Reykjavik Rising

In October 2008, Iceland was hit with one of the biggest financial disasters any nation in the world had experienced. In response, citizens took to the streets, creating what is now known as the “Pots and Pans Revolution”.

In response to widespread media silence and a growing global trend towards people-led movements, this documentary explores how and why the people of Iceland resisted the measures imposed by their government following the crisis of 2008, and how they forced their government to resign, in an attempt to forge a new political path.

Filmed in Reykjavik between 2012 and 2014, the documentary meets the instigators of the revolution and follows the most important National Referendum in Iceland’s history, giving the Icelandic people the opportunity to decide whether to support a constitution that had been created through a popular grassroots movement. Through this, we explore the Icelanders’ story of their nation and their revolution, but also what lessons can be learned globally from their experiences.

In light of a growing international trend towards grassroots movements crossing over into mainstream politics, this documentary is a timely portrayal of one such movement and their struggle to change the face of democracy.

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  • Its a great story eventhough its a small place but they showed the world what to do . And yetin the USA who is the only country in the world to have a constitution that allows it to overthrow bad gov by force no less they as quiet as a mouse . The pope is the top of the tree the laws were written in 1450 ad the Queen is next then the elite then the think tanks etc . The CATHOLICS ARE THE GRIM REAPER like they were in the early centuries only now they get a share of all the loot in taxes that in most cases are illegal rip offs . Full credit goes to Iceland , expect a volcanoe one day , they dont like being told .

  • What they neededwas a leader , one with vision , educated in reality as well as failed political pasts . They should have had a President , marxism has always failed just as it was meant to by the British . They could have taxed the bankers buildings to hell and back . The unfortunate thing about people is they need to be led , but no one worthwhile ever steps up . you can tell the gren fraud was in there which ruined them , they should be using their assetts of fishing , oil gas to make real wealth with gold then back their cuurecy with it , they could then be a tax haven to undermine the very banksters that caused the trouble .