Security guard saw helicopter explode in mid-air – OBVIOUS NWO SPONSORED ASSASSINATION

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April 5, 2015

SEMENYIH, Malaysia – Rubber estate security guard Roslan Harun, 53, said he saw a red helicopter exploding mid-air during a heavy downpour.

“The moment I looked up, it exploded and I saw pieces of the helicopter fall to the ground. Then, there was a bigger explosion. It was louder,” said Roslan, who was the first to call the police.

He said he was about 2km away in Jalan Sungai Lalang when he saw it fall into the plantation.

Roslan said he was seeking shelter from the rain at the guardhouse when he saw the incident.

Kg Sungai Pening villager Yusry Ahmad said he heard a sound from the ill-fated he­­licopter, much like a “clanging rusted fan” as it fell to the ground.

“We were all out here waiting for the rain to stop because we heard that there was going to be a lunar eclipse tonight. Instead, we witnessed a helicopter crash,” he said.

Plantation farmer Abdul Rahim Alin, 42, said news of the crash shocked the quiet village, which was used to having planes and helicopters fly over.

“I never thought one would crash.”

Abdul Rahim said villagers here had organised a search party just minutes after they saw the helicopter go down.

He said a group of eight men trekked through the plantation where they work before finding the damaged maroon tail of the wrecked helicopter on a hill in the rubber plantation.

They found the rest of the helicopter and bodies some 200m from the tail.

Chopper crash: Eyewitness’ account



Helicopter with top Malaysian officials explodes

For those of you who saw this helicopter report yesterday, it is being kept on top so Monday’s readers can see it, this particular story should be huge but got buried by the MSM for obvious reasons.

April 5 2015

This is basically a summary from Malaysian web sites and eyewitness accounts posting to Malaysian blogs and forums because Nothing of substance was in the MSM, and this story is HUGE:

Large numbers of Malaysians who had gone to a rubber tree forest to view the lunar eclipse away from city lights witnessed the mid air explosion of a helicopter carrying top Malaysian government officials in the hours before the eclipse. I believe the location for this explosion was selected because “no one would be out in the middle of a rubber tree forest to witness it,” and that the tribe seriously miscalculated and can now not spin whatever lie they want to explain the crash, which killed top Malaysian government people. The American press is seriously downplaying just how many witnesses were watching this helicopter fly over and directly saw the explosion, and is also trying to bury this story entirely simply because with so many witnesses present they have no control over it.

In a very well observed crash, the helicopter, which was in obviously great condition exploded in mid air, not once, but twice. The first explosion blew most of the body of the helicopter apart, and as it was falling there was a second explosion that was many times as powerful as the first explosion. This was an obvious hit on the Malaysian government.

The eyewitness stories wash very well, because the helicopter exploded in the middle of a rubber tree plantation which would be far away from the city lights and allow great viewing of the Lunar eclipse. In addition to this, if you wanted to have a crash which killed top government officials get a perfect white wash, the best place to do it would be out in the middle of nowhere where there would be no witnesses but because of the Lunar eclipse “out in the middle of nowhere” was absolutely the worst place it could have possibly been done.

The Malaysian blogs and forums are lighting up with people describing the explosions, and flatly stating the crash was a murder and that there is no way any helicopter is just going to explode like this one did, and they are stating that the helicopter obviously had bombs aboard that were put there to kill top people in the Malaysian government.

The descriptions are perfectly clear, such as, after the explosions, while the helicopter was still falling, the blades were bent and striking what was left of the helicopter chassis and made the sound of a “clanging rusted fan”. That is pretty descriptive, I’d say the people in the area have solidly confirmed that this crash was by no means a crash.

So, obviously Malaysia has the tribe upset about something, with many downed jets already and now this helicopter, which was a direct attack on the Malaysian government. And I’d bet the French are going to investigate this crash because they did such a good job explaining how a suicide pilot did the last one.

HERE IS WHO DIED who can give clues to why this happened: Prime Minister Najib’s chief of staff, Azlin Alias, and lawmaker Jamaluddin Jarjis, a former Malaysian ambassador to the United States, Businessman Tan Huat Seang.

Here is the best report regarding the actual crash: and I suggest people get screen captures of this NOW because after the white wash this type of report probably won’t be around anymore.

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