Marine Links Edwina’s Virtual Pedophile Matrix to Obama’s Bisexual Nannies

United States Marine Field McConnell has linked a Virtual Pedophile Matrix – apparently developed by Edwina Currie with former Standard Chartered executive John Major, as a bonding tool for the BBC and the British Bankers’ Association – to the use of bisexual nannies who groom children as blackmailers for political careers such as that allegedly launched by Matrix insiders with Barry Soetoro a.k.a. Barack Hussein Obama in Jakarta ’68.

Prequel 1: 
Marine Links British Bankers to Pedophile SOS Groomers and Jarrett’s Women and Girls

“Obama’s Transgender Nanny Speaks Out: Evie was Barack Obama’s Nanny in Jakarta, Indonesia”

“Yet while conservatives tend to focus on matters of economics and excessive government growth and intervention, they’re missing crucial aspects of Obama’s social policy, vision, and rhetoric which, in fact, are arguably even closer to the Marxist/communist tradition. Here I’ll give two salient examples: marriage and abortion. On marriage, Obama last week finally came out of the closet in favor of “gay marriage.” This means that the current president of the United States possesses the most radical/non-traditional view of marriage and the family of any president in the 200-plus-year history of this republic. (Yes, think about that.) That radical/non-traditionalism is fully consistent with the Marxist/communist worldview. In the Communist Manifesto, Marx several times wrote openly of the “abolition of the family” and of communism abolishing “eternal truths” and “all religion, and all morality.” “The communist revolution is the most radical rupture with traditional relations,” Marx affirmed. “[I]ts development involves the most radical rupture with traditional ideas.” Marx knew how shockingly revolutionary this was. He wrote: “Abolition of the family! Even the most radical flare up at this infamous proposal of the Communists.”” 

“Standard Chartered Bank aim to be the world’s best international bank. With more than 75,000 people from more than 115 nationalities are employed in more than 70 countries, we are well positioned to achieve growth from opportunities in some of the world’s most exciting and diverse markets. We are leading the way through our: 

 • Growth markets 

• Innovative products and services 

• Talented and diverse teams 

• Sustainable business strategies 

Standard Chartered Bank has a global network of over 1,400 branches and over 4,200 ATMS with strong franchises in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. We pride our self to have a footprint in more than 70 countries in the Asia Pacific region, South Asia, Middle East, Africa, the UK and Americas. 

To date, Indonesia is the sixth largest contributor for Standard Chartered Bank worldwide. As one of the oldest banks in Indonesia, we have over 145 years history in the country dated back to 1863. 

We employ over 2200 people in Standard Chartered, consistently creating over 100 new job opportunities each year for Indonesians for the past 3 years. We have a robust talent pipeline providing international working experience to over 100 local talents currently working within the global network. 

At present, we are the top 5 international banks in Indonesia with a geographical footprint of 26 branches located in 8 cities and a network of over 23,000 shared ATMs. 

In 2006, we invested nearly USD200 million when as part of a consortium; we acquired 89% of PermataBank, the country’s 8th largest bank, jointly with our local strategic partner PT Astra International. This acquisition positions Standard Chartered Bank as the largest British investor in the financial industry in Indonesia. With Group’s acquisition of American Express Bank in 2008, it provides us an opportunity to expand our product offering in a niche market.” 

“David Cameron’s great-great grandfather Emile Levita, a German-Jewish financier (and descendant of Renaissance scholar Elia Levita) who obtained British citizenship in 1871, was the director of the Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China which became Standard Chartered Bank in 1969. His wife, Cameron’s great-great grandmother, was a descendant of the wealthy Danish Jewish Rée family on her father’s side. One of Emile’s sons, Arthur Francis Levita (died 1910, brother of Sir Cecil Levita),  of Panmure Gordon stockbrokers, together with great-great-grandfather Sir Ewen Cameron, London head of the Hongkong and Shanghai Bank, played key roles in arranging loans supplied by the Rothschilds to the Japanese Central Banker (later Prime Minister) Takahashi Korekiyo for the financing of the Japanese Government in the Russo-Japanese war.

More to follow.

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