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Steven Hale
Oct 10, 2014

In June, the Davidson County Election Commission dismissed a challenge to Bill Beck’s residency that would have had him removed from the House District 51 primary ballot.

Now, two months after his victory in the Democratic primary, two more District 51 residents are claiming Beck doesn’t live there.

Steven D. Biggers filed suit in Chancery Court yesterday against the election commission, its chairman Ron Buchanan, and the administrator of elections, Kent Hall. The suit also names Beck. It alleges that the commission did not act properly at the June meeting when it decided to allow Beck to remain on the ballot, claiming that the commission should have allowed public comments at the meeting and casts doubt on the veracity of Beck’s claim that he is indeed a District 51 resident. The suit asks that “a date be set as soon a possible to hear and rule as not to interrupt the election process. And until such hearing, no vote be cast in the determination of representation in the TN. 51st District.”

The lawsuit comes days after the election commission received an affidavit from Dennis Schuelke, who says he lives across the street from Beck’s home in Hendersonville and “has never known Mr. Beck to have moved” from that home. Schuelke says he “continues to see Mr. Beck and his Lexus vehicle parked at his home” and that he has “frequently witnessed [Beck] walking his dogs out of his home.”

Schuelke goes on to allege that “Mrs. Beck, a TBI — Tennessee Bureau of Investigations Attorney, has participated in perpetrating this fraudulent scheme. That on numerous occasions, when Mr. Beck is staying at that home, while out walking the dogs, his vehicle is not present. It has apparently been left in another place to assist providing the appearance that Mr. Beck is residing elsewhere.”

The commission questioned Beck for more than an hour about his residency — including questions about where he does laundry, where he eats dinner, and where he sleeps, according to The Tennessean — before voting unanimously to leave him on the ballot in June.

Pith has called the Beck campaign for their reaction to the challenges.

Update (8:55 a.m.): The Beck campaign tells Pith they haven’t been served or seen the suit yet, but will follow up once they have. Also worth noting: Biggers and Schuelke are not new players in the Beck residency drama. They were both interviewed by Channel 5 in July. Interestingly, Schuelke’s affidavit says it was “drafted on” July 29th, but signed (and sent to the election commission) on Oct. 7.

Are We the United States of Frauds with Them Right in Our Own Neighborhood?

My name is Dennis Schuelke. I live at 218 Bluegrass Drive in Hendersonville, Tennessee, across from a husband and wife who are both attorneys. I have lived, not at an angle, but directly across the street from them since the middle of the 1990s and it is easy to see who is home, who is not, and who is walking the two dogs—the pug and the Chow. Mr. Beck released a statement to The Tennessean on June 18, 2014, that it was “odd” that his residency qualifications were being challenged while running for office.

Three years ago this month, I authored and launched a book, Attorneys Above the Law, about my own experiences with corruption in the law profession. Who would have ever thought that three years on the anniversary month, I would be writing about my attorney neighbor committing TN Constitutional violations Article 2, Section 9, and laughing on the record about it in the process?

Not only was this the year of Tennessee being in the spotlight about how Supreme Court Justices are illegally selected against the State’s Constitution, but The Tennessean supports other neighbors like attorney Clint Kelly who lives down the same street at 228 Bluegrass, as he jumps in to help massacre the slaughter of voter rights!

Disgustingly waiting until the very day of the Aug. 7th elections, The Tennessean has the gallant gall to delay publishing an article about a former Army officer Forrest Shoaf and retired lawyer who was quoted as saying the judges were complicit in this fraud. Why not keep the public in the dark until the event is over? Nice job Tennessean and the Gannett Newspaper Company!

You see, Mr. Bill Beck and his wife Pam Beck, live at 217 Bluegrass Drive, Hendersonville, Tennessee, which is in Sumner County, Tennessee, and Mr. Beck has chosen to run in the Aug. 7th 2014, primaries and won a ballot in the November election with the help of spoiler Stephen Fotopulos . . . not in Sumner County, but in Davidson County. (The Tennessean oddly endorsed Mr. Fotopulos.)

I have seen Mr. Beck literally every night staying at 217 Bluegrass Drive up until his eligibility was challenged in June of 2014. And only since then has he started living some of the time in a, shall we say, a lesser standard house of Mr. Steve Douglas Gibson, his lawyer “acquaintance,” who happens to work out of the same location as Mr. Beck’s parents’ office building, Beck & Beck in Davidson County.

It appears as though I’m not the only one who noticed what was going on. A Mr. Eric Richardson, a registered voter of Davidson County on June 12, 2014, wrote and filed a pinpoint-accurate two-page letter to the Fraud Commission—excuse me, I meant to say Election Commission—regarding the question of Mr. Beck actually not living in Davidson County, which was contrary to Mr. Bill Beck’s claim of qualifications and eligibility.

Now some people don’t care to pay attention to details, but I find the fact that The Tennessean – Gannett Newspaper Company, printed that Mr. Beck’s residency was being challenged on Wednesday, June 18, 2014. There would be a “special meeting” not a “hearing,” yet there was no date and time listed in the newspaper so anyone interested could attend without taking time to determine the whereabouts of this meeting. Then, on Thursday, June 19, 2014, The Tennessean announced to the public that Mr. Beck “dodges attempt to take him off the ballot” by unanimous decision. According to the meeting notes, Commissioners AJ Starling, Jennifer Lawson, Tricia Herzfield, and Jim DeLanis were present, as Chairman Buchanan was not in attendance. “DCEC Staff present included AOE Kent Wall, Joan Nixon, Meredith McKay, Bill Hayden, Jeremy Greene, Reid Lovell, and Kelly Harrison. Also in attendance, were Nicki Eke of the Metropolitan Department of Law; State Coordinator of Elections, Mark Goins; Assistant State Coordinator of Elections, Beth Henry-Robertson; Attorney Steve North, Candidate “Bill” Beck, and Attorney Colby Block. A “lay person” might normally think this group, made up of these impressive titles, would have come to the correct legal conclusion . . . but it did not. The laugh at the end of this meeting, to me, says it all.

Ironically, with Mr. Beck’s eligibility being challenged on such an important matter, one might have thought that his wife, Mrs. Pamela Beck, who is a Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Attorney, would have been in attendance along with Bill and their twenty-five-year-old daughter too, to witness the event. But neither was in attendance. Was this convenience or was this planned, just like The Tennessean’s timing of the public meeting’s printed announcement?

Why do you suppose former Governor Bredesen, contributed to Mr. Beck’s election campaign fund? Was it perhaps because Mr. Bredesen, too, is a supporter of breaking the Tennessee Constitutional rules, which is right down Mr. Beck’s alley? I believe it won’t be difficult to garner support from attorney Mr. Beck for a proposed amendment that would write into the Constitution the state’s current system for “choosing” judges illegally by the sitting Governor instead of allowing qualified voters to choose them.
In my opinion, if candidates like Bill Beck will lie about where he has been living, regardless of where his vehicle is registered, where he votes, where he works or plays, where he sleeps, and his attorney wife keeps quiet about it, no one should expect anything different once he is a publicly elected official.

If this isn’t enough fodder, consider these facts:

1). That the commission and entire group in attendance did not ask for and Mr. Beck did not produce one shred of evidence that he had lived in Davidson County since November 2013 to qualify him, yet Mr. Beck claimed two years—no receipts at the wasp-infested folks home and so-called farm at 3500 Brick Church Pike where I personally put up an electric fence in March of 2007 to keep a renter’s cows from leaving their manure piles around the house and from damaging the rotting vacant structure.

2). A written statement by Steve Biggers, also a Davidson County registered voter, was not “weighed” as evidence because Mr. Biggers was not present due to being out of town for work.

3). Nobody knows better where Mr. Bill Beck is sleeping and staying at night than Pamela Beck, and his parents and family, who have been totally silent to the media, the public, and to the voters in this entire charade. Title 42 USC 1983 Civil Rights Actions, comes to mind. “Every person who Under the Color of Law, deprives any rights, privileges or immunities by Constitutional and Laws shall be liable to the injured party.” Voters, residents of both counties . . . does anyone sense misleading information and perjury here?

Unless people and voters start addressing these issues with truth and integrity, we might as well throw away our Constitution, close the Courts, burn the newspapers that are full of vague and false garbage, and allow all Appeals Court Cases like TN M2013-01887-COA-R3-CV to deny litigants the right to go on the record with Oral Arguments. The idea of uniform administration of justice is a figment of the imagination!

Nobody knows how to beat the concept of “Conflict of Interest” better than members of the lawyer class. This needs to change and the people must not tolerate such flagrant abuse of Constitutional Law and all those who fall in line to abuse it! How bad does it have to get before society will deal with this kind of conduct?

Dennis Schuelke
Author of the book, Attorneys Above The Law


Source: Seattle Community Media

Call 4 Investigation interview with Dennis Schuelke:

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  • Interesting, how does Mr. Beck justify personal loans to his own campaign finances, "Self-Endorsed" of $40,000 for a State Representative position? What kind of kick-backs, perks, or emoluments is he expecting in return? From where and whom? Sounds like something bigger is in play here! His wife, Pam Beck, the "Liason TBI" Attorney, contributed $500. Isn't that a conflict of interest?