Marine Links HSBC’s SOS Guns-for-Pedophile Book to Bushmaster Morgue at Sandy Hook

United States Marine Field McConnell has linked HSBC’s use of SOS Children’s Villages to book guns-for-pedophile transactions, to a portable morgue loaned (?) by the New York City medical examiner where dead (?) children from the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut were allegedly shot multiple times with Bushmaster AR-15 rifles so that HSBC Illinois’ Fast and Furious ‘Candyman’ client could justify disarming the victims’ parents.

Marine Links Serco Sisters, Conair Crooks to a Portable Morgue at Sandy Hook

McConnell is demanding that the authority with jurisdiction be identified in order to have autopsies performed on the Sandy Hook victims to establish causes of death and of any subsequent desecration of the body parts to a degree which is apparently favored by the Candyman’s beard in hospital procedures associated with partial-birth abortions and the black market organ trade.

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