MI2 F3 @ 6&7 4 CSI Skinners Hall – Chapter 5

Judo Master & OODA LOOPER In Shelter Of RAINBOW
The CRISP FOUR-PLAY Privatization of Detente

War Stopped By AMPle Trio, Assad, McConnell, Putin
G-Spot: assad + field mcconnell + putin + crisp four-play + queen’s pussies

OODA Looper and Judo Master Knock Out Lindsey MOK Quartet In Syria & FEMA 3
G-Spot: Obama Lied + Russia Shot Down + 2 U.S. Missiles + NATO Spain + Syria

Rainbow Warriors Defeat Sodomites In Sochi Sanction 2014
G-Spot: Petraeus + MCCONNELL + mother moose + domestic tranquility + famish

God Protects Russia/Syria From 2 Missile Strike: 36 Stud v. TEAM YELLOW
G-Spot: City Of London + Crown Agent + BEAVER + Deploys Terror + central bank + FIELD MCCONNELL

Bloomberg’s Little Weiner Withdrawn Due 9/11 Truth
G-Spot: Giuliani + firefighters + hamish + 9/11 + ioc + Burlingame + MCCONNELL

Agent R U Tanner Solves 9/11 At 30 Muslim March
G-Spot: director mcconnell + national security agency + april 2, 2007 + alec klein + private contractor


Bloomberg And Weiner Crash And Burn As Ray Kelly ( redacted)
G-Spot: cudahy + milwaukee fbi + new york + chips + false flag + hamish + pastel + relationship

U S Marine Field McConnell Draws Crimson And Gold Line In Sand, Sissies 7 Urinate
G-Spot: beaver + snatch + bluebird + ioc + pastel + blatchford + FIELD MCCONNELL

McCain-Obama-Kerry Take 2nd Place In CRISP Stare Down of AMP
G-Spot: Assad + Putin + McConnell + CRISP

GKN + Lockheed: THE MISSING LINKS In Princess Di’s Murder
G-Spot: GKN + 1996 + Lockheed + London Cab

Afro Dude Blows Shrimp Weiner Out Of Mayor’s Race
G-Spot: Feinstein + spits + 1st Amendment + make no law + freedom of speech

Huma Abedin’s Beard Indicates He Got One Vote For Mayor
G-Spot: anthony weiner + finger + drives away + image

Million Muslim March Includes 30 Muslim Marchers
G-Spot: million muslim march + originally + turns + 9/11 Truther + disguised

McCain, Obama, Kerry Cave vs. Putin-Assad-McConnell
G-Spot: KERRY + o’bagy + syria expert + georgetown + MCCAIN

Lindsay Graham Cries Wolf 3 Times Prior to False Flag In FEMA Region 3
G-Spot: lindsey graham + nuclear + attack + october 1 + fema region 3 + abel danger


King Ketchup Kowers As Obama’s LINE IN SAND Turns Yellow
G-Spot: kerry + 1737:19 + U S Marine McConnell

Way back in Chapter 4 Bean Spiller, Atomic Betty, 80W and Chips waited as Ginger Cookie passed each of them a 4 x 6 index card with a prescient message from Agent Chips to Scot Kelso, an Agent from the Blair Athol Distillery no relation to Tony Blair the Athol, see also power wanker Cameron and under her thumb Clegg, shirt lifter of the ages. In the brief, not like lady’s underpinnings but as in laconic, comments Agent Chips had encouraged Scot Kelso with his statement that the CRISP Coalition had stopped the military madness that Vaginagate Hillary, Lumpjaw McCain, Ketchup King Kerry and “light in the loafers” Lindsey were hoping to force upon Wandering Fugitive Obama to help cover the Benghazi tracks of Morsi’s Crisis Actors, McCain’s Treason Charges, plural and Kerry’s effeminate cowering in the stare down provided by Vladimir, wrestler of bears, Judo Master and beneficiary of the OODA LOOPER’S cunning linguistics. Those at the table had finished reading at about the same time the song Atlanta Blue finished which was about the time Agent Chips realized the stunning blonde at Blair Athol certainly must be Agent Mona Blue, a triple Agent of Abel Danger, MI3 and MI3. Before he could remember Mona Bleu’s pastel prove up code, the lights blinked three times and once again Chips and the Dangerettes were plunged into darkness as Chips hoped to plunge into wetness if he could just find a Dangerette who fancied WHITE RUSSIANS. As four little hands competed for his bits and pieces, the information Chips was to present to the Russian, the Brit and the Gurkha, as well as the three MPs, went to queue as a GHOST SQUADRON became active in the American Republic Militia knowing that if Syria and the FEMA 3 False Flags were to go live, Christian Patriots would once again have to take to the skies under protection by Umbrellaman and defeat the ENEMIES OF GOD while God, Himself, would laugh at the Fools who were not aware of Psalms 2:2-4.


As GHOST SQUADRON launched, so did 2 million Harley Patriots with destination Washington as similar thongs, excuse me, where must my head be at, throngs prepared to mark the 1720 exact moment the BBC’s darling Building 7 was taken down with a controlled demolition authorized by Larry Silverstein. Chips had detected a hint of clover, some might suggest ‘four leaf clover’.

 Chapter 4 – Gripping Drama Drenched in Pathos

Scripture of the Day: Psalms 91:1, Philippians 2:1-2 NIV

Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most Highwill rest in the shadow of the Almighty.
Therefore if you have any encouragement from being united with Christ, if any comfort from his love, if any common sharing in the Spirit, if any tenderness and compassion, then make my joy complete by being like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and of one mind.

Gospel Song of the Day: If I Can Dream


Secular Song of the Day: If

Googlebait of Day: Field’s Letter to Putin [ google it, I dare you! ]


While upstairs in Room 2211 Agent Chips and the four Dangerettes saw the OmniGlobe turn red and pulsate they knew there must be lights burning brighter, somewhere. At the same time a rope ladder became visible as it descended from a Phantom, or Ghost, helicopter. The tell tale ‘whop whop’ of any helo rotorblades was not audible to Chips so he held his right index finger to his lips and went to the open window and visually climbed the rope to where is was suspended below a black CH47 Chinook similar to the Chinook blown up in 1994 to kill those knowledgeable about the deception in Belfast and the Chinook blown up in 2011 to silence Seal Team Six who had been credited with killing OBL ( Osama Bin Laden ) who was actually LSD ( long since dead) as he died in December, 2001. Chips held the bottom of the rope ladder steady as Ginger Cookie, Atomic Betty, 80W and Bean Spiller climbed up to the Chinook followed by Agent Chips who was dazzled by his view of Pastel Ginger Snap, Pastel Mint Green, Pastel Turquoise and Pastel Burnt Sienna. His mind wandered back to Nob Noster, Missouri where in May, 1967 he had gotten a Hunka-Hunka Burning Love 3 years before Elvis recorded his monster hit and one year prior to his pursuit of Aubry who walked along Stribling Walk at the U S Naval Academy during an all day soaker in June, 1968 as she was sheltered by Umbrellaman as promised in Psalms 91:1 which might remind some of the day that Chic Burlingame, Annapolis ’71 was murdered by the Chicago Cabal whose Agent Jeri L. Wright had exposed her father, Blago, and he who authorized the murders of Donald Young, Nate Spencer, Larry Bland and Alex Okrent not to be confused with the first transgender apparent female occupant of the half White House. For the record notice I made no reference to Quinshaunta R. Golden who is not one of the Golden Girls nor a candidate to play opposite Agent Chips in the upcoming blockbuster movie about life as a Secret Agent, ON GOLDEN BLONDE.


13 Illinois Public Officials Indicted Including Rev. Wright’s Daughter

google this, I dare you:

[ Donald Young + Nate Spencer + Larry Bland + Alex Okrent + ABEL DANGER ]

Chips had just settled on the nylon webbing seat as the collective was placed in ‘go around’ and the cyclic was pushed forward as Agent Hoss selected AP1 on the FMS. As the auto flight features set a course for City of London airport, Agent Hoss passed a printout from Agent Natalya Antonov to Chips and the Dangerettes.

Agent Natalya Antonov ( Sukhoi/Kazan ) IMMEDIATE JASPAR to Agent Chips and Dangerettes supporting: Chips, your comrade was able to lay, I say again lay, out all of his points, really attack what we feel have been your strengths as the United States of America — your respect of international law, human rights and dignity, our use of military force only when we believe it was necessary but your Crown Agent Imposter erred in stating his belief that United States is an exceptional nation. Barry Soetoro Punahou ’79, see also Barak Mounir Ubayd, has exposed his status as a Crown Agent. You, Global Ops Director of Abel Danger Global Private Intel and Allen West, director of Next Generation.TV both understand Putin’s former position as senior official head of the KGB, also helped in his argument that the United States should not use military force against the Assad regime. Your preeminent status as OODA LOOPER and Putin’s performance as JUDO MASTER have proven that the AMP Trio knows how to get inside MOK’s heads and disrupt their decision cycle resulting in their errant firing of two missile from a NATO base in the home country of Clegg’s beard whose father died in a Boston Brakes Event reminiscent of Michael and Di and the RAINBOW SANCTION of Sochi 2014. We now understand that your Abel Danger Global Private Intel has allowed six of the U S Military’s highest-ranking FLAG OFFICERS to confront Barack Obama and warn him that if he caves into Treason McCain, Treason Kerry or ‘light in the loafers” Lindsey and orders a second attack on Syria he will be arrested and charged with Treason for attempting to provide aid and comfort to the enemies of God patsied by the al-Qaeda affiliate al-Nusra Front in Syria. Just as Saul had a change on the road to Damascus, it appears Barry Soetoro, Punahou ’79 has no survivable choice but to distance himself from McCain, Kerry, Hillary and ‘light loafers’ and do as the AMPle Trio dictates or go for a SWING. Both Vlad and Bash believe you are truly the Sultan of Swing. An A319 awaits at City of London for a quick trip to Kazan, or ( redacted ). Hint as to destination: Dixie, double 4 time. I will be the only female aboard for your flight abroad, capeche? Natalya Antonov, AD Kazan


Chips knew what was waiting at the end of the rainbow, in a manner of speaking. He pictured Natalya Antonov as she had appeared in the lobby of the Radisson in Astana, Kazakhstan in April, 2008 when they first went to the Line Brew Restaurant across the street from the KGB Office, or, excuse me, I mean GRU Office where the vehicles tend to be black GM SUVs or Skoda sedans like the ones that would deliver and pick up Agent Chips on his way to and from the Astana ( TSE ) airport where in April, 2009 he had communicated directly with the President of Iran before getting his signature photo taken along side Iranian Air Force One. For the record it should be noted that Vladimir Putin was also in Astana in April, 2009 but in addition to Russian Air Force One he also had a support jet and if anyone wants those images simply email Agent Chips at this secure email address: fieldmcc@yahoo.com

Thinking of Natalya’s furry mittens caused Chips to mentally google: [ petraeus + chips + mother moose + domestic tranquility + Hamish ] which led him back in time to a meeting that took place two months after Chips was recalled from duty posing as a pilot in Kazakhstan to create the template for DOMESTIC TRANQUILITY in the post Obama period. He was reminded of the term ‘push it up’ from his meeting in October of 2009 at the Ram’s Head Road House at 1773 General’s Highway in Crownsville, Maryland where Mattress Thrasher, Marquis d’Cartier, Hamish, and Name Dropper had briefed Patriot Christian Mother Moose and Patriot Christian Bachman Turner Over regarding the plan that had Moose and Chips overseeing Domestic Tranquility in concert with Petraeus and five other flags deploying Assymetric Cybercentric Warfare to throw the Crown Agent out with the bathwater, not to evoke memories of Obama’s Turdi or Romney’s Pardo. As Chips was dreaming of Natalya’s schnauzer awaiting him at the end of a rainbow, he was brought back into the here and now as the Chinook went into a silent auto-rotation to land at the departure end of the runway at City of London Airport where an A319 waiting with both engines idling and sufficient fuel to make it to Kazan at the east extreme or Baltimore’s Martin Airport in Maryland at the west extreme. For the sake of timliness let us suppose the “Post Obama Period” might began as early as the 10 September communiqué between 5 of the 6 Flag Officers and Barry Soetoro, Punahou ’79 or as late as the FALSE FLAG NATURE of the DC Navy Yard False Flag Street Theater might occur on the same day as a U S Marine sends a message to Russia, with love. For those who don’t read Russian, there is an English version below the Russian version or it can be found by googling [ Field’s Letter to Putin ].


Дорогой брат во Христе Владимир Путин ,

Я 63 -летняя американская родился родителей, которые оба служили во Второй мировой войне . Они похоронены на Арлингтонском национальном кладбище .

Я был воспитан встратегической обстановке авиационного командования в разгархолодной войны , слава Самого Бога, никогда не горячим. Он приблизился на 22 октября 1962 Но мало кто в Америке знают об этом .

Я окончил Аннаполисе, служил летчиком в морской пехоте , затем служил в качествепилота -перехватчика для североамериканских команд воздушно-космической обороны , где , якобы, мои оппоненты , возможно, были бомбардировщики или истребители из состава СССР. Параллельно с моей службой летать F4 и F16 бойцов вкомпоненте военно-воздушных сил , я полетел 29 лет для Northwest Airlines . Когда я узнал о незаконных гудение самолетов построены Airbus, Boeing , Bombardier и Embraer я немедленно поделился этой информацией с Авиакомпанией пилотов ассоциация , Федеральное авиационное управление и Федеральное бюро расследований . Я подал три гражданским делампоследняя из которых была гражданское дело 1:08-1600 (РМЦ ), который был уволен в январе 2011 года вмошенничестве на суд .

Между тем, у меня на службе , как лояльный хранителем клятвы перед Богом и народом ,личное неофициальное Intel организации – Абель Опасность – с участием тысяч участников был сформирован и назван по отношению к прерванной Пентагона DIA – программа, которая впоследствии оказались точны в определении ключевых преступника – patsies из 9/11 .

В моем стремлении к справедливости в отношении безопасности полетов я узнал о предательстве и misprisions в измене с участием Джона Маккейна , Джона Керри , Джон Бонер , семь губернаторов и три женщины бюрократы один из которых является мой единственный брат .

В мае 2012 года, я общался с вашим офисом о преднамеренных снести демонстрационного полета Sukhoi Superjet в Индонезии. Современные исследования Абеля Опасность указывает, что Serco в Соединенном Королевстве Министерством клиентов обороны использовали фиктивные протоколы сетевого времени для человека – в -середине атаки на FADECSukhoi Superjet и патентных бассейн устройств в надежде, что ДТП со смертельным исходом позволит устранитьконкурента CRJ компании Bombardier самолетов.

На Пятнице, 6 сентября 2013 я опять связался вашего офиса относительно ложная атака флага , для которых был Джон Маккейн требовали . В своем письме от 6 сентября я предложил четкий правовой защиты и в течение недели после ,Маккейн – Обама – Керри усилия были отвергнуты американскими гражданами в знак немилости с отрывом в 499 против 1 в пользу . Сирия не предприняло никаких актов агрессии против Соединенных Штатов , и оба американских избирателей и американские военные указали, нетерпимость к военным действия, предусмотренные Маккейн , Керри , Обама и Грэм которые , похоже, стремятся подавлять истину Бенгази.

Именно в это время, что вы , президент Путин , продемонстрировало истинную государственную . Это была ваша посредничестве соглашение с президентом Асадом который освободил никакого логического обоснования для открытого и необоснованное нападение на народ Сирии.

 Я предлагаю , как частное лицо , поддержать любые международные усилия , чтобы разоблачить истинную природу Ложный флаг нападения на Америку 11 сентября 2001 года, которая была развернута , чтобы заставить американскую общественность поддержать ряд войн против суверенных стран, которые отказались чтобы запугать центральных банков . Я также предлагают работать с Сухого и России , чтобы разоблачить технологий, что позволило разрушения самолета Sukhoi Superjet . Те же технологии позволили потери AA11 , AA77 , UA175 , UA93 , Колган 3407, Air France 447 , Адам воздуха 574 , 507 кенийской авиакомпании , турецкая 1951 , Speedbird 38 и воздуха Afrikiyah 771 , среди других.

Наша Конституция и моим присягу (который я никогда не отказывался ) позволить себе меня и всех американских офицеров и ветеранов право и обязанность говорить свободно в защиту нашей страны от всех врагов внешних и внутренних. У вас есть наши молитвы и наилучшие пожелания продолжение дружбы между нашими странами, выразил президент Джон Куинси Адамс :

“Везде, где стандартные свободы и независимости была развернули , там будет сердце [ Америки ] , ее благословения , и ее молитвы быть. Но она идет не за границу в поисках монстров, чтобы уничтожить . Она является доброжелателем к свободе и независимости всех . Она является чемпионом и воздаятелю только своего собственного. “

Существуетостаток американцев ищет благосостояния всех народов. Мы хотим, чтобы правительство Соединенных Штатов может быть вырвана из-под контроля города Лондона центральных банков и РеспубликойСоединенных Штатов Америки может быть , как и Россия , отражение Божьего провидения и мира.

Пусть наши две страны всегда находят пользу Бога, как вместе мы ищем лучший мир в духе доброй воли.

 Да благословит вас Господь брата Владимира ,

Поле Макконнелл

У. С. Морской

Chips said ‘so long’ to the four Dangerettes as he grabbed his North Face Holdall and stepped out of the Chinook from the lowered rear ramp and strode, in an erect fashion, towards the open forward boarding door of the A319 with a red, white and blue tail not to be confused with the gold, white and blue tail of Air Astana ship P4-SAS which Agent Chips had at Moscow’s SVO airport the night in April of 2009 when he had enjoyed the company of Olga from Volga in the cockpit for the entire trip. Some might suggest “flight deck” but the proper term to real pilots is cock pit.

Agent Chips was greeted by Marquis d’Cartier at the top of the stairs and as the truck with the portable stairs backed away from the jet, in the cock pit Agents Skymaster and Stone finished the pre-takeoff checks after Marquis gave them a thumb’s up indicated that door 1L was lock and that the cabin was prepared for take off. Marquis had also handed Chips an English version of the letter can be found online effect 1600 EDT, 16 September, 2013 by googling [ Field’s letter to Putin ]. Chips sat in Seat 1B as Marquis brought him a 16 ounce Captain Sherlock Martini is the standard Abel Danger Martini glass.

Chips was thanking Marquis d’Cartier for the Captain Sherlock Martini as the jet passed 10,000 and the seatbelt and sterile cockpit signs were both turned off. The cockpit door opened and Agent Stone strolled out with a frosty Grolsch widebody in his left hand and a letter from a U S Marine to President Vladimir Putin in the other.

“Chips, Skymaster sent me back to remind you that there is an Agent Natalya Antonov waiting to DEBRIEF you in the aft Crew Relief Facility. Also he sent this kickass letter from the OODA LOOPER to the Judo Master and he suggests you consider printing it in Arabic, Spanish and French. Skymaster has also sent you a Russian version of Dr. Scott Lively’s message sent to President Putin regarding the RAINBOX SANCTION that is planned for the 2014 Sochi Olympics. Putin and GRU are well aware of the message you and Hamish gave to Stephen Harper just before the 2010 Winter Olympics. It is still believed that the timing of your advice to Harper precipitated the incarceration of Colonel Russell Williams, the Ham Fisted Transport Pilot known as THE CANADIAN STALLION, prior to his getting put in the slammer due to cunning linguistics from the 36 Stud who had suggested to Dick Bent at RCMP E Division that perhaps Canada could avert a 9/11 style FALSE FLAG if they googled this combination of terms:

stephen harper + threat + winter olympics + hamish + chips + russell williams + Field McConnell 

He smiled to himself knowing that Russell Williams was immediately arrested by the inept CHOPP and RCMP donut eaters who need to put a NEW KIND OF MONSTER in protective custody to prevent the DNA relating to Camp Mirage and Camel Boys to become a blot on Angus Watt’s ‘soon to terminate’ military (dis)service to the world and the Crown, yessiree bob, the same Crown that temporarily has their puppet trying to get gun control in the USA before the FEMA 3 solution is triggered in Threat Window 1308 for Virgina and West Virginia in time frame 23 September, 2013 to 2211/22Oct13. Chips thought to himself that if he had any influence he would suggest to Norfolk and Richmond FBI FIELD Offices that they watch for DMORT Region 2, 3 or more likely 5 to set up in FEMA Region 3 24 hours prior to the type of False Flag that could be determined by googling:

[ beaver + snatch + bluebird + ioc + pastel + blatchford + FIELD MCCONNELL ]

Dear Brother in Christ Vladimir Putin,

I am a 63 year old American born of parents who both served in World War II. They are buried at Arlington National Cemetery .

I was raised in a Strategic Air Command environment during the height of the Cold War which, thank God Himself, never went hot. It came close on 22 October, 1962 but few in America are aware of that.

I graduated from Annapolis , served as a pilot in the Marine Corps, later served as an interceptor pilot for North American Aerospace Defense Command where, ostensibly, my opponents could have been bombers or fighters from the USSR . Concurrent to my service flying F4 and F16 fighters in a component of the Air Force, I flew 29 years for Northwest Airlines. When I became aware of the illegal droning of airliners built by Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier and Embraer I immediately shared this information with the Airline Pilots Association, Federal Aviation Administration and Federal Bureau of Investigation. I filed three Civil Cases the last of which was Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) which was dismissed in January, 2011 in a Fraud Upon The Court.

Meanwhile, in my service as a loyal oath keeper to God and country, a private informal intel organization – Abel Danger— involving thousands of contributors was formed and named with respect to an aborted Pentagon-DIA program which later proved accurate in identifying key perpetrator-patsies of 9/11.

In my pursuit of justice regarding aviation safety I became aware of treasons and misprisions of treason involving John McCain, John Kerry, John Boehner, seven state governors and three female bureaucrats one of whom is my only sibling.

In May, 2012, I communicated with your office regarding the intentional take down of the Sukhoi Superjet demonstration flight in Indonesia . Abel Danger’s current research indicates that Serco’s United Kingdom Ministry of Defence clients used bogus network time protocols for a man-in-the-middle attack on the Sukhoi Superjet’s FADEC and patent-pool devices in the hope that a fatal crash would eliminate a competitor to Bombardier’s CRJ aircraft.

On Friday, 6 September, 2013 I again contacted your office regarding the False Flag attack for which John McCain was clamoring. In my letter of 6 September I offered a CRISP remedy and in the week following, the McCain-Obama-Kerry efforts were rebuffed by U. S. citizens in a show of disfavor with a margin of 499 opposed to 1 in favor. Syria has taken no acts of aggression against the United States and both the American voters and the American military have indicated intolerance for the military actions contemplated by McCain, Kerry, Obama and Graham who seem intent on suppressing the truth of Benghazi .

It was during this time that you, President Putin, demonstrated true statesmanship. It was your brokered agreement with President Assad which vacated any rationale for an open and unwarranted attack on the nation of Syria .

I offer, as a private citizen, to support any international effort to expose the true nature of the False Flag attack upon America on 11 September, 2001 , which was deployed to cause the American public to support a series of wars against sovereign nations which refused to be bullied by Central Bankers. I further offer to work with Sukhoi and Russia to expose the technologies that enabled the destruction of the Sukhoi Superjet. Those same technologies enabled the losses of AA11, AA77, UA175, UA93, Colgan 3407, Air France 447, Adam Air 574, Kenya Airways 507, Turkish 1951, Speedbird 38 and Air Afrikiyah 771, amongst others.

Our Constitution and my oath of office (which I never renounced) afford me and all American officers and veterans the right and duty to speak freely in defense of our country against all enemies foreign and domestic. You have our prayers and best wishes for continued friendship between our countries as expressed by President John Quincy Adams:

“Wherever the standard of freedom and independence has been unfurled, there will [America’s] heart, her benedictions, and her prayers be. But she goes not abroad in search of monsters to destroy. She is the well-wisher to the freedom and independence of all. She is the champion and vindicator only of her own.”

There is a remnant of Americans seeking the well-being of all peoples. We desire that the government of the United States could be wrested away from the control of the City of London ’s Central Banks and the Republic of the United States of America could be, like Russia , a reflection of God’s providence and peace.

May our two countries always find God’s favor as together we seek the best of peace in good faith.

God Bless you Brother Vladimir,

Field McConnell
U. S. Marine

Agent Chips didn’t read the entire letter but sped through it before Marquis d’Cartier returned with a RIGHT, PROPER 32 Ounce CSM and a picture of Dianne Feinstein horsing around atop a quadrapod with a large unit in her pre Whale Vagina days before she started attacking the 1st, 2nd and (redacted) Amendments to help cover for Hillary’s Vaginate of Benghazi which must be suppressed no matter how many innocents are wasted at Aurora, Cudahy, Sandy Hook, and Boston Marathon.

Marquis handed Chips a 4 x 6 index card, in salmon, and spoke in measured tone: “Chips on the card is the destination, ETA, EFOB and some other data relating to Operation [ redacted ] which will be visible with a scratch out panel and a scratch and sniff panel on the reverse side of the card. The Bremen, Alabama command center is coming alive in 10 minutes and Agent Natalya Antonov awaits your input, I say again, input in the aft CRF. Godspeed Chips, the global commoners are praying that JUDO MASTER and OODA LOOPER can block the MOK Trio and ‘chicken little’ who has foretold the events set from Mount Weather and Old Faithful. Notice I didn’t say Lindsey Graham or Goodyear, Arizona. Please wait to read the index card until you are with Natalya and the OmniGlobe begins its BIT checks. Use the ‘call button’ if you need my assistance.”

Chips carried his CSM and the salmon colored 4 by 6 index card and ambulated in an erect fashion towards what awaited him behind door #3. His mind recalled Pastor Clydesdale’s message regarding Proverbs 28:1 and he considered how Obama, McCain, Hillary, Kerry, and Lindsey ‘Chicken Little’ Graham were now not only running from the Truth, but also running from shadows not unlike Don Quixote.

28 The wicked flee though no one pursues, but the righteous are as bold as a lion.

Just prior to reaching the door of the aft CRF he turned the card over and saw a message from Dr. Scott Lively to President Vladmir Putin regarding the RAINBOX SANCTION penciled in for February, 2014 in Sochi. Seeing the Scott Lively letter was in Russian he flipped the card over, entered the aft CRF and was the eerie glow of the OmniGlobe performing its BIT checks and he also observed a pair of IOCs draped over the Navigation Table light. He detected a faint hint of clover as a pair of slender hands initiated a ‘debriefing’ of his Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster FCT with EHP and in his stand PPUC, Pastel Manly Mocha.


Скотт Лайвли

Стремление заставить Россию дать гомосексуалистам эксклюзивное международное право на использование символа радуги на Олимпийских играх в феврале – это ловушка.

Когда-то слово «гей» имело значение «счастливый» или «беспечный», но так было до той поры, пока оно не было приватизировано гомосексуальным движением. Сейчас это слово стало определением содомии или расстройства половой (гендерной) идентификации. Дети, интуитивно, не зная истинного значения этого слова, используют фразу «это так по-гейски!», (“that’s so gay” на английском – прим. перев.) говоря о чем-то неправильном или непривлекательном. «Геи» постарались подчистить образ жизни, отличающийся противоестественными сексуальными связями, дав ему новое название, но вместо этого испортили то, что когда-то было чистым и здоровым. Мир безвозвратно утратил уникальную и драгоценную жемчужину английского языка, которая, подобно теряющей яркость фотографии давно умершего любимого ребенка, все еще служит украшением поэзии и лирики старого, более «невинного» времени. Это слово было украдено и погублено, как похищенный ребенок, который так и не вернулся домой.

Слово «гомосексуалист» было придумано в 60-е годы девятнадцатого столетия членами гомосексуального движения Германии, которые также пытались осуществить эту же самую недостижимую цель. В данном случае абсолютно новое и неизвестное слово – гомосексуалист – было придумано взамен слова «содомит» с целью придать благопристойность такому образу жизни, отличительной чертой которого была содомия, но взамен этого это слово приобрело в умах людей настолько извращенное значение, что гомосексуальное движение посчитало необходимым распрощаться с ним, выбрав слово «гей».

Говоря об этом, я невольно вспоминаю символ радуги. Уже сейчас радуга начала ассоциироваться с гомосексуальным движением. Но не настолько однозначно, потому что помимо «геев» есть много других людей, кто использует радугу для других целей. Тем не менее, существует угроза, что настанет день, когда только те, кто благосклонен к гомосексуализму, будут иметь право пользоваться радугой.

Христиане и люди иудейского вероисповедования (и даже мусульмане) не должны этого допустить!

Радуга является собственностью Бога. Она была создана Им как символ Его власти над творением. Книга Откровение Иоанна, 4:3, говорит о том, что радуга окружает небесный Божий престол. Книга Бытие, 9:13-15, утверждает, что Бог поместил радугу в небе как обещание никогда больше не использовать потоп на Земле в качестве наказания. Далее в 19 главе этой же книги Он дает людям прообраз того, каким будет будущее уничтожение Земли огнем, – это сожжение городов Содом и Гоморра. И апостол Петр, и апостол Иуда напоминают нам, что уничтожение этих городов было предупреждением всем грядущим поколениям не подражать отвратительной сексуальной безнравственности этих городов (1 Петра 2:6, Иуды 1:7).

Кто же были эти грешники Содома, о которых пророчество говорит, что в последнее время они поднимутся, чтобы господствовать в обществе (Римлянам 1:26-32, 1 Тимофею 3:1-9)? Это были люди, которых сначала называли «содомиты», потом «гомосексуалисты», а сейчас называют «геи». Их движение присвоило радугу как знак их демонстративного неповиновения Богу, и их последняя попытка обелить свой грех заключается в том, что они пытаются снять с Бога то, что принадлежит Ему, и надеть это на себя.

Данная статья – призыв к христианам и иудеям (и мусульманам, которые также уважительно относятся к Книге Бытие) отобрать радугу у «геев». Я призываю всех лидеров и участников движения в защиту естественной семьи повсеместно начать использовать радугу, особенно в том, что может однозначно связать ее с библейским противостоянием планам и намерениям «геев», и в том, что напомнит миру об истинном значении радуги. Один из способов – изготовить флаги и плакаты цветов радуги с лозунгом «Радуга – собственность Бога! Бытие 6-9, 19» или с подобными словами.

Всемирное гомосексуальное движение в сотрудничестве с левыми средствами массовой информации пробует разыграть свой последний гамбит, пытаясь заполучить эксклюзивный контроль над символом радуги. Они планируют поставить ловушку правительству России и использовать ее во время зимней Олимпиады, которая будет проходить в России в феврале 2014 года. Более подробно об этом можно прочитать, перейдя по ссылке http://www.wnd.com/2013/09/gay-plan-to-disrupt-olympics-revealed/?cat_orig=world (на англ. языке).

На самом деле, все очень просто. Они планируют протестовать против принятого в России закона, подразумевающего уголовную ответственность за пропаганду гомосексуализма несовершеннолетним, призывая спортсменов-победителей и других видных людей, включая знаменитостей, во время Олимпийских игр показывать символ радуги. Средства массовой информации, в свою очередь, позаботятся, чтобы весь мир мог увидеть каждый такой случай.

Для российского правительства это абсолютно проигрышная ситуация. Если русские проигнорируют их действия, то «геи» провозгласят победу и заявят, что из-за пристального внимания всего мира правительство России постыдилось применять «ненавистнический» закон. Если же русские попробуют этот закон привести в действие, наказывая тех, кто показывает радугу, то СМИ представят этих людей как жертв и мучеников, вместе с тем изображая русских «гомофобными грубиянами», втайне желающими истребить всех гомосексуалистов. При любом повороте событий СМИ будут сопровождать любую историю, связанную с радугой, иллюстрациями актов насилия (реальных или сфабрикованных) против гомосексуалистов, которые произойдут неважно в каком уголке России во время игр (или в другое время после принятия этого закона). Они станут намекать, что эти инциденты являются результатом принятия нового закона и его целью, и что именно он, этот закон, породил такую «атмосферу ненависти и страха». Самое плохое то, что в каком направлении бы ни пошла эта протестная кампания, радуга станет восприниматься всем миром как эксклюзивная собственность «гей»-движения.

Несмотря на это, с помощью простого приема дзюдо Россия может поймать «геев» в их же ловушку, одновременно спасая Божью радугу от падения в ту грязь, в которую ее пытаются окунуть.

Представьте себе, что Олимпиада в России проходит под огромным транспарантом радужных цветов, на котором написано, что радуга принадлежит Богу! И символ радуги включен буквально во все, что касается самих игр и связанных с ними праздничных мероприятий. Тогда идея демонстрации радуги как акта противостояния со стороны голливудских звезд и спортсменов-олимпийцев утратит свою силу. И попытка «гей»-движения украсть то, что принадлежит Богу и нам, Его детям, потерпит крах. И самым лучшим будет то, что весь мир, включая «геев», получит напоминание библейской истины – Бог дал нам радугу, чтобы сказать, что Он не только осуждает грех, но и прощает и исцеляет всякого кающегося.

Natalya Antonov blocked his trembling fingers from ascertaining her MI as she saw the face of Hammer MacCheese and she did not want to distract Agent Chips from this very critical briefing. She had noted from the FGMC that they had 9 hours and 11 minutes of PLAY TIME so she tapped on the PTRC and said “immediately after the end of the briefing” and she held up the salmon card and pointed at the bottom line of the FMGC and Chips realized that landing in the state that recently announced a new Merecedes manufacturing plant was proof positive that Umbrellaman wanted Abel Danger to continue exposing the BOSTON BRAKES used in Senor Clegg, Miriam’s father, Princess Diana who carried Dodi’s lovechild, and Michael Hastings who, like Agent Chips, knew which of the 23 Star Fraggers of Pat Tillman did not object to the assassination of #42 on 22 April, 2004 as duly recorded in this novel ‘clue byt’.


google [ Pat Tillman + 23 star fraggers ] if the names Cody, Abizaid, Petraeus, Dempsey, McChrystal, Kensinger and what’s her name, the non West Pointer who authorized his combat earned Silver Star 5 minutes after three .223 rounds from a British SA80 rifle ended the life of my BROTHER IN ARMS, Pat Tillman. Notice for the record I did not mention Gina Farrisse by name but if you have an enquiring mind, simply google:

phuket MUFF + Serco’s Achilles + Hillary’s TAINT + 23 star fraggers + bitch janet


Chips pictured the bearded being resulting when Gina Farrissee’s google bait and tried to remember that beard face so that if Agent Natalya was later to shoot colors into the air, everywhere, he would be able to forestall an early exploculation not only to protect Russia’s Winter Olympics just as Abel Danger had protected Vancouver’s, but also Chips was aware that only on her final delivery did Agent Natalya lose control and go into the very thrilling multi-blast salvo while screaming a laundry list of powerful male names including none of these five: Weiner, Clinton, Rumsfeld, Carlucci or Intrepid. Chips harked back to the Intrepid once in New York City, he saw the three green start lights blink signaling the OmniGlobe briefing was going live.

Hammer MacCheese’s face and voice were in perfect sync as the A319 with the red, white and blue tail gave an automatic PTAPTP report to Iceland Radio as the entered Icelandic airspace where they would go to 70 degrees north latitude to shorten the distance from City of London to Addison or the Bethlehem Steel City in the state that is getting a Mercedes final assembly plant.

“Umbrellaman sends his greetings and congratulations for results gained thus far in Operation CRISP FOUR-PLAY. The Judo Master, Bashar and the OODA LOOPER have outwitted the MOK Trio and the light in the loafer guy from the Gamecock state.

Abel Danger is working with GRU and Mass Resistance to inert the radical American and Canadian homosexual activists intending to disrupt the winter Olympics in Russia. Mass Resistance attended the national homosexual journalists’ meeting in Boston late last month and recorded an activist announcing plans, with specifics omitted in order to avoid tipping off the Russians who will be tipped off by Agent Chips as he is currently in the company of Agent Natalya Antonov of the Kazan AD Office. I quote Mass Resistance verbatim now, “Homosexual activists in the U.S. are working with media groups, “out LGBT athletes,” and both the US and Canadian Olympic hockey teams in a secret plan to smuggle rainbow flags, homosexual propaganda, etc. into Russia. Their intent is to disrupt the 2014 Winter Olympics with homosexual symbolism, according to a presenter at the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Convention in Boston on August 24. The planned disruption is retaliation by the homosexual movement to Russia’s recent ban on the public promotion of homosexuality. They are also talking about “utilizing diplomatic channels” to help smuggle the homosexual flags and other materials into Russia. Patrick Burke, gender undetermined,. also referred to plans for athletes to wave rainbow flags on awards podiums and at the closing ceremonies. Burke told the group that “we can’t talk about that publicly” but “there’s a lot going on behind the scenes.” Luckily, Mass Resistance was present and recorded the presentation” end quote.

What a detestable, utterly disrespectful thing these self-centered, sin-pushers want to do! This is the Olympics – a place of excellence – not some scummy gutter in a seedy part of San Francisco, pardon the redundancy! These people would be guests of Russia, only to spit in Russia’s face by broadcasting their perverse behavior. They would give the United States and Canada an ugly black eye if they succeeded in pulling off this despicable scheme. MassResistance concurred on the atrocious nature of the plan and, again, I quote:

”The Russian government’s bold efforts to protect children and society has attracted applause and support from pro-family organizations around the world, and also from countries such as Nigeria and Uganda who are also dealing with these issues. If this outrageous stunt is successful, it will be an embarrassment not only to the Russian government – which is working hard to have a clean, wholesome atmosphere for its Olympic games – but certainly to many Americans, given that American corporations, American athletes, and possibly even our government would be involved in this. The pro-homosexual Obama Administration has already complained loudly about Russia’s new law. And Obama himself, while visiting Russia this past week, in a purposeful affront to the Russian government met with Russian homosexual activists in St. Petersburg, along with his national security advisor and the US Ambassador to Russia. So it would not be surprising if Obama had the US diplomatic corps involved with this, too. The international fallout from this, given the wide range of those involved, would surely be considerable. Hopefully, our publicizing this will help severely dampen their plans” end quote.

“While morally crippled leaders in America’s government, military, corporate world, schools and media are insanely bowing before the altar of homofascism, Russian authorities have wisely recognized the danger inherent in homosexual behavior, and they want no part of homosexual propaganda aimed at the country’s children; so they outlawed it, along with homosexual “pride” parades and paraphernalia like rainbow flags, which these American and Canadian homosexual activists plan to smuggle into Russia during the Olympics. It is anticipate that the homosexual sports including butt ramming, taffy pulling, soap dropping and tongue lashing will not be part of the festivities in Sochi. I will now update Umbrellaman with your ETP EFOB and will turn it over to Hamish for several updates that may become significant in Diane Whale Vagina continues to clamor for gun control as often as a heterosexual female between 18and 80 clamor for a servicing by a heterosexual male and hopefully not one suffering from electile dysfunction such as Lumpjaw, King Ketchup, Barak Mournir Ubayd, or Limp Gamecock.

Two images were flashed on the OmniGlobe for some subliminal programming as the image of Hamish replaced that of Hammer MacCheese.

“Fellow members of Abel Danger and our friends in the Russian Federation and Mass Resistance, allow me to cover 4 timely events. First, when the Airbus A319 exits Icelandic Airspace and before it crosses Thule, Greenland it will automatically send this message from Agent Chips who is engaged with Agent Natalya Antonov of the Kazan Office. September 16, 2013 United States Marine Field McConnell has linked MI-3 Agent William Peat’s apparent deployment of Privy Purse patent pool devices for a 30-hour stand down of the U.S. Air Force during continuity-of-government exercises on 9/11, to al-Qaeda decoy-and-drone maneuvers allegedly developed on Kristine ‘Con Air’ Marcy’s aircraft equipped with Hillary Clinton’s QRS-11 missile GyroChip. McConnell claims that MI-3 agents including his sister Marcy and Clinton adopted an auto sabotage M.O. to block a timely response to the 9/11 attack using MI-3 founder William ‘Intrepid’ Stephenson’s model to support the attack on Pearl Harbor i.e. empower non-cooperators (SES); hire paper pushers; fail to delegate; refuse to take initiatives; promote incompetent progressing officers and, focus on clearing documents rather than materials. Again, that message will otto-deploy west of Iceland and northeast of Scrod.

“Secondly, anticipate a re transmission of yesterday’s #1687; #1687: Marine links Privy Purse tax, Old Etonian treason to MI-3 Driveline Di and the Circle of Death sent from Global HQ at 401 Main Street in Plum City, the fifth column of the CRISP COALITION:

Plum City – (AbelDanger.net) – September 15, 2013. United States Marine Field McConnell has linked an abusive KPMG tax shelter allegedly set up for the Queen’s Privy Purse by fellow Old Etonians Michael Peat and David Cameron and the Worshipful Company of Tax Advisers, to the MI-3 development of Driveline patent pool devices which allegedly put Princess Di’s Mercedes Benz S280 into a ‘circle of death’ maneuver on 31 August 1997 in the Pont de l’Alma road tunnel in Paris.

“As everyone knows, Mercedes is planning to assemble Mercedes automobiles in Alabama and that is why Umbrellaman has asked Skymaster and Stone to fly north of the 60th parallel, above FL420 and to use LRC thrust setting to stretch the flight to bypass Baltimore Martin Airport, overfly Addison and then land at Birmingham where weeks ago two female UPS pilots died when their Airbus jet was lost in a CFIT event. The younger of the female pilots was an heiress of Jack Daniels Whiskey fortune in Lynchburg, Tennessee. Thirdly please review #1686 but before doing so let’s take a SOCIABLE break.”

Chips reached for his second CSM to take a lengthy pull on the Martini while Agent Natalya reached for something else, and found it. Hamish swallowed hard almost choking on his signature lime slice. Before he resumed speaking, a subliminal image flashed once followed by a trio of words: Canavan Hijack Coordinator

A second image was visible for 3 seconds as if to let the weasels who planned the Treason of 9/11 on 22 October, 1996 could be forewarned that they have fooled neither Abel Danger, President Putin or the FIVE CAR STUD.

“Recall in #1686 which we published on Saturday, 14 September we reported “ United States Marine Field McConnell has linked MI-3 Agent Michael Peat to Queen Elizabeth II’s Privy Purse investments in Driveline patent pool devices operated by one or more of the City Livery Companies which allegedly put Princess Di’s Mercedes Benz S280 into a‘circle of death’ maneuver on 31 August 1997 in the Pont de l’Alma road tunnel in Paris.

McConnell claims that Peat and MI-3 principal Norman Inkster’s agents used Privy Purse assets in KPMG’s abusive tax shelters set up by The Management Consultants and The Tax Advisers to procure a Driveline chip calibrated for the turning circle (25 feet) of The Hackney Carriage Drivers’ London cabs which put Princess Di’s Mercedes into a fatal oversteer collision with the 13th column into the tunnel. We believe that by leaking this report to #10 6 days earlier we reduced the appetite for Cameron to engage Abel Danger and Russia knowing that an attack on Damascus would be responded to as if the attacks were on Moscow. Doing the math we know that the flight time between the Russian Navy [ Ezekiel 38:23 23 And so I will show my greatness and my holiness, and I will make myself known in the sight of many nations. Then they will know that I am the Lord.’ ] and City of London is much shorter than the flight time between Gog and Magog and the capitol of the Criminal Corporation headquartered in Chicago. Further, if Russian Navy appears to prepare for an invasion of Israel believing Christians should prepare their hearts for the return of The Messiah.”

“Before we go back to MacCheese in Alabama, let us recall our message send to Cameron, Clegg and Dodi’s father last Friday, post #1685 and if you google the underlined portion you will be taken to the post in its entry:

#1685: Marine links MI-3 Lockheed Cheney to Hackney Carriage Driveline and Princess Di Boston Brakes

Plum City – (AbelDanger.net) – September 13, 2013. United States Marine Field McConnell has linked MI-3 Agent and former Lockheed Martin director Lynne Cheney to Lockheed-GKN’s alleged development of Driveline patent pool devices for use by The Worshipful Company of Hackney Carriage Drivers in the ‘Boston Brakes’murder of Princess Di.” That is the first 5 of my scheduled ten talking points but let us go back to the Bremen Faraday Cage for MacCheese’s comments, if any.”

Hamish had just taken another long pull on his Perrier Mineral water and Agent Natalya had just gone undercover when three amber lights flashed three times and then went steady on the OmniGlobe. As if to keep the briefees visually stimulated just as viewers of the Bears-Vikings game had to be on Sunday, 15 September, Tango and Dwarf put up an image of the OODA LOOPER and the JUDO MASTER along side F4D 64-0965 which has been on a pole in Canton, Texas since 14 January, 2012. McConnell and Putin understand the BAE-Tracor mission perfected with aircraft 64-0965 and how that relates to drone to drone air refueling procedures now used daily by unmanned flying vehicles around the world. The measured voice of MacCheese slowly addressed those listening to the OmniGlobe briefing, all briefees saw the three amber lights evolve into 4 red lights, which flashed twice before going steady signaling and escalation to DEFCON 2 which last occurred on 22 October, 1962 when General Harris and Colonel McConnell of Westover’s 8th Air Force were aboard LOOKING GLASS heading easterly towards the Thor sites controlled by RAF (redacted) as reported in a previous chapter 22 of Book 11. If you wish to determine the RAF base in question google this combo:

mcconnell + harris + 22 October 1962 + fort worth + thor + rat

Abel Danger Agents globally engaged with Operation CRISP FOUR-PLAY, Umbrellaman has invoked defensive Operation AUBRY and he will be with us within 3 minutes to give us salient details. Currently at Northolt, Alice Springs, Buckley, Plum City and St. Petersburg global players are being given their Briefing Guides for AUBRY and please spend the next 2.5 minutes scanning the SMEAC Orders in the Briefing Guide

Preludes. Godspeed, I am going dark for two minutes, MacCheese.”

In Plum City McConnell and Putin’s doppelganger departed the office at 401 Main Street in the 1937 undercover Studebaker while background music began playing to bridge the time until MacCheese would return. All global players excepting those in United Kingdom were enterained by a musical offering regarding a love than never bloomed while those tolerating the cowardly Cameron and Clegg camps were shown an audition where Princess Kate tried out for an advertising job to supplement the meager income of the recently ground Prince William who had his wings clipped by an unlikely tandem.

Operation Motherlode, 2013:


Viewers in the United Kingdom were shocked at the depths to which the Royals would descend to try and keep their household budgets up and proof of their human nature down, as in down the drain, see also the Feinstein-Obama-Governor Bloomberg “short Weiner” drubbing recently in New York. The audition of the Princess was cut short as the cabin lights in the A319 with the red, white and blue tail flashed three times then went dark.
In the cock, yea, that’s right Hillary, cockpit Skymaster called for the ECAM procedures as Agent Stone held his flashlight in his left hand and a Grolsch frosty in his right hand. In Bremen, Alabama, MacCheese verified that Hammers Otto Pilot and Rooster Cogburn were still tracking the A319 and that it was still on course but descending slowly in a best LOVER D descent while back in the aft CRF Agent Chips turned off the OmniGlobe to conserve battery power, selected F4 and C240 and gave in to Agent Natalya’s most base instincts as he wondered if she would again be colorful when she got to the end of their RAINBOW, in so many words.


Chips kept hammering away on the target area as he was certain Light Loafers Graham would be continuing to worry the Gamecocks regarding a false flag in FEMA 3 while Whale Vagina would again start her treasonous call for abrogation of Amendments 1, 2 and redacted of the U S Constitution that Agent Chips and the 6 Four Star Flags had suggested to the Hairy Camel Trader would result in a long ride on a short rope somewhere in the Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas area of Operations. Chips wondered if Light Loafer or Lumpjaw understood what could be accomplished at the mid-range correction and was reviewing it when Natalya gushed “switch, side oiler, pile driver” to which our affable soon to be 64 year old Global Operations immediately complied with as he thought back to Donna Groom who had replaced Janet Vogel as the female voice in the Skyliners back when Harris and McConnell were aboard LOOKING GLASS keeping the Russians and the Brits calm during the October 22 event. Agent Chips was pleased to think she was wearing Purple and shadowed by Pastel Turquoise as she sang of happier times in the United States of America and he recalled to covenants in Genesis 9:13 and Revelation 10:1

I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth.

Then I saw another mighty angel coming down from heaven. He was robed in a cloud, with a rainbow above his head; his face was like the sun, and his legs were like fiery pillars.

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