National Household Dividend – Reflate Purchasing Power – American Social Credit – One-Loop, Permanently Circulating Money


Of the greatest and most immediate importance is the need for Americans to address the problem of our elected representatives’ failure to save us from an economic catastrophe of their own devising. 

Here is what we must do.

The deflationary cliff will not be averted. There is going to be an economic crisis far worse than any depression in our history – a contraction beyond the limits of the system’s resilience – and this is intended. The only way out is for the people to stand up all together and announce as one people – in all of our skin colors, in all of our religions, in all of our creeds and economic and social stations in life – and declare that Congress has failed us in a life and death issue: they have sided with organized crime against us.

The people – a unified public opinion solidly agreed and solidly committed to stand with one another – must insist that a treasonous government that leads us into a fatal trap no longer deserves the support of the people. Rather, the people have a duty to each other to see to it that the debt is repudiated – that the money robbed by the financial sector be replenished in every household through a national “thin-air” household dividend that will reflate purchasing power in an economy now in a fatal deflationary tailspin.

This money will be created debt-free and will not have to be paid back by those receiving it. Like the Lincoln greenbacks used at the beginning of the American Civil War, this money will circulate permanently and will be replenished with regular additions of new Household Dividend Social Credit as the need may arise. Following that measure, the states will call a national convention to amend – not replace – the Constitution, to disestablish the present monetary and credit arrangements now in the hands of organized crime.

This must be done – and we must all be agreed that there is no other way. Those who understand the situation have an obligation to inform all who do not. We cannot allow the enemy to divide us with a thousand plans – for if that happens, we have no chance of acting together and setting things right. I put forward a technically simple solution that we can quickly initiate. The only hard part is the first step. We have to agree that we want it.

We are all brothers and sisters in a great family discussion of how best to manage this great country for the good of all, for the best life for each of us.

May God bless us, every one. Have a Merry Christmas – and for sure, make it a Happy New Year! 

Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington


Changing public opinion is like busting a big concrete block with a sledgehammer. You hit it again and again and again, but nothing seems to happen. You think you are getting nowhere. But when the sledge is the hammering of the truth, rest assured that the job is getting done. With a real sledge, each hit is breaking up the bonds holding it all together – little breaks, little cracks – until finally, after perhaps 20 minutes, the block starts to crumble all at once: big crumbling pieces fall off in a cloud of dust with each new hit. Eventually even the biggest blockhead gets the picture.

The greatest moral hazard on Earth is the incentive banks have to start wars so that governments will increase national debt to fight them.

Under Social Credit, there is no more government borrowing. The government must tax for every public good voted by the people’s representatives. If wars must be funded by immediate direct taxation, wars will become politically impossible.

With Social Credit, the banks are no longer the prime institution dictating to government and business. With Social Credit, the consumer is sovereign in the marketplace – the housewife directs the entrepreneur through the market signals that Social Credit allows her to send. Also, with Social Credit, people do not have to work such long hours to pay interest on their personal debt and on their government debt at the city, county, state and federal levels. People will have more leisure to pursue politics and more disposable income – remember that 40 percent of the prices you pay for the goods you buy go to pay interest (see Margrit Kennedy’s economic analysis). They will have more disposable income to contribute to the campaigns of populists (remember Huey Long?). They will be able to afford better information. They will be able to organize politically – returning to the civics of an earlier and better day – and beyond that to a better citizen that the old system just did not make possible.

In the future, better sooner than later, people will look back in disgust and shame at how allowing governments to borrow from international bankers became the source of such great evil – of wars, of deliberately caused disasters requiring “reconstruction” – what will be called “disaster capitalism.”

Social Credit will spell the end of that kind of capitalism.

With Social Credit, we will still have the market system, and ownership, and contracts, and entrepreneurs, and profit and loss, and inventions, and enterprise – but we will not have capitalists – no more J.P. Morgan, Bernard Baruch or Lloyd Blankfein. The great men of industry and technology will be men like Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs – men who do not have to make a deal with devil bankers before they can expand their enterprise – but will be able to make profit ample enough to bankroll expansion, to enable middle-class-owned companies to have excess profit to develop new ideas and manifest them. Never think that the usurer – the merchant banker – was the builder, just because they had a monopoly of credit, and no one with an idea could accomplish anything without making a deal for capital, because everyone else outside the capitalist club was starved of purchasing power and hiring power and investing power because of the domestic economy deflation that capitalists maintained.

This is not Karl Marx. Marx was a friend of bankers. Bankers bankrolled Marx, and Lenin and Trotsky and Mao and Zhou.

Social Credit puts the housewife, the family, the individual, in control of the economy and the nation. That is real democracy – the democracy of purchasing power in your pocket: dollars are the votes that matter. If politicians can only be bought, then let the people have the money to buy them.

Yes I go on and on – but when you see Social Credit as clearly, you too will see the numberless ways fair money and the household dividend make living better for everyone – and you will be just as frustrated as I am that others are not getting it.

Dick Eastman

The decisive reasons for American Social Credit over all other money reform proposals

Who or what enforces IRS excess – withholding returns now?

It is the simplest thing for every person to have one account at some bank that the Social Credit office credits. Every month there is but one operation to perform, one keystroke to distribute that one amount to each person – or maybe it is automated to credit everyone’s account by that one amount. Everyone gets the same; everyone knows that everyone else gets the same.

One operation, one amount, one per citizen. The system is the least prone to fraud of any existing government plan I can think of. Compare it with IRS tax evasion or welfare fraud where there are so many ways to cheat. The simpler, the easier to manage. Think of how the simplicity of the Social Credit dividend cuts processing costs. The only work is adding the newborn and the new citizen and removing the dead. But government keeps track of that information anyway.

Don’t be too hasty to reject this idea. Think of what it accomplishes: ending the deflationary depression with evenly distributed reflation; cutting out the power of the financial sector to manipulate booms and busts and to profit themselves through deflation and inflation, their terrible power to create money, their power to start wars to get more deficit financing by government for their usury profits. Think how under the American Social Credit system the economy will be directed by the consumer, rather than by either New Deal / LaRouche / Zarlenga / Keen Congressional pork, or by the usual Rockefeller / Morgan / Sachs / Wall Street bankrolling corporation takeovers, and speculation wedded to market manipulation, and foreign investment in China robbing the American people of their investment capital. Think of how, under American Social Credit, firms will be able to develop based on their profits, rather than always by borrowing, always by cutting in the financier robber barons on the fruits of their entrepreneurial enterprises and inventions. Think how government deficit spending will be ended and people will no longer have to pay prices forty percent of which go to pay interest. Think of an economy where labor has adequate demand, so that people can sell their skills and talent and time in a seller’s market for labor rather than a buyer’s market. Think of how the creditor class, which is largely the top level of “the conspiracy” and “organized crime in government,” will be cut out of power – will lose their monopoly of control over the chokepoints of this society. Government will not longer be blackmailed by the fear that “international investors” will “lose confidence” in our ability to pay our debts – the blackmail threat of lowering our credit rating (the expense at which we borrow from international bankers) unless we plunder our people in exactly the way the IMF wants us plundered. Also, we will be free from rule by organized crime setting interest rates or setting up a casino of derivatives. Especially good is the fact that we will regain national control of the national economy. And it will allow us to get out of all that debt – to repudiate the debt incurred in a crooked rigged game, and the only game in town, that was run by criminal international finance – with government able to tax finance from now on. Think of all the ways that Big Finance has cheated nations and people with their system – and this eliminates that!!!

Do you think a gold standard would be less prone to corruption – with Rothschild and other bankers controlling the price and supply of gold? Consider the monumental inequity of the gold system – that the Austrian Schoolers say is natural and appropriate.

Consider organisms with human genetics living on a planet, say, fifty light years away, where everyone is living by barter and where gold is rare but has not been discovered yet. Now suppose an Austrian School economist travels to that planet from Earth and seeks to help them by introducing the concept of money – and more specifically, a gold standard monetary unit. He explains how money can mediate trade, separating the giving up of one thing from the gaining of another – so that a worker can give up labor or a piece of handicraft to one person, receive some coins, and then take those coins to another person who has exactly what the worker wants in exchange – using an amount of gold for the transaction. The leaders of the planet see the advantages of money, and allow the Austrian Schooler to mine some gold and start the gold monetary system at once. The question comes up: how much gold should the unit be? What is the price of gold that should be set for a cow – and from that initial setting of gold for cow, people will be able to reckon subjectively what gold they might accept. Or perhaps the government can set an amount of gold that must be paid by each person in taxes that everyone pays, so that the people will just earn the gold that they must in order to make their taxes – with all other gold medium exchange prices forming around that tax. But then the question is: who mines the gold? How much gold will be mined? Who lends gold – and what happens when the interest that person gains over the years becomes so great that that person can corner the gold market and virtually – by withholding the lending of gold or easing the terms of lending – create booms and busts in the economy: so he can build up the assets of the planet in the boom that he allows – and then in the bust that he triggers, take possession of the assets of the planet through foreclosure, simply by calling in loans and not making new loans? And he can do this whether gold is lent on a 100 percent reserve basis or under a fractional reserve banking basis (which would greatly multiply his power to alter booms and busts at less expense to himself). That is the economy system we have had – and that is the economic system the Austrians are proposing we have again. Do you not see their proposal as absurd?

Under the American Social Credit plan, ALL NEW MONEY ORIGINATES IN THE HANDS OF CONSUMERS. If there is temporarily too much money, then every citizen gets some of the “too much” (that is, all share equally the advantage of being first spenders in an inflation); and if there is temporarily too little money, again all receive dollars equally, that will appreciate in value due to the deflation – due to the insufficient injection of new Social Credit that hasn’t kept up with the expansion of the national “economic pie” that everyone is baking.

Talk about simple. Talk about foolproof.

Open your eyes, and grasp this opportunity before the bankers close the door on this great opportunity forever.

Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington


Dick Eastman interviewed on Rense
Feb. 21, 2007 – Jeff Rense interviews Dick Eastman on the power of Bernard Baruch (1870-1965) over Woodrow Wilson, Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Dwight D. Eisenhower; and Baruch’s hand in the Great Depression, New Deal economy, both World Wars and the Cold War.

Populist candidate Richard Eastman interviewed by Mark Anderson (When Worlds Collide/RBN)
Aug. 1, 2011 :
Oct. 5, 2011 :

Populist candidate Richard Eastman interviewed by Robert Stark (The Stark Truth/VoR)
Jan. 9, 2012 : 

Dick Eastman interviewed about 9-11 research by Charles Giuliani (Truth Hertz/RBN)
May 17, 2007 – Part 1 :
May 17, 2007 – Part 2 :

Mark Anderson:

Make no mistake: monetary reform is the revolution of revolutions. The whole point of social credit is that “jobs” are no longer paramount, because man was not born to be a draft horse and labor all his days: hence the dividend to supplement modest or sufficient work, and the ability to have enough interest-free money in circulation to buy what is produced. This is a reorientation of society away from corporate mass culture: corporations be damned!

The fruits of family and individual progress, home gardening, localized production, etc. would flower under SC. No nation should import anything save only those things it cannot grow or produce for itself. All food supplies should be close to the dinner tables they feed. When fruit is off-season, people need to can and jar fruits and veggies again. I do not want a tomato shipped from another continent!! 

Social credit is a means to get out of the slavery we are in. Our modern economy is slavery. It is not like slavery; it is slavery. We need to admit we are slaves, and join together to defeat modern slavery. The means to do so is debt-free, interest-free money.

Government fiat, which is distributed to everybody, eliminates deflation. Deflation causes economic depression.

The social credit system is intended to replace our present form of money – which is money introduced by banks loans to the household, production and government sectors.

The goal is to have a market system where consumer demand, supplemented by social credit, is sufficient to make abundant domestic production profitable.

Cathal Spelman (Irish Social Crediter)


Haile Selassie I

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  • The problem being;“Through money, democracy becomes its own destroyer, after money has destroyed intellect.” Oswald Spengler
    The only solution; “We are born into this time and must bravely follow the path to the destined end. There is no other way. Our duty is to hold on to the lost position, without hope, without rescue, like that Roman soldier whose bones were found in front of a door in Pompeii, who, during the eruption of Vesuvius, died at his post because they forgot to relieve him. That is greatness. That is what it means to be a thoroughbred. The honorable end is the one thing that can not be taken from a man.”
    ― Oswald Spengler, Man and Technics: A Contribution to a Philosophy of Life

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