Stratum Zero Killers “Death by GMT” – Book 11 Chapter 15

Operation FOUL TAINT Exposes Crack in Gorelick-Marcy-Hakes Trio of Traitors 
Perjured Eric Holder Taken Down In Operation QUICKSAND?

Nixon Was A Brownie Scout Compared To This Hump

Annapolis Trident Skewers Cabalists’ OCTOPUS In Operation FOUL TAINT


 Fourth Man In The Fire Turns The Tables On The Moneychangers’ Friends 
Voted Maine South High School’s 1965 “Most Likely To Commit Treason” 
Tuna Breath Traitor’s Future Sunk By AD Exposure Of Benghazi Bunglering


google [ mccain + McConnell + TREASON + pawlenty ] 
Thunder Thighs Token Honky Heifer In CAMPTOWN RACES? 
Find The 3 ‘Camptown Ladies’ If You Dare

Vulcan of Love To Shoot Down Obama-Clinton In Issa’s Supoena

Space Cowboys Soetoro and Holder Plan Trip To Uranus


Anna Chapman, Vladimir Putin, Agent Chips: Astana KZ April, 2009

Boston “Bomb Squad Drill” Causes Two FBI Guys to Fall Out of Helo; a Hole in Head

Agent Chips Probes Deep To Unravel Soetoro-Clinton Treason

When Issa’s Supoena Shit Hits The Fan; America Has Ace In The Hole

google [ Francey Hakes + GORElick + Marcy + Reno + Figliuzzi ]

google [ Brandon Bryant + las vegas + 2006 + innocents ]

Wisconsin: Home To Abel Danger and Clear Thinking 


Al Gore, Blow It Out Your Ass

Two Bitter Boobs 
Humping Huma Ploy To Garner LBGT Vote Mired In QUICKSAND 2013

Treason McCain Sent To Syria By Soetoro To Irritate Israelis? 

In Chapter 14 Chips opined laconically that he knew which “Someone” was responsible for the murder of 4 Americans in Benghazi and the lies that followed. That someone and all who were involved in the Benghazi murder and cover up must be held fully accountable. Agent Chips of Abel Danger listed only four respondents: Barry Soetoro Punahou ’79, Hillary Vaginosis Clinton, Leon Panhead Panetta, Martin ‘I envy Petraeus’ Dempsey, USMA ’74. The day before speaking at Van Zandt County Veteran’s Memorial as keynote speaker of the Memorial Day Observance, Agent Chips discovered that Reggie Love and Barry Soetoro were doing cocaine, and each other, which left only 3. A communication on behalf of Panhead Panetta eliminated Leon due to intellectual fragility, which left two: Vaginosis and Envy Breath. Chips maneuvered for the KILL.

Chips had read the incoming two pager and had checked the MI of Agent Ginger Cookie and found her sudsing like a Maytag. “Ginger, I must have relief of my most base instincts, do you mind if I remove your IOC and perform an enduro?”

Ginger, being a CEMAW heterosexual female of beyond child bearing years quipped “Chips, please know I’d love your plank to ply my tranquil waters but I just got an IM from another Dangerette that she needs to debrief you regarding the Johnston-Obama Entrust key bull shit that will ‘double down’ on Barry Soetoro, Punahou ’79 not to be confused with how Barry liked it when Larry Sinclair would DOUBLE DOWN on him. As she reluctantly withdrew to resume her waitress duties, outside the door of Room #303 another Dangerette awaited the ‘tag team of Chips’ which would prevent Barry Soetoro and Hillary Clinton from finishing off what Bill Clinton and George W. Bush might have started under direction of GHWB, nazi extraordinaire, see also PAPER CLIP and focus on the events of two years, 1947 and 1979 capeche?


Dangerette Mona Blue thanked Ginger Cookie for resuming her cocktail waitress disguise as she let herself into Room 303 to demonstrate to Agent Chips what Bill Clinton meant about Gennifer Flowers, garden hoses and tennis balls. As she applied her craft to his shaft, Agent Chips missed an incoming Routine Clipper from Agent Hamish whose doppelganger was drinking mineral water at the player piano, which was currently playing the Raymond LeFerve version of Soul Coaxing from 1968 and hoping that Mr. Issa’s subpoena would be presented AFTER Agent Chips’ speaking at the Van Zandt County Veterans Memorial on 27 May, 2013 and before the HELLERSTEIN EVENT in the Southeast District of New York from whence cometh the new FBI 9/11 Truth Blocker, see also FBI Director. Seems Kristine Marcy finally tired of useful idiot PRINCETON SWAN who had a killer of a job, but not like John Wheeler Parsons of MITRE, capeche? As his pleasure heightened he prevented an early exploculation by mentally reviewing the explosion in female pedophilia that has occurred in the post ‘Marcy-Gorelick-Reno’ era.


Chapter 15 Starts Here:

Scripture of the Day: John 10:18

18 No one takes it from Me, 
but I lay it down of Myself. 
I have power to lay it down, 
and I have power to take it again. 
This command I have received from My Father.” 

Gospel Song of the Day:


  1. God of our fathers, whose almighty hand Leads forth in beauty all the starry band Of shining worlds in splendor through the skies, Our grateful songs before Thy throne arise.
  2. Thy love divine hath led us in the past, In this free land by Thee our lot is cast; Be Thou our ruler, guardian, guide and stay, Thy Word our law, Thy paths our chosen way.
  3. From war’s alarms, from deadly pestilence, Be Thy strong arm our ever sure defense; Thy true religion in our hearts increase, Thy bounteous goodness nourish us in peace.
  4. Refresh Thy people on their toilsome way, Lead us from night to never-ending day; Fill all our lives with love and grace divine, And glory, laud, and praise be ever Thine.

Secular Song of the Day: Ace in the Hole/ Geo Strait


Chapter 15 Abel Danger Urges Cancellation Of Adam Koresh Trap on Potomac



As Chapter 15 opens, a message from a former employee of the Goosestepping Geriatrics haunting the halls of Windsor Castle: “The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to permit the conquered Eastern peoples to have arms. History teaches that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by doing so. Indeed I would go so far as to say that the underdog is a sine qua non (EEC) for the overthrow of any sovereignty. So let’s not have any native militia or police. German troops alone will bear the sole responsibility for the maintenance of law and order.” Adolf Hitler, April 11, 1942. Now some 71 years later the same Nazi krauts have sent another 3 gay males to try and get the entire world UNDER THEIR THUMB. Fuck off, nazi breath!!!! Hark back to 1790 while Soetoro and Reggie Love knock off another hunk of burning love which is perfectly OK with the LBGT Bible called Queen James (per)Version. We promise to explain EEC after Soetoro and Reggie are done being abominations not to be confused with Obamanation which is also an ‘abomination’.


The Path That Leads To Destruction Is Included In ROADMAP above

[ As one of the many examples of Satan’s massive deception and his intent to destroy the family, we learn that in December, the new Queen James Version (QJV) of the Holy Bible was published in the U.S. and made available for sale (Australian Women’s Weekly, December 18, 2012). Its cover shows a rainbow cross (depicting “gay pride”) and its purpose is to edit Bible verses that condemn homosexuality, so “homophobic” interpretations become impossible (ibid.). In total, eight sections of the King James Version were edited to remove God’s clear instructions. ]


google [ dhs + Margie Sullivan + redtree + vogt + dunning + Abel Danger ] sinks chief 

Chips was enjoying Mona Blue’s prowess in breathing through her ears and as she continued to apply negative viscous pressure to a pitot-tube like appendage, Chips considered to himself how a simple note found on the Boston Fire Chief’s desk may have allowed his 13 assistant chiefs to take him out with only two items: the google search above and the hand written notes that said “next up, 4 July between Peachtree Battle and Lindbergh” words that would mean nothing to anyone ignorant of the PELINDABA PICKLES and The Peachtree Road Race. By the way, we will explain EEC very soon. However, we have been CALLed by The Master to expose the plans to have another False Flag attack in Atlanta on 4 July, 2013 so if you have failed to google [ peachtree + pelindaba + chips + pastel ] do so now and you should discover our warning of 14 May, 2013: May 14, 2013 … Way back in the previous chapter Agent Chips had been … as she half-masted Chips’ Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster in Pastel Manly Mocha. … FIRE..utilizing the PELINDABA PICKLES and the 3M WMD ( missing Minot munition… The Atlanta Event is the Peachtree Road Race of 4 July, 2013…which will follow removal of BOSTON BEANER.


Chips could tell by the increased tempo of Mona Blue’s pleasing technique that she was ready to finish him off in hopes of engaging him in an enduro in her favored position RABBIT EARS. Ever the gentleman, Agent Chips launched a batch of Smoked Oysters just as a FLASH FESTUS came in from Agent Barry M. Hall of the Atlanta AD Office who was ‘on assignment’ at the ‘far end’ of the bar two floors below Room 303.


Operation QUICKSAND Agent Barry M. Hall FLASH FESTUS to Agent Chips, MacCheese, Tillman, Rooster Cogburn, Hoss and Stone, copy Hamish: Intel coming in from the Tugboat Twins in Portsmouth indicate that they have succeeded in getting a press office that will be open to journalists and activists. It is contemplated that UK Column, Pie N’Mash Films, the tentacle in Eyre and Abel Danger will join with (redacted) in being ‘on scene’. The meeting of the Bilderbergs has not been open for the previous 58 meetings. The recent ABJECT FAILURES of the FALSE FLAGS in Boston and Woolwich whose CRISIS ACTORS and REDTREE ACTORS failed to convince anyone in America that the words [ A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.] are no less true in America in 2013 than they were when first published in 1790. Fanny Galore, who was ‘on scene’ during the Woolwich Hoax where she pulled a grocery cart behind the CRISIS ACTOR causing the producer [ John Simmons, Margie Sullivan? ] to reshoot the scene as clearly it was street threater and Fanny Galore ruined TAKE ONE not to be confused with the Dave Brubeck hit “Take Two”. According to our ‘domestic’ in the Grove Hotel ( Hertfordshire ) the 11 targeted room are ‘prepared’ and will be on Livestream beginning 1630, 5 June, 2013. Umbrellaman has requested that Chips meet me in the bar at 1715, time now 1708. The Hammers will be in the loop and I will be at the far end of the bar, contemplating EEC as it pertains to Peachtree HOAX. Barry M.


Mona, 80W, Ginger Cookie, Agent Vani and (redacted) Throw Their IOCs In The Ring 

Chips noticed that Mona Blue had draped her IOC on the lampshade and ‘spread her wings’, in a manner of speaking. Something about her appearance made him think of Harry Patch, the last surviving soldier of WWI who claimed “war is organized murder and nothing else” [ google it, I dare you ]. Of course Harry Patch’s comment in 2009 was 72 years after Smedley Darlington Butler’s 1937 laconic opinination “war is a racket” or Agent Chips’ comment in 2006 “Hillary and Marcy remoted the airliners and drones used in FALSE FLAG TOPOFF of 9/11. Chips felt strangely attracted to a patch at the confluence when he realized he had two minutes to meet Barry M. Hall so he gave Mona Blue a kiss on her (redacted), noticed a hint of clover, and left a DND sign on the door as he left to meet the Atlanta Peachtree Project not to be confused with the Alan Parsons Project whose monster hit from 1982 plays during the Canton F4D Parade video found by searching youTube for [ veteran fighter + canton texas + field mcconnell ].


Taking the stairs two at a time, Chips hurried to meet Barry M. Hall at the end of the bar which is neither an acronym for Browning Automatic Rifle or British Accreditation Registry but rather a place where big boys take big gulps and big girls observe big bulges but not like the Battle of The Bulge where Agent Chips’ Uncle Donald fought in 1944. In Room 303 Agent Mona Blue was given a ’60 minute’ call regarding forward deployment to Dobbins AFB in a C17 Globemaster and she was hoping Chips was getting a similar call as she ached for him to master her globes.



Entering the bar, Chips found that Barry M. Hall was at the far end of the bar and have a file of 4 pages in front of him marked “QUICKSAND” and two 16 ounce Abel Danger glasses one with a CSM and the other a quadruple bypass Jack and Coke which looked more amber than cola colored capeche? Barry pushed the CSM towards a cocktail napkin with 0+57 written in red as he got up to select F4 on the classic Wurlitzer Jukebox around the corner from the far end. A pair of working girls took the stools to right of Chips and to left of Barry’s stool not to suggest anything at all about colo-rectal health or the advantages of a high roughage diet, capeche? As Barry mounted his stool, Chips noticed the girl on his right assumed a posture which afforded him a view to a kill, of sorts.



“Chips, we have 56 minutes to get organized as DFW267 will be outside in front of the Fredonia to get you and THE PACKAGE to KTYR for a quick lift to Barksdale AFB where there are ‘three heavies’ awaiting for an apparent forwarding to Dobbins. You will be on none of the three heavies, however, your doppelganger will be on the one with a boom. Umbrellaman has signaled to TILLMAN and MacCHEESE that the package is code named Quatro and will be picked up at 1811 as we understand COMEY’s Crumbs are set for 1815 but which time Quatro will be three miles west with the hammer down. If you turn to page three in your file, and turn the cocktail napkin upside down, you will be adequately briefed for QUICKSAND, if Umbrellaman does, in fact, invoke that which would signal that Hillary’s FOUL TAINT has been ‘cleansed’ and Barry Soetoro’s career is next to be CREAMED, in this effort ICE-creamed as ICE, BATF, DHS and FBI are all increasingly aware that their futures are about as secure as the recently terminated BOSTON BEANER and not for the record I did not mention the BEANER’s name or ethnic background but we have suggested he left an incriminating note on his desk which exposes the places for PEACHTREE BATTLE and LINDBERGH set for 4Jul13 in ATL.

Take a look at the briefing guide while I use my proboscis to determine which of these working girls is emanating this delightful hint of clover.”


Chips was impressed that his associate, Hamish Charles Watson, had sent a shot across the bow of FBI Comey simultaneous to the prosecution in Fargo Municipal Court of a May, 2013 Criminal Complaint entitled FA-2013-CR which involved a ‘gerbil missile’ which is in no way related to the Sunburn Missiles deployed by France with Iranian markings or the results of this google search pairing [ F35 + Harper + Chips + pastel + IOC ] which put Glamourboy ‘on notice’ that any F35s he and Nigel ‘Garageboy’ Glasscock might consider would be missing a key component thanks to Mike Duffy’s appetite for self promotion, see also [ Chips + Hamish + Humpty Dumpty + ioc + pastel ] which will produce a result from 2 years ago regarding the efforts of Mona Blue, Chips, Hamish and Atomic Betty to expose the LIPSTICK LIMPWAD in leg 3 of the Geriatric Goosesteppers Three Legged Queer Stool, capeche? Don’t believe me, google it, I dare you. As Chips marveled at the ineptness of Glamourboy, Soetoro and the ‘dork at #10’, he checked his $10 Walmart and saw only 29 minutes before ‘rodeo time’ and he hoped against hope that THE PACKAGE might include Miss Blue, Ms. Mona Blue, at least for the KTYR to KBAD leg of the journey as he had a leg, or sorts, he wished to share with the delightful wearer of the Pastel Robin Egg Blue IOC that matches perfectly the fresh paint on Pat Tillman’s Ghost and notice I did not refer to [ 23 star fraggers + pat tillman ].

Rebekah’s Murdoch – PKI Canary Wharf – NATO Pedophiles

Sasquatch and Hillary furious at Weiner – Who has the Obama, Murdoch hammer?

Jul 13, 2011 … A Flash Weinergram came from an aroused and focused Hamish on Plum Dandy …. Meanwhile, back in the Humpty Dumpty Chips van, Agent Ginger … biffy carrying an IOC in Pastel Robin’s Egg Blue, Chips was regaled with …

Agent Barry M. Hall tapped on his cel phone to encourage Agent Chips to read the 3rd page and stop thinking about his third leg. Turgidity decreased to 93% as Agent Chips reviewed the upcoming exposure of the patsy Comey who would replace patsy Mueller at FBI making it ‘three in a row’ for the ghoul-gals of 1950 Old Gallows Road where Treason is regaled and penises are repulsed, capeche?



Operation QUICKSAND para 04.1302, Option 3: In the event that the ‘peaceful open carry’ exercise briefed by Agent Chips on Tuesday, 28 May, 2013 at the Temple, Texas Cracker Barrel Restaurant located at 3687 S. General Bruce Drive, southeast corner of I35 and SW H K, is a success, Abel Danger will announce NET 4 June, 2013 that United States Marine Field McConnell, 0116513, has linked his sister, Kristine ‘Con Air’ Marcy, to asset forfeiture funds, apparently used by HSBC to reward SOS Mothers in Mexico as pedophile-feminist (pedo-fem) handlers of contract killers, and the former U.S. Deputy Attorney General James Comey’s alleged cover up of torture and mass murder in the Juarez ‘House of Death’, allegedly sponsored by Ms. Marcy’s erstwhile SES associates in Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) who have now ‘seen the light’ and are cross-talking with Abel Danger in Spanish and Navajo only. Any ‘inquiring minds’ wishing to verify that Agent Chips was there can call Cracker Barrel at 1-254-774-7457 and ask them if at 1240, 28 May, a diner paid cash for the 4 vegetable dinner and a sweet ice tea. Assuming that the Temple ‘peaceful open carry’ exercise goes off without a hitch, Abel Danger will be strongly encouraging all Americans to avoid the Adam Kokesh march planned for a bridge between Northern Virgina and Washington DC, which should be cancelled BEFORE 30 May, 2013, if Agent Chips’ meeting in Temple’s Cracker Barrel pays RICH DIVIDENDS causing those in Washington DC to have have their panties in a bunch because of the results of this timely google pairing:



 [ Comey + Marcy + House of Death + Juarez + SENTRI ]


Chips smiled to think that his Texas ‘presence’ was encouraging two courageous elected officials from the only state where not a single county voted for the Chicago Excrement in the erection of November, 2012 resulting in the Effluence of 20 January, 2013 as he heard the rumble of a 502 powered 39 Stud slither up to the curb in front of the hotel. Barry M. Hall tapped him on his left knee three times. Chips took the time to view a short video message from Agent S2Frog in the Sooner State before draining his CSM, checking his extra three clips for the Sig Sauer P226 and leading Agent Barry M. Hall out to Abel Danger Motor Pool unit DFW267 which was idling at the curb. Chips acknowledged Tillman at the wheel who invited Barry M. Hall to ride shotgun so Chips and the Dangerette DuJuor could probe each other for vital intel enroute to the airport in Tyler which would be a ‘launch point’ for the end of Comey’s brief ‘killer of a job’ serving as a drone patsy to the EVIL WOMEN fueled by the Asset Forfeiture Fund since 1984, no reference to George Orwell intended nor should any persons believe it is related to the disappearance of Ben Fellows who was under a witness protection plan involving London’s Metropolitan Police who may or may not be trustworthy for persons not familiar with Cressida Dick, see also Juliet Wheldon + Cressida Dick + Hamish + Chips if you have balls the size of watermelons. As Barry M. Hall adjusted himself, Tillman quietly spoke a security challenge to Barry: Ward, June, Dirty TV. Barry M. Hall responded “Ward, you were a little hard on the Beaver last night” as Tillman selected ‘3’ in the overdrive transmission of the 502 powered 39 Stud. Meanwhile, in the back seat…

Oops, no time for that as a FLASH FESTUS was arriving on the Alpine CDE-143BT CD Receiver just like the two being shipped from CrutchFIELD to Agent Chips for installation in PAT TILLMAN’S GHOST and the 39 Stud known as 267DFW, capeche?

For the ‘slow movers’ out there, follow the movement, I say again, MOVEMENT of the pair of Alpines with this tracking number at UPS GROUND:

Tracking number: 1Z2807700369648563

 Four DEER In The Headlights of the 39 Stud 

google [ Marcy + SENTRI + Juarez + House of Death + Comey ]


Agent Tillman slowed the 39 Stud to a mere 84 miles per hour so he and Barry M. Haul could hear the update from Hammer MacCheese being delivered by voice, VOIP, IM and .html across the global Abel Danger network as endorsed by Umbrellaman. Barry M. Hall adjusted the volume on the Alpine CDE-143BT and selected ‘record’ for later play back as it appeared Agent Chips had his nose in Mona’s business in the back seat. Tillman caught a glimpse of Pastel Robin Egg Blue dangling from an ankle and smiled to think how Agent Chips seemed to always get the PLUM assignments. At MacCheese spoke, Tillman and Barry M. Hall focused on each laconic word.

“MacCheese near Fredonia. Steve Stockman, Mike Zullo, Joe Arpaio, Missouri CSPOA, Agent Chips. Good news on horizon, Operation QUICKSAND poised to bury Thunder Thighs, Holder, Barry Soetoro Punahou ’79. If Agent Chips is not knee deep in a security probe please let him know that the Steve Stockwood + Ted Cruz + Justin Amash + Field McConnell google pairing is set to go viral and Soetoro and Holder plan a quick exit to destination URANUS, capeche? MacCheese out”. 

Abel Danger: Stratum Zero Killers “Death by GMT” – Book 11 ……/…‎

May 5, 2013 – American Gunslinger Field McConnell to File Treason Charges 11 May, 2013….. Steve Stockwood, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and the ‘third Cuban’ await your … with Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Justin Amash regarding Wacko-bird, 

Chips was enjoying the many pleasant features of Miss Blue, Miss Mona Blue when a FLASH FESTUS from the Tugboat Twins in Hertfordshire came across the Alpine CDE with positive news from Metropolitan Police but not from Cressida Dick, see also Eliza Manningham Buller. Abel Danger was ‘all over’ Cressida and Eliza way back in 2010 as one might find if one were to google [ Cressida Dick + Eliza Manningham Buller + pastel + Hamish + Chips ] and if you computer has ‘autofind’ this result to pop up, not to be confused with Agent Chips’ PTRC which is legendary in its ability to pop up:

Abel Danger: Good Queen Bess and the Stranglers Scarf – Chapter 10…/good-queen-bess-and-stranglers-scarf_17.h…‎

Sep 17, 2010 – Hamish clippered Chips from inside a padlocked bag at Left Luggage,… Police CCTV archives controlled by Eliza and the Dick named Cressida. ….. Ask her to find out if MI-5 former boss Eliza Manningham Buller, gave Lord … Suky removed an IOC in Pastel Banana Custard which exposed a delightful….

Operation QUICKSAND Agents Tugboat Twins FLASH FESTUS to Hammers in QUICKSAND, Tillman, Hoss, Stone and Chips as wells as Dangerettes IDed by Pastel Robin Egg Blue, Ginger Snap, Mint Green and Turquoise, copy Hamish: Our domestic in the Hertfordshire Hotel notes the following assigned room as of 1500 GMT, 04 June 2013: anne-marie slaughter + eric e. schmidt + robert e. rubin + jessica t. mathews + david h. petraeus + jeff bezos . Our domestic has photographed a group of handwritten notes left on the desk of (redacted). The key words are Evercore, Common Core, Common Purpose, Pedo-Femme and Peachtree Abort. Fanny Galore and Brendan B. Hand are working the ‘hospitality suite’ and Belfast Mike and Agent Humber are working the Lobby Bar. More details regarding EXIT URANUS and SPACE CADETS after the sophomores go to sleep. Tugboats of Portsmouth/UKC/AD



google [ anne-marie slaughter + eric e. schmidt + robert e. rubin + jessica t. mathews + david h. petraeus + jeff bezos + evercore ] to learn where these space cadets are 6 June 13 

Soetoro and Holder Plan Trip To Uranus As AD Blocks UN Weapons Treaty, Kerry sobs.

The TUGBOAT TWINS Flash Festus was wrapping up as Agent Tillman slowed to make the exit of I20 and head north to the KTYR airport while in the back seat of the 1939 Studebaker Commander Agent Chips had provided his branded ‘cunning linguist’ verbiage to Agent Mona Blue’s ‘hungry ears’, not to be confused with Merle Haggard’s song about his mother’s HUNGRY EYES, in such an effective way that she rolled over but did not play dead seeking a transfer of Smoked Oysters from the deployer of the Plum City Trident which should finish off the beast in time for the July 18th Victory Party at Vino in the Valley set for 1800 local CDT on Thursday night before the sunrise service to be preached by Pastor CLYDESDALE who appears to be 83 on camera but his real age will be divulged in private at the sunrise service at Troubled Guy Lake when he preaches a SALVATION MESSAGE with a red, white and blue buckboard similar to Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show’s Wagon which was not available for use in Plum City due to a prior commitment in Oklahoma, capeche?



Mona Blue’s Tattoo Exposed in Backseat of 1939 Studebaker


Agent Tillman followed his last dispatch order, to deliver THE PACKAGE to N007HT which was parked at the edge of the ramp towards the Terminal at the south end of Runway 22, on the west side of Taxiway F as in ‘foxtrot’ not to be confused with Agent Mona Blue was a Fox who was hot to trot. Eyeing th Falcon 7X Agent Tillman noticed three red flashes from a catering truck parked along side the Falcon. Next he saw two green flashes indicating to him and Barry M. Hall that THE PACKAGE should go to QUICKSAND option 2. Barry M. Hall referenced page 3 of the ‘execution’ brief and pointed to a C17 idling at the confluence of taxiway’s F and G up north at the old military ramp. Tillman drove up the parallel Foxtrot taxiway as Barry M. Hall communicated with Agent Chips and Mona Blue simply saying “Rodeo Time 45 seconds” to which Agents Mona and Chips agreed to engage in the enduro once in what ever conveyance THE PACKAGE might be transported in knowing surely it would not be the New York Boatlift of 500,000 performed on 9/11 involving the SANDY HOOK PILOTS, et. al., not to invoke thoughts of Keith Whitley’s hometown of Sandy Hook, Kentucky or the exposure of [ DMORT V + dhs + hseep + Crisis Actors + Vision Box + John Simmons ] which is the google search that should have prevented the BOSTON BEANER’s Marathon Massacre and will, we believe, ensure that the PEACHTREE BATTLE/LINDBERGH Pelindaba Option for 4 July is canceled in favor of a less FORETOLD location, which rules out Assumption Parish, Yellowstone, Goodyear AZ and Portland, Oregon. The 39 Stud stopped by the crew hatch of the C17 Globemaster whereupon Chips and Mona Blue boarded the jet and repaired to the aft CRF as their doppelgangers got in the 39 Stud to drive back to the Falcon 7X which was still flight planned to KBAD assuming KBAD is still the ICAO ID of Barksdale AFB, Louisiana, not far from 2107 Venus Drive in Bossier City FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH not to foment that there is upcoming a FIELD DAY for the heat, see also [ Comey + Marcy + Asset Forfeiture + pedo-femme + Field McConnell ] and note, for the record, that I did not mention Bridgewater, A Bridge Over Troubled Waters or allude to a B24 named “TROUBLEMAKER” upon which there appeared a GIRL ON A SWING, capeche. Agent Chips latched the door of the aft CRF as Agent Mona Blue draped an IOC over the bedside lamp with the 15 watt bulb, turned out the light and assumed her favored position failing to notice an incoming Routine Clipper from Hamish who apparently was relapsing after his treatment at Betty Ford Center for his abuse of Mineral Water which might enrich the CEO of Nestle if Agent Chips cannot expose that pompous ass for the dim wit that he surely is and notice I didn’t call him Shirley.


The crew of the C17 included a common front end crew from the Associate Wing at Charleston AFB but as it was briefed to be a domestic leg the only navigator aboard was a Canadian Abel Danger Asset who, for security purposes, will be known only as Pale Rider and her ‘colors’ are Pastel Mint Green. Pale Rider had been privy to the collection of DNA rich evidence from the cottage in Tweed where the Canadian Stallion had kept about 20% of his TREASURE TROVE of little girls ‘dainties’ with Mary Elizabeth Harriman, his butch beard, totally clueless of the second batch, not to be confused with the Second Mile which caused Joe Paterno to take an early exit over. It is believed to be true that the couple that bought Russell Williams’ ‘rape and murder retreat’ has a daughter that knows the location of a third collection of ‘dainties’ that are buried in a shallow gravelike dugout in the FIELD behind Jessica Lloyd’s house. As Pale Rider gave a thumbs up to the Associate front end crew they applied ‘takeoff power’ and became airborne after about a 3400 foot roll as in the aft CRF Mona Blue gasped “Take me here, take me now” as she imagined someone much younger than the 63 year old swordsman who was about to add three names ( Soetoro, Holder, Comey ) to his Trident tipped Battle Standard in Crimson and Clover. As Chips engaged Mona in her favored position, Foxy Floor Show, he saw the dim blink of an amber LED in the flower vase glued to the bed side table so he knew Pale Rider was watching the Pile Driver, for security purposes, needless to say.



Jerry Sandusky Dreaming Of Operation PILEDRIVER In Penn State Showers 

Chips was in sync with Miss Blue, Miss Mona Blue but due to the ‘close quarters’ of her magnificent quim he needed to picture something offensive to prevent himself from an embarrassing early exploculation, EEE, not to be confused with the still undefined EEC which does not mean the Electronic Engine Control of an F16 with the old Pratt F100 engines that caused nervous low time pilots to curse ‘EEC, BUC’ when their engine wheezed and needed BACK UP CONTROL to avoid landing in the trees as some hapless French pilots, pardon the redundancy, did in front of a crowd and a video camera when they became the first ‘FADEC fuckees’ that Agent Chips tried to expose in Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC). Don’t believe me? Stare at this piece of subhuman excrement, called ‘scat ‘scat’ in Kazakhstan, as I find the video tape of the French dolts flying an Airbus into a forest.



Barry Soetoro Exaggerates The Size of Reggie Love’s Unit 
On Night Hillary Clinton BLOCKED THE RESPONSE


Too Late HSBC, Blue Mountain, Comey and Marcy Learn Of Mona Blue’s Resume 

In the Cock, I say again COCK pit of the C17, Pale Rider was sensing an elevation in MI as she occasionally would ‘check progress’ in the enduro being enjoyed by Agent Chips and Miss Blue, Miss Mona Blue who had had a close friend from college working in Human Resources at The Blue Mountain Group simultaneous to Mona’s work at the German-British NAZI BANK that was the biggest drug dealing bank of the 20th and 21st centuries according to wiretaps including a Fire Chief, a FEMA director in Georgia and a disgruntled DHS employee on the Texas-New Mexico border. To keep her raging libido in check, Pale Rider looked up at the FMGC and noticed the flight plan had been changed from KBAD to KMGE. She adjusted her bustier anticipating that she might be able to get a short game on the back nine if Agent Chips could be convinced of the true nature of the change of flight plan. As she was scratching her ‘lack of nuts’ and thinking, an incoming FLASH FESTUS from Rooster Cogburn lit up her Clipper Pastel Easel and she temporarily suspended her fantasy regarding ‘saucy spoons and Agent Chips’.


Regarding E-8C Joint Stars google [ james Crosby + brumhilde + image ]



Abel Danger Agents Brumhilde and James Crosby, E-8C AC and Systems Operator


Agent Chips and Agent James Crosby Arecibo 3-23-2011 
Operation PORK EWE 

Operation QUICKSAND Hammer Rooster Cogburn FLASH FESTUS to all players in Operations FOUL TAINT and QUICKSAND, copy Umbrellaman, Tugboat Twins and Brendan B. Hand: Word from UK Column is still no sign of Ben Fellows after video by Bill Maloney aired 36 hours ago. MacCheese and I are instructing THE PACKAGE to include Tillman, Barry M. Hall, Chips, Mona Blue and now Pale Rider to prepare to arrive at KMGE, KWRB or (redacted) within 30 minutes. Operation HUMPTY DUMPTY has the Harper government in shambles, the sex scandal at #10 has Cameron on defense, and Hillary and Barry Soetoro are now exposing each other regarding Benghazi as Hillary plays LBGT card and the short hot head married to the fat chick from Canada is playing the race card hoping to survive the ‘wacko birds’, if unfamiliar google the combo [ Amash + Rand Paul + Cruz + TRES CUBANOS + Agent Chips ] as the Jocko, Chips and Ira Hayes move in for the kill. Sidebar to Pale Rider, get this message to Agent Chips immediately, you will be on the ground somewhere in 20 minutes, time on my hack, +18, ready, ready, hack. Rooster 

Pale Rider checked the video monitor for the aft CRF and observed the Abel Danger standard PBPs ( post boinking protocols ) involving NAPAWASHes and a Marine Corps shower. She took the printed message date 4 June, 2013 and told the front end crew that Agent Chips would vastly prefer KATL or KMGE due to Delta, CDC, and an Agent whose father had once served on the 3rd U S S Block Island. As she hurried from the Cock, I say again COCK PIT to the after CRF she spray a splash of her cologne, COME TO ME, behind each ear and near her schnauzer. Using an Operation QUICKSAND pass key for the aft CRF she let herself into the darkened love chamber and summonsed Chips and Mona Blue to an ‘undercover briefing’ using a four D cell Magnalite.

Agent Mona Blue mentioned the need to visit the sandbox, as in Cougars, not the middle east where Rothschild’s Global Banking Empire is poised for ‘sunset’ as Chips scrambled under the covers and was drawn by her COME TO ME like a moth to a flame. As Chips prepped the area, Pale Rider cooed, we will be on the ground in 15 to 18 minutes, please give me ‘jackhammer, side oiler, quickie authorized’ and finish me off with a rimshot at the buzzer if you hear the toilet flush in the SAND BOX. As she rolled to her left to accommodate him, she selected F4 and C +15 on her Clipper Easel as Leonard Cohen’s slow crooning took her back to Ramey Air Force Base and Operation SURF’S UP, 2011.


As the Boxer got into the ring, Agent Chips read the message she had brought from the cockpit. The gentle undulations were providing mutual CEMAW heterosexual pleasure when the simultaneous flushing and four dings of the cockpit bell brought Agent Chips, Pale Rider and Mona Blue back into the hear and now as the ‘thunderstorm lights’ washed the CRF with brilliant white light as Chips finished his reading and listening to the panicked sounds from the aircraft commander.

Plum City – ( – June 4, 2013. United States Marine Field McConnell has linked his sister, Kristine Marcy, alleged deployment of HSBC asset forfeiture funds in a pedophile-feminist (pedo-fem) organization of SOS Children’s Villages in 132 countries, to HSBC’s hiring of former U.S. Deputy Attorney General James Comey to help cover up HSBC’s role in the mass murders in the Juarez ‘House of Death’.

McConnell claims his sister was introduced to HSBC SOS pedo-fem forfeiture racket during a 1966 visit to Hull House in Chicago and, further, that she used DOJ Asset Forfeiture Funds to help the genocidal Canadian Maurice ‘Chairman Moe’ Strong (cousin of late Anna Louise Strong), to build an HSBC SOS pedo-fem organization in China for the entrapment and extortion of leaders of the Chinese Communist Party and the People’s Liberation Army.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the aircraft commander speaking. We have lost control of the jet and it appears that the ‘Strangler’s Suite’ has reprogrammed the MCDU/FMGC to arrive at KADW in 55 minutes. According to ACARS message from James Crosby and Dwarf in the E-8C Joint Stars, DHS and FBI have a welcoming party at KADW awaiting. If Agent Chips has his ‘clipper solution’ available please repair to the cockpit as we have 178 seconds left on the countdown timer to ‘override’, after that, we are stuck going to Andrews. Chips, cockpit, stat, code blue, but not code Mona Blue.”

Mona had stepped out of the latrine and was donning her Pastel Robin Egg IOCs as Pale Rider helped stuffed Chips’ junk into his Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster in Pastel Manly Mocha with EHP wishing his TI would reduce to something more ‘pliable’. Chips signaled ‘good enough’ as he literally ran through the cargo area of the C17 and up into the cockpit. He withdrew his Clipper Squirt gun from his back IOC strap, and opened the flip lid while making direct eye contact with the young aircraft commander. He saw the count down time go to two digits and start blinking in amber, 99, 98, 97….

“Captain, are you ready to resume control of your jet at this time?”

88, 87, 86….

“Chips, hit the code and we will be at KATL in 12 minutes after a low fast flyby at Dobbins.” 71, 70 69 and just as the LEDs changed to red and ‘fast flash’ at 60, Agent Chips entered 311# and the FMGC/MCDU and both autopilots reverted to ‘crew control’.

The aircraft commander directed the jet into a left sliceback for Dobbins and 2500’ AGL. Looking over his should at Chips, he expressed his concern over a ‘second snatch’, which temporarily had Chips perplexed before he realized the young captain mean another capture by the Strangler’s Suite.

“Impossible skipper, I have entered a code whereby control cannot be remoted until all electrics and depowered on the ground. You are in control, ETA to Atlanta Hartsfield?”

“On the ground and at the rollout end of 08R in 8 minutes, max. Thanks Chips, we owe you one” which Chips didn’t hear as he went back to the CRF to brief Mona and Pale, wishing he could debrief either or both.

In the CRF he noticed Pale Rider still mesmerized by Leonard’s final lines of the song as an Immediate JASPAR came to all three of the Clipper devices.

Operation QUICKSAND European Hammer Otto Pilot IMMEDIATE JASPAR to Hamish, Chips, Umbrellaman, Domestic Hammers and Dangerettes deployed in QUICKSAND and the now completed FOUL TAINT: The 1940 Stud Champion with WI plates WW2 KIA has left the Duck Pond and repaired to 401 Main Street in Plum City. We interpret that as the Canadian caper is ‘in the bag’ and so we dial up the heat now between Thunder Thighs and Barry Soetoro Punahou ’79. Falcon 7X N007HT awaits at the rollout end of 08R. Otto Pilot, Stavanger, out.


1940 Studebaker Champion, Plum City Duck Pound

Gay EGGHEAD Topples Stephen Harper’s Eyeliner Operation

Nigel Glasscock, Mike Puffy Exchange Nupitals, Announce Pregnancy

Chips, Pale Rider and Miss Blue, Miss Mona Blue checked each other appearance for the RT to be accomplished on the ground at KATL. Agents Barry M. Hall and Tillman joined them in the aft CRF to discuss tactics and strategy during both the RT to the Falcon, and the RTB to Whiteman AFB, Missouri where the recently completed CSPOA convention had awarded Wisconsin’s Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee County as the Constitutional Sheriff of the Year. It was anticipated that Wisconsin would also be receiving Memorial Day Speaker of the Year Honors also if the video of the Keynote Speech at Canton, Texas of 27 May, 2013 was to clear Quantico within the next 72 hours.

Chips, Pale Rider and Mona Blue felt the flaps and slats extend to the first increment, so Mona Blue selected D6 and C+003 to listen to a calming song endorsing world peace sung by Gerry and the Pacemakers long before Dick Cheney got the first of his 4 pacemakers. One more and he’s an ace, like Agent Chips, who Mona and Pale agree is an ACE IN THE HOLE as he uses his Punahou ’67 ring to blow SMOKE RINGS around Nate Spencer, Larry Bland and Donald Youngs last lover.

Agent Chips was looking for the scripture about ‘trouble and care’ when he found something even better:

Yours, O Lord, is the greatness, The power and the glory, The victory and the majesty; For all that is in heaven and in earth is Yours; Yours is the kingdom, O Lord, And You are exalted as head over all. 1 Chronicles 29:11 

However, never being one to quit, Agent Chips found the other too regards cares and trouble:

1 Peter 5:7

casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you. 

John 16:33 

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” 

The C17 Globemaster touched down and rolled with minimal reversing to the rollout end of 08R. Agents Pale Rider and Mona Blue each handed Chips salmon colored 3 by 5 cards each with 5 hand written names. F X Taylor, Fig Leaf Gucci, Comey, Eric B Marcy were the first four on Mona Blue’s and Frances Hakey, Gorelick, Marcy and Reno were the first four on Pale Riders. Chips knew the two missing links would be explained on Livestream on the 5th of June, 2013.

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