Marine Links Gore Hammer Nortel JABS Award to Andrew Saxton’s HSBC JonBenet

United States Marine Field McConnell has linked the 1996 Gore Hammer Nortel JABS Award to Andrew Saxton Junior, the former HSBC Senior Account Manager in Hong Kong, who allegedly hired Canadian Commercial Corporation as Crown Agents’ prime contractor for the rape, torture and murder of JonBenet Ramsey.

Feeling laconic, McConnell and his fellow Marines invite DOJ Pride to identify the users of Nortel JABS and associated Entrust root keys who authorized the removal of DNA-impregnated material and Taser anti-felon identification devices from the JonBenet crime scene.

Continuing laconic, McConnell and his fellow Marines invite DOJ Pride to check the identity of a custodian of the Asset Forfeiture Fund into which Saxton’s former employer has allegedly paid for a “Get Out of Jail” free card in re Gore Hammer SENTRI and Fast and Furious contract hits.

Gore Hammer cartel extorted control over Nortel JABS patent pool and therefore C2CSI

Authorized subscribers removed AFID evidence from JB crimes cene

Saxton’s school mate bed mate?

JonBenet Investigation Part 1

Andrew Saxton’s 2009 Christmas Greetings

”Andrew Saxton (born March 11, 1964 in North Vancouver, British Columbia) is a Canadian politician, who was elected to represent the electoral district of North Vancouver in the 2008 Canadian federal election and re-elected in 2011. He is a member of the Conservative Party.

He was named Parliamentary Secretary to the President of the Treasury Board on November 7, 2008 and re-appointed to the same position on June 1, 2011. He was also appointed Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Western Economic Diversification on June 1, 2011. He serves on the Standing Committee on Public Accounts and the Joint Standing Committee on Scrutiny of Regulations. He also serves as Vice-Chair of Canada-China Legislative Association and Chair of Canada-Hong Kong and Canada-Malaysia Parliamentary Friendship Groups. 

Immediately prior to being elected Member of Parliament, Mr. Saxton served as: Chief Executive Officer of King George Financial Corporation (a real-estate investment firm); Director of Canaco Resources Inc. (a mining exploration company); Director of the Heart & Stroke Foundation of BC and Yukon; and Member of the BC Premier’s Asia Pacific Trade Council. Saxton has also served on the Vancouver City Planning Commission, the YVR Aeronautical Noise Management Committee and was founder and past-President of The Pacific Club. 

He attended Upper Canada College where he graduated with an honours high school diploma in 1982. In his last year at UCC, he served as Head of Wedd’s House and a Member of the UCC Board of Stewards. He went onto attend the University of Western Ontario where he graduated from the Administrative and Commercial Studies (Financial Studies) (ACS) program (now known as DAN Management Program (BMOS))in 1986. He began his career in finance with Credit Suisse in Switzerland. He later took a position with Credit Suisse in New York and thereafter returned to Vancouver with the same firm. In 1994, he moved to Hong Kong as Senior Account Manager with HSBC and in 1997 he was appointed Senior Vice-President of HSBC Private Banking in Singapore.

Saxton announced $671,500 from the federal western economic diversification department for the three-week-old Centre for Aerospace Research in order to help develop UAV’s, which could check on the health of farmers’ crops, track wildlife poachers or help in search-and-rescue efforts. Regarding this, he said “Over the past decade, unmanned air vehicles and unmanned air systems, as either military tools or hobby toys have shown tremendous commercial potential,” Saxton said at the centre. “They can provide a cost-effective solution for tasks that are repetitive, hazardous or that need to be performed on short notice.”[1

Saxon was opposed to motion 312, a private member’s bill which would have canada reexamine at what time human life begins.[2]
He lives in the Deep Cove area of North Vancouver.” 

More to follow.

Presidential Mandate

Abel Danger

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