Marine Links Theresa May Guild of Pedophile Bodyguards to Obama’s Ambassador Rape

United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Theresa May’s Guild of Pedophile Bodyguards – a paramilitary group of intelligence agents and extortionists allegedly deployed by City of London Livery Companies – to the British Blue Mountain security firm which staged a Wag the Dog rape of Obama’s U.S. Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, on 9/11.

McConnell claims the British Bankers’ Association hired Theresa May to deploy the Guild of Pedophile Bodyguards through companies such as Blue Mountain to accelerate debt recovery, to stage propaganda attacks on the United States chain of command and to kill prospective whistleblowers such as Ambassador Stevens to the City & Guilds $800 trillion Libor fraud on citizens of sovereign states.

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Marine Links Clinton to Blue Mountain’s Special Anal Service and Ambassador Bodyguard 

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Marine Links Ken Clarke to Krayleigh Bodyguards and Obama Ambassador Rape

“Theresa May blocks Gary McKinnon’s extradition to US”

“[The Telegraph] Joy for McKinnon’s supporters, and frustration for the US 

Theresa May’s decision to block the extradition of Gary McKinnon, the computer hacker, to America on human rights grounds was last night attacked by the US government as “frustrating” and “disappointing”. 

 By Christopher Hope, Jon Swaine and Raf Sanchez 

10:00PM BST 16 Oct 2012 

US authorities were not given any warning about the decision, which was taken by the Home Secretary only yesterday morning. 

Mr McKinnon would have faced 60 years in prison had he been found guilty in a US court of carrying out the largest ever infiltration of military computers from his north London home. 

He won his 10-year battle again st extradition, which his mother described as a “victory for the little person”, after Mrs May said there was a risk he could kill himself if he was sent to America. The 46-year-old has been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome and depression. 

Mrs May told David Cameron and Nick Clegg of her decision before the Cabinet met at 10am. 

US officials said privately that the decision was “frustrating”, but that there was unlikely to be any long-term concern for relations with Britain. Victoria Nuland [Clinton’s Wag the Dog spinner for the Blue Mountain Obama Ambassador rape], a spokesman for the state department, said: “The United States is disappointed by the decision to deny Gary McKinnon’s extradition to face long overdue justice. We are examining the details of the decision.” 

 “McKinnon is accused of hacking into 97 United States military and NASA computers over a 13-month period between February 2001 and March 2002, at his girlfriend’s aunt’s house in London,[3]using the name ‘Solo’.[2]The US authorities claim he deleted critical files from operating systems, which shut down the US Army’s Military District of Washington network of 2,000 computers for 24 hours. McKinnon also posted a notice on the military’s website: “Your security is crap”. After the September 11 attacks, he deleted weapons logs at the Earle Naval Weapons Station, rendering its network of 300 computers inoperable and paralyzing munitions supply deliveries for the US Navy‘s Atlantic Fleet. McKinnon is also accused of copying data, account files and passwords onto his own computer. US authorities claim the cost of tracking and correcting the problems he caused was over $700,000. While not admitting that it constituted evidence of destruction, McKinnon did admit leaving a threat on one computer: US foreign policy is akin to Government-sponsored terrorism these days … It was not a mistake that there was a huge security stand down on September 11 last year … I am SOLO. I will continue to disrupt at the highest levels … US authorities claim that McKinnon is trying to downplay his own actions. A senior military officer at the Pentagon told The Sunday Telegraph: “US policy is to fight these attacks as strongly as possible. As a result of Mr McKinnon’s actions, we suffered serious damage. This was not some harmless incident. He did very serious and deliberate damage to military and Nasa computers and left silly and anti-America messages. All the evidence was that someone was staging a very serious attack on US computer systems.”” 


July 16, 2012 6:40 pmTheUnhivedMind 3 Comments 

London 2012: May defends Games security plans 

16 July 2012 Last updated at 15:51 

Allegations ministers knew of a shortfall in Olympic security in 2011 are “untrue”, Theresa May has told MPs. 

Addressing the Commons, the Home Security said it was only discovered on Wednesday – 16 days before the Games begin – that contractor G4S did not have enough trained security staff. 

Labour earlier said ministers should have known what was going on.
It comes after the news 3,500 extra servicemen would be needed for security duties. 

It also emerged on Monday that police had to deploy extra officers from nine UK forces to do Olympic security work. 

Yvette Cooper MP, the shadow home secretary, was granted the right to table an urgent question on “security arrangements for the Olympic Games in light of the inability of G4S to deliver its contract”. 

Meanwhile, athletes and officials are arriving at the Olympic Village, with Heathrow Airport experiencing its busiest day on record, and the first priority “Games Lane” in operation. 

Last week, the government said it was deploying 3,500 extra troops to cover the shortfall, after private security firm G4S failed to recruit enough guards for the Games. 

G4S was contracted by the London 2012 Organising Committee to supply 10,400 staff out of the 23,700 security staff needed for the Games. 

In her statement to MPs, Mrs May said: “G4S repeatedly assured us they would overshoot their targets.” 

Prime Minister David Cameron earlier said the government had been monitoring potential Olympic problems since it took power. 

‘National disgrace’ 

On Monday, Greater Manchester Police Authority revealed the force had to deploy front-line officers to provide security at an Olympic team hotel in Salford – after only 17 of an expected 56 G4S staff turned up for work. 

“At no point was there a failure to provide security for the athletes,” said Assistant Chief Constable Terry Sweeney. 

“Extra policing resources have had to be called in but there has been a minimal impact on policing the local communities that we serve on a daily basis.” 

G4S said the situation was “being rectified over the coming days, which should lead to the withdrawal of police from those roles assigned to private security”. 

The prime ministers’ official spokesman refused to be drawn on when David Cameron was aware of G4S’s Olympic recruitment failings, but said he was involved in the decision to deploy extra soldiers. 

On the issue of the cost of the unscheduled call-up to the armed forces, the prime minister’s spokesman said: “We are very keen to make sure absolutely no one loses out. 

“G4S have been clear they will meet the costs.” 

Home Secretary Theresa May told the Commons last week that there were penalties written into the G4S contract but did not give details.” 

“Friday, 14 May 2010 Two Marketors in the new coalition Cabinet We were all delighted and proud to hear this week that Liveryman Theresa May has been appointed Home Secretary and Liveryman Cheryl Gillan, Welsh Secretary, in the new Cabinet. Our hearty congratulations to them both. We wish them wisdom, courage, patience and persistence in their new roles. From the perspective of a business person, I am delighted to see politicians adopting teamwork in a way that is absolutely the norm in business life. Building coalitions of support for a shared objective is a key skill for any effective leader. Here’s to ‘grown-up’ politics!” 

More to follow.


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