Podestas, Pasta, Pizza and Pedophiles – Baphomet Worshippers (REPUBLISHED)

Comet Ping Pong – Pizzagate Summary


As news emerges that FBI agents have uncovered a child sex ring connected to the Clinton Foundation, internet sleuths have discovered evidence of pedophile “code words” being used in emails from John Podesta released by WikiLeaks

MORE: WikiLeaks: Pedophile ‘Code Words’ Found In Podesta Emails


 Numerous emails from the Chairman of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign incongruously refer to food items such as pasta, cheese pizza, ice cream – which 4chan users say is a code language used by child sex ring participants:

Video below added November 22nd (Link to Article @ The Daily Sheeple)

Video below added November 16th


Hillary Clinton Occult



Jeffrey Dahmer and Tony Podesta’s sculpture



Madeleine McCann Abduction – Podestas

Video below added November 18th

BREAKING BOMBSHELL : Multiple Reports Tie Clinton’s Podesta Brothers to Child Abduction Case of Madeline McCann


This is a very famous child abduction case that has never been solved. Madeleine Beth McCann (born 12 May 2003) disappeared on the evening of 3 May 2007 from her bed in a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, a resort in the Algarve region of Portugal, sparking what one newspaper called “the most heavily reported missing-person case in modern history”. Her whereabouts remain unknown.

Madeleine was on holiday from the UK with her parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, her younger twin siblings, and a group of family friends and their children. She and the twins had been left asleep at 20:30 in the ground-floor apartment, while the McCanns and friends dined in a restaurant 50 metres (160 ft) away. The parents checked on the children throughout the evening, until Madeleine’s mother discovered she was missing at 22:00.

Wikipedia – Disappearance of Madeleine McCann

Scotland Yard released a police drawing of the suspects in 2013

Compare to this photo of John Podesta and his brother Tony

Combined for comparison:


Gif comparison: https://media.giphy.com/media/l3vRgaYDpBjRGyFpu/source.gif

Considering the investigation into Comet Ping Pong and John and Tony’s pedophile tendencies, and the resemblance to the Scotland Yard suspect drawings, did we just fucking solve this case?


Just some interesting emails that our artists turned up.

This one is from one day after the girl disappeared. It’s hard to tell who is communicating with whom, but it appears that they may have been on a trip somewhere around the time the girl disappeared.


Have a safe trip.

The Sandlers give Podesta $7,000 a month.

This one is from 2014:


Hope food and sun are wonderful.

The point of highlighting this is that we now know they use food for code words, and Portugal could be a popular vacationing ground for pedos.

Edit 2: The picture of a taped up girl found on 8chan (related to the Comet Ping Pong place) matches Madeleine_McCann 100%.



UPDATE: Anon reveals owner of Uptown Pizza to be Andrew Klines at DoJ. So, that means that the guy who owns a pizza place that uses a pedo symbol for it’s logo is in charge of finding human trafficking in the US at DOJ and was appointed by Bill Clinton. (self.conspiracy)

submitted by TeslasMuse

“Ok, I’m digging for ownership info and have found it – Uptown Pizza LLC.

I Found it by being more (?) specific with search terms. Just uptown or pizza would not return a result

LLC Business Filing

It’s signed by Andrew Kline, and it’s running on a revoked entity status.

Agent Address – XXXX 19th Street N.W., Washington, DC 20036

Andrew Klines listed address leads back to a palms restaurant

So then I google Andrew Kline and Podesta – Bingo!

Turns out Andrew Kline knows Podesta AND is a Clinton appointee and “as one of four attorneys in the Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit of the Department of Justice, in the Civil Rights Division”



So, that means that the guy who owns a pizza place that uses a pedo symbol for it’s logo is in charge of finding human trafficking in the US at DOJ and was appointed by Clinton.”


Not sure if this is OP

JESUS CHRIST, HUGE information on CLINTON FOUNDATION, KIDNAPPINGS OF CHILDREN, PODESTA BROTHERS AND THEIR ACCOMPLICES and EVEN MORE. This is an edited reupload with new information I found just an hour ago!!!


This is a reupload packed with even more information I found after my previous post today. The new information will be found further down in this post. There’s tons of more information in comments, others who have had their research into this deleted sharing their archived research. Reupload edits will be displayed this way.

I will write which link contains the most disturbing photograph, it’s not nudity, it’s not gore or graphic. But, the circumstances of that photograph and the information we’ve gathered on these people makes it turn in my stomach when I look at it.

It’s not necessary to read my previous post on this subject but if you’re interested in seeing my previous post you can find it by clicking here

I will be categorising the links for easier navigation but the order of seeing them should still be from top to bottom

We start off with a Comet Ping Pong instagram picture, read the text in picture

Onto the clues being connected further

George Soros linked to Comet Ping Pong, donated $21864 from American Bridge PAC. Link to the reddit post which discovered it

Public data on who owns some of the buildings near Comet Ping Pong

Satanic sexual and blood sacrifice for the holiday Candlemas, who should be sacrificed = female or child of any gender

Here’s more, someone filmed a birthday performance at Comet Ping Pong and uploaded it to youtube. It was deleted after we found it but people had already saved it as this short clip of the video has been uploaded.

Short clip of the video which was deleted off youtube after being found by us.

Look at the dates in the link before this video link and you’ll understand what the f**k they are talking about.


Comet Ping Pong’s “completely normal” instagram account and the pictures uploaded to it

Completely censored instagram picture but there is a description of it

Another “completely normal” instagram picture

NSFW Instagram picture, partial nudity

Instagram picture of a sign saying no phones allowed inside this special place

The special place called La Boum Boum Room’s poster. Pansexual basically means that they’re not limited in what they’re sexually attracted to, mostly used by SJWs

Who would’ve guessed Comet Ping Pong is run by Hillary supporters?

Here comes more information that has been uncovered

WARNING: This contains the picture I warned you about, NOT NSFW, no gore, no nudity. Only disturbing implications

Guy who owns a pizza place that uses a pedo symbol for it’s logo is in charge of finding human trafficking in the US at DOJ and was appointed by Clinton. Link to the reddit post

Perhaps the most important links with information that seriously might get this post deleted by reddit shills

Earlier reddit post which was deleted after discovering this

Madeleine McCann and the police sketches of the suspects PORTRAYING VERY FAMILIAR PEOPLE

What the Actual Fuck. Mention of Mochol, an ancient god that gains power through child sacrifice, has come up more than once and is in the wikileaks Soros is co

Comet Ping Pong uploaded this “EXTRA NORMAL PICTURE” with the “SUPER NORMAL” #chickenlovers

On a “COMPLETELY UNRELATED NOTE” remember the leftist media’s attempts to normalise pedophiles?

More information and posts

Concerning the picture of the 3 year old

They do not like us talking about this


What a funny coincidence that the Clinton Foundation is there


More on George Soros and Comet Ping Pong

Seems we’re about to find more “performance art”

Who visits this “performance art” website?

This time though it appears to be “music” instead of “art”

Anon visited Comet Ping Pong, haven’t found their video of it yet

What the Actual Fuck. Mention of Mochol, an ancient god that gains power through child sacrifice, has come up more than once and is in the wikileaks Soros is co

IMPORTANT: Children’s “magician” connected to Clinton visiting everyone’s favorite pizza restaurant

What the f**k is this email?

On all these “funny”, strange little coincidences

That’s it for now Is what I originally wrote before finding another post with even more information.

Now I’ll begin copypasting (with minor edits) as it’s necessary to follow his investigation

So last night Strongerection and I found some shit on /pol/. We mined through alot of the bullshit but we found something on a guy called “Denny” See fig 1, 2 and 3

He started his investigation after seeing this email

What did they truly mean when they said it was time for “Denny” to vanish? How they are all connected

Link to the leaked email

Now besides the information which can be found in figs 2 and 3, we pretty much ran dry on this as that he is presumably alive in Japan after speaking with a mashorie/user/meiji.ac.jp to speak with an ambassador in Japan to ‘export’ the problem. But other than recent stroke-related illness, nothing has come of him.

However it got me thinking about the CP ring relating to Goats pizza and Comet, which it turns out there is literally a full 2 blocks or so of these ‘restaurants’.

See fig 4 (map)

The map of the pizza ‘restaurants’ seen earlier in this post

/pol/ got a whiff of something.

Which made sense to us as with the case of Denny:

Ties to CP and Goat Pizza indicted by the FBI for lying to them… But Hillary gets away with it? Been told that in order to conceal his misconduct, he is ordered to pay $3.5 mill, not an expert on US Law but is this itself not a crime?


submitted by evilhillary

OK, so it started out with finding out that a place called “Besta Pizza” which happens to be 2 doors down from Comet Ping Pong (owned by James Alefantis, who is the former gay boyfriend of David Brock). Besta Pizza has a logo that not only resembles the symbol for pedo/boy love but IS the symbol for pedo boy love.

website here: mybestapizza.com

FBI doc showing the symbols: https://sli.mg/00qA8D

Then anon on 4chan tracked down who owned Besta Pizza (which BTW means “Beast” in portuguese)

BREAKING: From the anon who brought you the Laura Silsby connection: I have uncovered a pedophile with links to Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, David Brock, George Soros, Marina Abramovic and the Podestas

The individual I have mentioned is one James Achilles Alefantis. Mr. Alefantis is the owner of the Washington DC pizza parlor Comet Ping Pong. There are disturbing indications that Mr. Alefantis is running some form of pedophile ring that involves quite a few public figures in Washington D.C. It would appear that he is the “Achilles heel” for all these people of stature.

Since the investigation began, Mr. Alefantis has deleted many of his posts and set his social media to private. We have archived the entirety of his online presence however. Links posted here are both archives and screenshots I took while helping to investigate.

First I will discuss Alefantis’ links to powerful people, then outline the preponderance of evidence that he is a pedophile and uses Comet Ping Pong as a front for his sex trafficking ring.

I. Connections between Power Brokers and Alefantis

David Brock, director of Correct the Record

James Alefantis is the owner of pizza joint Comet Ping Pong, he is the romantic partner of former CTR director David Brock. Here is a link confirming this and showing them caught up with another individual in some kind of blackmail love triangle:

Media Matters boss paid former partner $850G ‘blackmail’ settlement

Here is a photo of Brock on Alefantis’ Instagram:

Hillary Clinton

Here is a letter Alefantis posted from Hillary thanking him for helping with a fundraiser that involved the Podestas:


An FEC search also shows payments made to Alefantis from the Clinton Campaign and pro Clinton PACS



Barack Obama

Here is a photo Alefantis posted showing Obama playing ping pong with a young boy:


Obama has also been identified in the Wikileaks Podesta dump as having held phone banks at Comet Ping Pong’s location:



Alefantis is also listed in White House records as having visited a few times

George Soros

Yes, George Soros even is involved with this pizza parlor. He is listed as a major donor to the American Bridge 21st Century PAC

This PAC is on record with the FEC as having made several donations to Comet Ping Pong:




Marina Abramovic

Alefantis appears to have some form of relationship to spirit cooking “artist” Marina Abramovic as he references her in his instagram

He also posted a photo which appears to possibly make a Moloch reference


Here is Alefantis posting a photo of Tony Podestas house

You may remember this “Arch of Agony” statue from the house of Tony Podesta, as seen in this Washington Post article

Keep in mind that this house contains art showing child abuse by Biljana Djurdjevic:


Video below added November 19th

II. Implications James Alefantis is running a pedophile ring out of Comet Ping Pong

A. Sexual references made in Comet Ping Pong and by Alefantis online

First. Comet Ping Pong advertises itself as a “family place for parents and their kids”

This website here shows that a reviewer mentioned the presence of hidden doors in the establishment (it also revealed that the Food Network show host Guy Fieri has done an episode there). Link and screenshot of relevant portion here:


Despite it’s claim to be “family friendly” the restaurant has a number of disturbing sexual references inside and James Alefantis makes a number of references to pedophelia both overtly and implicitly online. Alefantis actually posted a photo of an “art” photo piece which appears to show a man vaginally penetrating what could be an underage girl. I have decided not to share it here but it has been archived. He has since deleted the photo.

EDIT: People suggested I post an edited version of the photo. Here it is, with all NSFW parts removed:

Here is a photo showing the inside of Comet Ping Pong where graffiti saying “shut up and fuck” and “Amen” are clearly visible:

He posted a disturbing image of a little girl taped down to a table in Comet Ping Pong:


He joked about purchasing infants:


Here he posted a photo featuring a man wearing a shirt that says “I love children” in French:

Here he reference a “boom boom room” which sounds disturbingly like a play on the phrase “boom boom” used by foreign prostitutes to describe sex:


More on the above photo:


A photo showing children engaged in some strange ceremony or ritual:

Another odd photo someone tagged at Comet Ping Pong:

Here Alefantis posted a photo of a man with a yellow bead necklace around the head of a young boy. A quick search reveals yellow sex bracelets imply analingus, and the hashtag #chickenlovers in the instagram post is a pedophile reference to adult men who are attracted to underage boys. Links below:



B. References to pizza in a was that is either sexual or involved children

Alefantis and others clearly use the term “pizza” to allude, at the very least to sex (I believe it to mean sex with minors). Here are a number of references from Alefantis and others tagged at Comet Ping Pong making sexual innuendos about pizza and children:

https://archive.fo/rwOig   https://archive.fo/mKH6M   https://archive.fo/NphBA

C. Innuendos to systematic child abuse and trafficking

Comet Ping Pong’s posters for the “concerts” played at their venue show references to abuse and pedophilia.

Here is a poster which may refer to the out of body experience children have when experiencing extreme abuse:

Here is one showing a band called the “Lolitas” played at Comet Ping Pong:


More disturbingly Alefantis has posted a number of photos showing very suspicious rooms, construction of underground chambers and openly joked about “filling them” with his friends on Instagram.

Here is a photo Alefantis posted showing men digging a hole. Him and his friends joke about “filling it” and a commenter claims his hole has “been full for quite some time now.” They also joke about doing a “line up” at the hole in the near future.

Another photo he posted appears to shows a large freezer, which could appear to be a location used for some kind of imprisonment or torture. Commenters on the photo joke “rinse it off when you’re done” and “kill room.”

The man who commented “kill room” on the above photo has a number of images on his Instagram appearing to show he makes child sized coffins:

Here is a disturbing Wikileaks email where a “torture chamber” is referenced

Last night was fun

Finally, people have noticed that pro-Hillary groups own ALL the properties on the block where Comet Ping Pong is located.

As noted in the previous picture, some of the company logos of nearby groups who have offices near Comet Ping Pong look similar to known images used by pedophiles as per this FBI document:

What can we do about this?

It seems fairly likely that the DC police and FBI will not do anything about this situation. Raise public awareness! Our best tool to combat the people in power on this issue is to build publicity until the public demands a change. Get the word out!

Credits to all the anons on /pol/ who have been working around the clock on this, as well as our own nimble navigators, especially /u/dota2_scrub who found the Soros/Obama documentation.


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