Human Transplant Organ Industry More Valuable Than the Life of a Human – Roughly a $30 Billion Industry

US Doctors Astonishing Claim That Patients Are Being Murdered
In Hospitals For Their Organs!

In this discussion with George Webb, Richie Allen covers the Clinton Foundation, DynCorp and organ harvesting going on with what are referred to as “ratlines.” DynCorp has military contracts worth far more than $3 billion. Over the years since CynCorp was structured by the CIA, illicit ratlines have developed that are involved in sex trafficking in places like Vietnam, Kosovo, Bosnia, Central America and Haiti. Drugs, prostitution, human trafficking and organ harvesting have developed out of these illicit ratlines. Also discussed are the ratlines coming out of Syria which might corroborate the alleged 18,000 children harvested in Syria for organs.

George Webb “Dyncorp, The CIA, Child Abuse &
Organ Trafficking, The Reality.”

Related reading (and this isn’t just to point at Israel either, the US and Turkey are also involved):

Israel is the organ harvesting and human trafficking global ringleader, with complicit help from US and Turkey

A Rough Guide to Black Market Organ Harvesting

Shady in Haiti – DynCorp infiltration of Haitian Police Forces

Exposed: Clinton Foundation’s Ties To Suspected Human Organ Trafficker


Where are private equity funds being invested?

Organ Transplant Industry Holds Promise for Investors


This needs clarification: Organs cannot be transplanted from a deceased human:

Israel harvested 18,000 organs from dead Syrians during the war


The firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. L.P. where David Petaeus (implicated by George Webb involved in ratlines trading in organ harvesting) is now at are invested in organ transplanting/harvesting in India.

Radiant Life Care



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  • “Day 283.1, Hillary’s Leakers” at > George Webb YouTube

    Webb, an admitted Mossad asset, has been posting info on trafficking, racketeering by deep state demons, daily for the last nine months, and ignored by the ‘alt-right’ MSM Lite. Breitbart, WorldNetDaily, AmericanThinker have completely stonewalled the evidence. InfoWars reporter Jerome Corsi has covered Webb twice in the last month. Webb has provided grand jury level evidence that sissy Sessions could have used to serve indictments and publicly displayed evidence, but he’s afraid of child raping swamp rats. Half of congress belongs in leg irons, or the satanic bloodbath will only intensify.

  • I will always believe that organ harvesting was done on Seth Rich in the darkness of the “curtained off” triage area while being attended to that grizzly night and morning… where nurses where “shooed” away and curtains kept closed with a myriad of “doctors and police” in attendance.. he was alive when admitted and later pronounced dead… part of podesta’s “teaching a lesson to leakers” (i.e., wikileaks emails)

  • I do agree in the examples that Webb showed, and the big money in organ harvesting. But I remember Field didn’t think too highly of Webb, when he told the story of the woman showing up ay his door, saying Webb was in danger. Guess I was just surprised to see any of Webb’s videos here.

  • Don’t be surprised. Take the information/news provided by George Webb and build out your own understanding – call it “meta data.”