Preplanned Neocon Zionist Plan – ISIS: Covert Mercenary Army – Terrorist Cannon Fodder for Zionist-American War – ISIS Terrorist Cavalry Mounted on American Manufactured Humvees – Abdullah Rashid al-Baghdadi Voiced by Iraqi Actor – Al Qaeda: CIA Auxiliary Organization – Camp Bucca: ISIS Birthplace, Terror Factory and Training Camp – Islamic Caliphate Financed by GCC Nations

The ISIS Conspiracy: Origins (Part 1) 

The ISIS Conspiracy: US-Israeli-Saudi Intrigue (Part 2)
Red Ice Radio – Brandon Martinez – Hour 1 – The Creation of Israel & The ISIS Conspiracy


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MI6 ISIS Rat Line And The Threat To India – Analysis

Russia and China could be ‘making it impossible for the US to hide’ its intelligence activities


China and Russia are using hacked data to target U.S. spies, officials say

Why don’t the filthy-rich Arab Muslim Gulf States have to take in any Muslim refugees from Syria while Europe and the U.S. are being forced to?

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  • If it is on jew news its a lie that is how simple it is ,They couldnt tell the truth if their life depended on it, no such thing as good guy bad guy with this lot Any excuse to pretend they are enemies yet all working together ,where the Queen goes iswhere she controls and she went to China not long ago , It is well known Clinton gave a lot of secrets to China and NTH Korea so did Israel . Russia is still getting contracts from those pretending to be enemies . The rest of us are the targets , my guess is the list on the fake dating site is the whole gang it has all the top defense contractors as well as many gov , army figures and no one eer went on any date most were men 95% . Madison is key to something .

  • "Vacate the Chair" motion! Bill Still reports!

  • They are terror actors. Not to be confused with crisis actors. The only life form that will survive these creatures are the penguins in Antarctica. As for the refugees, streaming into the EU, right now. There are going to be millions of these desperate people, displaced through no fault of their own, displaced via panopticon war crime and genocidal actions; followed by tens of millions of desperate and starving people all headed into the EU. Now. Why don't they go to Turkey. Why are none of the Arab States taking in refugees. They don't want them. They, in fact, are driving them out in this mass exodus that is going to result in crisis after crisis for the EU. I really think this is going to result in simultaneous attacks on the EU and US and people, the entire human race is in very serious trouble. Extinction level trouble. See news regarding Fukushima this morning.

    Enjoy your lives in peace, if you can. —cynthia rouse