Marine Links Mrs. Clegg’s EADS RapidEye Crime Scenes to Batman Pedophile Trap

United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Mrs. Clegg’s erstwhile snuff-film escrow partners at DLA Piper to EADS Astrium’s RapidEye satellite mapping of crime scenes such as the camp for disabled children which allegedly served as a Batman pedophile trap for James Holmes (The Joker).

Marine Links British Bankers’ Oneworld Pedophile Pilots to al-Hilli Fractured Skull

“French EADS taking over BAE [Clegg’s BBA Legal Sector Alliance colleagues allegedly extorted BAE to pay $400 million fine into Kristine Marcy’s DoJ Forfeiture Fund to eliminate obstacles to RapidEye backdoor into Obama chain of command]”

“James Holmes Speaking at Science Camp”

[Mrs. Clegg’s DLA Piper clients in Chicago installed Batman figure in SOS Children’s Villages to extort obedience to pedophile commands]

“Rob and Freeland – batman massacre / dark knight rises 2012 olympics connection”

Helicopter images of Batman crime scene coordinated through RapidEye satellite out of EADS Astrium war rooms in Denver.

“Aurora is home to a large satellite intelligence operation at Buckley Air Force Base and the Pentagon confirmed members of the US armed forces [in RapidEye counter intelligence attempt to neutralize EADS] were among those injured.”

“James Holmes Denied Admission To University Of Iowa, Records Show Concern By Professors Posted: 08/31/2012 9:12 am Updated: 08/31/2012 9:12 am .. In the admissions essay he sent to UI, he also explained his interest in neuroscience stemmed from his interest in “puzzles and paradoxes as an adolescent.” On his resume, he indicated he had once been a camp counselor for underprivileged children and “took an active stance to as a positive role model.” About this experience at the youth camp, he wrote: On average, two of the kids per cabin were clinically diagnosed with ADHD. One of the weeks, I mentored a kid with Schizophrenia. At 3:30 a.m. he woke up and vacuumed the ceiling of our cabin. These kids were heavily medicated but this did not solve their problems, only create new ones. The medication changed them from heavily energetic creative kids to lax beings who slept through the activities. I wanted to help them but couldn’t.””

“When we last left Christian Bale he quietly slipped into Aurora, Colorado like goddamn Batman and made a surprise visit to victims of The Dark Knight Rises shooting. Now he’s flying little kids with cancer to Disneyland to have lunch with him. Via E! News: .. Just a couple months ago, Bale was spotted in Colorado visiting shooting victims who were impacted by the Dark Knight Rises tragedy.

“SOS Children’s Villages Illinois is grateful for the support from actor Christian Bale. Christian Bale, recent Oscar winner for best supporting actor in “The Fighter”, also fights for child welfare. He knows that a stable family – which SOSCVI believes is vital to healthy child-development – helps the human spirit blossom. Christian Bale is a committed supporter of SOS Children’s Villages Illinois. In 2010, Bale came to visit the Chicago and Lockport Villages on multiple occasions and attended the SOS Children’s Villages Illinois Dining and Conversation event. In addition to donating time and resources to SOS Children’s Villages Illinois, Bale also shared his insights and experiences with children and adults living in the Villages. Children and staff alike raved about Christian both during and since his visit. “He’s really a very kind, down-to-earth guy and very dedicated to the cause. You can’t help but like him!” The on-going support Christian Bale provides heightens awareness of the SOSCVI program and the children in our care who have been abused, abandoned and neglected. When a family can establish healthy, loving connections, we all triumph.”

“DLA Piper assiste EADS pour la refonte de son réseau informatique mondial. Le cabinet d’avocats d’affaires international DLA Piper a assisté Airbus et EADS dans tous les aspects juridiques (appel d’offres, sélection des prestataires, rédaction, négociation et conclusion) d’une série de contrats internationaux de mise en œuvre et d’exploitation en multisourcing par Orange Business Services [which through prospective merger partner BAE allowed EADS to build a RapidEye backdoor and launch man-in-the-middle attacks on the Obama chain of command], BT, NTT et Telefonica, du nouveau WAN (Wide Area Network) mondial du groupe EADS. Ce projet stratégique et majeur est destiné à refondre et harmoniser le réseau informatique mondial du groupe EADS. Airbus et EADS étaient conseillés par Pascal Gaudillère, Senior Legal Counsel d’Airbus, assisté de l’équipe Propriété Intellectuelle, Technologies et Commercial du bureau parisien de DLA Piper, composée de Stéphane Lemarchand, associé, et Gregory Tulquois, of counsel.”

“In May 2000, the Orange brand, through a complicated set of mergers and divisions, was acquired and eventually retained by Orange SA, a fully owned subsidiary of France Telecom. The chain of mergers that led to the May 2000 acquisition are as follows; The inception of Orange brand was In 1990 in United Kingdom with the formation of “Microtel Communications Ltd” – a consortium initially formed by Pactel Corporation (American), British Aerospace, Millicom and Matra (French); and later, to be wholly owned by BAe [targeted for extortion by DLA Piper and its clients pedophile jockey boy trade with the UAE]. In July 1991, the Hong Kong based conglomerate – Hutchison Whampoa through a stock swap deal with BAe, acquired a controlling stake of 65% in Microtel, who by then had won a license to develop a Personal communications network (PCN) network in United Kingdom. Subsequently, Hutchison renamed Microtel to Orange Personal Communications Services Ltd, and on 28 April 1994, Orange brand was launched in the UK mobile phone market. A holding company structure was adopted in 1995 with the establishment of Orange plc. In April 1996, Orange went public and floated on the London Stock Exchange and NASDAQ, majority owned by Hutchison (48.22%), followed by BAe (21.1%). In June 1996, it became the youngest company to enter the FTSE 100, valued at £2.4 billion. And by July 1997 Orange had gained one million customers. The stint as a public company came to an end in October 1999, when it was acquired for US$33 Billion by the German conglomerate – Mannesmann AG. The Mannesmann’s acquisition of Orange triggered Vodafone to make a hostile takeover bid for the German company. Shortly thereafter, in February 2000, Vodafone acquired Mannesmann for US$183 Billion and, decides to divest Orange as the EU regulations wouldn’t allow it to hold two mobile licences. France Télécom in May 2000, announced the acquisition of the global operations of Orange from Vodafone for US$37 Billion and the transaction was completed in August 2000.”

More to follow.

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