Judge Anna: Banker Truth

Banker Truth

Time to cut through all this feces about gold, paper, rocks, scissors for everyone— here’s what the history actually tells us about the so-called “reset”, “Chinese Elders”, Green Hilton Agreements, BRICS and all the rest of the clap-trap going on.

Back around 1900 a bunch of robber baron industrialists and bankers from both sides of the Atlantic hatched this simple plan.

They knew from all sorts of experience already that EVERY fiat currency EVER in the history of mankind has FAILED eventually and ended up in hyperinflation.

It is not a question of whether or not a fiat currency will fail.  It is only a question of WHEN it will fail and how much inflation will take place before it is officially abandoned and debunked as the fraud scheme that all such currencies are.

Therefore, when the “Federal Reserve” started the printing presses they already knew that the “Federal Reserve Note” was going to fail and that it was going to be grossly devalued against the actual United States Silver Dollar.  They also knew that the same thing would happen with gold.

So, they confiscate, gather, steal, outlaw, and hoard all the gold in “depositories” and they wait…..wait for inflation to devalue the paper currencies…..wait, wait, wait….knowing that when the fiat currencies FAIL, they will show up with “gold as our savior”—-and force the grandchildren of the men they stole all the gold from in the first place, to buy it all back with hyperinflated paper money, resulting in VAST profits for the bankers.

It cost $30 to buy an ounce of gold in the 1930’s.  It now costs what?  $1300 an ounce?  Can you count the difference between $30 and $1300?  I make it $1270 per ounce of gold pure profit, don’t you?  That’s over a 4000% profit for the bankers.  That is the prize they are after.  It’s what they set this up for.

Same thing, to a lesser extent, with silver.  A dollar of silver equaled a one dollar silver certificate in 1928.  Today, the exchange rate is what?  $21 paper “money” for an ounce of silver?  The paper currency is devalued by more than 20 times—–again, when the paper money fails, the bankers holding all the reserves of precious metals cash in, big time, and they parasitize everyone else both going and coming.

They have stolen the value of your labor and your country’s natural resources for a hundred years via the process of inflation of the currency, and now, they will turn around and force you to buy back what should be your own inheritance at grossly inflated rates of exchange, just to get rid of the worthless promissory notes they palmed off on you.

You see how it works now?  They set the whole thing up with malice aforethought.  They built inflation into the system.  They know it has to fail.  They know when it does they will be holding all the gold and silver reserves, and they know they can sell all that metal back to us for 4000, 5000, 10,000% pure profit when the currency they promoted fails.

They created the problem and they are standing there slavering, waiting to present the solution to the problem they created—–and reap the profit they have planned for all along.

This whole thing with China suddenly being Daddy Warbucks and Indonesia being the Source is all a bunch of #%[email protected]!!, too.  Chinese Elders my fat foot!  They need a safe base of operations and the Arabs hate thieves too much.  They’ve moved their operations to China just like they moved their operations from Europe to the US.  Things are getting too hot and once they turn the screws, you can bet this won’t be a safe place for dishonest bankers.  So they have to find new homes, just like parasites.

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