Obama’s DMORT V Bowman Hack and Benghazi Anal Rape

Source: The Telegraph blogs

Obama’s DMORT V Bowman hack and Benghazi anal rape

I wonder if you would be so fulsome about Thatcher’s recognition of the differences between U.K. and U.S. strategic interests if you knew that her former advisers had built a backdoor into the MoD’s tactical radio system (BOWMAN) to support MitM attacks on the Alliance by members of Obama’s Illinois DMORT Region V.

Classic example is the Illinois DMORT V hack of Bowman communications between Obama’s U.S. Ambassador to Libya, the late Christopher Stevens, and the British security company Blue Mountain, allegedly operated out of the pedophile bad lands of South Wales and apparently hired by the continually-concussed Hillary Clinton to protect him.

Obama and Hillary’s cronies at DMORT V were able to monitor Bowman links as Stevens was abducted from the Benghazi compound on 9/11 and taken to hospital for a snuff film rape.

Tres Bullingdon or is it Gaveston; don’t you know?

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