Marine Links Obama’s DMORT Key For Region V to Al-Qaeda Snuff Film; Broadcast Live

United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Obama’s pre-incident key for DMORT Region V portable morgues to the 9/11 transmission of al-Qaeda images of actors, hired through the Joint Automated Booking System, making the “first live-broadcast mass snuff film in human history”. 

“Pattern Of The Crime Part 1”

Disaster Portable Morgue Unit [Images]

Note Obama’s Fast and Furious friends in HSBC Illinois had custody of key to the DMORT Region V Fresh Kills morgue

“9-11 ABC 8:51 vs Naudet 911 Movie vs 9/11 Naudet snuff; which 911 image tell”

“Information Resources – Servers [of DMORT Portable Morgue used at Fresh Kills to process encrypted images of 9/11 victims’ body bits which would otherwise reveal Obama’s role with JABS in the “first live broadcast mass snuff film in human history”] The Server runs Windows Server 2003, is physically secured, requires AD [Abel Danger] authentication from encrypted authorized clients, is on its own network that is not connected to the internet, any other network or outside world. ALL logs will be reviewed each day. This means: • Only DPMU computers can be used, and with locked down USB ports • There will be no email, messaging, or access from outside the network • No thumb drives can be used, no files can be copied • The network will be managed by tough IR people with tough policies 

“Frank P. Saul Employment History Region 5 Team Leader
Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Team

Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Team

Commander Region V In October 1997, Frank was surprised to be appointed the Commander of Region V, after “butting heads” with several authority figures during the August 1997 KAL Flight 801 crash mission on Guam. They subsequently served together at the Amtrak train-truck crash in Bourbonnais, Illinois (March 1999), where Frank was the Mission Commander; then, the Egypt Air crash mission in Providence, Rhode Island (January 2000); and most recently, the World Trade Center terrorist attack, where Frank was the DMORT Night Watch Commander at the New York City Medical Examiner’s Office during the first month after 9/11, and Julie worked with the NYPD Crime Scene Unit at the Freshkill Landfill and Ground Zero. … Frank and Julie have two children who have accompanied them during their professional travels, starting at just under three years of age (Joseph Mather Saul) and a mere six months (Jennifer Mather Saul).”

Happy New Year to DMORT Region V and Obama’s agents behind the Fresh Kills portable morgue with a reminder that you can run but you cannot hide.

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