Marine Links Pawlenty Bankers Auction Cloud to al-Qaeda’s Extorted-Sister Ring

United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Tim Pawlenty’s new gig as CEO of The Financial Services Roundtable to the British Bankers’ Association’s auction cloud where it allegedly bid and bought Cisco time-lapse access to al-Qaeda pedophiles and his extorted-sister’s ring.

 To be marked attention Tim Pawlenty, McConnell is copying this post to Anne Wallace (, the senior director for consumer financial services, The Financial Services Roundtable, and the president of the Identity Theft Assistance Corporation, to offer Abel Danger’s help in exposing the Obama identity theft before November 4.

 “Romney’s National Co-Chair Steps Down”

“Bank of England Allegedly Secretly Instructed Barclays To Manipulate Libor Interest Rates”

“Libor Fixing Scandal: 7 Banks Subpoenaed by US Officials”

Did French Alps murder victim’s secret work on space satellite contract make him prime assassination target? 

The RapidEye optical satellite family for high resolution imagery (PDF)

“Wizmo is a pioneer in cloud computing and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery. In 2001, Wizmo deployed its first Cloud application architecture for a Fortune 500 company, becoming one of the pioneers of cloud computing. Today, our deep technical and business expertise help software companies take their user base and business to the cloud improving customer satisfaction and financial performance. Wizmo is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Specialties Software-as-a-Service Hosting/SaaS Technology Enablement/Cloud Computing Hosting” 

“• Tim Pawlenty has experience in the law and business world as well as in politics. 

• After college he got a position as a labor law attorney at Rider Bennett, a firm he’d interned for during law school. He worked his way up to partner in the 15 years he was there. 

• During his time with Rider Bennett he served as Lead Counsel for the Minneapolis School District for 10 years. 

• He left Rider Bennett to serve as vice president of Wizmo, Inc., a software-as-a-service company [provided cloud computing service to Sidley Austin, Cisco and KPMG Consulting for extorted sisters’ al-Qaeda 9/11]. 

• In 1992 Pawlenty served on the Eagan City Council 

• He was elected to the Minnesota House of Representatives in 1992, becoming Majority Leader in 1999. 

• Was elected Governor of Minnesota in 2002 and balanced a $4.3 billion deficit without raising taxes.” 

More to follow.


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