Marine Links Edwina Currie’s Libor Toyboy to BBC’s Crimewatch Building #7

United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Edwina Currie’s Libor toy boy – the former Standard Chartered Bank executive John Major – to the BBC’s Crimewatch special effects arsonists who allegedly ignited incendiary bombs on floors shared by Standard Chartered and the Securities and Exchange Commission in WTC Building #7.

McConnell claims Currie helped Jimmy Savile provide a BBC pedophile pimping service to entrap Libor bankers, including Standard Chartered Bank’s “Who the hell do those f#@King Americans think they are?” associates of her John Major toyboy who allegedly helped special effects teams demolish WTC# 7 as described on the common feed sent by Crimewatch insiders to BBC/Fox News presenters.

Currie and her toyboy had motive, opportunity and weapon to construct a BBC Crimewatch crime scene at WTC#7 before the crime occurred. Note Amec diesel upgrade and backdoor into Mayor’s OEM.

“BBC and FOX Reports WTC 7 Collapse Before It Happens.wmv [Currie’s toyboy John Major and his erstwhile Standard Chartered Bank associates allegedly arrange for BBC Crimewatch arson attack on SEC offices on Floor 13 to destroy evidence of Libor fraud]”

“Jimmy Savile scandal – BBC’s George Entwistle faces MPs – as it happened – October 23, 2012”

“John Major talks about Edwina Currie, December 1988”

“Abel Danger and Conspiracy of Silence – Franklin Coverup – Pedophilia, Blackmail & Politicians”

“The Tenants
Tenant List (provided by CoStar Group Inc)


7 World Trade Center


Square Feet Leased



Salomon Smith Barney



Financial Institutions

Internal Revenue Service Regional Council




U.S. Secret Service




American Express Bank International



Financial Institutions

Standard Chartered Bank



Financial Institutions

Provident Financial Management



Financial Institutions

ITT Hartford Insurance Group



First State Management Group, Inc




Federal Home Loan Bank



Financial Institutions

NAIC Securities




Securities & Exchange Commission



Financial Institutions

Mayor’s Office of Emergency Mgmt



” Central Intelligence Agency’s clandestine New York station was destroyed in Sept 11 attack on World Trade Center, seriously disrupting US intelligence operations; station was in 7 World Trade Center, one of smaller office towers destroyed in aftermath of collapse of twin towers; all CIA employees at site were safely evacuated; agency immediately dispatched special team to scour rubble in search of secret documents and intelligence reports stored in station”
“[Currie’s Toyboy Major assocciates at] Standard Chartered bank ran a rogue unit [in WTC#7]  that schemed with Iran‘s government to hide more than $250bn (£160bn) in illegal transactions for nearly a decade, according to a scathing report by New York regulators that may put intense pressure on the management of the UK-based bank. According to the report filed by the New York state department of financial services (NYSDFS), when warned by a US colleague about dealings with Iran, a Standard Chartered executive caustically replied: “You f—ing Americans. Who are you to tell us, the rest of the world, that we’re not going to deal with Iranians.”  About 60,000 transactions were involved between 2001 and 2007 and the bank faces losing its ability to trade in the US if the allegations are proven. The regulator has demanded a meeting with the bank on 15 August and just hours before trading began in its shares in Hong Kong this morning the bank insisted it “strongly rejects the position or the portrayal of facts as set out”.”

“Panorama – The International Debate Edwina Currie discussed your views on the programme in a live phone-in debate.
Listen to Late Night Currie – broadcast on 21 October 2001 Edwina was joined by the following guests during the programme –  George Galloway (Labour MP) Alan Duncan (Conservative MP & Shadow Foreign Affairs spokesman) Thomas Fina (former US diplomat and Executive Director of Democrats Abroad) Sarah Joseph (a consultant on Islamic affairs)
Dan Erlich (American journalist)
“The World’s Most Wanted Sunday 16 September 2001 [Spoliation inference that Currie’s Libor Toyboy John Major used arsonists and saboteurs recruited through BBC Crimewatcch and America’s Most Wanted to demolish  WTC #7 and manipulate evidence at crime scene to deflect public attention from Spot Shoot Snuff Spin and Spoil]
As America comes to terms with the attacks on New York and Washington, Panorama asks how the terrorists carried it out, and who was behind them. Osama Bin Laden has quickly become the prime suspect in the investigation. Reporter Jane Corbin, who first investigated Bin Laden in 1998, examines the evidence that he is behind the latest attacks on America. The programme joins the hunt for clues in New York, and reveals how the city is coping with the devastation. Production Team:
Reporter Jane Corbin Producers Aidan Laverty & Thea Guest”
“Edwina Currie: I have nothing to hide over Jimmy Savile  Edwina Currie has claimed she has ‘nothing to hide’ after it emerged she appointed Jimmy Savile as head of a taskforce at Broadmoor high security psychiatric hospital where victims say they were abused.”

More to follow.

Presidential Mandate

Abel Danger

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