Public Officials Refuse to Enforce Clean Water Act – Clean Water Technology Is Being Suppressed – Waste Water Industry at US$500 Billion Compromised – 40 Percent of Government Revenue Originates With Sewer and Water Charges – The Sewage Racket

Clean Water Act (CWA) [Public Law 92–500]

More formally referred to as the Federal Water Pollution Control Act, the Clean Water Act constitutes the basic federal water pollution control statute for the United States. Originally based on the Water Quality Act of 1965, which began setting water quality standards. The 1966 amendments to this act increased federal government funding for sewage treatment plants. Additional 1972 amendments established a goal of zero toxic discharges and “fishable” and “swimmable” surface waters. Enforceable provisions of the CWA include technology-based effluent standards for point sources of pollution, a state-run control program for nonpoint pollution sources, a construction grants program to build or upgrade municipal sewage treatment plants, a regulatory system for spills of oil and other hazardous wastes, and a Wetlands preservation program (Section 404). 

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NSEA International – Santa Barbara Cases

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  • Clean air and water, as originally provided by the Planet to the biosphere, are essential elements supporting the nature of the inhabitants of earth.

    Caller introduced as Hugh, makes rational comments as to the appropriateness of interfacing with commercial entities and their jurisdictions – careful the backyard you play in.

    Accepting that the water treatment systems devised by Tom Murphy exhibit the capability as stated, these appliances should be installed where ever practical.

    Perhaps an effective means of humanity benefiting from said technology would be to Open Source these designs – a more peaceful approach than confronting the already armed wielding weapons.

    Definition: Treaty is an agreement under international law entered into by actors in international law, namely sovereign(?) states and international organizations.

  • is it just me or when they started talking about a international enviroment court and its logo with roman laurel wreath ala un agenda 21 i started to think that these guys have been unwitingly co oppted into the globlist agenda?

  • Many thanks Abel Danger Team for helping to bring this to the Public attention. Dedicated to uncovering treasonous acts against humanity.