in-the-middle attacks on U S targets and Stratum Zero contract killings such as Sandy Hook and Aurora Theater. Suggest we do a ‘napolitano’ on Sheila as we recently did keeping both Teresa Carlson and Ray Kelly at ‘arm’s length’ from DHS. If the AW139 ‘phantom chopper’ gets through NORAD’s defensive perimeter of Wade Rathke’s FEMA office, hark back to this GOOGLEBAIT: [ Lay Pastors Priscilla Shoe-Forte + Sluggo + Clinton Reubens + Peter the Pastor Pilot + “Rest, Recharge and Run + tired citizens + Chicago ] Please keep this GOOGLEBAIT loaded and watch for activity before 10 a.m. on the first of August. If that chopper tries to sneak in we post our chapter about the intentional destruction of post-Katrina homes and the U-2S 80-1076 used in Katrina and Haiti as we wrote around Christmas of 2008. Hamish, Foggy Dew, Richmond. 

CBC recommends Sheila Jackson Lee for Homeland Security post 

Chips could tell that Atomic Betty was approaching ‘blastoff’ as she placed a piggin’ string in her mouth to keep from screaming Leonard Cohen’s name. As her pleasure passed her tolerance level she fired off a signature multiple while Agent Chips responded with a rimshot at the buzzer. To keep from being the first to cross the finish line, Chips mentally googled what might come up if ILLUMINATI were spelled backwards and then a ‘dot com’ was added. Before he could search appeared on the LED window of his Clipper Squirt Gun causing to almost forget the ADPBPs needed by the recently satiated Agent Atomic Betty, who was an MR FSD penciled in for the 50th anniversary of the JFK hit performed in Field McConnell’s birthplace. Chips afforded the blonde with the hour glass figure a modicum of privacy as she stuffed her 44D fun bags into an over the shoulder boulder holder as another burdensome incoming FLASH FESTUS came in, this one from Agent Natalya Sukhoi of the Kazan pedo-fem office in the Russian Federation.

Operation Goldenspike Agent Natalya Sukhoi IMMEDIATE JASPAR to Agent Chips, Hamish, Name Dropper and Grave Digger, copy Umbrellaman: Chips and Hamish, RU Today is reporting that a Marine in the colonies is set to suggest RCMP Commisioner Bob Paulson appears to have had the opportunity to use Cisco PKI to monitor Starnet and the Pickton Pig Farm Prositute Bar-B-Ques around the time that Alexander Haig had a tight relationship with CAI. Tribal elders north of the 49th now are telling Kazan and Taldykorgan that a ‘Pacific Rim’ property appears to have been the object of arson attacks. We believe the family surname is English and there is a linkage to bcIMC/RCMP pension funds managed through Cisco platforms. Is there a man named Dick still assigned to RCMP E Division in Surrey, BC? Chips, if you see where my lens cover is dangling you may get an idea of what I’d like to do next time you are in Kazan or I am in Texas. Natalya Sukhoi, recalling fondly our week in Antalya. 

Chips was brought back into the here and now as two small warm hands cupped his family jewels from behind. He wished they had had more time but duty calls and time, tide and formation wait for no man as he had learned in the sweltering summer of 1967 at Annapolis where years later the same expression was being memorized by men half Chips’ age according to Captainistan who is not to be confused with Captain Sherlock of Kazakhstan or the ever affable but never flappable Agent Chips of Plum City seen here at the Bittersweet Bakery and More which is directly across the street for the Global HQ of Abel Danger Private Intel one of the few investigative entities in North America to have a 1937 Studebaker President in their fleet of official conveyances, capech?

Chips and the Canadian Chief Dangerette determined that there would be ample time for an enduro after the upcoming 0300 OmniGlobe briefing which would precede Atomic Betty’s debriefing if Agent Chips were to have his way with the svelte blonde with the hour glass figure. As Atomic Betty slipped him a tin of Chicken of the Sea Smoked Oysters and two Rodney Baldinger NDSU EOPs, he thought his chances were about as good as they could be for a heterosexual, consensual, CEMAW thong slinger just shy of his 64th birthday as she passed him his treats in a Bubbies B & B Chips container indicating she desired to be bred after he buttered her up. Like sand through an hour glass, so are the days of their lives.


Chips swallowed the oysters and the Rodney Balding NDSU EOPs and noticed a brief note at the bottom of the B & B Chips container.

“Chips, if the disinfo mill publishes a story regarding ‘lightning strikes at Butts Army Airfield” take that as confirmation that posts #1626-1630 have struck a nerve in Canada regarding the Lightning II aircraft that Glamourboy Harper should not buy at any price. When it comes to butts, air or Field, I believe you may be the only game in town. AB CYOW.”

G: Maj. Earl + 340 others + 2:45 p.m + Butts Army Field

Transcription of World Watchers International
Broadcast #787 January 5, 1987
( fritz kraemer, jfk, haig )

RCMP “E” Where PIG KISSER Was Created From Barry Soetoro, Punahou ‘79 

Chips saw the approaching parking lights of a 1937 Studebaker President 8 so he double checked that his junk was stuffed in his Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster as well as ensuring Atomic Betty looked appropriately lady like for their transfer back to THE BEAST at the American Legion Pavilion where Hammer MacCheese was hosting the 0300 OmniGlobe briefing from Rooster Cogburn who was filling in for Umbrellaman, who had inspired the Romans 8:28-30 explanation of how Abel Danger Agents would conquer the gay mulatto that RCMP had created for Hillary in 1987 at the E division of RCMP in British Columbia which was the birthplace of a piece of human effluence squirted out in August, 1961 by a girl named Stanley, no relation to a BOY named Sue. As Chips and Atomic Betty slid into the back seat of the President, they saw that Agent Bean Spiller was already there and she was wearing her WAR PAINT. Chips got a clear view to a Pastel Sienna IOC as from the AM radio up front a song sung by Jesse Belvin had Chips wondering who he might be debriefing after the OmniGlobe event at 0300. Agents Tillman and NOTSO were in the front of the Stud as Agents Bean Spiller and Atomic Betty were doing ‘rock, paper, scissors’ to decide who would provide pleasure during the 5 minute ride down Country Road S from the Stud Farm to Plum City’s American Legion Park where the winner would get porked not to be confused with the Porcine Princeton Princess easily found by googling this G-spot: [ porcine + Princeton + princess + Sasquatch + Chips ].


Atomic Betty had won 2 out of 3 so she was applying negative viscous pressure to the PTRC while Agent Bean Spiller handed Chips 5 index cards, all 5 salmon in color and 4 of them 3 by 5s with the 5th being a 4 by 6 with ATL/FBI written in purple letters, lower case, followed by 4-8-61/PAHWRBC. As the vixen from north of the 49th continued the slobber blues, Agent Chips selected the file that he initially thought was a reference to the BIRTHDAY BOY who would be getting a CYBER TREAT on his 52nd hatch day. For those of you unschooled in poultry, chickens are not born, the egg is born, the chicken is ‘hatched’. Chips had both hands resting on Atomic Betty’s head so Bean Spiller reversed the card so Chips could read a message for a sibling.

“Bro, I have decided to stop offending God and dishonoring my mother and father. If you know where the two DC ANG F16s collided Thursday night you know where I am contacting you from. I want to meet face to face in Atlanta, Georgia and compliment you on your harnessing Janet Napolitano. We can meet at Barry M. Hall’s favorite Mexican Restaurant and I will take whatever time is necessary to explain NCIC and the 4 files on the other cards that you Abel Danger consorts should be sharing with you prior to 0255 this day. If you have questions, use the 202 area code number as the ‘helmsman’ would be ashamed that I am ‘jumping ship’. Pray for me, recall the avid boatsman Colby drowned when he tried to do what I intend to do. By the way, Al Gore’s divorce can be found with the GOOGLEBAIT, love from the Eastern Shore, ignore distractions in ME and focus on Assumption Parish, Yellowstone, Goodyear, and the MMM location. Sis

Pelosi’s AIR PATROL + Gareth + FIELD MCCONNELL + Chapman + KGB + FRS

Queen Hornet”.

Atomic Betty was in danger of asphyxiating as Chips had engorged to 117% TI when Bean Spiller had removed her lower IOC in Pastel Sienna. Chips mentally pictured Barry Soetoro’s ‘pig kissing pal’ and his TI dropped to a more manageable 101% eliminating both the chance of the asphyxiation of Atomic Betty and an embarrassing early exploculation of our ever affable, never flappable, Agent Chips who was thinking of offering Bean Spiller a hearty pink treat as soon as Atomic Betty got her Wildwood reward for a job well done. As the ’37 Studebaker President 8 arrived at THE BEAST, Hammer MacCheese sent ‘the kid’ out with two words written on a cocktail napkin from JR’s bar in Plum City where the Wisconsin liqueur named COWPIE is available. Atomic Betty had just swallowed hard as the message came from Agent Tillman who was serving as WHEELMAN for duration of Plum Plunge 2013.

Bean Spiller was helpful in stowing the bits and pieces in the Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmast FCT with EHP in Pastel Manly Mocha.

“You owe me, Big Chief” whispered the squaw with War Paint as she flashed Chips a glimpse of her Pastel Sienna Battle Standard. Atomic Betty and Bean Spiller looked over Chips’ left and right shoulder as he read the two words: STAY PUT. Agents NOTSO and RPM approached the back doors of the SILVERSTUD and NOTSO escorted Atomic Betty into THE BEAST while Agent RPM handed Bean Spiller a red, North Face Holdall that was filled with a 72 hour supply of Chicken of the Sea Smoked Oysters disguised as a brand from Biloxi, Rodney Balding NDSU Extend-o-peters in the new ‘dial-a-yield’ enhanced product and six IOCs, three each in Pastel Sienna and Pastel Turqouise. As Agent Chips harked back to PEPPER SPROUT and TEXAS TORNADO he mentally googled [ colin powell + eric holder + black mammy + uhura + eliza ] as he mentally pictured Dianne WHALE VAGINA to keep his TI below 113% as the medical community was frequently warning heterosexual males to call a doctor if they had a woody lasting over four hours.

Agent Barry M. Hall turned from his ‘riding shotgun’ position to brief Bean Spiller and Chips on Plum Plunge CHANGE ONE.

“Chips and Bean Spiller, Umbrellaman has gone quiet and Hammer Rooster Cogburn has gone into the BANK SAFE at 401 Main Street to accept a call from Governor Malloy of Connecticut, we understand. We think there is a good chance that Queen Hornet, Malloy and Kehoe will join Margie Sullivan and John Simmons in fingering Janet. Janet will then, we believe, finger the two Bunglers of Benghazi and this will all take place during Operation TURBAN SHIELD which exposes DHS and BHO in the Urban Shield fiasco. We are expecting immediate exit from Plum area of operations and a high speed run to Andrews AFB where N007HT awaits with 80W, Stone and Skymaster. Once you doppelganger Johnson Shaft arrives, if Rooster Cogburn hasn’t been overruled by Umbrellaman, expect to be in Atlanta by sunrise, time now 0258.” While speaking Barry M. Hall had missed the arrival of Johnson Shaft as he was handing Chips four 3 x 5 cards with writing on both sides now.


Chips and Bean Spiller were just beginning to red the first card when they felt the Stud’s straight 8 come to life as Johnson Shaft had flashed 3 green shorts from his Clipper Squirt Gun that was one of two exact replica’s of Chips’ Clipper Squirt Gun. At 0259 a Harley with three flags over the blue dot taillight provide a GUIDE ON for Tillman the wheelman to follow from Plum City to Maiden Rock and on the Red Wing Airport across the river from Red Wing, Minnesota. As the Harley passed the Union House on CR S and headed west, the twin diesels aboard the Trawler MINOW came to life as the Tugboat Twins prepared to go to the middle of the channel to provide COMM services linking RAF Croughton, where a group of oath keepers in the USAF sustains 453 C2 circuits (C2 means command and control) and supports 25 percent of all European Theater to continental United States (CONUS) communications to Pine Gap to Plum City as Agent Chips dreamed of Thigh Gap. Those in the Air Force not loyal to their oath may believe there are only 450 C2 circuits, pity.

Agent Tillman was driving like a RANGER POSSESSED and had the 5400# Studebaker doing 93 mph as he flashed a toothy grin at Barry M. Hall and asked him to push the BIG RED BUTTON and a little hand took Chips’ right hand and placed it in a thigh gap to die for. A BDE was performed on the TG by Agent Chips and he was pleased to find an MI of 97% which fomented a Maytag Moment prior to their arrival at the Red Wing, Minnesota airport which is located in Wisconsin, home of beer, cheese, the Green Bay Packers and the Global Intel Agency Abel Danger whose elusive global ops director has a burgeoning collection of STUDly cars, capeche?

Agent Barry M. Hall known in Hotlanna as the HEAVY CLEANSER dutifully pushed the Big Red Button causing the 37 Stud to be reconfigured as a squad car, number 11, of Canton’s Flying Squadron where Agent Chips had spoken on 27 May 2013 ending his memorial day comments with a reference to Hillary Clinton and Barak Mounir Ubayd, Punahou ’79 as the two United States Official who did not keep their oath or answer the call of duty when Tyrone Woods and Glenn Dougherty engaged Dr. Morsi’s crisis actors in the suddenly AFU FALSE FLAG operation that should have made Obama look diplomatic if he hadn’t been busy stuffing his ‘chorizo’ in Reggie Love’s cornhole at the same time the haggard and humpless Hillary was missing her Humpmate Weiner who enjoyed showing off her imbalanced areola mamae as much as Congressman Anthony Weiner enjoys showing off his shortcomings that rival Maurice Baril’s ‘seahorse’. Chips, ever the detail noticing heterosexual, noticed Huma’s humps had a Jack Elam ‘effect’. Jack Elam’s eyes look in two different directions, just like Abedin’s Arabic funbags. Looks to me like 2% on the right and skim on the left, but who am I?

Egyptian Department of Homeland Security

The radio crackled as the 37 Stud reconfigured itself and on the AM radio of the Studebaker, the voice of Umbrellaman calmly said “Sting 2013, details when airborne”.


The Canton Flying Squadron Car #11 went through the speed trap by Flat Pennies Ice Cream as Bean Spiller’s head laid on a lap as a little hand was sizing a gap. The blonde deputy in the unmarked Ford keyed her microphone 3 times letting the dispatcher know that no one was trailing the Stud or the Harley and N007HT could commence engine start as Chips noticed that gap was now sudsing like a Maytag and he liked it so much he laid down the 4 cards with writing on both sides as some digital pleasure was shared with the lady in warpaint.

Operation RURBAN SHIELD Exposes Urban SHield
G: Northwest 188 + Northwest 253 + FIELD MCCONNELL + AA 77 + UA 93 

Agent Tillman slowed to turn left into the Red Wing airport and followed the green wands to an open security gate and to the waiting Falcon 7x with engines 2 and 3 running. Agent NOTSO slowed to 12 miles per hour on his Harley and circle the jet while Barry M. Hall, Bean Spiller, Agent Chips and the red Holdall moved from the Canton Flying Squadron Car #11 and the Falcon 7x. Agent 80W directed them to the conference table in the forward end of the cabin as she spit out a wad of Red Man, closed and locked the forward boarding door and gave a ‘thumbs up’ to Agent Stone who engaged the FADEC start sequence while Buck Naked taxied west for a departure to the east and then a turn to a course direct to Atlanta Hartsfield where the world’s biggest airline had recently taken the advice of Abel Danger to avoid the CRJ50 Lawn Darts similar to those that FATBOY from Oracle had backdoored for use as HSBC-CAI Lawn Darts but that information did not come from Allison Bone, Bob Paulson, Dick Bent or Michael J. Nissley who are about ready to be STUNG regarding action, or inaction, relative to Peacock’s complicity with Boeing, China, Hillary, and MDA/CAI/RCMP in upcoming STING OPERATION TURBAN SHIELD. For the record, Field McConnell, USMC 0116513 has never met any members of the group posting the $25,000 arson offer although it is written in Romans 8:28-30 that when someone is FOREKNOWN, PREDISTINED, CALLED, JUSTIFIED AND GLORIFIED that no party or parties can be against him, i.e. Agent Chips, Global Ops Director in concurrent operatins TURBAN SHIELD and THIGH GAP.

The Falcon 7x checklists were performed by Stone just as a FLASH FESTUS came in over the ACARS containing information regarding Umbrellaman. Agent 80W took Buck Naked’s place to monitor Stone while Buck Naked repaired to the conference table to speak to Bean Spiller, Barry M. Hall and Agent Chips. 80W inadvertently gave Stone an eyeful of Pastel Turquoise as she settled into the captain seat just as the nose was rotated to 12 degrees of pitch followed immediately by the gear being raised. As Agent 80W pulled a pair of Shiner Bocks out of her TCU Horned Frog athletic bag Agent Stone retracted the high lift devices as 80W hiked her denim skirt and took a church key off her tool collection strapped to her right thigh. Stone noted the nice gap as the wiry cattle rancher passed him a frosty Shiner Bock and winked. With her eye, not her brownie.

Max Head

Agent 80W asked Agent Stone if he preferred his beer with head or directly from the bottle. He answered both at which point Agent 80W released her seat belt as the autopilot captured FL370 and Stone locked the cock pit door.


Meanwhile, back at the conference table, Agent Bean Spiller had mixed drinks as Agent Barry M. Hall turned on the OmniGlobe as he’d been instructed to do once level at FL370 by Buck Naked. Bean Spiller placed a Wildwood Crème Soda at her wet spot, a 32 ounce Captain Sherlock Martini with two stuffed queens in front of Chips, a quadruple Jack and Diet-coke in front of Barry M. Hall of the Ringgold AD Office, and a pair of Drafty Kilts in front of Buck Naked hoping she might cause Agent Chips to develop a tilt in his kilt, capeche?

Agent Kiltsticker

Chips noticed a pink card folded under his CSM glass. Bean Spiller grabbed her Wildwood Crème Soda and mentioned to Buck, Barry and Chips that she had a mild sinus block and was repairing to the aft CRM from whence she promised to watch a repeater of the OmniGlobe briefing that was going live as she was going aft. Chips detected a faint hint of clover as she ambulated in an erect fashion towards the CRM. She left the door open a crack hoping to be joined by a globally recognized crack pilot. As she draped her IOC in Pastel Sienna on the bed side table, Umbrellaman’s voice was covered with Hammer MacCheese’s image.

Buck and Barry listened while Umbrellaman urged all within the sound of his voice to take a pause for the cause, grab a sociable and return in 3 minutes for the briefing. Agent Buck Naked laid the ACARS printout out on the table and started explaining to Barry and Chips the significance of the words written in purple, Chips, Umbrellaman just left a message from you in the comments section of an Alex Jones youTube suggesting Obama had just issued a Global Threat Warning following your Global Threat Warning issued during your last live BROADcast. Hearing broad, Chips thought of Bean Spillers THIGH GAP and told Barry and Buck to continue, he be right back but wished to check on Bean Spiller.

Field McConnell 1 second ago

Abel Danger posted TW1305 for period 2Aug-3Sep and Obama, Cameron and Harper are scared shitless… well they should be. Abel Danger is posting a chapter 23 exposing when Barak Mounir Ubayd changed his name to Barack Hussein Obama in 1982 21 years after his birth at Peace Arch Hospital in Surrey BC Canada.


Buck Naked and Barry M. Hall read the comments left by Umbrellaman as Alex Jones, David Cameron, Barak Mounir Ubayd and Bob Paulson were now marching to the beat of a different drum. In the aft CRF Agent Chips caught a glimpse of a cucaracha that caused a drumstick, of shorts, to be readied for knight action, or for Spanish speakers and thrill seekers, una cucaracha muy apretado puesto en una hermosa laguna muslo. As the drumstick was introduced to la cucaracha, a pleased and pleasant heterosexual CEMAW consenting female selected BP36 on her Clipper Spelunking Helmet causing Agent Chips not to wonder if he should go or stay as they reprised the delightful roles they played during a roll in the hay in September, 1968 near Nob Noster, Missouri where Chips had gained the moniker ‘knob master of the Show Me state”.


Bean Spiller enjoyed the ‘saucy spoons, slow hand’ as much as Agent Chips enjoyed missing the Umbrellaman briefing knowing that pleasing a woman’s raging libido was much more important than explaining to Obama, Cameron, Zuma, Maggie Thatcher, Christopher Shale, Dr David Kelly, Robin Cook or Kris Marcy the significance of BLATCHFORD in this GOOGLEBAIT G-SPOT:

[ pelindaba + obama + blatchford + Cameron + kelly + cook + shale + thatcher + field ] 

After the three minute ‘sociable break’, Umbrellaman’s voice lead a briefing where each Abel Danger Agent assigned to Operation TURBAN SHIELD or THIGH GAP followed along with the four index cards given them, all having writing on both sides. As the image of Hammer MacCheese covered the words of Umbrellaman, in the aft CRF Agent Chips thought of Dianne Feinstein to keep from an early exploculation that would prematurely deny pleasure to Agent Bean Spiller whose quiver was enjoying a straight arrow know as BIG CHIEF amongst North American natives who recognized the GREAT SPIRIT.

“Ladies and genitals of Abel Danger, at this hour 0311 I am ordering Operations TURBAN WARRIOR and concurrent civil Operation THIGH GAP to go live. I have dispatched the MAIN BANG to Atlanta, Georgia to help expose Pussy Chambliss of Georgia for his 11 years of disservice to America and oath keeping veterans like Max Cleland, Field McConnell, Tyrone Woods, Taylor Morris, Pat Tillman, Chic Burlingame and Gerald De Conto. Max and Field share the same confirming scripture, Proverbs 3:5/6. which I will read aloud and you will see it on the NCIC-WTF side of your FIVE CAR STUD. Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths. Max Cleland and Field McConnell met on a delayed flight from Minneapolis to Fargo in October, 2002. Max had left three limbs at Khe Sanh’s Hill 471 where he left his right arm and both legs. Now Pussy Chambliss is covering Barak Mournier Ubayd’s ass from the inevitable exposure of BARRY SOETORO and Barak Hussein Obama as a fraud cooked up as written on the 5 cards marked CSORF, FFF, ITF, IVF and MPF. Pussy Chambliss of Georgia on Sunday said the controversial National Security Agency’s surveillance program helped to detect a potential terrorist plot that lead to the shuttering of over 20 U.S. embassies around the world. He is so full of shit his eyes are brown, read this TW1305 issued at 1411 on Friday, 2 August, 2013 by U S fucking Marine Field McConnell. ( Ginger Cookie, the Marines are landing ):

Operation Pelindaba Blackjack Abel Danger TW1308 2 Aug 13-3 Sep 13
from Field McConnell to you + 16 more at 1504 EDT 2Aug13
From: Field McConnell
To:;; “;; “” “” “” “” “” “” 
Cc:” “” “” “” “” “” 2500+ BCC and to the CLOUD 

Attention US, UK, CA official personnel: 

Abel Danger believes Operation Blackjack could be caused to go from exercise to live just as Amalgam Virgo/Global Guardians went live on the morning of 9/11. 

Personnel in a position to SWITCH have 2 bad choices: 

1) Allow the exercise to SWITCH knowing Abel Danger has posted [ pelindaba + Obama + Cameron + zuma + thatcher + Field McConnell ] and Assumption Parrish, Indianapolis, Washington DC, Goodyear AZ, Portland, Oregon whereupon Obama, Cameron and the remnants of Haig’s OCTOpus will have to explain the nuclear facilities at Blatchford, Frome, Pelindaba and Gibraltar and why they, Obama and Cameron, did not stop the exercise. 

2) If the exercise DOES NOT GO LIVE, those who cancel it will appear inept cowards. 

The switching of an exercise into a mass casualty event is orchestrated through man-in-the-middle attacks on Cisco air gap for SIPRnet and NIPRnet platforms out of the RCMP E Division in Surrey, B.C. (Check 6, Paulson) 

Field McConnell 
U S Marine 0116513

sidebar to Gov Malloy, here is your timeline pal : 

[ Napolitano + dhs + dmort V + hseep + crisis actors + vision box + FIELD MCCONNELL ] 

Abel Danger will terminate this Threat Window when we deem it SAFE. 

“Ladies and genitali of Abel Danger, according to Pussy Chambliss, “had it not been for the government-surveillance program, the intercepts could have been missed,” Chambliss, the vice chairman of the Senate lack of Intelligence Committee, said on NBC’s “Meet the Perverts, excuse me, press,” Pussy Chambliss, who propped us bull shitter Bush in 2002 in coverning up the Gorelick-Haig-Hillary-Reno-Marcy ‘reinvent government 9/11’ announced on 22 October, 1996 in the GREAT HALL OF SHAME at U S Department Lacking Justice, limply attempted to prop up the Goose Stepping Geriatric three little pussies, Cameron, Harper and Ubayd. “There’s been an awful lot of chatter out there,” Chambliss said, referring to the term used for intelligence intercepts. “Very reminiscent of what we saw pre-9/11. We didn’t take heed on 9/11 in the way that we should, but here, I think, it’s very important that we do take the right kind of planning as we come to the close of Ramadan or Abel Danger’s Turgid Warrior might have his Pakastani doppelganger RAMA DONGTHRU poke holes in David Cameron-Obama-Harper’s bull shit smoke screen and save the world from the PELINDABA PICKLES. Hammer MacCheese indicates that Agent Hamish will take over to brief the FIVE CAR STUD. Cheers, Godspeed and ‘sociable’, Hamish, you have the floor.”

Hamish took a power gulp of mineral water as Agent Johnson Shaft, Chips’ doppelganger back at the Plum City American Legion had three Abel Bodies deployed to deliver grazing, flanking, interlocking and fusillade FIELDs of fire if DHS and Obama were foolish enough the deploy a FALSE FLAG before U S Marine Field McConnell next speaks at assuming random dates of Labor Day and Veterans Day are still on his speaking calendar to explain to loyal oath keeping patriots how God FOREKNEW, PREDISTINED, CALLED, JUSTIFIED the person the world would see defeat the Evil Cabal easily found by googling this G-Spot: 

[ Haig + Obama + Paulson + McLean + Clinton + Marcy + Jolie + Gorelick + Clinton ] which leads to this chapter which leads to a world class image of Haig’s Octopussies.

8-3-2013 #1634 Marine Links RCMP Paulson E-Division Foreign Fugitive File and Sister’s Identity Theft File to BHO

Agent Hamish began his speaking as Umbrellaman’s voice faded and Hamish’s Image replaced that of Agent MacCheese.

“Ladies and genitals of Abel Danger. We have until my 70th birthday, 7 August, 2013 to block HSBA-MDA-CAI-Berkshire Hathaway-Citigroup Operation PINCH A LOAF. I will now refer to the five cards you have in front of you, on the front of each of the five cards is written these terms: Missing Person File (1975), Foreign Fugitive File (1987), Immigration Violator File (1996), Convicted Sexual Offender Registry File (1999)and the Identity Theft File (2005) and I will brief each file separately noting how Marcy, Gorelick, Hillary helped Alexander Haig plan JFK’s murder, 9/11 and Operation PINCH A LOAF which according to our own TW 1305 is currently set to GO LIVE in TW 2Aug13-3Sep13. To understand the 5 files and how they allowed Haig’s Octopus to create Kissinger’s Monkey, we need to understand what the NCIC is? The NCIC is a nationwide, computerized information system established as a service to all criminal justice agencies—local, state, and federal, first translated into French by Field’s sister, Kris Marcy, pictured on the screen in front of you pinching a load on 22 October, 1996 as instructed to do by Thomas J. Smolich, senior Jesuit in US tasked to implode America on 7 August, 2013. We have the means to prevent that………………..”

Hamish was cutoff in mid statement as the OmniGlobes at all Abel Danger locations, RAF Coughton, Pine Gap and (redacted) went black. All Abel Danger Agents next heard the voice of Agent Mona Bleu speaking in French to which Atomic Betty translated to English for people defending America from the remnants of the Octopus. As Buck Naked and Barry M. Hall heard at the conference table, other Abel Danger Agents heard at their duty stations aField and aBroad, capeche?

“Field, Ramadan ends on Aug 7 so the last 10 days are the most important. Today, 4 August, 2013 is the holiest day on the Muslim calendar known as Night of Power/Laylat al Qadr: and that means that in the false teachings of the Q’uran, this is the night in which the angel Gabriel allegedly revealed himself to Muhammad with the first of the Quranic verses. Sura al Qadr–97:1 We have indeed revealed this (Message) in the Night of Power (Laylat al Qadr): 2 And what will explain to thee what the Night of Power is? 3 The Night of Power is better than a thousand Months. 4 Therein come down the angels and the Spirit by Allah’s permission on every errand: 5 Peace!… This until the rise of Morn!” Field, oh sorry, Agent Chips, do you find it odd that Barak Mournier Ubayd’s 52nd birthday is on the NIGHT OF POWER? I will meet your at the normal place near HartsFIELD airport. I want a Knight of your power, capeche? Mona Bleu.” Sent from my Black Ubayd Barry device by flying monkeys.

The Falcon 7x suddenly shook violently spilling drinks in the front and almost causing Agent Chips to exploculate before the lady with the THIGH GAP to die for. As Buck Naked repaired to the cockpit to see if 80W and Stone were restarting the engines and deploying the RAT, in the AFT CRF Agent Bean Spiller started her signature war hoop, in Cherokee, indicating to Chips that it would soon be time to GO NOW, at least for Barak Obama who totally fucked up Operation BLACKJACK.


Happy Birthday Barry Boy, Punahou ‘79

Sign that Field McConnell, US Marines, Punahou ‘67

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