MH370 – Commentary to AD – CNN Becomes the Laughing Stock – CNN Reporter Fired – Millions Spent on Wag-The-Dog Search

A very interesting turn of events.

For those who have been following this farce.

1)  CNN became something of a laughing stock for its endless hours of speculation/simulation of what may have happened to Flight 370. Every possible alternative was explored and televised ad infinitum.

2)  Eventually the CNN reporter assigned to the endless hours in the flight simulator was fired due to a “wardrobe malfunction” (his clothes were to casual!)

What we learn from this is that CNN takes this disappeared flight EXTREMELY SERIOUSLY and PROFESSIONALLY or at least they did so right up until Field McConnell announces that he will demonstrate a remote controlled hijack via the Boeing Uninterruptable Auto Pilot fitted to this aircraft!!!

Suddenly Field McConnell is told he cannot as he is locked out of the simulator and that consequently this one possibility is “off limits” to any kind of demonstration!

Meanwhile hundreds of millions of tax payer dollars are being spent in phoney searches trying to prop up the hoax of the disappeared airplane and its 270 or so victims.

So next time you strap a Boeing aircraft to your backside remember that the same anti hijack gear is installed up front and that you too might disappear if the sky pirates named by McConnell
figure that there is money to be made from this thriving business.

Good luck !




Another key point: CNN spent alot of money blocking this simulator and reporting from this simulator and this is not a CERTIFIED SIMULATOR and it is not CAPABLE OF REPLICATING Kuala Lumpur nor the airways between Kuala Lumpur and Bejing. In other words, CNN has, in my mind, misled the public and they used 2 non pilots to mislead the public.

Until I am corrected, I believe that by publishing IN ADVANCE that I was going to Toronto to do a sim proving that the flight, MH370, was remotely commandeered at BIDOT intersection, I set in motion actions by FAA, NTSB, FBI and RCMP to ensure I didn’t get into that simulator.

If that is the case, they have collectively shot themselves in the foot because there are CERTIFIED SIMULATORS in Minneapolis that I could perform the demonstration in. All I would need is a pair of cameras, perhaps lighting and 2 camera operators. In terms of the technical aspects and the BUAP capabilities, pardon my boldness but it appears NO ONE IN THE WORLD understands this better than I do.

More as it develops.

Field McConnell
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  • Just want to say THANK YOU ! ❤

  • Go get them Field !

    We the North would have gladly liked to see your demonstartion.

    Whatever you think about you bring about; whatever you focus on grows. Stay strong.

  • I too want to thank Field McConnell for his brave work. I pray God's protection over him as he continues to bring the truth to the American people, and to the world.

  • Go and Get Them Field !
    As you say so there are CERTIFIED SIMULATORS in Minneapolis. The dogfight with Serco continues.
    Keep up the good work
    All my prayers go to you and David to unfold the Truth.

  • The Central Bank of the World
    The Daily Reckoning Weekend Edition – Melbourne, Australia
    Saturday, 3rd May, 2014
    By Callum Newman –If you a happened to catch the March 22nd edition of the DR, you’ll know our colleague Phil brought an experienced and sceptical eye to the look of Malaysian Airline System before Flight 370 went missing. The stock broke lower before the plane disappeared. Phil’s reasoning: the market knew something was going to happen.

  • Field these smucks are fencing with the wrong man. Semper fi 7564

  • i am really appreciating your work exposing the truth ,i think they are being put in positions of covering up,allways a good sign of crumbling, it only takes a snow flake to make an avalanche..

  • It wasn't CNN reporter that was fired,. it was u Fly employee Mitchell Casado. Fired by uFly… doesn't that make it even more suspicious? He knows it wasn't for his poor dress sense. Ask him why…

  • Keep up the good work boss man!

  • Time to move another piece on the chessboard.
    CNN have been exposed.

  • So the disappearance of MH370 was a CNN exclusive!

  • They have certainly excluded AD.
    CNN are in deep poo.

  • Thanks for the heads up @koala. But not sure how the firing of Mitchell Casado fits into this picture as he was fired mid-April – well before Field turned up at uFly.

  • Dear Field,
    Wouldn't it be a better plan to just do it and not talk about it in advance? That way obstacles wouldn't appear.
    George Silver.

  • Koala, can you give some detail as to the real reason Casado was fired. As best as I can tell he was fired on Wednesday 16th of April after failing to turn up to work on Tuesday. The same day he was fired, his uFly boss (Claudio Telxeira) told Associated Press reporters that Casado was fired in part for "refusing to dress professionally and making Canadians look bad all over the world".
    The same report states that Casado declined to speak to the reporters but had tweeted 'My boss had me training a new guy the last few days, and now that he can do my job, and CNN left, he fired me. That's uFly". His twitter account is no longer active so I can't confirm this.
    Strange that his boss said those things to the media the day he was fired.
    Of course, Casado is now suing uFly for a violation of his human rights and his lawyer suggests that "there have been defamatory and slanderous remarks made…by his ex employer" that have harmed Casado's reputation. And from the facts, he has a case!
    That said, I can't see any relevance between this incident and Field not being given access to the uFly simulator. If you (or Field) can enlighten me I would appreciate it.

  • Mitchell Casado also tweeted in response to someone's comment that the reason he was fired was not because of the clothes. So I guess he knew why it was. My guess is that uFly or CNN got an order from "somewhere" to stop exposing to the general public details about how the aircraft navigation works, so people can't figure out that the software can be hacked into or sth like that… Maybe he enjoyed his fame so he did not listen to his employer. Part of the reported reason as to why he was fired was Mitchell Casado coming late to his regular job…

  • Thank You Field McConnell, Abel Danger and all contributors to this noble effort. I am working on getting this intel to as many military and influential people as I can..

  • So glad you guyz are okay ,I was getting worried ,looking for your next video

  • Thanks for answering me u guyz are the best luv u pZ

  • Spacegirl e-mail Field at
    And ask him.if you can join the chatroom.
    Tell him samthedog sent you.
    God bless.

  • Thanks guys for all you do.

  • I don't know the real reason. Just guessing. Message Casado on FB and ask him. I just sent him my opinion and he said I was correct. He was not fired for wearing the wrong clothes or being late for work. The reason Field McConnel was not allowed to use the simulator might be the same why Casado was fired. They didn't want to show it on TV any more… What surprises me more, that CNN have the power to decide who uses the uFly simulator…

  • If anyone who has posted here would like to get up close and personal with Abel Danger email and say sam sent you.

  • The intelligence community is always working to discredit the truth. And if they can not discredit then they will work at silencing the truth. Look at what happened to Phillip Marshall. He is just one of many martyrs fighting against this resident evil that has usurped the US Constitution and the sanctity of law. The US is now nothing but a lawlessness controlled by a secret, tyrannical, shadow government. We know who they are. How can they be stopped is the question.