Max Keiser, Russia and Wells Fargo Participation in 9/11 and a THREAT WINDOW AD160921 against Trump by Clinton-Bush Crime Families

Bob of Custer,

Thank you for the supportive words regarding Anna Von Reitz, I will forward your kind thoughts to her and hopefully when things settle down after 2 October she may have time to visit Abel Danger again. I gave an interview to Richie Allen of the UK yesterday and it is below.

I also have copied this to Max Keiser who seems to be the most visible ‘informed critic’ of HSBC and Wells Fargo. I hope to hear from Russia Today as there is a certificate called the FBCA [Federal Bridge Certificate Authority] which links Wells Fargo (Warren Buffett) to 9/11 foreknowledge and profit measured in billions. Senator Elizabeth Warren had this info when she was grilling Stumpf at Senate Hearings two days ago.

Wells Fargo will be in an unusual position when I introduce evidence in Clay County regarding Wells Fargo linkage to Federal Bridge Certificate Authority and 9/11 as well as Wells Fargo’s contracting with MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates of Vancouver, British Columbia to have Ryan Thomas develop the MERS software and MindBox so that Wells Fargo could abuse borrowers in the acknowledged ‘robosigning’ issue that just became a $25B issue for 5 big banks.

As it pertains to my two (2) death threats, Warren Buffett is the individual who is at most risk for the upcoming exposure of FBCA-Wells Fargo-9/11.

wells-fargo-counter-claim wells-fargo-foreclosure

On 9 May of 2012 I observed the signature of Warren Buffett in the hit against the Sukhoi Superjet that was remotely destroyed at Mt. Salak, Indonesia.


I shared that information with Russia at the time as well as KGB/GRU who vetted my information and then published it. Notice ‘defattru’ and ‘admin’ are copied to this email today. The first is the Russia Defense attache in Washington DC and the second is the Commandant of the U S Marine Corps an office which can forward items to CJCS Dunford when the information involves items critical to the real united States as defined by Anna Von Reitz or other informed students of our country in the 145 years following the Organic Act of 1871.

Max Keiser of Russia Today is very adamant that CEO of Wells Fargo, John Stumpf, should be held accountable for broad crimes against America and David Hawkins and I of Abel Danger support him in that. On 9 April, 2012, I published a letter exposing a murder threat against me that appears to be from Wells Fargo:

Open Letter To Clay County, Minnesota Sheriff and Attorney · Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Birthday. Here is something from yesterday:

Field McConnell On How The Deep State Uses Plane Crashes To Assassinate Whistle-Blowers!

Here is your ‘birthday present’ from myself involving AVR participation in truth:

Here is yesterday’s show with David Hawkins and in the image are my father’s cap worn to Brize Norton in 1953 when he established the B47 nuclear alert bombers in England as well as Commander Harold Goulding’s “Wilkinson Sword fighting knife” he carried during Operation James Bond which got Hitler’s Treasury chief Martin Bormann out of Berlin just before the Russians arrived in 1945:


Clinton Chelsea Bomb Linked To Hillary-Serco Patent BUGS S01 E03

Here is the reading of my three Affidavits that have been shared with Wisconsin Department of State, Department of Revenue, USAA, Pierce County Court ‘and the world’.

$21B Settlement offered Wisconsin and USAA by Cloud Centric (C2) Crime Scene Investigation

Here is a light hearted spoof done in Telford, England in Feb. 2015 when I met my wife Denise. She is the quiet lady in the back seat. This was spontaneous with no preparation before filming. That is significant because the attack of 9/11 and the murder of Colonel James Sabow USMC also appear to have had insufficient preparation.

Abel Danger Global & Getoutofdebtfree Security Meeting

Seeing that you are from a location on Highway 10 encourages me as it is nice to know that people from east to west and north to south are listening to Russia Today, Anna Von Reitz and Abel Danger.

Before 1711/23Sep16 I will make public the DEATH THREAT I believe was sourced in the Bush-Clinton Crime Family’s because of AD’s exposure of the patent I call BUGS S01 E03

and the fact that the U2 pilot killed Tuesday at Beale AFB had a personal relationship with a specific U2 used in both the Katrina killing of blacks in 2005 and the Haiti killing of blacks in January, 2010.


The U2 is aircraft 80-1076 and the Clinton Bush Crime Family probably cannot understand how I got this picture inside a secure hangar at CGAS Borinquen in the days prior to the Haiti HAARP Clinton Foundation attack on blacks that a former Haiti lawmaker was characterizing as GRAFT yesterday. I characterize it as murder and treason.

I am claiming that LtCol Ira S. Eadie was murdered by [ redact ] to prevent his testimony re: the U2 below with ‘chalk nose art’ and how it relates to Clinton-Bush crimes involving the use of a patent I can only describe as BUGS S01 E03 until such time as my Qui Tam Attorney tells me I can speak more directly to this issue.


Thanks for the brief letter Bob, if you are ever near Plum City, Wisconsin give me a call.

If it were not for outlets like Russia Today, Richie Allen and Abel Danger the DEATH THREAT which I am publishing later today might allow the Alinsky Twins to prosper.

If your curious regarding the cap and the Wilkinson Sword fighting knife, they were both in Hayling Island UK where the Yew Tree Pub is a great place to meet men with big balls.

Field McConnell
+001 715 307 8222
P O Box 39, Plum City WI 54761

ADTW160921 was sent to Trump Organization along with key words : FADEC, BUAP, Wells Fargo, BUGS S01 E03, 2 October and Sukhoi. If one hair on Trump’s head is out of place before 2311/02Oct16 I will explain these KEY WORDS.

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