Banderite Coup d’État – Rothschild Interests Move Into Ukraine – Jews Are Carefully Selected and Sent to Specific Schools – West Has Been Trying to Destroy Russia for 200 Years

Battlefield Ukraine. Andrey Fursov
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  • yes, after Czar Nicholas sent the Russian fleet to protect the fledgling USA, the PTB have never forgiven, never forgotten! Honi soit qui mal y pense?

  • thanks for putting this up AD , it is a real insight into the present system of things and how some people will sell their own mother for 20 cents in the blink of an eye , one should take note of the key points raised here about defeating the fifth column ,and the fact that Ukrainians should not allow any more nuclear dumping in their country, after all 50.000 people put their lives on the line in the clean up after the mess at Chernobyl .
    god bless Habib

  • Some very interesting info , havent heard this before . 911 Whistleblower Richard Andrew Grove – May28-06