Judge Anna: Claim Your Babies Now – Stop The Crime At The Source

by Anna VonReitz

I got an urgent call today, a young man whose wife is in labor.  Thanks to the wonders of ultrasound they have known for some time that she is carrying a son.

My advice—- in this day and age there is no excuse for being caught napping on this issue. Pick out a name for your baby BEFORE they are born and record their Trade Name by publication in the local papers or by recording it with the local Land Recorder’s Office prior to them being born.  It can be a very simple little Notice:

The living Coloradan joe leroy doe known by the Trade Name Joe Leroy Doe and his wife Melissa Ann Doe a native of massachusetts both currently living in Red Rocks, Colorado, announce that they have created a new life whose Trade Name shall be Brandon Craig Doe and they claim their new creation as their true-born son, heir, and dependent.  They jointly agree to emancipate him automatically when he reaches the age of eighteen and declare before all men and nations that he is otherwise subject only to God.

When the rats come to you in the hospital and try to force you to sign paperwork signing your babies over to them and making them your “presumed trustees” in charge of managing the “property” tell them that they are attempting to kidnap your son and that you won’t tolerate it.  If they protest that it is “the law” observe that it may be THEIR law, but it certainly isn’t yours.  Look them right in the eye and calmly say, “I am a living beneficiary of the colorado trust and I am not consenting.” Have a voice recorder ready and tape them if they threaten you. If they keep on, say, “It is a capital level offense– a hanging crime– to mischaracterize an unarmed non-combatant, so unless you are claiming that i or my son have offered to harm anyone, you need to stand down.  Now.”  Be polite, uncompromising, and most of all—-prepared.  And if they make any threats, don’t hesitate to call in friends, family, newspaper reporters, clergymen, members of the Grand Jury and other members of the community.  If they threaten violence put down any false name you like on the paperwork and cross out any terms such as “Informant” or “applicant” you don’t like.

Since they are trying to name an non-existent “person” after your baby, give them a non-existent name to go with it.

Smile prettily and write down something like “Alphonse Alberghettini Doe” and let them twist in the wind until they get sick of their own criminality. Then when they send mail to “him” you can truthfully answer that there is no such “person” living at your address.

Run that little paragraph (above) three times in the local papers and save the clippings for posterity so that if the rats try to bring any of their false claims against the baby you will already have public prior claim established.  Get your family, friends and neighbors to come to a birthday party when the baby is actually born and have them sign and seal (with thumbprints) documents attesting to the fact that he is your natural born son and his name is and his nativity occured on such and such a day to their certain knowledge and that they all agree and attest to these facts before God and Man.

For children who are already born and who have already been “claimed” by this System, just adapt the same process of publication, recording, and witnessing, using real birthdates as part of your documentation. Do NOT just sit around and let their claims stand unrebutted and unchallenged and do NOT just appear to “agree” to any of their nonsense.  Resist, rebut, object, and counter-claim; your children belong to you, not some funky “governmental services corporation” run by goons like Jacob Rothschild.  Realize the outrageous criminal things that these banks operating “governmental service corporations” have done and gotten away with and never, ever let them place any surreptitious “ownership claim” against your children.

Same thing with “applying for” a Social Security Number for your children.  Refuse to do it.  If they don’t like it, fine.  At least they won’t be able to steal from your children under false pretenses and with any luck at all, by the time it really matters, enough Americans will have stepped to the plate and put an end to this vicious economic fraud and tyranny.

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