Michael Hastings, ‘Rolling Stone’ Contributor, Dead at 33 – Michael Hastings OBVIOUSLY murdered by bomb on gas tank

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Michael Hastings, ‘Rolling Stone’ Contributor, Dead at 33

The bold journalist died in a car accident in Los Angeles

by Tim Dickinson
June 18, 2013

Michael Hastings, the fearless journalist whose reporting brought down the career of General Stanley McChrystal, has died in a car accident in Los Angeles, Rolling Stone has learned. He was 33.

Hastings’ unvarnished 2010 profile of McChrystal in the pages of Rolling Stone, “The Runaway General,” captured the then-supreme commander of the U.S.-led war effort in Afghanistan openly mocking his civilian commanders in the White House. The maelstrom sparked by its publication concluded with President Obama recalling McChrystal to Washington and the general resigning his post. “The conduct represented in the recently published article does not meet the standard that should be met by – set by a commanding general,” Obama said, announcing McChrystal’s departure. “It undermines the civilian control of the military that is at the core of our democratic system.”

Hastings’ hallmark as reporter was his refusal to cozy up to power. While other embedded reporters were charmed by McChrystal’s bad-boy bravado and might have excused his insubordination as a joke, Hastings was determined to expose the recklessness of a man leading what Hastings believed to be a reckless war. “Runaway General” was a finalist for a National Magazine Award, won the 2010 Polk award for magazine reporting, and was the basis for Hastings’ book, The Operators: The Wild and Terrifying Inside Story of America’s War in Afghanistan.

For Hastings, there was no romance to America’s misbegotten wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. He had felt the horror of war first-hand: While covering the Iraq war for Newsweek in early 2007, his then-fianceé, an aide worker, was killed in a Baghdad car bombing. Hastings memorialized that relationship in his first book, I Lost My Love in Baghdad: A Modern War Story.


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Full remote control of ALL modern U.S. market cars PROVEN

Jim Stone, June 21 2013


A team of hackers from the Department of Computer Science at the University of Washington conducted a study in 2010 which concluded that all cars equipped with antilock brakes sold in the U.S. can be hacked via remote control and have their brakes entirely disabled with the car in motion, throttle revved, and remain fully operational with the key removed and the car in park with all driver input entirely ignored. That this was done all the way back in 2010 only goes to show that this has been possible for a long time, and proves Larry Dever could have been killed the same way Hastings was, that is IF Hastings was not simply murdered beforehand blown up and burned mafia style as I think he was. 

I am going to introduce here an entirely new possibility that could have happened. That this University of Washington study proved beyond all doubt that Hastings 2013 Mercedes could have instead been hijacked via remote control, run to full throttle with all driver input disabled, and rammed into a tree./p>
Many people know about GM’s Onstar which maintains an always on cellular internet connection to the heart of the engine control system and has been that way since the 90’s. But few people know about the Federal mandate which in 2005 forced manufacturers to include a similar always on internet connection via the cell network in EVERY car sold in America, Onstar or not. And this team of hackers has proven that a remote connection can indeed allow commandeering of these cars (in their case they used a remote controlled laptop plugged into the OBD port rather than the cell connection) that could be used to turn the car into a murder weapon.

The issue is with all cars that use networked control modules which use the CAN (Controller Area Network) Protocol, which functions in a manner similar to a wired computer network which connects PC’s. Each module in the car, be it the ABS controller, throttle controller, spark controller or even the modern radios, communicate via this network which also integrates with the main engine control unit. If any one of the devices on this network can be hacked (and the team proved that ALL can) it can be used as an insertion point through which total vehicle control can be taken away from the driver and the car operated at the whim of a remote attacker. And the Federally mandated always on cellular internet connection in all cars 2005 and later provides a remote access point through which ANY car can be hacked, provided you are high enough in the government to be priviledged with the ability to use this connection.

There is little doubt Hastings Mercedes had a camera in it somewhere (cameras are super common on high end cars) which would have allowed an attacker to know exactly where Hasting’s car was going, to give a visual of their attack and allow them to see what they were doing when they hijacked his car from a comfy drone desk a thousand miles away and drive it to a perfect crash. I don’t personally think this is how they did it, but the capability is definitely there. WHAT IF?

The CIA favors car accident deaths above all other assassination methods because the plausible deniability factor is so high, and even if all evidence seems to make the driver appear innocent, it’s easy to stop such a defense by blaming drugs or alcohol.

I am sure many readers are tired of people making claims and then producing a lengthy document which only spuriously supports what has been stated in an article. That is NOT the case with this one, it’s ALL IN THERE, Read it and weep. Your car, provided it is new enough, has the potential to be a bona fide murder weapon via the always on internet cell connection. 

Here is the original link to the document, and if that mysteriously stops working, I have uploaded it to my own server HERE

You will discover that particular document to NOT be a waste of time. If whatever you get does not include them taking the car out on an aircraft runway and creating a situation that could have killed the driver, you did not get the real thing.

Just in case the holonet buried this

Loudlabs is obvioulsy a CIA front, and the CIA is handling this.

The loudlabs videos are deception masterpieces. But these two frame captures say it all. And the top one is from a local news channel two hours after the “crash”, NOT loudlabs even though loudlabs used it. But they had to show the original video because people knew it existed, and then they proceeded to give you different shots later in the video to make you forget all about that perfectly intact car even right after you just saw it, which is a perfect mind control tactic. The top one is not available ANYWHERE on the web without the loudlabs dub in anymore, and I’d like to ask why. I don’t even think loudlabs was there AT ALL. The local news channels said NOTHING about loudlabs, they just ran their broadcasts straight up. Then Loudlabs took the local news channel video, buried all the local reports, and interspersed the original local news channel video with their own B.S.
This particular psy op was too important to leave up to the local news channels, OBVIOUSLY.


Michael Hastings OBVIOUSLY murdered by bomb on gas tank 

This story is not complete and will receive edits

For all 3 of those normal reasons, which account for virtually all car fires in modern cars, the fire would have started in the engine compartment, progressed slowly, and scorched the hell out of the paint before ever reaching the gas tank. That clean paint is the be all tell all, Michael Hastings was murdered, and the rest is detail.” 

UPDATE: It seems to me that Hastings may have been dead, his car parked there, and then blown up with him in it. This is because the flames are way too fresh for the car to have been there long, there is no impact damage where the car “struck the tree” to cause a gas tank explosion, and there are no flames on the road behind the car to indicate it was blown up while it was moving.

This appears to be a classic mafia hit, where you are killed and then burned in a car to hide the evidence. In this case, they obviously used a bomb to blow the gas tank as evidenced by the fact that the rear passenger door is blown open and shredded with the rest of the car nicely intact, read the initial analysis below. And obviously, there was no high speed crash as reported by the lie factory. I will be working on this throughout the day.

It was perfect to have this happen on a late late Tuesday night, the quietest night of the week, one so quiet that many restaurants will not open. This would have helped ensure a proper setup with few witnesses.

The mainstream press is trying to front this as a high speed car crash, and IT WAS NOT. Take a look at the following screen capture of this “crash” and observe a few things:

1. There is no impact damage to this car. The only damage there is is BLOWN OUT, not smashed in.

2. This was a Mercedes, not a Pinto, which means it did not burst into flames on its own. One (seldom quoted) eyewitness said the car “exploded”. Interesting stuff.

3. Here is where it starts to get REALLY damning – LOOK AT THE FRONT PASSENGER DOOR. The paint is PERFECT yet the car is ablaze. This means that whoever photographed this was on scene right away, with a camera ready to film this in the wee hours of the morning, and nail it before the fire scorched the paint. HMMMMMM . . . . . . 

4. Unlike what the so called single “eyewitness” report says, the car did not impact a tree. The car did not impact ANYTHING. Look at where the car stopped. See much damage there? The front only touched the tree as the car rolled to a stop

5. The car was not speeding, as was said in the “eyewitness” report. The level of damage to that car is that of a 25 mile an hour impact AT MOST. On top of that, it does not appear to have impact damage, it is blown out and not crunched in. It sure looks like an explosion pushed that door out, and nothing crunched it in.


Here we have a car FULLY, and I mean FULLY in flames, from front to back, with NO SCORCHED PAINT because the flame is too new, which means the flame went from the back of the car to the front of the car instantaneously, at the same time it breached the floor and engulfed the passenger compartment before it had a chance to scorch anything, which means ONE THING – A BOMB ON THE GAS TANK, and a PHOTOGRAPHER READY TO SNAP THE PHOTO VERY EARLY ON. Even rapid car fires take time to progress through the car, and totally scorch the paint as they progress. Only a bomb could have blown gas through the floor to the inside of the passenger compartment and under the car all the way to the front of the engine compartment and lit the whole thing up at once. That’s the only explanation for the shiny paint while it sits completely engulfed in flames. That flame did not progress through that car, it was blown through it with force and the photographer was on the scene the moment it happened and bagged a perfect shot. I’d like to know how that happened – early morning walk? 

I’d like to also mention something here – Sheriff Larry Dever was most likely killed by an ECM hack, because he was driving something big and needed a serious high speed accident. With me, when they tried, the incident was with a semi because I was driving a Geo Metro. And in the case of Michael Hastings, his car was such a safe one that you could not guarantee a death in an incident with a semi, and also could not guarantee a death in a high speed crash. I’d bet Hastings wore his seat belt all the time, and Dever did not, and the murderers would know these details before doing it. So to have Hastings definitely dead, kill him first, put him in his car, and blow the gas tank. It may have been possible to remote control the car to where it is with the engine computer via an ECU hack with the oh so convenient Federally mandated always on 3g cell connection to the heart of the car’s control computer with Hastings dead the entire time, and just blow the bomb when the car was where they wanted it. Mercedes are extremely advanced, and it is possible Hasting’s car was full drive by wire.

No matter how you slice this particular pie, a Mercedes is not just going to explode into flames without a little assistance. Car fires in new cars happen for three main reasons – running the engine out of oil, or running the engine out of coolant, or after an absolutely huge car mangling accident, having the hot side of the battery short out against the frame before it reaches the fuse panel. And for all 3 of those normal reasons, which account for virtually all car fires in modern cars, the fire would have started in the engine compartment, progressed slowly, and scorched the hell out of the paint before ever reaching the gas tank. That clean paint is the be all tell all, Michael Hastings was murdered, and the rest is detail.


Here is what they want you to believe:


But that is not consistent with this: And notice the trees.

All of these photos are from the same news video. One question – Why is there a sheet on the front of the car in the photo below? Why are the trees not the same as in the original photo above? Where is the blown out section at the rear of the car, which is CLEARLY visible in the original photo above?

The answer is obvious. THEY SWITCHED CARS AND LOCATIONS FOR THE DAY TIME PHOTO OP. Look at both of these pictures, you can clearly see the car is not the same. The location is not the same. On top of that, why is the car still there the NEXT DAY, 10 hours after the crash, when wrecks always get towed away within a couple hours, as soon as the flames are out? Why is the front end not mangled in the original photo, or even the tree for that matter?

For the day time photo op which should not have been possible anyway (it would have been towed long before) they used a different location with different trees, and interspersed the night time fire photos and the daytime shots with those of a different wreck to show pictures of a car that was not destroyed by a bomb. Just look and think, it is OBVIOUS.

This is so far out there that I had to double and triple confirm I did not screw this up, and indeed I did not, ALL of the photos are frame captures from the exact same news video. They TOTALLY blew it with this one.
This is as messed up as Woolwich.

A note to the setup crew: When you produce your garbage, it is going to be analyzed by a LOT of brilliant people, and if you are not careful your efforts won’t cut it. I am ashamed of you, surely the old world Russia or maybe East Berlin would have done this A LOT BETTER.

A note to the world: Take a look at what is here, and remember this the next time you see a bunch of hype about what a great free country America is. They do this to journalists and whistleblowers here.

For those of you who do not know, Michael Hastings was the Rolling Stone reporter who interviewed Assange, brought down General McChrystal, and did several other high level exposures of government corruption.

UPDATE: The original newscast videos have been entirely expunged from the web, and entirely replaced with the LoudLabs video. 

The Loudlabs video STILL intersperses two car wrecks, but they try to explain it away by repeatedly showing different angles of the crash, to make you think you did not see it right at first. But look at the FIRST SHOT in the Loudlabs video, you can see the entire intact car that is not crunched AT ALL, with the front of the car obviously missing the tree and obscured behind the tree. The Mexican guy the police talk to said the car was on fire before it arrived at the tree, and in the LoudLabs video they do a close up, and you can see bullet holes shot in the car, two in the drivers door and several just behind the drivers door. Something is really strange here. Remember, this happened in Hollywood. Who knows what is real? Bullet holes in the drivers door followed by a high speed crash are just as damning as no crash and a gas tank bomb. If Loudlabs faked this, what good did it do?

Farganne keeps asking why I think the crunched car is fake. Here is my answer:

In the first shot, even in the loudlabs video, that car is intact, with no parts thrown from the front of the car anywhere in sight. It’s a clean scene, except for debris surrounding the back of the car as would be if a bomb went off back there. It is in normal condition with the door seams matching as if there was no crash, sitting there burning, with the frame straight and the front passenger tire straight.

Then later, loudlabs intersperses another wreck, where you can clearly see the passenger door is badly crumpled, the front passenger side wheel is bent, and the front of the car is totally obliterated with shredded metal high in the air, and the car totally rammed into a tree.

Those two images DO NOT MATCH AT ALL.

Photo 1. No passenger side impact, no mangled front end, perfectly straight door and fender, and no debris from the front end:

Photo 2. SEVERE PASSENGER SIDE IMPACT and extreme carnage, with lots of debris

That means that ONE of them is special effects. Guess which one? And if there are ANY special effects, LoudLabs is BUNK.

And what about this tree? Why is the bottom not burnt at all? Why did they scrape off the char at the bottom? To provide an “impact mark”? Furthermore, if this was a 100 mph crash as fronted, that tree would have a lot more than just surface damage that could be scraped off.


“A warning to other journalists to not dig too deep,” one Reddit user wrote. “Stick with the party line if you want a long, happy life.”

Does the transmission of a Mercedes-Benz C-Class, which is an evolutionary design get ejected from the car after hitting a tree?

Mercedes Benz C250 four-cylinder turbo coupe

Threats to freedom of the press:

We Got The Message…”
Hastings “Boston Brakes” Killing a Warning?
by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Michael Hastings Probed the CIA Before Fatal Hollywood Crash

“Michael Hastings contacted WikiLeaks lawyer Jennifer Robinson just a few hours before he died, saying that the FBI was investigating him.”

“Michael Hastings death has a very serious non-public complication. We will have more details later.”

Famed Non-Automotive Journalist Michael Hastings Turns A C250 Into A “Bomb”

Virtually Everything the Government Did to WikiLeaks is Now Being Done to Mainstream US Reporters

The Runaway General

Why did CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell step down earlier this month June, 2013? A little disgusted perhaps?

CIA deputy director Morell steps down

In 2011 Michael Hastings wrote about a US Army PSYOP team targeting US Senators:

Another Runaway General: Army Deploys Psy-Ops on U.S. Senators 

— Hollywood filmmaker Gary Grossman: “…it sounded like a bomb went off”:


Hackers Warn Vehicles Can be Taken Over

News coverage of the crash:

Definitive video of the crash

Quote from: The Truth About Cars

That last bit is the critical part. Mercedes-Benz USA is no doubt sweating bullets over this one. An eyewitness report says that Mr. Hastings was driving at an excessive rate of speed down a suburban street when his car “suddenly jackknifed” and hit a tree “with the force of a bomb”. The Benzo, which by the wheels and quarter-panel appears to be the relatively prosaic but cheerfully stylish C250 four-cylinder turbo coupe, proceeded to throw its powertrain out of the engine bay, immediately catch fire in a manner typically reserved for episodes of “Miami Vice”, and burn its driver until said driver was charred beyond recognition.

… I’m here to state that I’ve seen dozens of cars hit walls and stuff at high speeds and the number of them that I have observed to eject their powertrains and immediately catch massive fire is, um, ah, zero. Modern cars are very good at not catching fire in accidents. The Mercedes-Benz C-Class, which is an evolutionary design from a company known for sweating the safety details over and above the Euro NCAP requirements, should be leading the pack in the not-catching-on-fire category.

Michael Hastings’ books:

The Operators: The Wild and Terrifying Inside Story of America’s War in Afghanistan

Panic 2012: The Sublime and Terrifying Inside Story of Obama’s Final Campaign (A BuzzFeed/Blue Rider Press Book) 

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  • RIP, MICHAEL Hastings. To tell the truth will be seen as a revolutionary act.

  • Scary.

  • On earth truth is murdered every second by man but not in heaven where all of God's people rest. Money changers & complicit allies your time is brief on earth and your eternal sentence seperated from God just. Repent now your kind are writing your own spiritual death sentence where it is you yourself have done it with your own free will….repent….

  • See VT readers comment excerpt below

    Last few seconds of video;

    “Hatzala” is “rescue” in Hebrew,were first on the scene.(Video? To show how good Jews are?)

    What a coincidence,why does reporter report this?

    Is it true?

    for video see


  • On or about 2000?, I was sent to a construction work site in La Jolla, California. I parked the vehicle(cf. California plate: 4MZY 730) at said site and proceeded to exit said vehicle and noticed a strong smell of gasoline. I remembered that I had entered the entrance a little fast.
    As I looked underneath the front(cf. engine), there was a plastic Coca-Cola® bottle wedged upside down with the twist cap sheared off in the manifold. It was a good thing that I had entered the parking lot inclined concrete ramp fast because it tore the top of said bottle off.
    Belief said bottle was placed by U.S.Navy ONI & FBI Division 5 goon(s) at Mission Beach San Diego.
    You don't need high tech devices to blow up a car. It would be like if you threw a flare into a gully that's heavily embedded with dry foliage i.e.Chollas Park, San Diego. It would be horrifying.
    Gasoline in a bottle combined with intense heat and pressure would probably be like a M-67 hand grenade going off.
    Of course, I'm the same person who received an anthrax letter in Lemon Grove, California i.e. Henry Bienen(cf. boss of CIA-SAD), Northwestern University and the Chicago people.

    P.S. "Do you have gas." Henry Bienen, 1987?

  • it's a little weird also that the car 'crashed'? right outside a psychic's office.