Marine Links Bettina Keys to Illinois Senator, Benghazi Rape and Jarrett’s Women and Girls

United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Bettina Jordan-Barber to the illegal transfer of the U.K. MoD’s PKI root key to the former Junior Senator from Illinois, Barack Hussein Obama, and the re-deployment of keys which allegedly gave pedophile (?) insiders of Valerie Jarrett’s White House Office of Women and Girls, the authority to order the snuff-film rape of Christopher Stevens, Obama’s Ambassador to Libya, in a Benghazi hospital on 9/11 2012.

McConnell’s Marines are now inviting Obama and Jarrett’s allegedly pedophile colleagues, to join them in the Thoma Bravo OODA loop and search for Bettina’s keys.

Marine Links Bettina’s Obama Osama Deception Authority Key to Murdoch M-OODA Loop

“CHICAGO STOCK EXCHANGE ELECTS A NEW CHAIRMAN AND NEW GOVERNORS Chicago, April 26, 2003 – The Chicago Stock Exchange (CHX) announced today the election of eight Governors, and a new Chairman, to fill vacancies on its 24-person Board of Governors. Valerie B. Jarrett, Executive Vice President and Managing Director of The Habitat Company, was elected as Chairman of the Chicago Stock Exchange. Outgoing Chairman Lee M. Mitchell [Managing partner of Thoma Bravo and custodian of Bettina’s key], Partner, Thoma Cressey Equity Partners, will remain on the Board of Governors. Ms. Jarrett’s term as Chairman runs through April, 2006.” 

“The second file related to ex-editor of The Sun Rebekah Brooks, former chief reporter at the same paper John Kay, Ministry of Defense employee Bettina Jordan Barber and a fourth suspect who is still the subject of investigations. “We have concluded, following a careful review of the evidence, that Bettina Jordan Barber, John Kay and Rebekah Brooks should be charged with a conspiracy to commit misconduct in public office between 1 January 2004 and 31 January 2012,” Levitt continued. “This conspiracy relates to information allegedly provided by Bettina Jordan Barber for payment which formed the basis of a series of [Murdoch Wag the Dog] news stories published by The Sun. It is alleged that approximately £100,000 was paid to Bettina Jordan Barber between 2004 and 2011.”” 

[Spoliation inference from inside Marines’ OODA loop that Obama and Jarrett used Bettina’s Mod PKI Root Key to authorise Blue Mountain to produce a Benghazi snuff film with images showing the torture and rape of Ambassador Stevens] There Are No Unanswered Questions? 


This was Jay Carney today responding to a question about UN Ambassador Susan Rice’s meeting with Senators McCain, Graham and Ayotte this morning on the Hill. 

No unanswered questions regarding Dr. Rice’s involvement? Really? 

1. Who at the White House decided it should be Susan Rice to appear on the five Sunday shows?

2. Who at the White House decided to pull the relevant information out of her briefing that would show Benghazi was a planned, premeditated terrorist attack, and replace it with a phony cover story about a non-existent spontaneous protest to a You Tube video?

3. Why did Ambassador Rice not have the intellectual curiosity to ask what were the other possible scenarios besides the briefing, and ascertain the probabilities of whether alternative narratives could be true?

4. Why did Ambassador Rice not have the intellectual curiosity to question why Ambassador Stevens left the heavily fortified fortress that is our U.S. Embassy in Tripoli and go to Benghazi without proper security on September 11th when Stevens himself feared for his safety and the Libyan government warned an attack was imminent several days prior?

5a. If Susan Rice is not a player in all of this, why was she made the voice of the Obama administration on Benghazi?

5b. And if she was a non-player and knew it, why did she volunteer to take the lead on this blindly without asking any questions?

6. If Dr. Rice is so easily duped by faulty intelligence, and doesn’t possess the capacity to question it, why would that make her a suitable candidate for the top diplomatic post in the world?

7. Dr. Rice on at least one of her Sunday show appearances claimed not only that the attack in Benghazi was spontaneous, but that there was no evidence to conclude it was preplanned. How could Dr. Rice be so out of the loop to not see evidence when Defense Secretary Leon Panetta two days prior to her five show extravaganza was on the Hill briefing Democratic Senators that indeed it was a preplanned terrorist attack, very al Qaeda-esque in nature, and that the video had nothing to do with it? 

Just a refresher: 

Dr. Rice can’t say there’s no evidence to the contrary when the contrary evidence was not only being used in Congressional oversight meetings by the Secretary of Defense, but the Senators, including Carl Levin, spoke publicly on the matter reciting what they learned from Panetta, all before she took to the airwaves on Sunday the 16th.
There is no credibility here – either from Dr. Rice or from Jay Carney, who is trying to do the Baghdad Bob by saying there are no unanswered questions.

The administration, and their allies in mainstream media, may want to believe that ‘you’re a racist and a sexist if you dare question the motives of Dr. Rice or criticize her role in the handling of the attack’ is an all-emcompassing answer. But it’s a dodge. 

And dodges aren’t just cars built by Fiat with your taxpayer bailout money. They’re non-answers to unanswered questions.
Update (Ed): Jake Tapper e-mailed me to clarify that he wasn’t the reporter who asked the question today.”

More to follow.

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