MORRELL: FOREIGN COUNTRIES HAVE WHAT WAS ON HILLARY’S PRIVATE EMAIL SERVER – Wrongful death suit for the Benghazi snuff film? – Hillary Clinton Caught In Another Lie – Running Weapons Thru Benghazi to Syria

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May 16, 2015
By Pam Key

Friday on “The Hugh Hewitt Show,” former CIA deputy director Mike Morell said it was a bad idea for Hillary Clinton to use a private email server while serving as head diplomat at the State Department because any foreign government that has good intelligence was able to hack the Clinton server.

Morrell confirms at least one foreign country have
what was on Hillary’s email server 

When asked if it was a good idea Hillary used a private server, Morell said, “I don’t think that was very good judgment. I don’t know who gave her that advice, and she is paying a price for it now.”

When asked if he thinks foreign governments could have gotten information from Clinton’s server, Morell said, “So I think that foreign intelligence services, the good ones, have everything on any unclassified network that the government uses whether it’s a a private server or a public one. They are that good.”

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