Japan’s ISIS Crap Photoshop Grand Prix is Hitting the “ISIS™” Psyop Where it Hurts – Land of The Setting Sun – “You Can’t Make This Shit Up” – British MI6 Staging Faked Beheadings – Japanese Mentally Ill Contractor Wannabe – Rita Katz & Co. Terrorist Enterprises Studio – Global War On Terrorism Is a Booming Industry – Japan’s Population Required a Little “Coaxing”

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January 23, 2015 by willyloman

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Adan Salizar wrote about the Crap Photoshop Grand Prix over at Prison Planet, selecting a few notable samples to include in his article. My “ISIS Beheads Santa” was one of them.

The Japanese have responded to the latest “ISIS™” Crisis in style with what’s being called the “ISIS Crap Photoshop Grand Prix

In response to the ridiculously crafted fake beheading videos, Japanese bloggers and Twitter users have decided to make fun of the “ISIS™” psyop rather than dropping to their knees and cringing in fear as is the custom here in the land of the round-eye.

With their production value being openly ridiculed in public, the b-rated studio that has been crafting these sophomoric “hearts and minds” psyops for the Global War OF Terrorism industry seems angered that their gravy train is coming off the rails.

Though I am glad to see the Japanese stepping up and calling a fraud a fraud, I just have to remind you, they weren’t the first. Not by a long shot.

The latest threat from the production house propaganda outlet revolves around two Japanese citizens who are supposedly going to be beheaded today if Japan doesn’t cough up 200 million bucks.

One of those guys is a “journalist” and the other… well, the other “dreamed of becoming a military contractor” (you can’t make this shit up).

The video features the same British MI6 agent pretending to be an “ISIS” terrorist waving around his prop knife and threatening to kill Kenji Goto (propaganda journalist formerly embedded with the FSA) and Haruna Yukawa (mentally ill contractor wannabe). It’s obviously shot in front of a green-screen with several lighting sources (in studio, not outside) and a fan blowing consistently on the shirts of the phony “victims” in an attempt to create a “breeze” effect.

The victims look bored and the “terrorist” can’t open his eyes for some reason. I guess because they are blue. Either that or the diva has become such a megastar he’s showing up for work high on crack like Charlie Sheen.

It’s about as bad as those that came before it.

Fake Alan Henning Video
Fake David Haines Video
Fake James Foley Video
Fake Steven Sotloff Video
Fake Peter Kassig Video
The ISIS Crisis

Clearly the U.S. is in need of yet another member of the Coalition of the Willing and Japan’s government needed some help justifying it to their population… so… here we go again.

Of course it hasn’t worked out the way they planned.

This campaign of ridicule and the popular approval it’s receiving has apparently angered the psyop’s planners. The Japanese are making fun of the cartoonish presentation of these ridiculously fake videos and it seems it might foretell the end of this particular product run. I guess no more paydays for the ISIS studios is something they are having to consider. You see, it’s bleeding into American popular culture as well.

Many Japanese blogs, including popular site My Game News Flash, are reporting how the glib Photoshops have allegedly angered ISIS members. Washington Times

Poking fun at the poorly crafted propaganda has becoming so popular, even Di$info Jone$ has decided to jump on the bandwagon after spending months propping up the “radical Islam” mythology.

I have too say I’m very glad to see this particular meme taking off. I only wonder if perhaps a couple of my earlier efforts might be considered in the ISIS Crap Photoshop Grand Prix(from “ISIS™”

Beheads SANTA! (warning: image is extremely graphic. Do not share or “ISIS™” WINS!)

(from CONFIRMED – ISIS™ Commits the ULTIMATE EVIL: Baby Juggling!!!!! )

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