Letter: Re: McCain – Posted September 21, 2012

Dear Captain Dog,

It is very complex but rest assured McCain is toxic. My treason charge remains ‘in effect’ and under principle of equity McCain and Pawlenty are admitting the charges valid. This is why ‘little Timmy’ got trashed in Des Moines IA in opening round of PRESIDENTIAL FIELD. This is why he previously got kicked off the ticket with FORREST FIRE and replaced by MOTHER MOOSE. Goggle [ mother moose + chips + hamish + pastel ]. Notice in yesterday’s news Pawlenty was given a job by the British Bankers Association.

Regarding screen play, Capt Dog, meet in order of email Trey (Dallas) Rob ( Virginia ) Brian (Atlanta) Kent ( London, England ). Copied are Anita (Ottawa, CA), Jean (PHX), David Hawkins (Vancouver BC area) and John Prukop, SeaTac area.

And a shitload of other oathkeepers. And the world via of the posting of this
letter with private person emails removed.

The highlighted people have screen writing skills and or contacts in the movie

see the movie trailer under construction by Agent Orange: http://playfaircipher.com/

David and I have written 10 books are are about to publish chapter 8 of Book
9. Here is chapter 7:

Goose stepping Geriatrics, naked grandson and topless princess. Brilliant!! 

Regarding your ability to understand our writing, don’t feel like the lone ranger as we never began writing with ‘normal people’ in mind. We write for the ‘agencies’, for law enforcement and most of all the perpetrators. Our message is getting thru
and especially so with Navy/Marine Intel (DARK KNIGHT ARISES) and the Phoenix ‘agency’ people due to their proximity to fast and furious ( my sister, Hillary, Holder are the big 3). Google [ Kristine Marcy + Eric Holder + Thunder Thighs + Chips ]. Once again, Abel Danger is the only game in town.

Online Book – General Greek and the Blindfold Speckled Trout
Apr 21, 2012 … Wells Fargo braces for trouble as Chips exposes Twin Towers pass-through frauds …. linked his sister Kristine Marcy and Attorney General Eric Holder to …. quality time with Thunder Thighs before Hillary and Huma became …

As the guilty treason folks get very nervous watch for TRUTHCENTRALRADIO to
go live 24/7 and for a short wave radio station to be TRUTHCENTRALDISPATCH.

If Hillary’s candy asses want to take a try at martial law I’d invite them to Wisconsin-Michigan AOO.

If you wish to sample the radio station Abel Danger has operating out of a cave
in Afghanistan it is at soundfish.eu/abeldanger and is on 24/7/365. While the main hardware is in a cave in Afghanistan, remote operators are worldwide including a sand mine in Pierce County, Wisconsin and a bank safe at 221B
Baker Street, Plum City. All radio componets are protected by FARADAY CAGES.

Our enemy is the British Banker Association and their ‘monkeys’ in Washington DC.
My sister is one of the key monkeys and is the achilles heel of the Shadow Government/BANANA REPUBLIC. If Kristine Marcy goes down, the entire Shadow Government is revealed, exposed and to be dealt with. While the SHADOW GOVERNMENT is operated from 1950 Old Gallows Road, NEW GALLOWS will not be necessary as other methods are less noisy. Here is a sample of what might occur if the SHADOW GOVERNMENT presses the issue, Abel Danger is on left of screen.

I have a friend in Philippines keeping an eye on the witness from Phoenix that the current MIS-administration moved to prevent his testimony in fast and furious. If our man in PI still has that guy in the cross hairs, we may see this image in Chapter 8. While most Abel Danger Agents understand MIS let me explain:
M I Six What if Abel Danger’s Phoenix-Biltmore Agent got some DNA ofPrince Harry in Las Vegas. What if AD Agent in Zolle, Holland got some BVR shots from France. BVR (beyond visual range).

However, if the image is in C8, indicating we have the quarry in PI under surveillance, expect the image to be of five traitors, 4 with photo shopped faces

 1. An NSAWW Agent from 1950 Old Gallows Road
2. A traitor Greek Oath Judge
3. A witch from out west married to a Mafia BM (baltimore maryland)
4. A nominee of Agent Hamish
5. A fifth un-photoshopped image of the person
we are encouraging to come in from the cold and expose TOP TEN.

 If this all seems scary don’t let it alarm you. God is in control and there
are more oath keepers in law enforcement than the SG realizes. Proof? The
330,000 member National Police Union refuses to endorse British Subject of
the Donkey group or Mormon Mexican from the elephant group.

Sep 15 – National Police Union Turns Down Romney and Obama 

In case of national (false flag) emergency, expect DISSIDENT ONE to be on the
air within 15 minutes and the short wave office to be up and down, in and out, at
a schedule known to oath keepers in 47 states. Alot of good people may be interested to learn that alot of CIVIL UNREST type vehicles have been ‘gifted’ to county agencies across the lower 48. They are subject to recall if ‘federal emergency’ arises. They are all collectively subject to remote shutdown by system similar to ONSTAR. If you google [ Festus + Jaspar + Chips + ghoul gals ]

Abel Danger: General Greek and the Blindfold Speckled Trout …
Jun 26, 2012 … Royal Crown Agent Atomic Betty sends a FLASH FESTUS: ‘Chips, be alert to an … Atomic Betty selects F4 and C30 on her Clipper JASPAR phone. Chips … Surely the ghoul-gals at 1950 Old Gallows Road will be protecting …

you will find that Abel Danger is the ONLY GAME IN TOWN.

The Chairman of the JCS is West Point ’74. The Chairman of the Board is not
Frank Sinatra, capeche? He is, however, USNA ’71, just like Chic Burlingame in attached photo.

Remember Marine Brand Raub taken by local coppers and FBI in Virginia and put in a psychiatric hospital. Guess who got him out.

 Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) 

Field McConnell
USMC 0116513
Psalm 91:11-14
+001 715 307 8222

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