Russian Diplomatic Property Purchased by Russia Under International Treaty “Stolen by Gangsters” – Increasing Retaliation and Provocation in This Proxy War

FURIOUS Lavrov: US thuggish behaviour on stolen Russia’s diplomatic
compounds is a daylight robbery!

‘They sound like gangsters’ – Lavrov at US over seized
Russian diplomatic property

Russia: Lavrov slams US allegations that Russia
supplied weapons to Taliban

Russia: ‘Large-scale provocation’ – Zakharova on US allegations
of Syrian chemical attack

BREAKING! Russia will respond to rudeness of Washington
douchebags! – Putin on new US sanctions

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Neocons Preparing Offensive on Russia


Have a look at this most recent clip of John McCain ranting about how “America will not tolerate attacks on its democracy.” McCain really is not only crazy but senile. He is also an agent-in-place for the Neocons as explained by Jeff gates in 2013. There is a massive criminal syndicate operating behind the DNC where bodies are being stacked up (Wall Street Journal editorial writer Joseph Rago turned up dead last week) and Debbie Wasserman going into hiding. And John McCain in this clip below claims he won’t “tolerate attacks on America’s democracy”, while Chuck Schumer rants on about “the right to not have our elections disturbed?” So what McCain and Schumer are doing here, is deflecting attention and probable criminal charges away from people involved in the DNC, to blaming Russia for “interfering in American elections”, and for “hacking into the DNC.” The DNC emails weren’t hacked into. Operatives inside the DNC leaked the emails.

US Senate approves new sanctions bill against Russia, Iran & N. Korea


This proxy war and constant retaliation and provocation on each others respective countries between the Anglo-Americans (Israel) and Russia continues. All the way from the British bragging about how their RAF jets “intercepted Russian bombers undetected”, to Turkey purchasing Russian-manufactured S-400 Air Defense Systems.

Extremely Sneaky British Fighter Jet Intercepts Russian Bombers Without Being Detected

Israel Shamir: The Southern Flank of NATO is Collapsing Before Our Very Eyes

It’s Official, Turkey Is Getting Russia’s S-400 Air Defense System


Intimidation and provocation:

Russia bolsters military potential in South to respond to emerging threats — defense chief

Trump Is Being Moved Aside So That Conflict with Russia Can Proceed


Then not to be outdone, the USS Thunderbolt operating in the northern Arabian Gulf, “intercepted” an Iranian patrol boat on July 25, 2017.  After not receiving communications from the Iranian patrol boat as to intent, the USS Thunderbolt crew fired two .50 caliber bursts into the air over the Iranian boat. Apparently, the US Navy must be taking revenge for their earlier humiliating embarrassment.

USS Thunderbolt Intercepted by Iranian Patrol Boat

And let’s not forget Russian criminals moving into Brighton from Russia after the Soviet Union fell and energy interests clashing between the EU (Germany), Russia and the Anglo-Americans:

Russian Mafia boss Razhden Shulaya ran nationwide criminal enterprise from Brighton Beach to Las Vegas

‘Counter-sanctions possible, trade war between EU & US would be very bad’ – German economy minister

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