Marine Links BBC Tradecraft to PACT With Pedophile Devil, Al Jazeera Blackmail of CIA Wife

United States Marine Field McConnell has linked the BBC Trust’s tradecraft propaganda attacks to a PACT – Paperclip Alibi Crimewatch Timeline – with a Pedophile Devil and the deployment of alleged Al Jazeera agents Jill and Natalie Kwaham to entrap and blackmail Holly Petraeus, wife of the former CIA Director General David Petraeus.

McConnell claims that Lord Williams of Baglan – BBC Trust international trustee and former Under-Secretary General, UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon – hired the Kwaham Twins to blackmail David and Holly Petraeus and divert public attention from a PACT with the Pedophile Devil propaganda attack in Benghazi on 9/11 when the Blue Mountain security company from South Wales camouflaged the rape of Obama’s ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens.

11-17-2012 Marine Sister Greeks’ Pedo-in-the-Middle Attack on Benghazi Paperclip Chain of Command

“Talk to Al Jazeera – Oliver Stone: “Petraeus is no hero””

Al Jazeera World: I knew bin Laden: Part 1”

“Fake videos about Syria (CNN, Al Jazeera, BBC)”

al Jazeera history bbc

“The Rageh Omaar Report – Lebanon: What lies beneath”

“’Anti-Islam’ film provokes attacks in Libya, US ambassador, 3 staff killed in Benghazi”

“Daily KOS … TUE NOV 13, 2012 AT 12:33 PM PST Jill Kelley (Khawam). The Lebanese Mata Hari? By Orcas George Follow 6822 OK, this is getting weird. If Jill Kelley was not in the employ of a foreign intelligence service then the world’s spy agencies have collectively suffered a dereliction of duty. As we know today, General Petraus’s successor in Afghanistan is a man named General John Allen who also happens to be in line for promotion to Commander of the United State European Command and Supreme Allied Commander, Europe. t probably goes without saying that both General Petraus of the CIA and General Allen would be top targets for foreign intelligence operations — especially by countries in the Middle East. Knowing details of US actions there would be of benefit to many countries; some allies, some nominal allies and some considered to be enemies. The fact that socialite Jill Kelley’s maiden name is Khawam and that she was born in Lebanon to Maronite Christian parents should raise eyebrows a bit. (Note that the Maronite Christians were allies of Israel in the Lebanese Civil War/Lebanon invasion .) The fact that she and her husband were willing to go into debt to throw lavish parties for high level officers who are involved in the Middle East should make even the most resolute anti-CTers among us pause. The further fact that she is identified as an unofficial liason between top American Generals and unspecified Middle Eastern contacts, well…” 

“Throughout the 1975 Civil War, the Phalange Party was the most formidable force within the Christian camp, and its militia shouldered the brunt of the fighting as part of the Lebanese Front, the mostly Christian rightist coalition. In April 1975 Phalangist militiamen were involved in the Bus massacre, commonly considered as the spark that set-off the Lebanese Civil War. In the following days, the 8,000-strong party militia, the Kataeb Regulatory Forces, together with its allies, the Tigers militia, Al-Tanzim, Marada Brigade, Guardians of the Cedars, Lebanese Youth Movement, Tyous Team of Commandos and other formations, was heavily engaged in street fights against the Palestinians militias and their allies in the anti-government secular Lebanese National Movement. During the Lebanese Civil war, many Christian militias were formed who gained support from the north of Lebanon. These militias were staunchly right-wing, nationalist and anti-Palestinian with a majority of their members being Maronite. The Kataeb party was the most powerful of these militias at the time of the Lebanese Civil war. The party later went on to help found the right-wing Lebanese Forces militia in 1977 which played a large role within the Lebanese Civil war. September 1982, Bachir Gemayel was elected President of Lebanon by the National Assembly. He was assassinated less than a month later in an operation thought to have been arranged by Syrian intelligence and was in turn succeeded by his brother, Amine Gemayel. Bachir was thought to have been radical in his approach, and hinted at possible peace agreements with Israel while trying to expel all Palestinian refugees from Lebanon. In contrast, Amine was thought to have been much more moderate. On 16 September 1982, Elie Hobeika led the massacre of between 328 and 3,500 Palestinian refugees in the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps, while the periphery of the camps were under the control of the Israeli Defense Forces. After the death of Pierre Gemayel in 1984, his successors Elie Karame and Amine Gemayel struggled to maintain influence over the actions of the Lebanese Army, which become virtually independent as Muslim recruits deserted and rebelled against the mostly Christian officer ranks. The Kataeb party began to decline, not playing a major role for the remainder of the war.” 

More to follow.

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