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Smart Meters: The Rest of the Story
(Part One)

On August 31, 2011, an Idaho Power Contractor asked permission to enter my yard to install a smart meter. I refused permission for that purpose. After several phone conversations and letters back and forth, Chris Bell, a customer service representative for Idaho Power showed up at my door with a Deputy Sheriff to force the installation of the smart meter. I filed a formal complaint with the Idaho Public Utilities Commission that resulted in the opening of IPC-E-12- 04.

The meter that Idaho Power installed is the Landis+Gyr residential with the Aclara Two-Way Automated Communications (TWACS) software and circuit board for communications using power line carrier communications (PLCC) protocol. The TWACS components were shipped directly to Landis+Gyr to be installed in the meters before delivery to Idaho Power per Idaho Power direct testimony of Mark C. Heintzelman to the IPUC, Case IPC-E-08-16.

In general, the term ‘Smart’ as a noun refers to integrated computer hardware and/or software. The Smart Meter for utilities is a computerized device that includes data collection, data storage, data communications for transmission of meter data to the utility company. The data collection tables conform to ANSI Standard C12.19 Utility Industry End Device Data tables.

The Smart Meter is the end-use component of the Smart Grid which includes a hardware and software overlay on top of the electric grid. At the industrial interface points where mechanical equipment is installed, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems are used to control the intelligent (synonym for smart) mechanical devices and processes.

The objective of Smart Grid infrastructure is to have total ‘Situational Awareness’ over the entire electric grid right down to the level of recording a “toast event” at your house at 7:10 am on Tuesday. Situational Awareness is for the purpose of managing and controlling the use of electricity (demand management). Toward that end, electrical devices of all types are being designed to include smart grid interfaces to allow control of them from remote locations.

Manufacturers are still in the early stages of development for these interfaces, but the direction is clear. The following are excerpts from a study performed by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory operated by Battelle for the U.S. Department of Energy:

Pacific Northwest Gridwise Testbed Demonstration Project
Part II. Grid Friendly Appliances Project
Report published October 2007
Project for the U.S. DOE under Contract DE-AC05-76RL01830

The Grid Friendly Appliance Project tested the hypothesis that the GFA controller could directly contribute to frequency protection on the electric power grid. It performed a function similar to what is now practiced at some substations where underfrequency relays autonomously react to shed the load of entire feeders when low-frequency thresholds are crossed–

From early 2006 through March 2007, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) managed the Grid Friendly Appliance Project, a field demonstration of autonomous, grid- responsive controller called the Grid Friendly appliance (GFA) controller. This device is a small electronic controller board that autonomously detects underfrequency events and requests that load be shed by the appliance that it serves.

The study used 150 new residential clothes dryers that were manufactured for the project by Whirlpool Corporation and 50 retrofitted residential water heaters. The appliances were modified to shed portions of their electrical loads when they received signals from their GFA controllers…

Whirlpool Project

Here is another project for smart appliance development using federal grant money. Notice that the Key Targeted Benefit was reduced peak consumption – otherwise known as peak shaving. Also notice, ‘wireless communications and advanced control software’.

The significance of wireless communications on appliances is that remote control of the device can be triggered not just by low frequency as described in the Pacific Northwest Project, but can be triggered by the smart meter with software and the TWACS communications capability. The Aclara TWACS communications hardware and software with the Landis+Gyr meter can be configured to collect water and gas meter usage information when combined with the Badger water meter with Orion software. This demonstrates the fact that the smart meter is a gateway device to all of the “smart devices” in a person’s home. It should be noted that the wireless communications with smart devices at a residence does not mean that it operates instead of PLCC protocol for communications with the utility. Rather, it is in addition to PLCC in the same way that your computer can wirelessly communicate with your modem or mouse in addition to communicating through the internet over a phone line or cable connection.

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  • A simplification of how it is possible to hack into your domestic situation & other attacks that can be made to your personal & financial security is exposed in a TEDx talk entitled: 'Top hacker shows us how it's done: Pablos Holman' ,etc. All the interferer needs is to access a 'node' in your home or business, i.e. a smart TV -basically any gadget that has a wi-fi capability.

  • Sorry, I should have said that the TEDx talks are hosted on YouTube, for anyone that hadn't already guessed.

  • It's a good thing to expect and demand privacy in all of our normal household and daily living moments.
    But your privacy is more threatened and violated – daily – by the ceiling cameras at every Mcdonalds, 24 x 7, broadcasting online cellphones or laptop screens. Or by local teens or stalkers hired by an ex-spouse, following one about town or onto the local metro, broadcasting Instagram chats. Or by the countless free software which let a disgruntled boyfriend or former family member or jealous colleague, track your cell phone location, or broadcast your gym or ladies / gents room or other actions or conversations …

    As the mother of a missing / presumed murdered child, I care much more about the countless social media and cell violations of privacy, and hence safety … than DOE utilization.

    There are over 160,000 murders in the DC metro area each year … and hundreds of thousands more violent assaults. Part of the planning behind these crimes is premeditated stalking of the intended victim(s); often by someone known to them or near them. Teens and females fare the worst – our privacy is almost non-existent in large metro areas. Cameras are everywhere. And saavy criminals know how to use them.

    Most teens, or college students, lack the financial means to get away from abusers – where can they go BUT to fastfood hangouts? – and they are hurt. Or degraded. The American abuse of privacy is non-stop, unique, and very harmful. My son, before his kidnap/murder, was afraid even to play outside on a very nice playground in our very nice upscale complex. Due to stalking and threats. And as we were both slim / blond / fair, we stood out and were easily tracked and followed.

    Instagram, fast food cameras, software that tracks real-time police radio chatter, walkie talkie chatter, license plate movement, cell phone whereabouts, is very dangerous.

    We are so accustomed to having whatever we want, access to any information, that stalking and violence is killing or wounding more Americans in the US, especially women and children / teens, than any terrorist group, or foreign army, ever has. Consumers forget that "connection" SHOULD BE "two-way," and SHOULD involved mutual consent: I never gave my "ok" to mcdonalds, or starbucks, or anyone, to monitor and broadcast my movements or conversations or laptop screen, to … anyone. Period. But yet it is done, without my consent, whenever I enter a premise which broadcasts on Instagram. I never said it was "ok" to photography my desperately fearful child, anywhere. No one owns the right to anyone else's life. Or movements. Or words. Should not be allowed to take photos. That is horrific invasion.

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    If I could invent a "block" for Instagram, FB tagging and other social media gimmicks, cell phone "pinging," I might save a lot of lives.

    Mitigate trauma. There's nothing worse for a violence victim, than to also have to endure staking and intimidation by a defendant whom you are about to testify against/did testify against. Whether they are trying to kill you, or simply keep you out of work.

    Anyone here, can buy any weapon and carry it freely. Killing 10,000+ children yearly. And so on…
    If anyone living in the Washington DC area, has any knowledge related to the violent assault, kidnap and disappearance of my son, Evan, Christmas 2005, please contact me, his mother. Thank you.
    And if you observe anyone else being stalked, or harassed, by privacy invasion or Instagram or other means, I hope you interfere. And remind them it is not their right.