Refugees As Weapons – Mobilizing Communists For Foreign Invasion – Idaho Has Been Targeted – Facilitators: Privatized Government Socialists – Buying Off Politicians – Fracturing the Nation

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The Refugee Weapons System

Have you been watching what’s going on in Hong Kong? This writer believes that we are witnessing the ‘Refugee Game’. It’s a game that’s been played on Americans since at least 1933 when European refugees supposedly fleeing Hitler were brought to the United States. Hitler was elected Chancellor in 1933. The game is this: The Communists get the people stirred up in a foreign country, there are rising tensions, an incident and then Communists in this country import their foreign brethern here – which builds the Communist (aka Commonist) base here. The government and the media call them “freedom fighters” and Americans – if they are paying attention at all, believe it. So keep your eyes on Hong Kong. Watch for the incident, then brace yourself for the flood – and make no mistake, they will be Communists and it seems that Idaho is a target location for resettlement. That’s one way to turn a state Blue isn’t it?

When patterns of activity can be detected and defined, the pattern is a system and systems exist for a purpose. The Refugee Resettlement Center (RRC) in Boise is an element in the system that is using cracks in the law to fracture the nation. It is a cultural weapons system to facilitate a foreign invasion using alleged refugees…. “freedom fighters”. What a sick joke.

The RRC in Boise was established in 2006 by the Mountain States Group. The Mountain States Group was established in 1974. It appears to be an organization of privatized government socialists who act as the facilitator and conduit for federal programs. This is the same arrangement that was found with the local Economic Development agencies that receive federal money but who operate supposedly independently – using federal money that was gifted to them through grants to buy constituents for federal programs in the local communities. Southern Idaho Economic Development Organization (SEIDO) is one such agency.

Mountain States Group, SEIDO, COMPASS for transportation, Smart Growth, etc. are all part of what could be called the Shadow Government because they appear to be private special interest groups but they get federal money to implement federal programs in the states. The beauty of the system is that since they are privatized, they can buy their own politicians who will usher the legislation through the state legislatures by the back door while still retaining the appearance of an elected, representative government. It is a system that is inherently corrupt and builds a conspiracy of silence amongst the insiders because all the insiders benefit financially and politically while the citizen/taxpayers are stuck with bills for it and have no vote on any of it.

At the bottom of the page of the Mountain States Group, there is a link to the “services” provided by the them. The following is the map of their programs throughout the state*. The regions of the state correspond to the Idaho Health and Welfare Districts.

* Fair Use for education purposes.

The Mountain States Group is a contractor to the Idaho Office for Refugees. The Idaho Office for Refugees is probably a privatized agency contractor to the HHS – Administration for Children & Families. Do go to this website and look at their programs – and who they serve.

Refugees is an international program that is administered through HHS – ACF which means that it really is a part of the U.S. State Department – but being operated out of HHS to “domestify” it.

HHS – ACF – Refugees Program

The Mountain States Group has an Organization Chart on their website. The following is a reduced version of it.

Fair Use for Education Purposes

The following is the power organization chart:

In the coming days, I will be adding to this report – examining every facet of this treasonous plot.

Vicky Davis
October 3, 2014

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