Marine Links Sister Marcy’s Gore Hammer Crime Scenes to Nortel JABS and Christopher Stevens

United States Marine Field McConnell has linked his sister Kristine Marcy’s manipulation of DOJ Pride agents during Gore Hammer crime scene investigations to the FBI’s alleged use of Nortel JABS to shuffle the timelines of Paperclip actors booked for the snuff film rape of ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens, on 9/11 2012.

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Abel Danger Mischief Makers – Mistress of the Revels – ‘Man-In-The-Middle’ Attacks 

Marine’s Sister Kristine Marcy Shuffles Bengahzi Timelines to Hide Man-In-the-Middle Rape

“Frederick W Humphries II Identified As FBI Agent [A Francophone CSIS-JABS agent allegedly handled by Kristine Marcy and Bruce McConnell at the Ahmed Ressam Y2K crime scene] Who Sparked Investigation Of CIA Director”

Note Marcy’s business partner Bruce McConnell equipped Obama’s Blackberry with Entrust PKI for the transmission and reception of kiddie porn and snuff over Nortel JABS. 

“This [Gore Hammer CSI] is how the American people were postured on “terrorism” by the intelligence agencies especially the FBI and Special Agent Frederick W. Humphries II (Crown Agents?), who is mentioned in this online series that first appeared in 2002 done by The Seattle Times in several chapters. Notice the connections to Canada including police and Canada’s Security Intelligence Agency [Controlled by Paule Gauthier of the CAI Private Equity Group through Nortel JABS in 8(a) contract hits with targets selected by Marcy] 

More to follow.

Presidential Mandate

Abel Danger

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