MI2 F3 @ 6&7 4 CSI Skinners Hall – Chapter 8

MOTERLODE/BOLD LION Deadline 1111/16Oct13 Las Vegas Time

Obamacare’s Canadian Hackers Hacked By AD In 49th Parallel POKE IN THE EYE
G-Spot: Canadian Obamacare DEATH panels + + d’Aquino + David Wooten + Marcy + CGI

McConnell, Top Ace Korean War Precedes McConnell, Ace Of TERRORGATE
G-Spot: McConnell + Beauteous Butch + FU

Exposer Of Obama-Leslie-Wooten-Johnston’s Hacked obamaCARE
G-Spot: obamaCARE + CAI + CGI + Entrust + d’Aquino + FIELD MCCONNELL

Abel Danger F16 Ace Exposes Jason Dahl’s Killers, Spade Ass?
G-Spot: jason dahl + united 93 + imputed delay + 41 + Field McConnell

24 October To Be Named United States Day as Johnston’s Failure Pulls BHO Plug
G-Spot: 50 USC § 1621 + urgent bulletin + highly troubling + radical change + hostage takers

Coalition VIRTUAL FLAG Precedes Bloodless Coup TW1311
G:Spot: robust simulator + 116th + JSTARS aviators + distributed missions + Rolando

Elephant Walk, MITO Take Off, Or Amalgam Virgo 13 Soft Coup JSTARS 
G-Spot: Timothy Garden + Canada + Amalgam Virgo + Anna Chapman + Lesbian Security

T2SDA Truckers Encircle BENGHAZI TRAITORS, Hillary C and Barry S Marcy + Hillary + Pawlenty + Napolitano + soetoro + wells fargo + MCCONNELL

MI3 Exposure Of Obamacare Treason Ensnares Marcy, Inkster, Intrepid, Interpol
G-Spot: Shit Hits Fan + E Division RCMP + NSAWW + Abel Danger + GRU Sting

Khazar Treason Practicioner Prays To Egyptian God Min To Be More Like Chips
G-Spot: ATF + Fast and Furious + harm morale + dodson + cnn’s + the unarmed truth 

Suddenly the sounds and sights of electrical arching distorted the OmniGlobe before making it go dark and dumb just like America’s air defense on morning of the Marcy-Hillary-Gorelick attack of 9/11 using Queen’s Pussies Baril, Shelton and Timothy Garden. Alabama’s Birmingham airport shook like it had the morning of the crash of the UPS Airbus which had a 37 year old co-pilot who was an heiress to the Jack Daniels fortunes as five KC135E tankers performed a MITO takeoff while an E8C from Robins AFB awaited the arrival of someone who had organized COALITION VIRTUAL FLAG which was a dress rehearsal for the military ‘soft coup’ that would get hard before 0311/25Oct13. The last thing Agent Chips had heard Umbrellaman say was that he was ordering into action MOTHERLODE, BOLD LION and knowing the third Operation requested to compliment China, Russia, Iran, Syria and Peru, Agent Chips donned a Stetson hat similar to Pastor Clyde’s and strapped on a weapon that had the firepower necessary to BLOW SOME SMARTS into those identified as defendants in the Marcy, Reno and Gorelick JABS Misprision of Treason by FBI’s Lab Justice Department Great Hall “Lab Day, October 22, 1996 which had been sent to governors of Oklahoma and six other states. Agent 80W felt a stab of pain as Agent Chips jumped out of the 4th floor window into an uncertain short term future but was comforted in recalling the last email he had sent to the CLOSE GROUP on Sunday morning, 29 September, 2013 which trigged the MOTHERLODE of all Googlebaits:

FIELD + 29 sept + MGM Grand + David Chase + terrorgate benghazi + 3 top navy brass

As Agent 80W sat in the darkness she said a prayer that she might see Agent Chips in this world and she made a vow to God, and herself, that until Chips might return to the fold, she would wear his 1971 Marine Utility cap issued to him on July 20, 1971 at Quantico and stand guard over the jet in Canton, Texas that Agent Chips had flown while he was standing guard over the United States of America. She finished her prayer and then wrote herself a note to google FIELD MCCONNELL’s JET and see what might pop up just like his PTRC could be counted on to do if given a view of the target area. Of the 2,080,000 hits, Agent 80W was sure certainly one must be a photo of his only homosexual sibling, one of the TWISTED SISTERs he spoke of on 27 September, 2010 in Austin TX where one of Obama’s five (5) devices was set to go off at a football game while another was set to go off in Las Vegas, a third at Yellowstone and the fourth and fifth at locations capable of delivering MASS ( DMORT-FEMA ) CASUALTIES to make people forget the Obama-Napolitano ‘street threaters’ known as NAIROBI MALL, NAVY YARD, BOSTON MARATHON, SANDY HOOK KID KILL, CUDAHY SIKH, AURORA THEATER, DEEPWATER HORIZON, AF 447, COLGAN 3407, 9/11 well, you know, every TERROR EVENT since 22 November, 1963, capeche?

Chapter 8

Google Bait of the Century:

FIELD + MGM Grand + David Chase + terrorgate benghazi + 3 top navy brass

Scripture of the Day: Isaiah 55:6-11

6 Seek ye the Lord while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near:
7 Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the Lord, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon.
8 For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord.
9 For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.
10 For as the rain cometh down, and the snow from heaven, and returneth not thither, but watereth the earth, and maketh it bring forth and bud, that it may give seed to the sower, and bread to the eater:
11 So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.

Gospel Song of the Day: What A Wonderful World, Louis Armstrong


Secular Song of the Day: God Only Knows


Googlebait of the Month:

blatchford + detonation + chicago fire + pelindaba + mcconnell + cameron

Way back in Chapter 7 Agent Chips had bailed out of the window on the fourth floor, south side of the (redacted ) hotel near the Birmingham, Alabama where RF4C Phantom Photo Phighters flew until 1994 rolled around and they got punished for being good fighter pilots and were rewarded with some 1956 KC135A water wagons just as Fargo’s ANG had to trade in their F16ADFs, the same ones that flew over W386A Airspace, P5606 and Shanksville on the morning of 9/11 when the Marcy, Gorelick, Reno and Clinton ( party of 2 ) TOPOFF EXERCISE failed as Field McConnell imputed a 41 minute delay in the departure of Captain Jason Dahl’s United 93.

G-Spot: jason dahl + united 93 + imputed delay + 41 + Field McConnell 

Agent Chips had promised Sandy Dahl that he would expose the killers of her husband Jason in her lifetime. Sadly, those who wish to suppress the truth, see above link and notice I did not mention youTube or Google, ensured that she would not see the revelation now that can be found by googling [ obama resigns + field mcconnell’s jet ] or [ biggest shitheads in history + 1950 Old Gallows Road ]. He and Sandy had enjoyed a early evening dinner at the tex-mex restaurant at 3100 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80206 during the filming of Captain Sherlock Solves 9/11 that taught Marcy, Hillary, Gorelick and Reno that their brand of radical man hating, child hating, marriage hating, Christian hating, family hating, veteran hating, America hating and SELF LOATHING would end before 22 October, 2013. Marcy and Inkster had created Obama out of ‘thin air’ by using actors from IMDb, Wandering Persons Registry and Foreign Fugitive File during a period between 1979 and 1982 seven years before Intrepid died and 5 years before MI3 was FIELDed. Field McConnell, Global Ops Director at Abel Danger will be going on a speaking tour beginning 16 October, 2013 and will be using code words LISTEN PEOPLE knowing that Marcy, Hillary, Holder, Soetoro and Inkster are HARD of hearing.


When Agent Chips had jumped out of the window he did so because he had been ‘triggered’ by a code word just like the young black lady shot in Washington DC by a police officer who, strangely, was not on furlough during the SHUT DOWN of America’s government, or at least 15% of it, which is a wimpy, paranoid move by the Choomer who might learn alot about SHUTDOWNs while considering the lyrics to the song backing Pat Tillman’s Ghost, a super trick and piss wicked 1940 Studebaker with a radical 413 which even Ottawa’s cowardly general Lesbie cannot catch. Excuse me, surname Leslie.


Chips had been prebriefed to execute the BOLD LION bailout if he heard the codeword and to be aware that the ARFF unit from the 117th ARW would have the inflatable donut placed where his BOLD LION trajectory would cause him to land. As Chips flew through the air he saw the 1937 Studebaker awaiting him with a tall slender man with a straw hat sitting on the running board passenger side. Chips climbed out of the inflatable donut and began walking, in an erect fashion, to the Abel Danger Motor Pool unit #178 and got in the right forward passenger door as the man from Bremen settled in the driver’s seat for the short ride to ‘service vehicle only’ gate near the southeast end of the Federal Reservation which is guarded by law enforcement graduates of the LITTLE KNOWN training curriculum at Fort Roots, Arkansas. Agent MacCheese shifted into overdrive and handed Chips a short message from Hammer Rooster Cogburn still at Global HQ in Plum City, Wisconsin which will be credited with causing Napolitano, Obama and their ilk to STAND DOWN while Field McConnell and other oathkeeping patriots would STAND TALL.


“Agent Chips, once aboard Razor 13 you will be briefed by the back end crew which is Wizzard 13. They will ask you to endorse this message to Obama, Marcy, Hillary and the 5 loyal 4-stars: October 7, 2013 United States Marine Field McConnell has linked business interruption frauds by AXA insiders of the MI-3 Insurers’ Livery Company to David Cameron and his Bullingdon Club associates who allegedly helped Li & Fung develop a Black Cat incendiary-bomb supply chain for the aluminothermic arson attack initiated from the Westfield Mall under the WTC Twin Towers on 9/11. Google any combination of: [ Ian Richardson Insurers + Bebear + AXA + business interruption money laundering + bullingon ship jumper + gap year + black cat + WTC Dust + USGS + Barium Copper + WestFIELD + Lowy + Twin Towers fraud + Li & Fung + supply chain + Willis Binder ] and you will see that Abel Danger Global Intel is the ONLY GAME IN TOWN. Fair winds and following seas, Agent Chips. If offered 3 choices, suggest you would enjoy the Piel option. Rooster Cogburn and Super Sport, 401 Main Street, Plum City.

Chips was considering the Piel option as well as the Fyfield, Northolt and Brize Norton Options and was curious of those three might have been stricken from the list of options just as the Asiana Air 214 777 had been ‘stricken’ from Air Asiana’s fleet the day before the False Flag ‘terror scene’ on Runway 28L which had been closed for maintainence so they could film a ‘terror event’ approved by the same cabal the did WestFIELD Mall, Navy Yard, Boston Marathon, Sandy Hook, Cudahy, Aurora ad nauseum dating back to 22 November, 1963, capeche?

Chips’ thoughts were changed as the 1937 Studebaker President with the 250 cubic inch straight eight was parked at the left forward side of and E8C Joint Stars flown by an ANG crew from an undisclosed Air Force Base in Warner Robins, Georgia where the U2S that was flown out of Ramey AFB during the Haiti Haarp Quake had stopped for fuel enroute from CGAS Boringquen to Beale AFB in California in January, 2010. For security purposes I cannot post a photo of the U2 80-1076 taken in the secure (?) Hangar at Ramey but if I could it may look very, very similar to this and for enquiring minds 9ERS is 9th Electronic Reconnaissance Squadron, surf’s up refers to the Officers’ Beach Surfing spot just below the cliff that has the Officers’ Club still functioning and the green dragon refers to the U2 spy plane called DRAGONLADY by those who flew her, like our Agent Crusher.

Please disregard any photo of a Fulbright Scholar Foreign Student that might be placed here by the FBI computer hackers who framed Ivens and Sachtleben or perhaps by website manipulators at Google or youTube who artificially reduce viewer counts at any Truth blog that exposes Gorelick, McCain, Marcy, Reno, Clintons ( party of 2 ) regarding the October 22, 1996 meeting in the USDoJ Great Hall ( of shame ) where Marcy received a Gore Hammer Award for being dummer than a bag of hammers; ball peen or claw.

Chips got out of the car and climbed the crew ladder extended from the forward hatch. He climbed the crew ladder as the assistance crew chiefs removed the yellow wheel chocks and Agent Marquis d’Cartier handed him a thick briefing guide before closeing and securing the crew hatch and stowing the ladder. Chips was directed to a console on aircraft left where he placed the briefing guide on the desk and secured his seat belt. The aircraft taxied, no faster than a man could walk, towards the departure end of the long runway at Birmingham and as it was lined up heading north, Chips felt the four engines advance to stabilized and then to METO and then to TOGA thrust as the heavy was fueled for non-stop to Brize Norton. Moments after the gear and flaps had been retracted and power reduced to climb, the seat belt sign was turned off an Agent Stone Kohl appeared from the cockpit with a short message from Umbrellaman. Simultaneous to that, Marquis d’Cartier delivered a Captain Sherlock Martini served in a glass from a Vermont crystal maker who had received a $5 million order the day before Obama defunded the government and refused WWII vets from visiting the WWII Memorial even though undocumented labors, such as himself, could attend an amnesty rally as servicemen killed after the SHUT DOWN would not had death benefits paid to their grieving survivors. Due to anticipated blowback by T2SDA, Veterans Organizations and Abel Danger, Barry Soetoro’s beard changed his code name from Sasquatch to Creamy Behemoth thinking the transgender FIRST IT married to the least popular bisexual mulatoo in history could slip out of the CONUS dragnet that was going to corral two enemies of God. Chips noticed that Marquis had set a Shiner Bock next to his CSM and was going to point that out but before he could a woman in a flight suit with no name tag sat down next to him and whispered “pastel turquoise” and Chips recognized the cologne as the same as Agent 80W oftened splashed on before undercover work. His TI began elevating as she opened the Briefing Guide entitled BOLD LION 13. She paged past the index to the third paragraph of the first page of the third chapter and pointed to Option 1 Brize Norton.

“Chips, Hammer Otto Pilot is monitoring Option 1 which is to have us landing at Brize Norton if the International Bankers’ respond favorably to our recent expose where you and Hamish used the information provided by the Tugboat Twins regarding this subject:

United States Marine Field McConnell has linked the MI-3 International Bankers’ Livery Company to his sister Kristine Marcy’s malfeasant use of the U.S. Department of Justice Asset Forfeiture Fund and the Odious Debt provisions of Obama’s Sequestration Plan which protects senior bureaucrats and government insiders while attacking citizen and soldier alike. McConnell alleges that Jane Platt, MI-3 Master of the Worship Company of International Bankers, former Chief Executive of Barclays Bank Trust and President of Reuters Services for Asset Managers, laundered dirty LIBOR money through his sister’s Asset Forfeiture Fund and help make predatory loans to Obama’s law-enforcement cronies at the state and federal level in support of false flag attacks on U.S. citizens at the Boston Marathon and military personnel at the Navy Yard and Fort Hood. McConnell believes that Libor debts arranged by Ms. Platt and her MI-3 Livery Company colleagues and his sister’s associated malfeasant use of Asset Forfeiture Funds which enrich Obama’s paramilitary (?) supporters, violate public-interest and informed-consent principles of the Doctrine of Odious Debt and he will now explore with fellow veterans remedies which include repudiation of such debt and the impeachment of President Obama. Chips, Agents Barry M. Hall and Moxie G of Atlanta are working with T2SDA truckers, directed by a fellow in Georgia, to choke Washington DC’s beltway from 11 to 13 October if Barry Soetoro, Punahou ’79 is not removed prior to 2111/09Oct13. If you are assigned Option 1 I will be your PWA and our alternate lodging is near the White Horse Pub in Fyfield, not to be confused with your fly Field.”

Agent 80W tapped his PTRC twice to ensure his TI was responding to her fly Field comment. She was pleased with her findings an felt her MI increase as she turned to chapter 4 as another Dangerette arrived to brief Chips as he was plotting to debrief 80W.

Chips was scanning the rear of 80W’s nomex flight suit and was pleased to see no VPLs. Before he could see where Pastel Turquoise went another Dangerette sat down with authority and whispered “Pastel Ginger Snap, Bang Me” to which Agent Chips said, “Why are you whispering, Ginger Cookie”?

“I was a long term librarian and old habits break hard, I say age HARD” as she gave Chips a quick TI check and started sudsing like a Maytag. She pointed her right index finger to Paragraph 3 and continue her pre-brief wishing he was giving her a debrief. Prior to her briefing of Option 2 she recited a poem written in Chicago in 1895 by Eugene FIELD whose family memoirs of the Great Chicago fire, Geddes and Blatchford were kept in a Hellman’s Mayonaisse jar in a milk bottle box at the rural dwelling of Agent Chips in Plum City. As Ginger Cookie was whispering LITTLE BOY BLUE she had selected F4 and P1 on her Abel Danger Dewey Decimal File Clippers to provide a message in song as long term Dangerettes were prone, I say again, prone to do.

The little toy dog is covered with dust,
But sturdy and stanch he stands; 
The little toy soldier is red with rust, 
And his musket moulds in his hands.
Time was when the little toy dog was new, 
And the soldier was passing fair;
And that was the time when our Little Boy Blue
Kissed them and put them there.

“Now, don’t you go till I come,” he said,
“And don’t you make any noise!”
So, toddling off to his trundle-bed,
He dreamt of the pretty toys;
And, as he was dreaming, an angel song
Awakened our Little Boy Blue—
Oh! the years are many, the years are long,
But the little toy friends are true!

Ay, faithful to Little Boy Blue they stand,
Each in the same old place— 
Awaiting the touch of a little hand, 
The smile of a little face; 
And they wonder, as waiting the long years through
in the dust of that little chair, 
What has become of our Little Boy Blue, 
Since he kissed them and put them there.

Agent Chips understood the combined meaning of the 1966 song and the 1895 poem. The ‘spread’ was 71 so he understood that the other two surviving SPECIAL OPS graduates of the USNA Class of 71 were engaged supporting Operation BOLD LION. The orginal 5 members of the SOG of USNA ’71 never new who the others were until first Albert Shauffelberger (1983) and Chic Burlingame (2001) had been identified as the 1971 SOG Tontine shares went from 20% to 25% when Schauffelberger the SEAL was assassinated and then from 25% to 33% when Chic Burlingame was murdered on morning of 9/11 at the hands of the same Ottawa based Lesbie who authorized the Pat Tillman assassination that would weight heavy on the mind of Tillman’s 23 star fraggers. If that confuses you, google [ pat tillman + 23 star fraggers ]. If you wait until after Soetoro’s deadline of 2111/11Oct13 the search will be [ pat tillman + fraggers + Leslie ].

 Herman’s Hermits singing and Eugene FIELD’s writing ran out at the same time. Ginger Cookie spoke in measured terms: “Working from a robust simulator housed within the 116th Air Control Wing, JSTARS aviators are linked with other exercise participants on a network maintained and operated at the Distributed Missions Operations Center at Kirtland Air Force Base, N.M. Recall that in
“Coalition Virtual Flag” those crews were provided the opportunity for AD/US to participate in simulated operational areas and scenarios we aren’t normally involved in, unseen by Capt. Rolando, an exercise planner with the 116th Operations Support Squadron, Georgia Air National Guard. At 1120/08oct13 this message was delivered to (redacted) at HHS. The letter sent to Navy Intel, HHS, Eric Holder and FOB-DHS will be a subject on our radio show at 2pm/09oct13. General Lesbie was in position to be instrumental in the assassination of Pat Tillman [ google: Cody + Abizaid + Petraeus + FIELD MCCONNELL + Dempsey + McChrystal + Kensinger + Farrisee ], the 7/7 False Flag, the continued protective incarceration of Russell Williams [ dirtycops.info ] and his relationship to David Johnston, CGI and 9/11 [ google: Baril + Findley + Bouchard + Watt + Russell Williams + Robert Marr + FIELD MCCONNELL ] will be discussed at 2pm Wednesday 9 Oct 13 in support of the T2SDA encirclement of an extorted Congress 11-13 October, 2013. Regarding the double hacked OBAMACARE, CGI and David Johnston have enabled a Treason against America and [ redacted ] should remove itself NLT 2311/11Oct13.

Link to tomorrow’s exposure of Leslie, CGI, Hewlett Package Kinnect, Obama Treason”:

10-9-2013 Exposure obamaCARE Treason

Ginger Cookie quietly whispered the text of the forwarded message to Chips: “United States Marine Field McConnell has linked the MI-3 (Dis)Honourable Artillery Company’s assassination-by-proxy services, to the CGI asset tracking system (‘JABS’) apparently used by General Andrew Leslie, the Ottawa-based military overseer of CGI’s Obamacare death panels to ensure voice messages reached medicated Navy Yard killer, Aaron Alexis. McConnell claims that General Leslie used the CGI asset tracker to deploy MI-3 proxies for the Bullpup SA-80 murder of Pat Tillman in Afghanistan in 2004 and the 7/7 Black Cat bombing of the London Underground followed by spot-fixed body counting in the Resilience mortuary in the Artillery Grounds. McConell notes that MI-3 Artillery Agent Leslie was apparently able to use the CGI Hewlett Packard platform Kinnect to synchronize Alexis’s medicated voices with spot-fixed body count calculations of Obamacare dead-peasant Insurers’ risks . Chips, Leslie, Marcy, Inkster and Obama are getting very sloppy and they seem to have forgotten the Million Muslim March drew 30 cowards to the Washington Mall and 880,000 Harley’s plug the streets just as the T2SDA truckers will be doing if Obama is not dealt with appropriately by the 5 loyal 4 stars.” 

Ginger Cookie advanced the BOLD LION Briefing Guide to Option 3 and then intentionally dropped a pencil so she’d give Chips a view to a nice rack as she placed her face in his lap to retrieve the pencil which, by design, put wood in Chips’ pencil, in a manner of speaking.

Ginger Cookie turned to go as another Dangerette sat down with a can of Grape Nehi and an image of a Sienna colored spelunking helmut above her Velcro name tag spot while Agent Chips was thinking of another spot that was between the F and H spots, if you can file in the blanks. As the svelte brunette with knockers to die for snuggled up close to Chips he noticed a gold pendant, BP34, dangling between her twin peaks which caused his PTRC no longer to dangle, if you understand fluid dynamics and turgidity.


As she placed her right index finger on the third paragraph she provided cover music from the Clipper Spelunking Helmut in Pastel Sienna before she spoke.

“Chips, just before I arrived in Birmingham I saw a draft copy of the letter that Hamish and you sent to National Security Associates World Wide at 1950 Old Gallows Road exposing Kristine Marcy a a principal partner linked to the Entrust device back doored by Ryan Thomas of Tennessee as you so appropriately printed, to wit, for sooth, alas, ergo:

Plum City – (AbelDanger.net) – October 6, 2013: U S Marine Field McConnell has linked the Entrust root-kit key, apparently in the custody of David Wooten, Panels Warden of the MI-3 Information Technologists’ Livery Company, to death-panel clouds allegedly built at https://www.healthcare.gov/ by Canada’s CAI private-equity investor and CGI director Thomas d’Aquino to hide Obamacare dead-peasant life-insurance frauds.

McConnell is inviting fellow citizens to consider the strategic implications of giving death panels staffed by foreign powers and MI-3 Livery Companies the opportunity to track their medical histories and adjust life-insurance premiums and he suggests that the CGI Obamacare site should be hacked and shut down. McConnell notes that his sister Kristine Marcy procured MI-3 public key infrastructure devices for use by Canadian Obamacare death panels based on her experience in terminating rebels and whistleblowers (cf. Timothy McVeigh) while she ran the United States Department of Justice Prison Medical Services Program long before a similar cyber hit silenced Ed Boyd Graves, the gay, black, JD graduate of Annapolis 1975 who discovered the Patent of HIV/AIDS. He died in a Navy hospital, how tidy.

“Chips, if Umbrellaman selects Option 3, I will be your PWA and our primary is RAF Brawdy and alternate is Gliffaes House in Powys, Crickhowell, Wales where your agents deployed by our Marine Interruption, Intelligence and Investigations (MI-3) group are mingling in various OODA modes with agents of the Marcy Inkster Interpol Intrepid (MI-3) protection racket based at Skinners’ Hall, Dowgate Hill, no relation to Ed Gein also known as a skinner, google [ Ed Gein + skin + Wisconsin ] if you dare. The only thing scarier than learning of Skinner Gein is imagining what the U S servicemen, veterans and reservist will do with those cabinet heads and members of Congress who knew that Obama was not qualified to be commander-in-chief and demand PAY BACK for those killed, injured and traumatized since 20 January, 2009. I would not want to be McCain, Feinstein, Pelosi, Reid, Biden or Light Loafers Lindsey when the U S DoD is briefed by Agent Chips at the Saxe Theater at 1100 local on 16 October, 2013. While an impostor never having sworn an oath to America can be dealt with on a variety of other charges, the penalty for Treason is death.”

Bean Spiller saw a green eyed red head approaching so she gave Chips a brief TI accessment and was very please and hoping that Option 3 would be the play of the day for Umbrellman.

Chips followed her nice bum visually as she retreated to the same location as 80W and Ginger Cookie had as briefer number four sat on her greatest asset while sticking two more in Agent Chip’s FIELD of view.

“Chips I will brief Option 4 which is not printed in the Briefing Guide but first, my opinion. The games politicians with CUKC passports play are getting old to all Americans. The buy-sexual mulatto is having a lot of fun using the government shutdown to squeeze the public in imaginative ways. The point of the shutdown game is to see who can squeeze hardest, make the most pious speech and listen for the applause. It’s a variation on the grade-school ritual of “you show me yours, and I’ll show you mine”, which reminds me Chips, if you show me yours, I’ll show you these” as she zipped her blaze orange ADC nomex flight suit open to show more cleavage which had the intended effect on the TI of Agent Chips’ PTRC. Resident Barry Soetoro is not a bad poker player, but the man with all the chips always starts with the advantage (and he gets all the aces) unless he has to match assets with OODA Master Agent Chips or Vlad P of the CRISP Four Play Sextet. He has closed Washington down as tight as he dares, emphasizing the trivial and the petty in making life as inconvenient as he can for the greatest number which will get worse over the weekend with T2SDA encircle the Masonic city originally named Rome on the Potomac. It’s all in a noble cause, of course. Access to most of the memorials is limited, and often in curious ways. The Lincoln Memorial is easy to reach, with the streets around it remaining open. But the Martin Luther King Memorial is made difficult to reach, relegating it, you might say, to the back of the bus. Not very nice. Perhaps we should be more accurate, half way to the back of bus. I will close by suggesting you can read more if you are interested but now Option 4.

The Washington Times – PRUDEN: The cheap tricks of the game

“If Umbrellaman sees GREAT DANGER at Brize, Northolt and Brawdy, he may invoke the PIEL PLAN. I have shared with Stone and Hoss what it means but believe me it will be almost impossible for them to get to you if PIEL PLAN is invoked. As you know when Stone discovered Skymaster’s deception he dropped the remains south of Tyndall AFB where the drones you shot down in 1982 and 1986 are lying in bits and pieces 60 miles south of KPAM.. Sociable!”

Chips determined that she had excited herself with the cliché’ bits and pieces as she took a lengthy pull on his tiller bar and zipper her flight suit down another two inches almost causing her most bodacious tatas to spill out. Chips, ever the doting gentleman, gave her an MI check, topically, but determined the viscosity was sufficient to complete the act will little or no foreplay. As she was ready to continue the PIEL PLAN brief, Agent Stone’s voice directed them all to strap in.

“Stone in the cock pit, we are about to cross into W386A Airspace and there are reports of moderate turbulence, until we can climb higher as our gross weight allows, we can expect pockets of severe……..”

Three bright bolts of blue were evident through the windows of the E8C as suddenly the aircraft shook, three explosions were evident before the cabin was quiet and dark. Knowing they were riders on the storm, Agent Chips prayed they would not soon have to climb the stairway to heaven.

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