Populist Social Credit – Thin-Air National Dividend – Full Consumer Sovereignty – 2013 Proclamation (Fair Money for Ireland)

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YOU BETTER GET THIS: BIG FINANCE IS PLAYING HOUSEHOLDS AGAINST PRODUCERS – Fighting Over Workers’ Minimum Wage, Producers’ Tax Rate, or Cutting Medical and Public Benefits to Households – Our Money Has Been Collateral-Secured Loans with Compound Interest Payments Demanded 

Just as there are two big American political parties, there are also two blocs of propagandizing mass media. Big Finance interests control both parties and both mass media blocs.

The goal is for Big Finance (headed by Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Schiffs, Warburgs, etc.) to play one section of their victims against the others. The Democratic Party and so-called “liberal” media (it is not liberal and it is not objective) argue for raising the minimum wage and raising taxes on domestic producers – as if the owner of an all-domestic business who makes a few hundred thousand or a million dollars a year, but employs people and provides a domestically produced product, is the super-selfish villain. At the same time, the Republican Party and so-called “conservative” media (it is not conservative and it is not “fair and unbiased”) are for cutting all public support for the household sector.

But the real story is here:



We are being robbed by a system that has been corrupted so that all money comes from loans – loans that are secured by collateral – loans that must be repaid principal plus interest. The problem is that the system does not create the extra money needed to maintain the flow of interest payments on top of principal repayment. We end up with a net financial drain; the money shortfall must be “made up” by turning over the collateral – your house, your business, your car, your city water utility… – to the lender.



Don’t let Big Finance defeat us with their usual divide-and-conquer strategy. Break with and resoundingly reject both political parties. Shut down and always denounce to everyone the phony divide-and-conquer mass media – one half managed by Soros and one half by Murdoch – with both working for the Rothschild interests.

Don’t let anyone fool you: our money today is backed. It is backed by collateral security. That collateral multiplies with deposits under the present debt-money and fractional-reserve system, via the money multiplier effect. The more we borrow, the more we stand to lose when deflation forces default.

The more the banking system lends money based on the reserves created by money freshly deposited in a bank, the more a bank gains liens on our assets, securities, equity, or whatever else in addition to our own personal surety that the lender will accept.

The loan is the bargain with the devil. The interest rate is the measure of the speed at which ruin comes galloping.


What I will now call the aggregate debt, is the total amount that the entire nation owes. Since our money is almost exclusively loan deposits that we transfer, the paper-money bills and minted coins in existence are not enough to meet interest obligations.

The aggregate debt is both the mountain of principal and interest that cannot be paid, and all the assets that are inevitably going to be transferred from the people to the international lending class.

I submit to you that all economics is fraudulent that talks in terms of the economy being in a stable equilibrium: that economists are never bigger liars than when they talk about sustainable growth, sustainable development, sustainable (not “mal-“) investment. The truth is that the economy of the people, of the three sectors of the “real economy” – household, government, and production – is always decaying at a rate determined by total debt, and by the structure of higher or lower interest rates for all kinds of loans, risks, and expectations.

The economy is never in equilibrium. The people are never in a stable situation: they are either being eaten up by a deflationary bust, or they are temporarily being fed by easy money and easy lending during the boom phase of the contrived “business cycle”.

The boom phase of the business cycle is when the elitist central banking moneylenders seed economic expansion because there is something they want developed – lands, or technologies, or militaries – and they allow a new influx of loans to get ahead of interest drain. During these booms, the creativity of the people (otherwise kept on starvation money rations) takes off, and great things are done.

When technology is developed, land is improved, research and development is done by the common man’s engineering, science, management, innovation, and skills… then the Upper-Loop lending elites turn off the credit machine. They call in loans and position themselves for a downturn: so that with new money no longer flowing – and with interest rates having climbed high, as they do in a boom – the boom turns to bust, and the common man’s boon to dust.

All the money is bank loans; what must be paid back is the amount of the loans plus continuously compounding interest. There is nowhere near enough paper money (above and beyond principal) to pay the interest. If there were enough, there would be no money left over to buy food, hire people, pay taxes or utilities. Doom is foreordained under the debt-money system.



“Surely, monsieur, you cannot claim there is inflation, when everywhere we see families and businesses suffering from insufficient paychecks and purchases? 

Évidemment, the grey cells indicate that the real cause of distress must be a lack of francs, rather than a plenitude of them. 

“As for the high price of food and of fuel, this must be coming from the hands of men with monopoly power in those markets, and not from ‘too much money chasing too few goods’. 

Voilà – the mystery is solved!” 

You, of course, are told the opposite. In the midst of this devastating deflationary spiral – this super-depression of households, of local and national production, and of government, by debt burden and interest obligations that can’t be met by debt-based money – you are told that there is inflation. You are told that government printing presses are putting out unbacked money – which is a falsehood, or rather several falsehoods. This falsehood of “inflation” hides the truth about deflation causing default – the truth that there is a constant drain of the people’s wealth via an ever-shrinking Lower-Loop money supply.

Instead of our having an ample supply of money to keep us employed by meeting one another’s needs, there is a scarcity of money available to buy goods and services. Having less money, you are forced to sell off real goods and to default on interest payments: so that you lose the home equity, the business equity, and other assets attached to the loan contract. The interest and ownership of foreclosed collateral all drain away to the international financial sector – which for all intents and purposes is a foreign hostile power seeking to plunder your country.

The problem is that this country is using as money, checkbook deposits that only exist as a secured loan; we should be using money that is supplied free as a public utility – as infrastructure supplied to facilitate mutually beneficial market transactions. Our money today is checking deposits that we use to buy things and pay taxes; but all of those deposits first originated as loans, that must ultimately be returned to banks at interest. If you can’t pay the interest (and, by elitist design, it is mathematically impossible for all of us to pay it), you lose your home, your business, or other real asset wealth.


The problem is the net interest drain that results from using, for our money supply, the most unnecessary bondage of loan indebtedness – using collateral-secured loans to create our checking account deposits. It is money that must be returned principal plus constantly compounding interest. It is money that, if it is not returned, will end with the borrower losing his house, his credit rating, and whatever other security he has pledged to the lender.


We are so used to the current defective system that we can no longer see that an alternative – a much happier alternative – is immediately available if we will simply throw off our blinders, throw out the Money Mafia, and go for it!


“Aha, there is enough money available for all we want to do in this grand and beautiful world – and it is in the very air we breathe, if we are daring enough to insist upon having it!”


The private monopoly of credit has been controlling the total flow of purchasing power in our lives. But with populist social credit, banks can no longer manipulate the national money supply to create deflation profitable to creditors and harmful to borrowers. Instead, we get full consumer sovereignty, with all new money coming from households through the thin-air national dividend.

Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington 
Every man is responsible to every other man.


Populist Social Credit for America 


American Populist Social Credit (w. Mike Harris/Rense Radio – May 18, 2013)

Abel Danger · C2CSI · June 24, 2013 · Dick Eastman & Field McConnell


Read the Irish Proclamation of Easter 2013 – received from Cathal Spelman, Fair Money for Ireland. In Ireland, citizens are publicly declaring their opposition to the fraudulent and “extractive” debt-slavery finance of the oligarchs. I believe this is the economically soundest, most immediately beneficial and politically feasible of populist monetary reforms being proposed anywhere.
– Dick Eastman 


Fair Money 

Cathal Spelman

2013 Proclamation 

Irishmen and Irishwomen: 

In the name of God and of the dead generations from which she receives her old tradition of nationhood, Ireland, through us, summons her children to her flag and strikes for her freedom. Having awakened to the true nature of debt slavery being imposed on our People, in full confidence of support from our millions of Irish scattered around the world, in confidence of support from all goodwilled Peoples of the world, we, the Irish People, now throw off the shackles of debt slavery. 

We declare the right of the People of Ireland to the ownership of Ireland, and to the unfettered control of Irish destinies, to be sovereign and indefeasible. 

The long usurpation of that right by an alien financial power has not extinguished the right, nor can it ever be extinguished except by the destruction of the Irish People. 

We stand now in righteous indignation that while our People starved in the great famine, enough food to feed four times those who died was exported to pay debts to financial plutocrats. 

In every generation, the Irish People have asserted their right to national freedom and sovereignty; six times during the past three hundred years, they have asserted it in arms. 

Despite a bloody rising and war of independence, Ireland achieved only surface independence. All the while our true enemy, the financial plutocrats, worked to ensure our enslavement through debt. 

By the fraudulent misappropriation of our right to create our own money, the financial oligarchs have caused our money to be issued as debt. They demand payment to them of all money so issued, plus interest that was never issued. By this simple fraud have they enslaved the People of Ireland and all nations. We are pitted against one another in a struggle to pay interest, which interest money does not exist. The plutocrats await our defaults like vultures. 

Through debt have they taken the wealth of Irish men and women, and forced our children to seek employment overseas. They have willfully destroyed the native ability of Irish People to create a prosperous life for all of our People. Now through their servant organisations like the EU and IMF and ECB, they seek to complete their enslavement of our People by demanding our natural resources, and our homes, in payment of their fraudulent debts. 

Standing on our fundamental right and asserting it in knowledge in the face of the world, we hereby proclaim the true Irish republic as a sovereign independent state, of freemen and women, free of debt slavery. 

The Irish republic is entitled to, and hereby claims, the allegiance of every Irishman and Irishwoman. The republic guarantees religious and civil liberty, equal rights and equal opportunities to all its citizens, and declares its resolve to pursue the happiness and prosperity of the whole nation and of all its parts, cherishing all the children of the nation equally, and oblivious of the differences carefully fostered by an alien force that wishes to enslave all Peoples by debt. 

We call on all Irish men and women to awaken from the nightmare of fear fostered by the oligarchs. We proclaim that the chains of debt slavery are chains of imagination only: that as soon as we refuse to give power to the financial fraudsters, the nightmare will end. 

We call on all Irish men and women to join together, as a matter of duty to our children and future generations, to create an Irish republic based on fairness. We call on all Irish men and women to work actively to create our own debt-free, interest-free money, issued as a public utility, to facilitate trade. Issued for the People, to the People, and spent into circulation by the People. 

We look forward to a prosperous Ireland, freed from debt slavery, with sufficient spending power available to buy all that the great Irish People can produce. 

Cathal Spelman 


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