Scottish Referendum

Source: Jim Stone Freelance

September 20, 2014

Numerous people have asked me what I think. WELL, I think it went exactly the way the people counting the votes wanted it to.

In this day and age, there is no excuse for rigged voting. All it would take to ensure an accurate count is for each ballot to have a number on it, and each ballot to be put online to show how the vote for that particular ballot went. If 52 people voted in a particular precinct, only 52 ballots should show up, and all 52 people who voted could get together and confirm their vote was counted correctly. And all it would take is a number on each ballot that the people casting the vote kept and cross-checked later against a database. But we will NEVER see that. And having votes from each precinct be given a sum total that everyone who voted could get together and verify would keep dead people from voting.

Obviously the Scottish vote was rigged, with perfectly stacked ballots being pulled out of a box on video. But in an area under jurisdiction of a corrupt Queen and Rothschild clan, what more could you expect?

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