Making Sense of Jade Helm – Western Banking System – Fostering Fear In the Public – U.S. Military (Owned by Bankers): We’re Here to Help – John Q. Public: “Please Help Us” (Don’t fall for it)

Dear Friends and Family In US and the United Kingdom:

I heard from a brother that at a public hearing with SOCOM representatives in Bastrop, Texas today, 90+% of the people were upset over the military’s plans and the local County Reps agreeing to them in a previous meeting! The LTC giving the briefing deferred to Mr. Meade (the former SOCOM LTC who is now a civilian who gave the original briefings around the country) with visual eye and head motions on answers. At one point when asked, the LTC giving the briefing ADMITTED THE “DRILL” WILL INVOLVE LIMITED RED LIST EXTRACTION OF CIVILIANS!!!! Now, even if only an exercise, this shows where we are!!!! The briefing to the public was an obvious attempt to placate, not inform, and the people KNEW it!!! Abel Danger has let the U S military enlisted forces active and all retirees and veteran know that 9/11 was also an exercise until the United States Senior Executive Service was complicit in it going live.

If individual researchers like Joe Gilbert (author of “Dreams Of My Real Father”) can discover the truth about the cover-up of Barack Obama’s past, there is no excuse for Congress, the DOJ, FBI, DIS, CIA, etc… to NOT investigate, discover, and take criminal and treason charges actions against Obama and ALL who have conspired to cover it up! They have not!! Therefore, they are in collusion, and that is why Jade Helm is of so much danger if Abel Danger’s trip to Germany doesn’t pay rich dividends upon the return of Kristine Marcy’s brother anticipated to be completed on or slightly after 25 May, 2015. Some informed parties have wished the Military were planning to stand against Obama’s personal army (DHS, etc…), but that is manifestly NOT the case! These people all answer to the western banking system (NWO, NIO, whatever you want to call it), and our Republic is in its last death throes!!! THE MILITARY PERSONNEL WHO HAVE SURVIVED THE OBAMA PURGES ARE NOT TO BE TRUSTED!!!!! These thee men; Thomas Mead, Francisco Oquendo and Richard Kimmich perhaps are ignorant of what happened to these four men in Waco, Texas: Steve Wills, Robert Williams, Conway LeBleu and Todd McKeehan.

Baltimore Mayor says they GAVESPACE to the looters an area to destroy!! WHAT?? The looters and criminals are not who the government care about because what they do serves the purposes of the government to foster fear in the public that causes the public to beg for security! The government wants to silence Constitutionalists, Patriots, Gun Owners, Christians, Vets, etc… as I have been pounding on for years! The end game is to turn the US into a totalitarian state!!!! False Flags on the way to justify this going live at some point in the future!!! The false flags will blame Tea Party, conservatives, vets, etc… again as I have said! To ensure that this message reaches the ears of Kristine Marcy, Colleen Prosser and Hillary Clinton I will broadcast my comments tonight on Livestream radio at 6pm central. If I suffer an untimely demise I have asked 4 allies to ensure my words are spoken as a verbal epitaph in Nottingham.

Field McConnell
U S Marine 0116513
2 October 1949-

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