Sean Stone and Christopher Bollyn on 9/11, Israel & the Mossad

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  • To exactly why the Obama regime has flown such a massive number of these Azov Battalion neo-Nazi terrorists to Colorado, MoD intelligence analysts in this report say it is still “uncertain” and for, at this time, “reasons unknown”.

    However, these same MoD intelligence analysts do note that in early May (2015), the US military dropped the State of Colorado from being a part of its much feared Jade Helm 15 war-game exercise, and then immediately dispatched a “significant element” of the Fort Carson, Colorado, based US Army’s 10th Special Forces Group (who had been scheduled to participate in Jade Helm 15), and who operate under United States European Command (EUCOM), to Ukraine to “integrate and operate” within the Azov Battalion.

    And as these nearly 2,500 neo-Nazi Azov Battalion terrorists are now, undoubtedly, under the command of the 10th Special Forces Group at Fort Carson, this report warns, it is a further destabilizing action being committed against the Federation by the Obama regime as the military troops stationed at this US military base have begun training for what they call a “new type of warfare” they have labeled as “high-intensity combat” and “maneuver warfare” that is focused on conquering territory, smashing enemy positions and fighting to win rather than fighting to win hearts and minds…in other words, “total war” They are in Colorado apparently , should check it out .

  • It has cost many a man life or fortune for not knowing what he thought he was sure of.

    Jay Staple's wife