Notice of Withdrawal of Appearance as Agent — Example

To: the (wo)man (Her Name (or His Name), sometimes acting as Court clerk: STATE OF ILLINOIS SUPERIOR COURT (or Montrose County Probate Court or whatever court)

The court mailing address with zip code

The United States of America

From: john of the House Doe

For John Quincy Doe

Your mailing address with the name of the state spelled out: Illinois, Ohio, etc.

and the postal code entered as a Rural Route, for example:  RR60646

re: Case# ______________________

Dated: May 23, 2016

notice of withdrawal of appearance as agent

i, a living man, hereby withdraw any and all appearances of myself or anyone else acting as my attorney or guardian in the representative capacity as agent for the business organization known as “JOHN QUINCY DOE/JOHN Q. DOE/John Quincy Doe/ John Q. Doe/ John Q. Doe, Jr.” or any similar name that could be confused with mine subject to my receipt of your written, verifiable claim and proof of claim to the contrary—all within three days.

Notice of Service of Process

i hereby certify that i mailed a true and correct copy of the foregoing by first class US mail

postage prepaid to:

the man Their Lawyer

His mailing address with zip code.

this 23rd day of May, A.D. 2016.

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