Marine Links Candyman’s Pig Farm JABS to Canada Square’s Sandy Hook

United States Marine Field McConnell has linked the Candyman’s development of a Nortel Joint Automated Booking System (JABS) at the Pickton pig farm in British Columbia to Canada Square servers allegedly used in the spoliation of evidence at Sandy Hook crime scenes associated with the contract killing of Libor whistleblower, Nancy Lanza.

McConnell invites DOJ Pride’s same-sex investigators to check out the political, philosophical and economic implications of the Candyman mantra “You can have what you want, if you do what I say” (cf. Kray Twins) as it applies to some of the alleged users of JABS pictured below.

Marine Links HSBC’s Illinois Candyman to Sandy Hook Pedophile JABS

Lori Shenher

Janet Reno

Irene Dorner

Nancy Lanza

Gabriele Taylor PPE Hitler Jugend 

“Built Britain – Canary Wharf (London)”

“The Queen’s visit to KPMG London 15 Canada Square”

“Pattern of the Times”

“As a group, they were dismissed’: missing women report B.C. Attorney-General Wally Oppal today released 1,400-page report, entitled “Forsaken” By Lori Culbert, Vancouver Sun December 18, 2012 Karin Joesbury wipes away tears when asked whether the 1,448-page report into Vancouver’s missing women case could make a difference in the future for vulnerable women like her daughter Andrea. “I hoped it would change things. I hope that it does, I really do,” said Joesbury, whose daughter is one of the six women serial killer Robert (Willy) Pickton has been convicted of murdering. “But I feel like we spent a lot of money, maybe wasted money.” The report released Monday comes more than two years after an $8-million inquiry was struck to examine the missing women case, and more than a decade since Pickton’s arrest. Former attorney general Wally Oppal, head of the inquiry, put 65 recommendations in his voluminous report, many of them calls for changes that have been discussed publicly over the years. Oppal hopes that listing the recommendations together in the hefty document will prompt policy-makers to act. He also believes the climate is right in B.C. to make some of the changes, such as bringing in regionalized policing and improving the treatment of vulnerable women. Oppal, a former B.C. Appeal Court justice, said his review of the investigation evidence led him to the conclusion “that there was systemic bias by the police in the missing women investigation.””

Message to Candymen “They have not been forsaken and you have not been forgotten”

More to follow.

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