Marine Links Janna Ryan’s Worshipful Tax Advisers to Fast and Furious British Bankers

United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Janna Ryan’s PwC associates in the Worshipful Company of Tax Advisers to the Fast and Furious weapons allegedly procured by HSBC for Mexican drug cartels with money laundered through the British Bankers Association Libor funds.

Prequel 1: Marine Links British Bankers’ Libor Tax Fraud to Mrs. Ryan’s Twin Towers BOSS 

“The New Wave of Bank Scandals: Money Laundering, Drug Cartels and Libor”

“UK Attorney General Dominic Grieve HSBC Drug Cartels Files Link Offshore Accounts Tax Evasion”

Ryan’s PwC tax associates allegedly churned (laundered) money for HSBC to finance the procurement of guns used in Fast and Furious contract killing of Brian Terry

HSBC Systematic Investment Plan - For the drug cartel that is going places

“Before she was married Janna Ryan was a Washington operative herself, forging an early professional career as a congressional aide and healthcare lobbyist. But unlike Hillary Clinton who has always been known for her career or even Michelle Obama who publicized that she chose to quit her impressive law career to support her husband’s campaign, Ryan’s career was never mentioned until now. However, in keeping with the Republican party and Mitt’s strategy for appealing to married women voters with children, promoting the image of Janna Ryan as the stay at home mom is probably the smartest move.”

“According to ABC News, Janna Ryan, then Janna Little, headed to DC after graduating from Wellesley College to earn her law degree from George Washington University. After graduation, she worked as a tax attorney and lobbyist for PriceWaterhouseCooper and then for Williams & Jenson. During her three years as a lobbyist, Ryan fought primarily for health-related clients, such as Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance company and the American Physical Therapy Association. “She is a very bright individual,” Craig said. “As a former tax attorney, she is a really good sounding board for a member of Congress.” The Washington Post described her career before she quit as “sky-rocketing.” Like Ann Romney, the suzie-homemaker image for Janna is already being pushed hard. “I think she is very relatable,” said Missy Edwards, a lobbyist in D.C. who became friends with Ryan when they both worked on Capitol Hill. She’s from a small town, (with) three young kids, smart, and focused on her family, first.” Janna is following in her mother’s footsteps, who also graduated from Wellesley and attended law school before marrying and moving to rural Oklahoma to raise three daughters.”

“HSBC’s involvement in drug money laundering also has implications for the Obama administration. In December 2011 the New York Times reported on the Department of Justice’s involvement in drug money laundering. Immediately, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, which is investigating Operation Fast and Furious, announced that it was going to expand its investigation of gunwalking to the Mexican Sinaloa drug cartel to now include drug money laundering, but the Department of Justice refused to cooperate.” LaRouchePAC” 

“PwC Assurance Statement We appointed PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP [associates of Janna Ryan] to provide independent assurance on selected information in our Sustainability Report 2011 covering carbon emissions and related offsets, and our application of the Equator Principles. Their assurance is performed in accordance with the internationally recognised professional assurance standard ISAE3000, against a clear and public set of criteria which can be found below. The Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP assurance report is on page 32 of the HSBC Sustainability Report 2011 (PDF 2,246k). Equator Principles (PDF 102k) Carbon Neutrality (PDF 97k)”

“Tax avoidance: HMRC could gain billions as court rules against ‘artificial’ scheme 

The Government could gain billions of pounds in tax revenues after the Appeal Court declared an avoidance scheme invalid. 

PwC’s scheme was ‘an artificial, circular, self-cancelling scheme designed with no purpose other than to avoid tax’, HMRC said 
By Richard Evans 
3:49PM BST 18 Jul 2012 

The court ruled against a scheme promoted by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), the accountancy firm, used by a businessman in a bid to avoid about £11m in tax

When another 200 taxpayers attempting to use the scheme are taken into account, the total cost in lost tax would have been nearer £100m, experts said. But the court ruling sets a precedent that could mean billions of pounds in potentially avoided tax will instead flow to the public purse. 

“This gives a very clear indication of the way courts are now looking at tax schemes,” said Mike Warburton of Grant Thornton. “The ruling says in effect, ‘we are not going to countenance aggressive tax schemes’. You have to see this as an important victory for the taxman. 

“Things are now running very much against tax avoidance schemes, both politically and in the courts.” He put the potential tax savings from the knock-on effects of the ruling in the “billions of pounds”. 

The case was brought by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) against Howard Schofield, who had been sold a scheme by PwC to avoid capital gains tax on £10.7m. It involved a complex series of derivatives transactions that, in effect, went in a circle but had the effect of avoiding the tax otherwise due. 

After a case about 30 years ago, such schemes were seen as invalid, but the legal situation was not watertight. However, this week’s case reinforces the so-called “Ramsay principle” that artificial schemes to circulate money in a bid to avoid tax are not valid. 

Lady Justice Hallett, one of the Appeal Court judges, said: “To my mind, this appeal was a thinly disguised attempt to undermine the Ramsay principle. Once it was accepted that the principle remains valid, and once the findings of the First Tier Tribunal were accepted, this appeal was doomed to fail.” 

HMRC said: “This was an artificial, circular, self-cancelling scheme designed with no purpose other than to avoid tax [same scheme was allegedly promoted by Janna Ryan in PwC’s Washington office to conceal HSBC profits from Libor finance of Mexican drug cartels]. The court delivered a very strong judgment that such transactions do not work in law. This case involved losses of about £11m but there are other users of the generic scheme on which this scheme was based generating substantial losses [of tax to HMRC].” 

More to follow.

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