Pakistanis for 9/11 Truth

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Pakistanis for 9/11 Truth

May 3, 2015

This blog will enlighten readers of the wealth of information and witnesses available that were totally ignored or redacted by the 9/11 Commission in it’s final report. There is a facebook group called “Pakistanis for 9/11 Truth”. To join, simply click on the upper left hand corner of your facebook page. Once the menu opens, you’ll see a search box at the top of the menu. Simply type in Pakistanis for 9/11 Truth which will take you to the group to join us. “SHARE” at the bottom of each page.

Who is Captain Dan Hanley?

I am a Muslim American citizen married to a Muslim Pakistani, Huma Hashmi, and currently reside in Islamabad, Pakistan. A former 35 year veteran pilot, having flown 20, 000 flight hours in U.S. Naval and commercial aviation, I had never failed a physical examination or psychological screening nor had I ever failed an aircraft check ride or had an incident, accident, or flight violation over this span of time.

Please click here for information concerning my Naval Aviation record.

Please click here for my endorsements.

In 2003, after having numerous Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and United Airlines mandated reports stonewalled by the FAA. United Airlines management, and my pilot union, the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA), I reported on safety and security issues concerning 9/11 and was removed from flight schedule, required to visit a company-appointed psychiatrist who declared me “mentally unstable”, and was medically grounded for life.

Unfortunate for the FAA, United, and ALPA, I had been informed by my friends that this would happen, I sought counseling from the best mental health professionals in the Atlanta area who declared me mentally healthful. Additionally, I had legally digitally recorded numerous phone conversations both with United management and ALPA with me.

In 2006, a multimillionaire from Chicago named Michael Lynch contacted me advising me of critical evidence of alleged bankruptcy fraud that included an alleged corrupt Chicago Chief Bankruptcy Judge Eugene R. Wedoff who oversaw the distress termination of United Airline employees $10-billion pension fund, the largest pension termination in history and Mr. Lynch’s company, McCook Metals, LLC.

It was at this time I created a grassroots organization called the Whistleblowing Airline Employees Association (originally the Whistleblowing Airline Pilots Association).

I filed for whistleblower protection as a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Sarbanes-Oxley whistleblower and eventually, over a three year attempt, was successful in convincing the SEC to investigate my allegations but the Department of Justice/Federal Bureau of Investigation refused to assist in the investigation. The case was dropped.

Without going into further detail, please read this and this that expounds on the above. To protect myself legally, I sent every letter written via certified mail for which I have proof of receipt for each letter I mailed.

For additional information regarding my work, please listen to my Whistleblowing Airline Employees Association Blog Talk Radio Programs and my radio interview with David Gibbons on his “In Discussion” program.


Who is Captain Field McConnell? 

Captain Field McConnell is a former Northwest Airlines DC-10 captain and whisleblower. He is a highly experienced and very knowledgeable and intelligent pilot in matters concerning aviation. Please click here to learn more about him. We have been friends since 2006.

Graduating from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1971, Captain McConnell entered U.S. Marine Corp aviation till 1977 as an F-4 Phantom pilot serving a four year tour of duty after which he was hired by Northwest Airlines.

On December 4. 2006, Captain McConnell contacted me because he had learned that United Airlines had grounded me for life as a 35-year pilot on trumped up charges that I was “mentally unstable” after forcing me to see a company-appointed psychiatrist for speaking out about issues pertaining to 9/11.

At the time, Captain McConnell had informed Northwest Airline management and his pilot union, the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA), about illegal modifications on commercial jet aircraft and Northwest was attempting to force him to see a Los Angeles physician, Dr. Elliott, who was notorious in diagnosing pilots as being “mentally unstable” thereby grounding airline pilots for life. Instead, he retired early so he would not be diagnosed as such and could testify as an expert witness in future litigation.

On December 10, 2006, Captain McConnell reported the illegal modification on Boeing aircraft to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Northwest Airlines, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), NORAD, and the U.S. Naval Academy Superintendent.

Shortly thereafter, Northwest Airlines, compelled by the Department of Justice, silenced Field McConnell due to his inadvertent reopening of a safety issue closed in the June 2006 settlement of $615-million paid by Boeing to the United States Department of Justice.

On February 27, 2007, Captain McConnell filed Civil Case 3:07-cv-24 at the District Court of North Dakota MCCONNELL v ALPA AND BOEING.

On March 3, 2007, Boeing admitted the existence of the uninterruptible autopilot through installation of the QRS-11 microchip that enables an outside source to take control of a commercial jet aircraft and maneuver it just like a drone aircraft. Since 2012, ALPA has suppressed this information.

On May 1, 2007, Civil Case 3:07-cv-49 HAWKS CAFE vs GLOBAL GUARDIANS, was filed in the District Court of North Dakota.

Undeterred, for the past many years, Captain McConnell has traveled the globe appearing on countless TV and radio programs, giving informative lectures, and briefing numerous airlines on the existence of this technology on their aircraft. Just recently, he was given a first class round trip ticket to brief Malaysian Air regarding the mysterious disappearance of Malaysian Air flight 370.

It should be noted that, according to statistics provided by the DC-based Government Accountability Project (GAP), the largest whistleblowing organization in the world, less than 2% of all U.S. whistleblowers are unsuccessful in litigating their cases.

Just recently, the Circuit Court has now allowed his case to be presented before the court and we wish Captain Field McConnell the best of luck!

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  • I'm sorry to hear what you went through but am happy to hear about you.
    I found this book which is in the congressional records that explains what happened to you.
    It's called Psychopolitics and was written by some twisted Doctor named Beria in USSR. They've been using it on Americans for a really long time. It's working so I want people to see what happened to them. Maybe that can help us heal as individuals then when we speak out and say NO we can have each others back again. The .pdf won't allow me to select text but you should read it and send it to everyone you know and love. I wish you a long happy healthy life in Pakistan and I'm sorry America sucks so bad right now. We've been captured from within. Thanks for your service and for speaking out. We Love You and thank you for your support.

  • Declan The Curtain

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    Locate the portion of the document you want to copy.
    Right click mouse on it and click on "Select Tool"
    With left click held down, hightlight as per normal the text you want to copy.
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    I open a Word Pro document so that then it can be saved and is also easy to attach to an email.
    Happy copying! These Bas***ds need exposing and made to face the consequences of their actions.

  • Thank you for posting the link of that e-book. Much appreciated.