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June 11, 2015

Dick Eastman

Hollywood action and horror movies demonstrate/model/condition/teach the ways and practices of the most dysfunctional/antisocial/hopeless society. That is Hollywood’s job: to create a dysfunctional society. The same is true of antisocial rap music; of pickup truck and saloon hick lowlife country-and-western music; of TV game shows and situation comedies based on fat, sex, inadequacy, losers, obsessive–compulsive detectives… and the theory of all this, that one learns in college, is sold as “deconstructionism.” Go to the grocery store and look at the tabloid magazine covers – inevitably showing who is fattest, and which once-glamorous movie star of the old positive culture is now dying, suffering, or “telling all.”

Nowhere in this market society, except at the distant margins, is an alternative lifestyle portrayed. Yet, it is that source of a positive vision of life and family (from Christianity and Islam) that is everywhere under attack. All of this subversion of society, this Judeo-pornographic culture of dysfunction, is forced on us by the richest elite; by the owners of mass media whose money, taken from us, buys our degradation – our condition of learned helplessness and despair. The ruling elite gains by it, because people so conditioned are incapable of coming together as reasonable human beings, discussing what is wrong, agreeing to cooperate and organize to oppose politically the interests who seek to destroy us by degrading our culture. This is the same elite that forced drugs on us, promoted “free sex” outside of marriage, and pushed pornography as protected “free speech.”

I am against this Judeo-pornographic culture, as I am against any warfare engaged against innocent people and a society whose founding principles and high values threaten organized crime, that can only attain the top by dragging everyone else down, because there is nothing constructive or positive in it.

One may oppose the control of money and credit which organized crime has attained; how they enslave us with debt under such a system; and how they create wars to kill and maim us – create them with false-flag terrorism which they arrange themselves to motive us to give up our sons to die in combat or be maimed, blinded, or psychologically damaged serving organized crime abroad in tearing down moral, orderly, peaceful societies in other lands and killing their women and children, their fathers, brothers, and sons.

The name of those doing all this is Jews. It is a word they have conditioned to you be afraid to use in criticism of their actions. You must not name them without severe consequences – jail and fines in most developed countries – but certainly loss of job or position otherwise, and labeling you an “anti-Semite,” “hater,” “extremist,” or “pro-terrorist.”

I am against this, and I want to wake up you and everyone else to see what has happened; to see who is to blame; to see what peril our enemy has put us in; to see what has been taken away from all of us; to see that we must unite against this – unite as one race, the human race, with the goal of peace, brotherhood, and the replacement of the poison culture of the Jews with the culture of “life, liberty, and happiness,” of “liberty, equality, fraternity,” of populism over oligarchy, with love of God and neighbor over Zionism.

And our deliverance from Zionist domination can come without violence. It can come simply by conversion, by a return to our senses and the clear understanding that the people are on one side – our own – and that we each have the responsibility to join with one another in the political process, abandoning the prison of the two-corrupt-party system, becoming once again political animals.

Politics is for everyone; so are economics, sociology, and psychology. They are meant to support how true social human beings are meant to be. Let us educate ourselves, apart from the corrupt education system. Let those awakened, and who have broken the chains upon our minds and souls, become teaching leaders. Let us all defend the right of such people to speak, without their being killed or framed by false-flag terrorism tricks.

We can set ourselves free, in a way that is entirely enjoyable, peaceful, and invigorating. And the enemy? We merely take the levers of control out of their hands and remove from them their ill-gotten gains. Severe punishment is not necessary, for they are as much slaves of Zionism as we are, and they can be freed from it as we can.

Brothers and sisters, how about it?

Dick Eastman < >
223 S. 64th Ave.
Yakima, Washington

Every man is responsible to every other man.

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